tagIncest/TabooJanice And Her Sons

Janice And Her Sons


Mark sat naked in front of his computer, staring at porn images of mothers and sons fucking together on one of his favourite incest sites. With the mouse in his right hand and his hard cock in his left, he went through the images one by one, whistling with admiration whenever a particular picture excited him more than usual.

"Wow, Brett," said Mark, "will you come and look at this?"

Brett, who had been lying naked on the bed masturbating as he thumbed through a porn mag, lifted his nineteen years old body from the mattress and walked over to join his twin brother who was now masturbating as if his life depended on it.

"Bloody hell," said Brett, matching Mark in the masturbation stakes stroke for stroke, "look at the size of that guy's prick."

"Yeah," said Mark, "any mother would be proud to have a son like that. Still, he's not as big as I am."

"Nor me," said Brett.

Mark glanced at his brother and smiled. "I suppose yours is quite big, bruv," he said, "but it ain't as big as mine."

"Piss off!" said Brett, good naturedly, "you know darn well I'm the biggest of the two of us."

"Let's prove it," said Mark jumping up, "get your butt over here."

Brett followed his brother over to the long wall mirror and the two stood naked together in front of it, staring at each other's aroused pricks. "There you are," said Mark, "I've an extra inch on you."

"Nonsense!" replied Brett, retracting his foreskin so that his pink knobhead glistened in the lake of sunlight that was flooding through the open window of their shared bedroom, "I'm the biggest and you know it."

"The hell you are," retorted Mark.

"OK, then," rejoined Brett, "if you don't believe me, let's go and ask mum. She'll tell us the truth, you can bet on that."

"Where is she?" asked Mark.

Brett moved over to the open window and glanced out, his eyes lighting up as bright as the sunshine at the sight which greeted him. Mark moved over to the window too and, like Brett, his face broke into a smile at the sight of their mother, sunning herself on the sun lounge, like Mark and Brett completely naked.

"Fucking hell," said Mark, "mom's tits seem to get bigger every day."

"Shall we go and ask her or not?" said Brett.

"Yeah, come on," said Mark and the two brothers made their way out of the house onto the patio where their mother Janice dozed drowsily in the early morning sun.

"Mum!" cried Brett as they approached her. "You awake?"

"Well, I was having a snooze," Janice replied, opening one eye and then, seeing her naked sons standing unselfconsciously in front of her with their hard cocks pointing directly upwards, her other one, her face breaking into a smile. It was lovely, Janice always thought, how the three of them were happy and confident in their shared nudity as befitted a family that was firmly in tune with one another and, though she was biased because she was their mother, the two hard pricks now openly on display were, Janice was very much aware, the most beautiful she had ever seen, big and hard and pulsating with life.

"Mum, Brett and I want to ask you something," said Mark.

"Oh, not again," said Janice, who knew what her sons were about to say, "you ain't arguing about that again, are you?"

"We just want to know, mum," Brett went on. "Which one of us has the biggest prick?"

"Goodness me," said Janice, shifting herself slightly on the sun lounge to get a better look at her handsome sexy boys, which was how she still thought of them though it was patently obvious from the way they stood there naked and erect that they were no longer boys at all but definitely Men - with a capital M.

"I've told the pair of you before so many times," Janice went on, "you are both as big as each other. And it wouldn't matter if one of you was bigger than the other, its what you do with them that counts."

"Oh we know what to do with them, mum," giggled Mark.

"Yeah," laughed Brett, "much better than dad ever did."

A frown swept across Janice's otherwise pleasant features. "Now, as well as telling you many times about how big you are, I've also told you many times not to mention that man again. He left us a long time ago, the rat, running off with that floozie, and I don't want to talk about him."

"That's OK, mum," said Mark, "you've still got us and we'll take care of you."

"Is that a fact?" said Janice, "well, you can start by taking care of my pussy again, I really need a good lick."

"Only a lick, mum?" asked Brett.

"Impatience isn't a virtue," said Janice, feigning a stern reply and spreading her legs to expose the neat triangle of her pussy, still sore from the good pounding her sons had given her the night before, "now which one of you boys wants to go first?"

"Me mum," said Mark, not giving Brett a chance to reply. Without wasting a second, Mark was on his knees in front of his mother, sticking out the forefinger of his right hand to finger Janice's pussy. Janice gasped as Mark's finger sawed its way in while Brett stood back and started to masturbate as he watched.

"Fuck, mum," Brett said, "that looks really good."

"Mmm, mum," said Mark, removing his finger, now coated in his mother's pussy juice, "this'll taste nice." He licked his finger clean and then lowered his head towards Janice's steaming cunt. "Oh boy, mum," he went on, "that looks so beautiful."

"Yeah," said Brett, "don't keep mum waiting."

