tagMind ControlJapan Guide Ch. 03

Japan Guide Ch. 03



Some time later Mary woke up in what looked like some sort of penthouse suite/apartment. "I must have been more jet-lagged than I realised" she thought, "I don't even remember coming back here last night. I hope I didn't drift off during the interview, please say I didn't make a bad first impression". She got out of the King-sized bed she had been sleeping in and went to explore her surroundings. There were three rooms: a bedroom, living room and bathroom. There was no kitchen or even dining room. Mary assumed the building must have a canteen or something to cater for her meals (not that she was complaining about the possible prospect of Japanese food cooked to order whenever she pleased). All in all there were a couple of things which stood out to Mary; firstly every room, including the bathroom had a plasma screen and stereo system built into the wall (the one in the living room must have been at least 48"). Secondly the living room had a drinks machine in the corner which was another extravagance to come as a nice surprise to a girl who had only been in Japan for little over two days. Everything thing was beyond her wildest dreams, she couldn't believe it. The only things which had struck her as odd were the lack of any clock or window anywhere. There was one small skylight in the bedroom but it just seemed to serve to inform Mary that it was night time. Still though, given the choice between a clock in every room or a T.V and sound system, Mary didn't think she was missing out too much.

Walking into the bathroom Mary glanced into the mirror (or should one say a wall which shows you your reflection). She definitely wasn't dressed in the same clothes she had arrived in; all she could think about was how 'pink' she looked dressed up in a little Hello Kitty negligee. In fairness it was quite a cute look, but Mary wasn't one for cute. "Oh well," she reckoned, "I suppose they felt it was best for me to get changed before sleeping and it's not like I brought any clothes with me so I can't complain too much. This is probably just the Japanese girl look; it'll be fine once I get my own clothes back. It just looks so pink." She returned to the living room and sat in a sofa facing the huge Plasma screen thinking this would be an opportune time to sample the delights that Japanese Television had to offer. A remote was lying on the table beside her which she assumed must be for the T.V. It was not however like a normal T.V remote, there were just ten buttons: the numbers 1-3 along the top, two with arrows pointing up and down respectively, a button marked N, one marked P, Buttons marked 'Stop' and 'Go' and finally a red button at the bottom. Slightly perplexed Mary decided to experiment by pushing button one and to her delight the T.V came on.

However, despite the screen clearly being on, there did not seem to a picture just a kind of flickering. Trying to make out what was going on (as well as secretly hoping she hadn't broken it) Mary studied the screen to see if she could make out an image. Suddenly the flickering stopped and words began to write themselves on the screen as a voice narrated:

"Hello Mariko. How are you feeling?"

Slightly taken aback by being confronted by a talking television Mary stuttered. "Err... fine. What's going on?"

"Allow me to explain. You are in an MKDN employee residential apartment. It is designed to give you maximum comfort and pleasure in keeping with the company policy of 'If we make you happy, then you will make MKDN happy'. I am a state of the art computer programme designed to answer any questions you may have, aid you in your employee training and pretty much act as your guide to MKDN. I have also been programmed to respond to the name Sam in order in order to add a friendlier touch to our interaction, although this can be changed if Sam is not to your liking? I have nine preset names:

Sam, Luke, Ulrich, Tom, Mike, Adam, Kevin, Ed Rob. Which would you like?"

"Err... Sam is good" Replied Mary, still somewhat bemused by what was happening.

"Then Sam I shall be" The Television replied in what could almost have been interpreted as a flourish. "I am voice activated so if ever you need me just say my name and I will answer, I will always be around. Do you have any questions?"

"How can you do that? You're just a computer"

"I'm state of the art I'll have you know. I am programmed to make your life easier; here at MKDN we have technology that most people think only exists in science fiction. Even your American NASA and CIA are less advanced than we. Please just relax, would you like some tea?"

"Err... no thanks I think I'd like to take a walk round the city, I still haven't done that yet"

Sam sighed, "Mariko, Mariko, Mariko, this will not do. I have told you that my primary function is to teach you Japanese language AND culture. Therefore I need you to treat me like another person; you should already know that it is a great disrespect to turn down the offer of tea. Do you want to offend me?"

"No, sorry. I'm just ... I didn't expect this err... Ok then yes I would love some tea thank you"

Mary walked over to the drinks machine in the corner and pushed the button marked tea but nothing happened. She tried again but still nothing. "Sam? The machine seems to be broken."

"Oh I forgot to tell you, for security measures we need to know who is in each of our apartments, we don't want people breaking in. Therefore the machine has been connected to a retinal scanner in the wall above it, if you just look up into the red light as you push the button it should confirm you are eligible to take drinks from this machine. MKDN apologises if this is a nuisance to you."

"Oh, I see. That's no problem" Mary replied, slightly perplexed as to why anybody would go to such lengths to protect company tea supplies. She looked up into the red light Sam had mentioned and pushed the button marked tea again. This time the machine kicked into life and a cup of Japanese tea appeared before her. To her dismay the tea was the same bitter tasting liquid she had drunk in Takahashi-san's office. "Well I suppose I'm gonna have to get used to this stuff" she thought to herself and continued to drink.

Mary sat back down on the sofa and a rush of blood went to her head. "Whoa!" she said, "sat down a bit too quickly there". Still slightly light headed she picked the remote and called out:

"Sam. How does this remote work?"

"It's multi-purpose" Sam replied. "Button one activates me, you use this when it is time for lessons or training and also if you wish to contact building staff for any reasons. Button Two is for the television and three for the radio; you can change channels using the up and down buttons. N and P stand for next and previous which you will need for certain learning programmes along with the stop and go buttons."

