Her name was Jane and I had known her for as long as I could remember. Our parents were good friends with each other and they went out together on a regular basis and, as we lived quite a distance from each other we often stayed at each others houses overnight.

It was 1983 and I was a naive 16 year old back then who had no experience with girls at all. She was 19 and to me the most beautiful woman in the world. Of course I had raging hormones (I still do) and I lusted after her like you wouldn't believe. In hindsight I'm sure I wasn't subtle but I thought at the time that she never saw the furtive looks I gave her as we spent time together. If I was lucky I would get a glimpse down her top at a bit of lacy bra or for me the jackpot was a brief look at her panties under her skirt. These fleeting images would fuel my fantasies as I would masturbate incessantly once I was alone.

On one occasion my parents and I were guests at her house. I had slept late and woke around 10am to find a note on the bedside table telling me that both sets of parents had headed off early to visit some local attraction. They wouldn't be back for another hour or so and for Jane and I to make our own breakfast. As I slept nude even back then I got up and put on a pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt and went to see what Jane was up to. It soon became apparent that she was still in bed as well.

I made my way to her room to knock and see if she was ready to eat. Upon reaching her door I saw it was slightly open. Now as I said I was very naive and certainly not confident and so my decision not to knock but to gently push her door open still amazes me to this day. Lust is a powerful thing of course and I was hoping against hope that I would see something, anything. She was sleeping soundly on her side with her back to me and the covers were all crumpled but as I crept quietly closer, it occurred to me that by lifting them just slightly I might be able to see her ass.

My cock twitched at this thought and I very gently, with shaking hands, moved the covers to expose what was to me the most erotic sight. The beautifully pert cheeks of her bum encased in a pretty pair of white panties that were subtly decorated with small blue flowers. My cock instantly began to grow and harden as I stared, completely transfixed at this wonderful sight. I don't know how long I stood there but I soon became aware that my cock was so hard it was becoming painful. It made an enormous tent in my jogging bottoms and some leaking pre-cum was causing a wet patch to appear on the front.

Again, lust had taken over all rational thought and without thinking, I pushed them down to my ankles allowing my cock to spring free. As quietly as I could, to avoid waking Jane, I started to gently stroke myself in order to get some relief. My plan was to ejaculate on to the floor beside her bed and to clean it up before she woke. I never got the chance. Whether I made too much noise, or whether she hadn't actually been asleep, I never found out but with a sudden swift movement she flipped over on to her back and stared at me wide eyed. I immediately released my cock and froze as I waited for her to scream and for my world to end. But she didn't, she just continued to stare her eyes switching from my face to my cock and back to my face for what seemed like an eternity.

I think under normal circumstances, fear would have caused my cock to soften and go limp but due to the fact that flipping on to her back had caused the bed covers to slip to the floor exposing her entire body to me caused it to stay as rigid as steel. Besides her panties she wore nothing but a white t-shirt that did nothing to hide the dark areas around her nipples. Her legs were just slightly parted and a faint indication of her labia was visible beneath the soft cotton of her knickers. These erotic visions caused my cock to twitch and to leak copious amounts of pre-cum which seemed to cause her eyes to widen even further but she still remained silent.

Eventually she once again looked me directly in the eyes as her face softened slightly and she raised her hand as an invitation for me to hold it. I was trembling so much from fear but I took her hand and she squeezed it slightly in a sign of encouragement and pulled me gently closer to the edge of her bed. My cock, standing proudly straight out in front of me, was now positioned so that it's tip was no more than six inches from her panty covered pussy and aiming directly at it. Even in my naivety I noticed that her complexion was now slightly flushed, her nipples had hardened and that a small damp patch had appeared at her crotch.

Finally she throatily spoke the only words of the entire encounter..."Don't stop". I was still frozen but with the help of another encouraging squeeze of my hand and my now off-the-scale horniness, I took a hold of my cock and began to stimulate myself again. Her eyes were now fixed on what I was doing as she struggled to control her breathing and with a lick of her lips, she parted her legs a little further and I was treated to the sight of the damp patch on her panties spreading further. I think she realised and I'm not sure if this was embarrassing for her as with her free hand she started to inch them down.

She managed to get them to just below her pussy gracing me with my first look at a real set of female genitals. Her pussy lips glistened at me and it was matched with the glistening of the gusset of her panties, a sight and smell I will never forget. It was too much for me, before she could lower them any further, I closed my eyes and with a grunt I had the most powerful spasm as my hot jism sprayed directly in to the gusset of her panties on to the lips of her pussy. The next arced higher over her head and on to her pillow, the next on her t-shirt and the final one dribbled on to her thigh.

I was completely drained but I was also elated. She smiled at me, such a sexy smile. I opened my mouth to speak. I needed to apologise, to thank her for her wonderful gift, to somehow give the same pleasure she gave me. But before I could say anything we both heard the slam of a car door directly outside. We leapt in to action, I yanked up my jogging bottoms and I noted with a degree of satisfaction that she pulled her panties up squishing my semen in to her wispy bush.

I hurried to her door and paused, I gave her one last longing look and she winked at me. I smiled and left her room.

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