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Janelle's Gift


Morgan could not believe this woman was seriously listening to Boys to Men so loudly she could hear it from her headphones. She also couldn't believe she had forgotten her own earbuds this morning when she left for work thirteen hours ago. She was tired and had a long ride ahead of her and did not need to be reminded that some people were on their way to drinks and dates.

Morgan would never have admitted it but she wished she had someone to spend Valentine's Day with this year. She was so busy with work that she had really forgotten about her love life. The closest thing she had to a boyfriend was Kevin, and that was not close at all. She had been on a few dates, in fact she said yes to any guy who asked her, but for some reason they never asked her on a second one.

As "I'll Make Love To You" came to a close she thought she might at least have a message from Kevin. As she began logging in she realized that her seatmate was glancing at her phone. She didn't want to open her "dirty" gmail account yet as he sometimes sent her pictures or videos. She would have to wait.

After the last major stop in the city the majority of passengers exited leaving her the privacy she finally needed. In fact there was only one other passenger left, and he was reading a book, like an actual hardcover book printed on paper. It seemed so old school.

She smiled as she opened her email and saw she did in fact have a message from Kevin. She never sent pictures that had her face in them but he didn't seem as shy despite being married.

The picture was of him wearing nothing but a sign that was taped to his chest. The sign read "You did this." With an arrow pointing down. His hard cock pointed straight at the camera and Morgan involuntarily licked her lips. She hadn't held a cock in her hands in what seemed like forever.

Morgan knew she shouldn't be this invested in an online relationship with a married man a dozen years older than herself, but he was sweet and funny and no one else asked about her day. He also had a large cock and it seemed like his wife did not appreciate it. He said he hadn't gotten a blow job in over two years. It hadn't been that long since Morgan had gone down on a guy, but as she did the math, it was coming up on a year.

"Oh no! If causing that massive hard on is my fault what can I do to help?" She typed back.

She hit send and leaned her head back, that would be the most exciting part of her commute.

Before her head hit the seat back she heard a beep, but not from her phone. She then heard the man behind her rustling through his coat.

She went to lean her head back again, but her phone vibrated in her hand. Kevin had replied already.

"Send me a picture of your panties?" He asked. She was glad he was online and she was excited to pass the time with him.

"When I get home, I will for sure stud." She liked giving him little nicknames like stud and champ, it seemed to make things feel more even since he had so much more life experience then she did.

"Come on, I want one now, you can do it!" came his reply.

"I'm on the train, if you can wait, maybe I'll show you more than just my panties!" She flirted back.

A moment later another message, this one had another picture. It was his cock, flaccid this time, but the message said "I'm on a train also, and I can do it!"

This startled Morgan, she realized each time she sent a message she was hearing that beeping, and now her lone partner in this cabin was adjusting in his seat. Was he putting his cock away? She tried to look closer at him, he was the right build for Kevin, but his hat prevented two much of a look. As the train began to slow she saw him tap on his phone again before starting to gather his belongings. Her phone vibrated again. She looked back down at the picture he had sent, this man was wearing the same colored pants! She grabbed her bag and followed him out while sending back another message. Just a moment after she hit send his stride slowed and he glanced at his phone, it had to be him! He had said he lived a few hours from here but maybe he exaggerated that, or maybe he was traveling. Morgan's heart was beating hard as she tried to close the gap between them. She tried to yell to him but he must not have heard as he kept walking. They went up a stairwell and she was only a couple arm lengths away when she saw him reach out and embrace a woman. Morgan stopped, that must be his wife!

Then this dream man of hers pulled his winter hat off exposed bright red hair at the same time the next message from Kevin showed up on her phone. The man she had followed off the train was not Kevin or course, seriously, what would the odds of that be?

Morgan felt incredibly pathetic, was she that lonely to follow a man she had meet through a message board attached to a porn site off a train? What if it had been him? What would she have done then? He was married and despite not having addressed it directly she had noticed in some of his pics the tell tale signs of at least one kid. Did she think they would run off to a hotel somewhere and have passionate sex? Did she think they would become best friends and have brunch together every Sunday?

