tagIncest/TabooJane My Sister in Law

Jane My Sister in Law


I first met my sister in law 30 years ago when Jan and I were about to get married. Both sisters were very loving, liked by all, had high morals, and dishwater blonde hair. That is where the similarities ended. Jan was 8 years older, very well built, dressed the part, an outgoing personality, and with her come hither smile, was a big turn on with the guys. I was lucky to land her. Jane however was your typical tomboy. She was plain, not well built, an introvert, very self-conscious and with the clothes she wore, at times it was hard to tell she was female.

We had seen Jane off and on over the years. She finally recently married. Now my ailing mother in law was making the big move to an assisted living and Jane drove down from Missouri to help Jan and I get their mother reestablished and her house ready for sale.

Jane has not changed much. She still dressed rather unladylike, her blondish hair is short and straight, and she worn next to zero make up. Not exactly great to look at but for some reason after all these years, I still was infatuated with my sister in law. It must be her very innocent and no unpretentious approach to life.

When she arrived here from Missouri, the three of us decided to share a room in a Quality Inn near their mother's house for convenience. After 4 days of hard work, getting mom moved, and cleaning up her house, we were about finished.

Spending each night sleeping, hanging out and bathing in the same room with this unassuming woman was driving me nuts. We were never alone but I did on occasion catch a quick glimpse of her after a bath and freshening up by the vanity in her shorty night gown. This last night I got back to the room first, showered, had a drink, and relaxed on our bed for some TV. A little later Jan and Jane appeared. Both looked really tired but Jan announced she was going by to see her mother and would be back shortly. Well things were looking up. Alone at last with Jane even if for a brief time.

After Jan left Jane hit the shower. She then appeared in her not so sexy sleeping gown and said how totally exhausted and sore she was.

"My dear sister in law. I happen to be very proficient at giving relaxing rub downs and would be glad to freshen you up."

"Oh Dennis you must be tired too. You don't need to do that."

"I wouldn't have volunteered if I was that tired and besides you have worked so hard."

Lying on her bed, she rolled over on her stomach suggesting the rub down would be accepted.

My heart was pounding and there was a stirring between my legs.

I deftly began kneading her back and shoulders with my hands wishing she was gown less. I pushed, pounded a little, and applied pressure, working my way up her backbone. My fingers did their magic.

"Dennis, this feels so good. You do really know how to massage. Oh yes I love this. Don't stop."

She sounded like I was making love to her...

"Where are you sore the most?"

"My shoulders and legs but now my shoulders are much better."

"Well I'll just have to work on those legs."

I began karate chopping up and down her calves and thighs. She jerked a little saying that hurt.

Easing off I began working on them with my fingers- squeezing and kneading. I nonchalantly and slowly began working my way up her thighs. Now within inches of her panty covered pussy, Jane made no moves of resistance totally trusting me.

Suddenly we heard a noise outside the door. I quickly moved up to her shoulders as Jan walked in.

"Doesn't Dennis give a good shoulder rub?"

"Oh he's great, sis. Can I borrow him some time?"

The next morning we were ready to head home. Jan announced Jane was going to spend a couple of days with us for some R & R before returning to Missouri and her husband, Al.

"Thank you guys so much for your hospitality." She kissed Jan and began planting her typical mouth-to-mouth family kiss on me. I could no longer resist and held our kiss a little longer then normal.

Jan chuckled, "and he's a good kisser too!"

Back at our house we all sat around talking about mom, and what's going on in our lives. Jane was once again in her plain gown but occasionally and unknowingly (after all I am family) exposed some thigh and panties. We surmised Jane and Al are very happy but he works long hours...

At bedtime Jane gave us both a kiss goodnight and this time I even quickly snuck my tongue into her mouth with no reaction.

The next morning Jan had to go to work for a few hours but before leaving promised we would all get together for lunch.

I was reading the morning paper in the dinette as Jane had not come down stairs yet.

I knew she was an early riser so decided to check if everything was okay.

Upstairs the shower was running. I was going to holler out if she needed anything but then my voyeurism got the best of me. Discreetly I peaked into the shower room. Jane was plainly in view on the other side of our clear shower curtain. My god, she looked good. She was massaging her glistening, small but still firm breasts over and over. Now her hands moved between her legs. She obviously found her clit as she moaned a little and looked off into space. JANE DID HAVE A FEMINE BODY!

I was totally hard and about to lose it so thought better of surprising her and returned down stairs.

After a short time I grabbed a hair dryer she had earlier requested and headed back up stairs wearing only my pajama bottoms.

"Jane, are you decent? I have that hair dryer you wanted."

"Sure come on in."

The sight of her just out of the shower, bending over the sink, wrapped in a terry cloth shorty bathrobe, wet hair, and a very innocent look was an absolute turn on. I even caught a fleeting look at her ass.

