tagIncest/TabooJania - Favor the Second Ch. 1

Jania - Favor the Second Ch. 1


As I said, that was the first favor I did for her.

As I also said, I would do anything for Jania.

So I really couldn't refuse her second favor. I said yes without knowing what it was.

‘Sure, what is it?'

‘Are you free on Friday night and Saturday morning?'

I looked up at my sister. In a year she had hardly changed. She was in jeans and a t-shirt, framed in the doorway to the patio. I was doing my homework outside for a change but it was starting to get cold.


‘Well, as you know, Mom and Dad are leaving again for the weekend,' she walked closer towards me. ‘And as you also know, when they go away for the weekends, so do I...'

As far as I knew, she spent the entire weekend with that boyfriend of hers. I wasn't supposed to ask questions, just cover for her when our parents asked some of theirs.

‘But what you might not be aware of is that Stu is also out of town for the week.' I did know that, actually.

‘Yeah, so?' She was leaning over me now, trapping me in my chair. Her low cut t-shirt dipped down but I continued to look her in the eyes. I hoped that this was what it sounded like, what I had been dreaming of for an entire year. An invitation to sex.

We hadn't touched each other since that night about a year ago. I almost thought she forgot, she was pretty drunk. She was also lonely, if she wanted a replacement body, I could fill Stu's shoes.

I hoped.

‘Well... I need a favor to ask.'

‘And I already said yes...' I couldn't resist I looked down her top.

All I could see was the U curve between her breasts. The curve was only slight since her breasts weren't that big, but they still picked up my pulse.

I looked back up to her eyes.

She smiled seductively. I was caught in the act. Busted.

‘What's the favour?'

‘Probably not what you think.'


‘I need a date.'

‘A date? For what?'

‘You'll see, but I promise you now, there will be no hanky panky.'

Double rats.

‘So will you do it?'

‘Yeah, I suppose so.'


She leaned closer to me briefly and I looked back down her top. This time I caught a momentary glimpse of one of her nipples before she pulled back up and walked away. She glanced back briefly before she went back inside.

After squirming around for a couple seconds I tried to focus back on my studies. After a couple seconds I gave up and went inside.

I had to use the bathroom.

* * *

‘Okay, how's this?'

I stepped into the hallway. I looked good, and I felt good.

‘Great, little bro! Smell nice too.'

‘Thanks, lets go.'

I followed my sister down the hall, watching her ass sway side to side. She was in a little printed cotton number. I couldn't tell if she was wearing any panties or not but she was definitely not wearing a bra. But then she wasn't that big, so I suppose she didn't need to.

We left the house and Jania locked up. Even though it was getting late in the afternoon, we didn't have to wear any jackets. It was the middle of the summer after all.

We got into her car and we drove in silence for about fifteen minutes. Eventually we stopped in a residential area on the other side of town. She parked by the curb and looked up at a large brick house.

‘Well, we're here.'

So we weren't going out in public then.

‘Where's that?'

‘Oh, you'll see...' She went to open the door.

‘Wait a minute. Where is this?'

‘Oh come on, you know where this is.'

‘No, I mean–‘

As I sat there I saw a young couple walk from around the block and start up the driveway of the house my sister had indicated.

‘Is it a party or something?'

‘Yeah, sort of.'

The couple rang the bell and waited for it to be opened. When it was I caught a glimpse of a large man who had answered the door. He welcomed the couple in and then closed the door quickly behind them.

‘Wha- What is this place?'

‘It's a party. A sort of– swinger's party.'

Yeah, that made sense. ‘And you weren't going to tell me?'

‘No, I wanted to see the look on your face when we went in.'

‘Yeah, that would have been priceless.'

‘What, don't you want to go?'

‘No! No, I do! It's just...'

‘What? That you're a virgin? That doesn't matter. No one's going to force you. If you want to just look you can. Lots of people do.'

‘No, it's not that, it's just...'


‘It's sort of embarrassing.'

‘More embarrassing than that night last year?' So she did remember.

‘Well, you know what about that? I mean, I'd never even seen a naked woman up close before. I mean– I– Oh God. I would have, um, cummed as soon as you undressed, if it weren't for the fact that...'

‘You already had?'

‘Yeah. How did--?'

