tagTransgender & CrossdressersJanet Owns Me Now Ch. 01-02

Janet Owns Me Now Ch. 01-02


Chapter 1

i am a sub-male of limited experience and training. Unfortunately, i am no longer the property of a Superior Woman since this incredible relationship ended several years ago, but the effect of Her training still lingers. She turned me from being a typical selfish macho male into a submissive and obedient servant, sensitive to Her moods and needs. I learned to enjoy cooking, cleaning, laundering, and caring for Her as Her ' male maid'. This didn't happen overnight, but once i recognized Her natural superiority the changes were swift and inevitable. She quickly taught me the incredible rewards of being the inferior, submissive partner both around the house and in Her bed.

Discipline was maintained by humiliation and punishment. That wonderful, watery-kneed feeling of helplessness as She marched me by my ear into the bedroom, put me across Her knee, and spanked me hard and long until i was sobbing and pleading was only matched by my feeling of complete submission to Her will as She gently but firmly pushed me to my knees and guided my lips to Her damp panties. i'll never forget the look of triumph on Her face.

My relationship with my Domme, 'Janet', began as a vanilla relationship. We met at a mutual friend's bbq and were instantly attracted to each other. She was a lawyer, nearly ten years older than me and much more assertive. Within two weeks, i was living at Her home, a small hobby farm several miles out of town. Since i was staying at Her home, i was responsible for misc. chores, cooking, and cleaning. Already a submissive-type role. Plus, She was very domineering in bed- fine with me, i liked being on the bottom!

One Friday evening, She arrived home late, tired and irritable. i was serving Her a glass of white wine when i slopped some onto Her skirt. That was it, She lost Her temper completely. She slapped my face, grabbed my long hair and dragged me down across Her lap. She was so furious. Pushing my face into the couch cushions with one hand, She yanked down my shorts (summertime- it was all i was wearing) and started to spank me.

Now 'Janet' was a big-boned Woman, almost 5'11", and She could spank! It sounds like a fantasy come true, but i was soon wriggling and pleading for mercy- it was so embarrassing and painful. She scolded me as She spanked; listing all my faults and failures. Real or imagined, it didn't matter- She was so angry! When She felt my erection pressing into Her thigh, She redoubled Her efforts until i was crying in a mixture of humiliation and real pain.

Finally, She pushed me to my knees at Her feet and pulled my face to Her panties, ordering me in a husky voice to please Her. By now, we were both really turned on- Her panties were soaking. As i knelt humbly between Her gorgeous thighs, my exposed freshly spanked bottom red and sore, i felt a strange sense of rightness. This is where i belonged, this was my proper place.

After She had been satisfied, She made me kneel in the corner of the dining room with my shorts round my knees, my hands folded on the top of my head, and Her wet panties in my mouth. i was in heaven! Needless to say, our relationship developed rapidly from this point on.

Chapter 2

Once that first hard step is taken, the submission comes easily (no pun intended). After that first almost accidental spanking and the following corner humiliation, our relationship changed drastically. Now Janet knew She could punish me and we both enjoyed it, although i sure didn't about three strokes into my spanking.

Most Women never realize the power they have over men; we truly are 'slaves to our dicks'. We will put up with almost anything for the tiniest hope of sexual satisfaction. That is why enforced chastity works so well in training the male. The Woman decides when, how and if sex takes place. That is the ultimate power.

Janet knew this and She loved being the one in control. After my first spanking and cornertime (Her musky panties in my mouth, red bottom exposed and a very obvious erection), She marched me upstairs to the guest room by my ear, stripped me completely, and tied me to the single bed with old pantihose- on my back, feet tied together then tied to the footboard, arms spread and tied loosely to the side of the bedframe. i could move, but not much, and i certainly couldn't touch my throbbing cock! She put Her panties over my head, teased my quivering cock with Her fingers and tongue, then covered me with a blanket, turned off the light, and left me there until morning! I spent the whole night lying there in frustration, breathing in Her musk, with my sore bottom throbbing. i had never felt so humble (or horny). i certainly knew my place now.

In the morning, i woke to find Her smiling down at me with satisfaction. She removed the pantie-mask, wrapped it around my cock and teased me mockingly. She told me that my role from the on was to please Her in whatever way She wanted- i was Her servant, Her ladies maid, She was the Mistress. i willingly agreed - i would have said anything. She slid a pillow under my head, lifted up Her nightie, straddled my face and rode my eager tongue to a couple of shuddering wet climaxes. The pact was sealed.

As a further humiliation, i spent the rest of the day dressed only in a pair of Her old panties cleaning the house. It was very humbling - i jumped a mile every time the phone rang, and hid in the bathroom when someone came to the door. i was terrified someone would see me in panties! ( i guess because to a male, wearing feminine clothing is a very strong symbol of submissive status)

Now that Janet knew i was so embarrassed wearing panties, it gave Her another hold on me. She told me how cute i looked and teasingly suggested She would invite the ladies from my work to see me in panties. i was horrified, and begged Her not to do it. She told me i was safe as long as i pleased Her in any way She wished. i thankfully agreed, and impulsively fell to my knees and kissed Her feet. This pleased Her. She smiled and stroked my hair, then turned, lifted Her skirt and ordered me to kiss Her bottom. "Thoroughly and passionately," She said, and i did with a wonderful feeling of submission and love. She grabbed my long hair and forced my mouth hard against Her gorgeous bottom as i kissed and licked Her satin panties. She told me i was Her 'good girl' and that i was going to be an excellent little maid once She had me trained.

After several minute of worship, She made me kneel on the padded leather ottoman with my hands clasped behind my head. She went into the kitchen and returned with a long wooden spoon. 'Now I'm going to teach you to appreciate the privilege of wearing panties', She said, pinching my very obvious erection through the pink nylon of my panties. She stood beside me and proceeded to paddle me on the seat of my panties until i was moaning and shifting from side to side. 'Hurts does it, sweetie,' She mocked, then gave me several more hard swats, then stroked my bottom through my panties, commenting on how warm my ass was getting. She then pulled down the back of my panties, tapped my cringing bottom with the spoon, and started to spank me again. It hurt even more with panties down, and i was very soon crying and begging Her to stop. "Didn't I tell you wearing panties was a privilege?' She said, paddling me harder. 'Go on, beg me to let you wear panties.' i begged between sobs. 'Tell me that I own you, tell me that you will be my good 'girl'. Humiliated, i agreed. She gave me six more hard strokes on the bare ( i had to count aloud), then let me pull up my panties for the last part of my training.

She stood in front of me, opened Her blouse, and folded Her bra down, exposing Her hardened nipples. Her face was flushed and Her voice husky as She told me to flick Her nipples with just the tip of my tongue. With one hand in my hair She controlled my head, with the other She reached round and smacked my pantied bottom with the spoon as i eagerly licked Her nipples. She was right, it didn't hurt nearly as much on my panties- wearing panties was a privilege.

She led me to the couch, laid me down on my back, stripped to Her bra and panties and mounted me. Forcing Her legs between mine, She ground Her pantied mound hard against my bulging pink panties and kissed me deeply. My legs involuntarily wrapped around Her . " I do own you, don't I?", She murmured, looking down at my flushed, teary face. I could only nod. She did.

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Good sissy introduction

Very good story! Would dearly love to hear how she sissified him...

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Very good. I love the way it is written.

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