Mark smiled up at his mother as he stuck out his tongue and gave Janice's cunt a few tentative licks to get them in the mood, then he ran his tongue up and down the gash between the two satin-like cunt lips. Janice rubbed her big tits together and spread her legs wider to give Mark even better access to her love box while Brett moved over and stood next to his mother, stretching his stiff pole across her face, pre-cum seeping through the piss slit of his large purple knobhead.

"You boys are wonderful," Janice said, licking her lips at the sight of Brett's stupendous prick, as Mark's tongue found her engorged clit and began to run rings around it, "you really know how to show your love for me. I couldn't be more proud of you if I tried, the way you take care of all my needs," she added, with added emphasis on the word "all".

"Of course we love you, mum," said Brett, "and I think its time you showed us how much you love us, too."

Janice didn't say another word, she opened her mouth and quickly took Brett's morning wood into her mouth while Mark continued to pummel her pussy with his tongue. Janice was in a world of her own now, she had always loved sex and the sex with her own sons was the hottest she had ever experienced and the fact that what they were doing was regarded as taboo in conventional society made it not so much hot as boiling.

When Janice's husband had walked out on her all those years ago leaving her to bring up the boys alone, Mark and Brett had quickly learned how to become the men of the house, even moreso in the year or so since they had become consenting adults and when Janice had first caught the pair masturbating to porn images on the computer. Since then, their shared love of sex and the nudist way of life permeated every moment of their days together, feeling no embarrassment nor shame seeing each other naked and sucking and fucking whenever they wanted.

"Oh yeah, mum, suck my cock," said Brett, even though Janice was doing exactly that. With his balls slapping rhythmically against his mother's chin, Janice reached out a hand and pulled Brett closer to her by his arse cheeks, cupping his globe-like buttocks in her hand and digging her nails into the flesh of his buns. Brett gasped as his mother sucked his cock and touched up his bare bottom simultaneously while Mark was making little guttural moaning sounds, lost in his own private world of joy as he licked Janice's pussy for what seemed an eternity.

"Oh my goodness!" screamed Janice as Brett pulled out and turned his back to his mother to show her his arse, "you nearly made me cum, you naughty boys."

"Here mum," said Brett, bending over and sticking his bare bum almost in Janice's face, "play with this."

Janice inclined her head and stuck out her tongue and sent it deep into the gash between Brett's buns, licking his arsehole with expert long flicks of her tongue. Brett's arse felt like it was on fire as his mother began the rimjob, her tongue working faster and faster like an express train getting up steam while Janice's pussy likewise felt as if it would burst into flames from the continued administrations of Mark's tongue.

Ten minutes later, with Brett's arsehole and Janice's pussy thoroughly lubricated, Mark had to come up for air, he had been licking his mother's cunt non-stop for almost half an hour and needed a break. Smiling at the sight of Janice still rimming Brett, he stood up and moved over next to his brother, arching his body forward so that Janice now had her sons' two firm sexy arses staring her in the face.

"Rim Mark, mum," said Brett, who would have been happy for Janice to continue licking his bum forever but he knew his brother wanted a taster, "lick him hard like you did me."

Brett moved away as Janice transferred her tongue to Mark. "Spread your cheeks, bruv," said Brett, "so mum can get deep inside."

Janice's eyes were on stalks as she watched Mark grip his cheeks, spreading them as wide as he could and opening up his hole for inspection. "Oh, honey," said Janice, "that is such a sweet looking hole."

"Yeah," laughed Brett, now masturbating as he watched, "almost as sweet as mine."

Janice gave Brett a reproachful look and Brett smiled as Janice turned her attention back to Mark. "Not only have you both got lovely big pricks," their mother said, "but you have lovely arses, too." Then she quickly sent her tongue into Mark's hole for her second rimming of the morning.

Mark's grunts grew louder as Janice dug her tongue in deeper. He started to wank his big cock through his legs while Brett moved round to get a closer look. He lifted Janice off the sun lounge while she continued to rim Mark and placed her on her knees, then he slid himself underneath her legs, attaining eye level with her pussy, still sodden and juicy from the long long licks Mark had given it earlier.

Janice gasped as Brett began to assault her pussy with his tongue, a tongue that was as equally talented in the cunt-licking department as was Mark's, while the sensations coursing through her nether regions as a result of Brett's expert oral skills spurred her on to rim Mark harder and deeper. Everything around them became a blur, the patio chairs, the garden, the plant pots, nothing else seemed to matter as the three family members gave themselves up completely to their incestuous orgy of lust and love.

"Oh fuck, mum," said Mark, after ten more minutes had slipped by in a frenzy of family fun, "I'm gonna cum."