‘I heard you knocking around in there. I usually can.' Now I was really embarrassed.

‘Really? Oh. Well, I mean, what if I walk in and, you know. Or a girl touches me and, it happens, and, I mean, if I already did it... then...I could... last longer.'

‘What? Do you want some private time to do it now? Come on, let's go.'

‘No, come on, wait. I don't want people thinking I'm a child.'

‘They won't, now let's... this is important to you, isn't it?'


‘Alright, come on, get going. There are some kleenex in the glove compartment.' I got one out and started to unzip. I pulled my guy out and started to go through the motions.

Jania was waiting impatiently beside me. She suddenly turned to me.

‘Look, would it help if I did it? I know how long you usually take.'

‘Y-yeah, it would. Do you mean...?'

‘Just a handjob. And no touching, okay? I'll touch you but you don't touch me. That's the drill. For all tonight as well. And by the way, we're not related, we're old friends from grade school.'

‘Fine, yeah, whatever.'


I put my arm around the driver's seat, careful not to touch her, and let go of myself. I watched her long slender hand float over to me and rested on my crotch. She started to massage it and in no time I was standing to attention. She then grabbed hold of my penis and started to tug at it. Her hands were cold and strong and obviously quite experienced.

I looked around to see if there was anyone around but there wasn't. I looked back down at my sister who was concentrating on her job. I looked down her top and saw her two breasts jiggling slightly and wondered what they would feel or taste like.

And that was it, I shot off.

Somehow, my sister had anticipated and had the kleenex there ready. She slowed down and gave a few real long hard tugs to milk the last drops out of me. I savored those ones the most as I looked down her top. I was in heaven.

‘Great, let's go.'

* * *

Well, the same hairy fat man answered the door and I tried not to stare at his, well, you know whats. As he got my sister in a big bear hug, I wondered idly whether they had got it on before and felt a pang of jealousy. She introduced us and I shook his hand as I immediately forgot his name, but I did remember that he owned the house and ran these parties every month or so.

I remember thinking that these people must be rich. I only caught a glimpse into several beautifully furnished rooms before my sister had pulled me into the kitchen.

They looked like ordinary people. I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't normality. It looked like one of my parent's parties except that there were a lot more age ranges in this room. Everyone smiled and greeted us as we entered and a few got up to hug and kiss Jania on the cheek. A few of the women looked me up and down and I became quite embarrassed. My heart was beating like a jackhammer.

I could see through the large glass doors that they had a swimming pool and what looked like a hot-tub on a raised platform. There were only two people in the hot-tub but they looked like they were just talking.

There was food laid out on the table and I quickly grabbed a paper plate and started to load up food, just as something to do.

‘I like a young man with a big appetite,' said a middle-aged woman at the counter. This got a big laugh and I smiled self-consciously as I went to a corner and sat down. Jania sat beside me.

They started talking but for the life of me I can't remember what about. I was too nervous. I got the impression that not everyone who was expected to come was here though. I looked around the room at some of the people in the room. There were only a few of the women in the room who I found drawn to.

One in particular was a dark haired woman with a very round figure. She had very large round tits and wide hips. Her stomach was a little swollen and I wondered if she might be pregnant. She had an amazing smile and flashing, lively dark eyes. More than once she looked at me but I quickly looked away. Once I saw a man who could be her husband come in leading a trashy looking blonde by the hand. He bent over and whispered in her ear and patted her belly tenderly. She smiled and nodded and he left with the blonde.

‘Save some for me,' she called after them. I wasn't sure which one she was talking to.

There was also a young couple who walked in as I sat down, and then went straight outside. The guy looked like a big heavy metal fan with many piercings, but the girl was a knock out. She was tall and literally big boned (not fat) and had long curly hair. She walked like a jungle cat and was poised like a queen and I instantly wondered what she was doing with a guy like him. Probably because he took her to places like this, I hoped.

There was also a woman who looked like a perfect middle-aged housewife except that she had enormous breasts. As big as they come. I don't know about bra sizes so I couldn't tell you, but they were huge. She had frizzy hair and looked in her mid forties. She was wrinkled and tanned but had a very wide smile.