I was embarrassed to be staring but was mesmerized.

Jane then realized what she was doing to me and apologized saying how sorry she was for not being properly dressed.

"Really. After all we are related and Jane, I must confess, I have always thought about you, even when you were only 14. I truly love your sister and nothing can ever come between us, but there are times I day dream about you. You are my wife's sister and I respect that but lately my feelings are changing.

Jane just stood there as if in shock. Then, "Dennis, thank you for being honest and I must admit I too have thought a lot about you too. I had a real crush on you as a 14 year old and you were about to marry my sister."

We went on to profess our love for our spouses and obviously both of us were inexperienced with this situation and did not know what to say or do next.

Then I took Jane's' hands in mine and looked directly into her eyes.

"My sweet sister in law. I have so fantasized about you. You are like forbidden fruit. I really need you. You are a very appealing woman. I think we can enjoy each other to satisfy our fantasies and then move on. But if you can't get by this, then I will respect you. You must know that."

"Dennis, I do have those feelings for you too but I also feel so guilty about both Jan and Al."

I could tell from her look the next move was mine.

"Jane, only you and I will know and it will totally be our secret. We would be hurting no one. Agree?"

She said nothing but eventually smiled and was suddenly and unexpectantly up on her tiptoes, put her hands around my neck and gave me a not so family lingering kiss. Our tongues intertwined. No more family type kisses. My hands now were clutching her firm ass. Oh how I dreamed about this moment. Not much was said as we enjoyed our initial sexual contact.

The robe became untied revealing her small breasts and perky nipples. Bending over, I held them individually and gently sucked each into my mouth. Yes, I am a tit man but hers were special. Never before could I get one almost entirely in my mouth. Jane was now moaning a little and urging me on with her hands. I could feel her nipples against the back of my mouth. This was unbelievably erotic.

I stepped back and unsnapped my pajama bottoms. As they fell to the floor my growing cock came into full view. Jane starred, smiled, and removed her bathrobe. Now we both just stood there, nude, visually savoring each other's bodies.

I lifted her up on the sink counter top and dropped to my knees. Now perfectly lined up with her flower like, pinkish pussy lips, I was only inches away and began blowing on them.

Jane seemed taken back and looked a little uncomfortable displaying her womanhood to me.

"Dennis what are you doing? I never have done that oral thing and have no desire to. Please stop!"

"Oh for someone in their 40's you have so much to learn. You must trust me. I want to enjoy the taste of you and you do not have to even respond. Besides Jan loves this and loves giving too. You should want to keep up with your sister."

Jane gave me a blank look. Then I finally made contact with her beautiful cunt. Those pedal like folds were there for the tasting. After inhaling her fragrant scent, my tongue began exploring. Lifting her legs over my shoulders, my tongue became totally engulfed in her hot hole.

"Dennis oh Dennis you must stop now. No, No don't stop. It feels too good, oh god..."

Now I found her clit and softly began biting.

"Dennis, what are you doing! Oh I don't think I can take this. Stop please. No go on. Not so hard. Yes, yes that's it. Ohhhh, ohhhh. That's it, right there."

My straight-laced sister in law now losing control and began humping her cunt up and down against my face.. Then she trembled, had an euphoric climax, and was actually crying with joy.

I raised up, she slid off the counter, and our naked bodies melted together. Our lips were one as Jane tried to regain her breathing.

"That was real naughty you know," she panted.

I just smiled and said, "now for some straight fucking my lover."

I could tell using the F word was not appropriate with her but I wanted to shake things up a little.

Standing in the bedroom our naked bodies came together again. This time I guided my now very hard and slimy manhood between her legs and with my hand, and exerted pressure upward against her moist, soft pussy and mound of Venus.

"Are you ready? I want to totally bury this into you then shoot my love seed deep into your hot love channel."

Jane said nothing but laid back on the bed, spread her legs and held her hands out.

I paused at this tantalizing site, then guided my neglected cock past her pussy lips and into her hot hole. My hands were now under her ass and her legs wrapped around me as we bounced, pumped and ground against each other in an absolute love frenzy.

Our efforts were physically draining. We both began gasping, breathing heavy, and moaning louder and louder.

Soon I could hold off no longer.

I tensed up and cried out, "Oh lover, I'm cumming. Oh yes, yes, ahhh," as three spurts of my jism shot into her waiting pussy.

Now it was her turn.

I felt her body also tense up as she muttered, "Oh I'm there. Oh, oh, yes, ahhhh... I looovvve you in me. That's it, ahhhhh!"

Now totally exhausted, we embraced. Soon my spent cock slipped out of her oozing pussy, and I rolled over on my back.