"Me too," said Brett, removing his tongue from Janice's pussy and sliding out until he was in a standing position as Mark turned and stood next to him, the brothers pumping their cocks in their hands. Janice quickly scrambled to her knees in front of her sons as they clustered round her so that she couldn't have been more up close and personal to the two hard pricks if she tried.

"Come all over me, boys," she said, her eyes unwavering as she watched her sons' hands flying up and down the big shafts of their hard-ons with jackhammer speed, their pink knobs peeping in and out of their delicious foreskins as they wanked for all they were worth. Janice gave their balls each a lick and then licked the two fat knobs to help them on their way, to be rewarded a few seconds later by Mark, rocking back and forth on his sturdy athletic legs and letting out a shout of triumph, spurting out ream after ream of his rich hot spunk, his breath coming in short sharp gasps as he milked his latest orgasm in front of his mother and brother.

Janice opened her mouth to take as much of her son's spunk as she could, she was still swallowing when she heard, through the mists of her happiness, Brett let out a cry and, seconds later, she felt his warm sperm land on her tits, to be followed by several more spurts which she caught expertly in her mouth, mingling with Mark's as her sons served their mother her breakfast. The brothers had each delivered their mother a Niagara Falls of cum as they emptied their big sweaty balls and Janice, who had been playing with her pussy as she took their latest gifts, let out a sigh of happiness as she came herself, her pussy juices gushing forth as she wallowed in the pleasures of her first orgasm of the day.

"Oh, thank you, boys," said Janice, having swallowed the last drops of tasty incestuous spunk, "you really do know how to show your love for me."

"We love you very much, mum," said Brett, "don't we, Mark?"

"That goes without saying," his brother replied, "and there are plenty of other ways we can show our love for you, mum."

"I was hoping you'd say that," said Janice, "let me go and get myself cleaned up and then we can suck and fuck the day away together. The housework can wait."

"Don't go and get cleaned up, mum," said Brett, "you look great covered in all our spunk."

"What a right old slut I am," giggled Janice.

"Yeah," laughed Brett," a right family slut."

"Oh I so much want to be the family slut," giggled Janice.

"You certainly are, mum, but you ain't old," said Mark, "you're beautiful."

"Thank you, darling," said Janice, "you boys are rather beautiful yourself."

"Only rather?" asked Brett.

"OK then," replied Janice, "VERY beautiful. I am so proud of you, any mother would be to have two fine loving sons like you two."

"Thanks mum." said Mark, "we're proud to be your sons, too, aren't we Brett?"

"Sure fucking are," agreed Brett, giving his sated cock a little tug. "We feel really honoured to be allowed to show you our pricks and give you our spunk."

"I feel honoured that you want to do so," replied Janice, "you know I never say no."

"Yeah, well we ain't finished yet," said Mark, "even though we've just shot our loads."

"Too fucking right we ain't," said Brett, going to his back on the sun lounge and beckoning Janice over to him. Such was their enthusiasm, that the brothers were already starting to get hard again and Janice didn't need three guesses for what was about to happen next.

"Bad bad boys," said Janice, "treating your mother like this."

"Shut up, mum," said Mark, "you know you like it."

"Yeah, mum," said Brett, "you said just now you never say no. Come over here and sit on my big prick."

Brett held his cock in an upright position as Janice climbed across him and lowered herself onto it, impaling her pussy onto his prick for her first incestuous fuck of the day while her big tits fell across Brett's face. As Brett started to fuck his mother in the manner to which she was accustomed, he opened his mouth and began to munch on her melons, sucking first one and then the other and periodically running his tongue along the narrow cleft of Janice's cleavage.

"Fuck, that looks real good," said Mark moving in close with his hard cock in his hand. "Let's make this a morning orgy to remember."

"Yeah," said Janice as she posted up and down on Brett's cock, her pussy growing slicker with each inch of cock that she took, "and if you play your cards right, boys, I might fuck the pair of you lster with my strap-on. It'll be a reward for making me such a happy woman this morning."

"That'll be great, mum," said Mark who loved taking Janice's strap-on up his arse. "After that hot rimming you gave me, my arsehole is just about ready."

"Mmm," mumbled Brett, who loved being fucked by Janice as well and agreeing as best he could, all his powers of concentration focused on giving his mother the fuck of a lifetime.

"Sure will," said Mark, smiling at Janice whose face and tits were still covered in her sons' earlier outpoutings which were rapidly congealing in the hot summer sunshine, "but fucking us can wait, mum. At this moment, your sons are going to make you even more happy and proud of us than you already are. Is the family slut ready for some DP now?"

Then, as Brett continued to ram Janice's pussy with his thick pole, Mark didn't even give her a chance to reply as he slammed his equally fat rod deep into his mother's tight greasy arsehole.

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