Through the window I took a more careful look at the two people in the hot-tub. One of them was a man, but the other was a dark skinned, black haired woman who looked Indian. Real Indian, not American. She must definitely work out, I thought. I could just see her shoulders and the start of two almost completely spherical breasts as she bobbed around, teasing the man she was talking to.

Of who was there right now, that was about it. But then there was my sister of course, who was lively and animated. I felt regret at our arrangement of ‘hands off', especially when once or twice she grabbed my knee and squeezed it affectionately.

I finished what was on my plate and set it down. I concentrated on my drink and looked nervously around the room again, wondering when things would start happening, and when they would start happening to me.

As I stared past the kitchen counter, into what looked like a dining room, and as I did, I saw a girl enter. She looked about eighteen and apparently lived here, by the way she moved around. She went over to the hairy man that let us and tiptoed up to talk to him. If he was her father, she didn't seem fazed by his nudity. He didn't look at her when she talked but nodded when she was finished. She went to get a plate and started to load it up. I took this chance to eye her up.

She was petit and slim, not very curvy. She had small tits but a very round ass. I could see nearly every inch of her long legs which ended in a pair of jean trousers. I could see her midriff between those and a tight t-shirt. She finished at the table and then headed back into the dining room.

I wanted to follow her, but found it hard to work up the courage. I glanced at my sister who had seen me looking at her and she indicated I should go after her. I swallowed the rest of my beer and then got up for another. Instead of sitting back down I walked past the hairy man and into the other room, avoiding his eyes.

There was a laugh behind me, led by my sister, and I wondered if they had said something about me. I wrote it off as paranoia. If this party was what it was, then I figured I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

I saw her in the dining room at a long table, she was the only one in there.

‘Uh, hi,' I said. Always the charmer.

She smiled sweetly.

‘Is that seat taken?' I asked indicating one next to her. She shook her head and pulled it out.

‘So, do you live here?'

She was focusing on her meal but nodded quite clearly.

‘That's good, cause I was going to ask you if you came here often.'

Ah, contact. She looked at me and laughed. Now I had to get her to say something.

‘Are there many of these parties here?'

‘Oh, about one a month.'

Her first words to me, ‘about one a month.'

‘Except that this is the first one I've been allowed to come to,' she continued.


‘Yeah, I just turned eighteen last month. My parents are pretty strict about things like that. They usually send us to a friend's house, like my sisters now. Lately though I've been sneaking back in and watched what goes on from my bedroom window.'

I was finding her really charming. I just looked at her for a while. She smiled shyly and ate a carrot. Then I felt her hand on my leg, rubbing it. ‘Do you want to see my room?'

‘Yeah, sure, of course, great.'

‘Great,' she leapt up and grabbed my hand. She pulled me through an empty living room and up a flight of stairs.

We walked down a hallway and into her room. It was a nice rich girl's room with an expensive stereo system, lots of CDs, a computer, a real soft looking bed... a guy could get to like it in this place.

I went over to a window which looked directly onto the garden, swimming pool, hot-tub and all. You could see almost everything from here.

‘So what's your name?'

‘Casey,' she said as she put some music on. Dido.

I sipped some more of my drink as I tried to think of some small chat.

‘So that guy down there is your dad? You seemed pretty unfazed at his, uh...'

‘Oh yeah, dad's usually naked.'

‘Oh. Really? Still...'

‘Yeah, we're all used to it. There are a couple nudist beaches that we go to on our holidays. Want to see some pictures?'


‘Great.' She reached under her bed and brought out a shoe box. She opened it and brought out a packet that was stuffed in the back. ‘Come on,' she patted a spot on the bed beside her. I sat down.

She handed them to me and I opened them up. My eyes immediately fell upon the first one at the top of the pack.

‘That was taken a couple weeks ago, I think it's my favorite. I might put it on my website's homepage.'

It was good. It was of Casey, she was standing in the sea with the water washing around her ankles. She was completely naked. Man, she was hot. Her back was arched, forcing her tiny breasts upwards, pointing towards the sky. Her legs were spread slightly, with some sparse curly hair between them. I could see her, well, her poking through the tuft. I was becoming aroused.

She leaned into me to look at it. I could feel her breasts and started to get hot.

‘I like it.'

‘Mmm, I can tell,' she reached into my lap and squeezed my cock, which was getting larger. She flipped it upwards which was a lot more comfortable and then she got up.