She slowly started to head back to the train, keeping her head down. She knew no one knew what had just happened but she still felt embarrassed by how desperate she had acted. She stepped off the last stair going back down to the platform, turned around the hand rail and managed to walk directly into a woman coming the other way. She dropped a bag and Morgan bent over to pick it up while she started apologizing. God she really was a fool. Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes. Morgan felt like she couldn't get anything right.

"Morgan, is that you?" A familiar voice asked.

Morgan looked up, the moisture in her eyes made it difficult to place the face she was looking at but after a moment she realized it was Mrs. Cotten, her former art teacher. It had been years since Morgan had seen her, and of course it happened at this moment.

"Honey, is something wrong?" Janelle asked.

Morgan was so glad she asked. Mrs. Cotten had gotten her through a lot of hard times in high school and she wanted someone to talk to.

Morgan began what many people would call "ugly crying".

"Oh, honey, it's OK, it's OK. Lets go talk." Janelle helped steer her down the sidewalk and into a nearby pub.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Cotten..." Morgan started but was cut off.

"Dear, it's been years, call me Janelle."

Morgan nodded and began to spew out her story. She had to give some backstory, and at some points Janelle completely lost track of what she was saying. Janelle just kept nodding and ordering drinks.

After about 20 minutes and three drinks Janelle started to remember some of the drama Morgan had in high school, and how most of the time she wanted to shake her and tell her to "toughen the fuck up" or "your a baby and you make me think about leaving education." At least now she could have a drink as she pretended to listen.

After half an hour Janelle was trying not to laugh. She had drank too fast and honestly couldn't believe this girl hadn't been run over by a bus, she seemed so helpless.

After an forty five minutes Janelle had started to daydream. She figured that Morgan must get a lot of benefits from her looks. Her skin had cleared up since high school and Morgan's full breasts were something Janelle could be jealous of. It was no wonder she was single, who could possibly listen to this nonsense. Based on a few of her stories Morgan couldn't have repelled men any more effectively if she had been covered in poison ivy. The way Morgan talked about the dates she had been on she came off as incredibly needy and clingy. That's when Janelle's idea really started to take shape.

Janelle had been out shopping for Valentine's Day when she ran into Morgan. Her husband always gave her such incredible gifts, from the back stage passes to her favorite singer, to the trip to her great great grandmother's birthplace in Europe, Janelle could never hold a candle to his thoughtfulness. She always had wanted to outdo him, even just once.

"Morgan, I have to go, I'm meeting with a divorce lawyer and it's not going well so I have to be there." She lied.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry, I can't believe your getting a divorce!" Morgan really was shocked, she didn't know Janelle's husband but she assumed he was as wonderful of a person as she thought Mrs. Cotten was.

"Well not a divorce yet, he doesn't know. See we have a prenup, and unless I can figure a way out of it I will need to decide on living with him forever, which I don't know if I can, or being almost homeless." Janelle tried to look sad but was on the verge of laughing, it was so easy.

"Oh my god!" Morgan exclaimed again. Did this girl know any other words?

Janelle continued, "yes pretty much unless I can catch him cheating I don't have many options, oh if he could only meet a young sexy thing like you, all my problems would be solved!" Janelle thought she was laying on think but could also see Morgan was eating it up. This was just the kind of thing a drama queen like Morgan would love.

Janelle sat silently, hoping Morgan would take the bait. After a long moment it appeared she wouldn't.

"Oh well, I'll manage somehow....... well unless you would, oh never mind that's a terrible thing for me to ask. I hope your internet thing doesn't make you sad, I think of you a lot." Janelle knew the last part would hook Morgan.

Morgan felt terrible. Her problems now sounded less important than Mrs. Cotten's, and she couldn't believe her favorite teacher still thought about her! "Wait, you can ask me, if there is something I could do? I would love to help you!"

"Oh it's impossible, I really don't think he is cheating on me, so there isn't anything to be done. I would be so happy to find out he picked a woman up at his conference next week, he's staying at a hotel and everything." Janelle worried this was laying it on way to heavily. Morgan had to know she was trying to trick her. Then Janelle saw Morgan's eyes widen and realized that Morgan was actually proud of herself for thinking she came up with a solution to Janelle's problem.