At first nothing was said. Then Jane purred, "that was the best sex I have ever experienced and with my brother in law, makes it very naughty."

We laid there for quite some time. I began actually recovering and could feel some stirring between my legs.

"Dennis, you were wonderful. I never thought 'it' could be so good. How can I ever repay you?"

"You have my lover, but if you like to go that extra mile...."

I took her hand and placed it on my soft cum covered cock.

At first she pulled back but then leaned over to begin massaging it gently. Soon it began to magically grow before our eyes. Jane was fascinated with my reaction. Now it was almost totally hard but needed one final boost.

"Oh Jane, I'd love for you to do the ultimate act..." I then guided her head to my cock.

She just starred at it, trying to get up enough nerve. Finally while gently holding it at the base, her lips circled around my crown. As I moaned, slowly she took more and more into her mouth. Now her head began bobbing up and down. Not bad for a first timer. So soft and hot.

After withdrawing with a pop, she licked the sides of my shaft then my balls. I was getting really hot. I didn't think she was ready for me to unload in her mouth so I guided her to sitting on my chest. She positioned over my cock, took it in her hand and as I raised up, my cock slid deep into her cunt..

This time Jane did almost all the work. She was in command and rode me slow at first then gained momentum to a fever pitch. She was again breathing very heavy.

Being my age and the 2nd time in less than an hour, I had a lot more control.

Jane had two more orgasms before I finally felt mine building up. The 2nd time after a brief period is always more intense and this was no different.

"Oh Jane, I'm here. Yes, yes, aahhhhh, oh yes, your wonderful, you wanton sex goddess!"

My 2nd smaller wad jetted into her spurt after spurt.

She now relaxed, looked down at me and kissed passionately.

"Now I can't leave my lady all messy after all she did for me."

She looked puzzled by my statement.

I guided her up my chest till that gorgeous frothy, cum leaking pussy was over my face.

With my hands around her ass, I slowly began lapping all the cum and cunt juice possible into my waiting mouth. So good and the smell of sex is absolutely intoxicating.

"Oh Dennis, I never dreamed this could feel so good and there was so much more to it."

"Al just doesn't seem to have the time, energy or imagination for no holds barred sex but this ... oh this is sooo goood."

That evening, lounging around in our pajamas, we all talked more family stuff and had a glass of wine. I noticed Jane was not as "careful" with her gown –letting it ride up on occasion. It was then I noticed she was not wearing those poke-a-dot panties. Once our eyes met and she gave me a quick look –knowing exactly what she was displaying.

Later in bed I was really worked up and gave Jan a great fucking.

After, she questioned, "where did all that come from?"

Maybe she knows more than I thought.

The next day the sisters did their thing. Lots of shopping and lunch.

On her last night with us Jane wanted to retire early. She loves to leave before light to get a good early start heading home.

"I will kiss you both goodnight and goodbye now. Please don't get up so early tomorrow morning."

"Sis, you are always welcome here, we got a lot accomplished with mom and I'm also glad you and Dennis seem to hit it off so well. Let me tuck you in upstairs."

As Jan headed up stairs I took my sister in law in my arms, our mouths met briefly and I whispered in her ear, "Be up in an hour or so," and gave her a quick feel on her ass.

Later Jan fell asleep quickly. I quietly headed up stairs to give Jane my final goodbye.

It was pretty dark. I held my finger to my lips for silence, then was quickly was under the covers between her legs and enjoying my last "hair pie." She moaned but not too loud. Soon I felt her stiffen with a full climax.

She now took, over pushed me onto my back, opened my pajama bottoms, took my hard pre cum covered cock to her lips, then swallowed as much as of it possible.

Now it was my turn to quell the noise. The sensation was almost unbearable. With her hand holding the base, her mouth slid up and down softly but with a sense of more and more urgency.

To soon I couldn't hold back. Her velvety mouth brought out every sexual feeling I had.

Holding her head in my hands I felt my cock spurt its love cream into her mouth.

Raising up, Jane had a far off look in her eyes as my spent cum slowly oozed out of her mouth. She was at that moment the ultimate sensuous woman. I pulled her to me, our lips met, and we both enjoyed the fruits of our climaxes.

"Dennis, to suck your 'thing' down my throat and feel your cum in my mouth was- well nothing could ever top it! I loved every inch and every drop! I never dreamed oral sex could be so enjoyable."

The next morning with Jane on her way back to Missouri, Jan talked about how much we had accomplished moving her mother and how great it was seeing Jane again.

Then she unexpectedly added, "I know you and Jane hit it off well. I knew even before your late night visit last night... Oh my dear sexy husband, you do aim to please, even accommodating my lonely sister. You are such a good brother in law."

Totally stunned by Jan's statement, I managed to mumble, "your welcome, anytime."

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