As she went to a dressing table I flipped through the rest of the pictures.

I saw her with some other girls sitting around a campfire. I really wanted to meet them, I thought. I saw here on another beach with her father and the extremely large breasted woman, all of them with their arms around each other. That must mean she's her mother. I felt slightly guilty about having thoughts of her.

I looked up to Casey, she was bending over in the mirror, putting some lipstick on.

I flipped through some more and saw some of her with some boys, some of just boys (it must get cold on those beaches), and some of just her.

As I got near the end I saw a large group picture of about thirty people. I looked among the faces to find her. As I did I saw a tall girl standing near the back, one that looked very much like my sister, but I couldn't be absolutely certain. Her face was turned away slightly and her hair covered most of it, but her body, what I could remember of it, looked like Jania.

‘Have you ever been to a naturist's retreat before?'

‘No. I, ah, I'd get embarrassed or excited or something. Probably go hide.'

‘Mm. I've been going to them since I was six, so I guess they're pretty natural to me.'

She stood in front of me and slowly raised her top. It was like a moment out of time. She was skinny but sensual. She threw the shirt into a corner and unfastened her bra. She tilted slightly towards me to do it and I could smell a perfume on her that wasn't there before. I was transfixed. Her lips glistened and I thought that they must taste pretty awesome. She had thin, firm looking lips, not soft and puffy, that looked great to chew on.

I followed her hands and watched as she pulled the straps off her small shoulders. She let the cups fall into her hands and flicked her head back. There they were. I hadn't seen breasts up close since that night with my sister and I had missed them. Hers were really cute, they were small, firm, round, and had tiny little nipples at the center of them which looked quite hard. Probably nothing like what her mother's looked like.

She straightened back up.

‘Do the, uh, do the retreats end up with... like...'

‘With everyone sleeping together? No. Surprisingly little sex usually takes place, not as much as at the typical High School during classes.'


‘I'm still a virgin you know.' She sat down next to me and leaned into me again. I could almost feel her soft skin through my shirt.

‘Oh, well, you know...'

‘So are you. Yes, I know, your sister told me.'

Did she.

‘So, what would your father say if he knew I was here, and...'

‘And about to have sex with me?'

‘Uh, yeah.' That certainly cleared things up, ‘you mentioned he was pretty strict.'

‘Oh, he is, but I think he'd approve.'

‘He would? How can you tell?'

‘Well, he helped arrange this. With your sister. I told him that I wanted to have sex with another virgin on my first time. He asked your sister if she knew anyone, and she said you. She showed me a picture, I approved, and here we are.'

Wow. Thanks, sis. I owe you one.

She raised a hand and started to rub my chest. ‘You should see them together...' she kissed me on the lips, ‘They're pretty hot.'

She leaned closer into me, pushing me down into the bed.

‘You mean, your dad and my sister...' I was laying flat, horizontal.

‘Pretty much every time,' she straddled me and started to unbutton my shirt. ‘She likes it behind from him, he's pretty big you know.' This was starting to be a lot to take in.

‘Is that a fact?' I said. She rubbed her groin over mine, and settled on to me.

‘Yeah.' She finished unbuttoning my shirt and opened it. She rubbed my naked chest and ran her fingernails up and down it; they were like electricity. I bucked underneath her and settled myself.

She leaned down and kissed me fully on the lips. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and I sucked it dutifully. I ran my hands up her naked back. I savored her soft skin and relished the feel of a warm, breathing, sexy girl on top of me.

I reached underneath and started to work her breasts, it was so incredible I could hardly believe it. She sat back up and let me touch her, her eyes closed. I imagine it must have felt as good to her as it did to me because she made some small, endearing moans.

She opened her eyes back up and pulled my shirt out from under me. This forced me to relinquish my hold on her breasts.

‘Do you want to, ah, use a... you know...'

‘A condom?' she said as she pulled an arm out of it's sleeve. ‘No, I know you're clean. Everyone here is. They have to have regular checks. Besides, I want to feel you cum inside of me on the first time. Now quiet, no more speaking. Let's enjoy this.'

I gave my silent agreement and she threw my shirt to the floor. Then she got off me and went down to my pants.

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