"Well Mrs. or I mean Janelle, I'm not doing anything next weekend, I don't know if I could but I could try to meet him there!" Morgan felt great, she had come up with an idea to help her favorite teacher, it was a kind of weird but she could flirt with her husband some.

"Morgan are you saying you would have sex with my husband for me?" Janelle had to make sure she really understood.

"Oh ummm I was thinking I would just flirt with him some." Morgan hesitated.

Janelle was amazed at how spineless she was. "Oh, for a minute I thought that this might work and would give me a second chance at life. The court doesn't care who he flirts with, it would need to be sex, probably oral sex also, and maybe even multiple times all night, just to be safe." Again she knew Morgan would crack with the second chance at life line.

Morgan was shocked! A second chance at life, Mrs. Cotten really needed her! "Ok ok, if it's that important I will do it for you."

"Wow really!" Janelle tried to act surprised. "You will do anything he wants for a night? That's so amazing of you! I really have to go but give me your number and I will talk to you tomorrow! I can't wait to tell my lawyer we will be able to prove he's a cheater!" Janelle left before Morgan could get any cold feet. She also managed not to laugh until she the door was almost all the way closed behind her.

Morgan started to get nervous about her decision as she rode the train the rest of the way home. It was really good to see Mrs. Cotten again but maybe she had a few to many drinks before making such a big promise.

Morgan's phone rang mid morning the next day. She knew it would be Mrs. Cotten.

Janelle knew she was going to have to resell Morgan on this plan, she never followed through on anything.

After Morgan began trying to back out Janelle laid it on in as desperate of a voice as she could muster. Through fake sniffles Janelle began, "Oh no Morgan, now I will be in trouble! I told my lawyer I would be able to show he is cheating and he is an officer of the court, I could get in so much trouble! Also I'll never get away from him now!" She then let out a wildly dramatic sob.

That's all it took, Morgan lacked the conviction to do anything else but to agree to the plan again. Morgan didn't think you could get in trouble for telling your own lawyer something that turned out not to be true especially if you could update them on how things have changed. Morgan didn't really think about it though, she really did want to help her former teacher, she hoped Mrs. Cotten would now become a mentor or even better, a friend.

Morgan had no idea what she would do next, would she come over to their house? Thankfully Janelle had already figured it out for her. She tried to write as much down as she could but Morgan already had that overwhelming underwater sensation that came whenever a task had more than three steps.

Janelle giggled to herself as she gave Morgan lines, and places and ideas for things her husband would like. She knew Morgan couldn't handle this, she wasn't able to follow the directions when they were printed on the assignments in high school. She was going to give the same directions to her husband so he could help her along.

Once the date and place was set Morgan hung up and stared at her phone. What the hell had she just agreed to for a second time?

Valentine's night came, and Janelle was finally excited to give her husband, Derrick, his present. Of course she had to wait until after he had recreated their first Valentine's Day together including finding the recipes from a now closed restaurant. He had once again delivered a gift that Janelle's friends wouldn't believe, but for once she would be delivering the more memorable present.

As Derrick brought the last of the dishes back into the kitchen Janelle brought out a small photo album. Her heart was racing as she prepared to give it to Derrick, she had collected various pictures of Morgan from her Facebook and Instagram accounts to present to him. He was probably expecting another tie.

As he say back down on the couch next to Janelle she handed him the album that had a simple ribbon wrapped around it. He gave it a look then a more confused glance over at his wife.

"Go ahead and open it, I'll explain after." Janelle said, now truly nervously. Had she taken this way to far? Sure they had done a lot of role playing but this might be too much.

Derrick freed the album of the ribbon and began glancing at the pictures of the young woman. He had no idea what to say, Janelle had given him some pretty bad gifts, but what the fuck was this?

Janelle slid off the couch and knelt before her husband. "Honey, I've done something kind of crazy, just let me finish ok?"

Derrick nodded. He still had no idea what she was going to say, but of course he would let her explain, he was a very patient man. She went on "So I bumped into a former student of mine the other night...."

Janelle went through the story for him, explaining how she wanted to make some of his role play ideas come true, and how she was always so incredibly grateful for how amazing his gifts always were.

When she finished she looked up at her loving husband. He smiled before saying "Honey, that's incredible but we can't do that, it would change everything." He smiled at her and her heart sunk. After telling the story over again she wanted this to work even more than before. Janelle knew her husband would never leave her, and this was an opportunity for her to give him something he would remember forever.

Janelle slid her hands up his legs, she wasn't ready to take no for an answer. As her fingers began undoing his belt she pleading a bit more with him. "Think about it honey, this idea has really been turning me on the last few days."

Before he could respond she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She loved feeling his organ grow and become rigid in her mouth. She heard him exhale as his hand wound its way into her hair. She worked him in and out of her mouth slowly building up to try and get his whole cock into her before he was fully hard. She couldn't get close once he was.

She let his cock fall from her mouth, and while she stroked him with her left hand she opened the photo album to a Janelle's favorite picture of Morgan. She was standing on a dock looking away from the camera, her back bare, and only a thong covering a small portion of her firm ass.

Without saying another word she closed her eyes and tongued the shaft of his cock up and down, the second time Janelle continued further down, bathing his balls in her mouth, sucking and teasing them until she worked her way back up to the tip of his throbbing member.

Derrick loved her slow, teasing, wet blowjobs, but part of him also wanted to push her head down until she gagged on him. He couldn't help but glance over at the young tight body that had been offered to him just a few minutes ago. He wondered if this woman would let him be a bit rougher with her.

Janelle glanced up at him and noticed he was looking over at Morgan's picture. She circled her tongue around his cock as she tasted his precum. Janelle wrapped her hand around his hard on and began a steady pace up and down his meat. As she started to feel his body tighten she began stroking him with both hands and lowered her face down below him.

"Say you'll do it and you can cum all over my face." Janelle negotiated while she had the upper hand.

"Honey, no, not now." Derrick said as he tried to hold back.

"Come on, do it, it's been forever since you gave me a wet sticky facial. I'm sure she would let you cum anywhere you wanted."

"No, that's crazy."

Janelle stopped mid stroke. She looked at her husband of twenty two years and said "Your going to fuck that 23 year old slut and let me listen to you, and then you will say that it was a great gift, or this was the last time you will ever have your cock in someone's mouth."

Derrick knew when she was serious, and with one more glance at the young tight ass in the picture next to him he nodded his head. Within twenty seconds he could hear his wife softly whispering "oh yes" as rope after rope of his semen landed on her lovely face.

The next three days were filled with teasing but no release for Derrick. Janelle had made him promise not to masturbate, but had teased him relentlessly. She wanted him in such a state that he wouldn't back out. This needed to make up for years of bad presents, and if Janelle was honest, she knew she would never be able to top this so it had to be great.

Finally the night came, and Derrick found himself sitting at the hotel bar alone and nervous. He was on his third Glenfiddich. Janelle had gone over to Morgan's apartment to bring her an outfit, he knew Morgan would be in a tight red dress. Janelle had thought it would be a nice touch for her Valentine's gift to be delivered in red.

Derrick was mainly worried he would forget that he wasn't supposed to know anything about Morgan. He had to keep reminding himself that his part was of a cheating husband who was picking up a strange younger woman.

The hotel room he had checked into for his pretend conference already had his laptop setup and the webcam broadcasting to Janelle's computer, she would be able to see anything happening on the bed in the room. She hadn't been worried that Morgan would think anything of it, he was a businessman on a work trip supposedly.

Morgan sat in her car in the parking garage trying to take some deep breaths to calm herself. This was very different from her last few Saturday nights where she watched a movie and feel asleep next to her cat. She loved the dress that Janelle had gotten for her, she had never had anything this expensive but the idea that she only had it on so she could trick a man into peeling it off of her was a bit embarrassing. She took another deep breath and headed for the bar, and what she hoped would be a long term friendship with Mrs. Cotten.

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