"And the red button...?"

"That is the emergency button; you must only press that in extreme situations. Unnecessary usage of the red button will make MKDN have to punish you. MKDN do not want to punish you we want you to be a good girl and make MKDN happy. So why don't you forget about the red button and watch some television like a good little girl? Maybe you would like some more tea"

Mary was sure that there was something strange about what Sam was saying, but her head was still cloudy. In the end she reasoned that if it was something important she would remember it. So she decided to get herself some more tea and be a good little girl and watch television like MKDN wanted. She looked up into the scanner like before and the tea was poured. She took a sip and returned to the sofa, Once again she seemed to sit down a bit too fast and the blood rushed to her head. She grabbed the remote control and pushed number two. The television flickered and came to life; an attractive young Japanese woman was reading a news report about a seemingly hostile takeover by MKDN of some Singaporean firm, one Abbey Harding was giving a statement about how the takeover would be good news for all involved and that she looked forward to life as part of MKDN. The logo at the top left of the screen read MKDN News, Mary decided to change channels. The next was MKDN Fashion; it seemed the channel was covering a fashion show. The MKDN logo could be seen everywhere even on the outfits. Taking another sip from her tea Mary was amazed at how risqué the style was, everything was so suggestive almost to the point of obscene. It didn't help that the girls on the catwalk would have looked more at home in a men's magazine than a fashion show. It also surprised Mary how none of the models seemed to be Japanese, they were made up to look Japanese (or at least an artist's impression of the Japanese look) but they were definitely Western girls. Mary couldn't understand why a Japanese fashion show would use large breasted foreigners instead of home grown models but in any case this again wasn't her thing so she decided to see what the next channel would bring.

MKDN Music seemed to be a bog standard MTV wannabe. Mary had heard her fair share of J Pop growing up and was prepared for the cutesiness that it seems to bring. What she was not prepared for was the dancing anime style sex doll on screen. Mary was starting to wonder if there were any Japanese women on television at all as so far there had only been the newscaster. Yet again she was exposed to a big breasted Japanese anime wannabe in an outfit that went beyond decent, "who watches this?" she thought to herself as she finished the tea in her cup. The music itself was also not to her taste (She was more an Avril Lavigne fan). Feeling a bit fed up she turned off the TV and sat back.

"What is wrong?" Sam asked. "You haven't seen all the channels"

"They're not really my thing"

"But you should try to at least see them all first" Sam reiterated. "You haven't even drunk your third cup of tea. Why don't you get yourself another cup and just sit down and relax for a bit. MKDN has tried very hard to please you with its' TV channels so you should be a good girl and please MKDN by at least seeing them all, Besides the next channel is the sports channel and you need to see that if you are to serve our sports stars"

Again Mary had a feeling there was something not quite right with what Sam had just said but her head was still cloudy and when she tried to think about it she realised Sam was right. She should at least be polite and watch the other channels; maybe she would find something she liked. So for the third time Mary made the trip to the drinks machine, got her tea, took a sip and returned to the sofa. Yet again for the third time she sat down too fast (despite trying her best not to). Now her head was really spinning but nevertheless she felt it was only polite to be a good girl for MKDN and so she looked for the next channel.

MKDN Sport was showing a baseball game. Or at least she assumed it was a baseball game as the camera seemed to be constantly focused on yet another large breasted white girl with the words NIKKO emblazoned across a cropped top so revealing you could see the bottom half of her breasts bursting out as she gyrated and danced for the crowd; the freedom with which they bounced making it clear this girl was braless. Whenever the routine sped up the camera zoomed in to attempt to catch a glimpse of a nipple or her ass as it soon became clear she was sans panties as well. Taking another sip of tea Mary seemed to find something hypnotic about the way this Nikko was dancing. She just stared at the girl, taking in every inch of flesh she could see, straining her eyes trying to take in more and more. Mary marvelled at every bounce, every thrust, and every jiggle that Nikko made. At times Mary even felt a sense of envy over the body she saw on the screen before her, looking at that large breasted girl dancing and gyrating for thousands of excited onlookers. At that moment Mary felt that she wasn't longing for this girl; she was longing to become this girl.

Much to Mary's dismay the screen then cut to the baseball as some Japanese guy hit a home run. As the camera watched him showboat to the crowd in triumph Mary came to her senses. "What are you doing girl?" she said shaking her head, "get a hold of yourself; I must be tired, I never think like this." She finished her tea and decided to change channels one last time. Much to her repulsion the fifth and final channel was MKDN Adult; A porn channel. She switched off in disgust.

"Why did you not watch the final Channel?" Came the voice of Sam.

"I'm not going to watch that filth! It's repugnant, degrading."

"Have you ever watched it before?"

"No, and I never will, the way they treat women is wrong"

"How would you know if you have never watched it? Our actresses are always happy to act in MKDN Adult productions; do you not want them to be happy?"

"Well no, I mean... but it's..."

"Watch some, MKDN has gone to great lengths to makes these programmes for you, you should make MKDN happy by watching. Failure to make MKDN happy can result in punishment and we do not want to have to punish you Mariko."

The clouds in Mary's head made it very hard to think straight but it seemed clear to her that Sam was correct again. She decided it was the least she could do to watch some, it was only polite. "Ok Sam," she replied. "It was rude of me not to accept what MKDN has given me, I did not mean to displease MKDN, I shall watch some for MKDN"

"That's a good girl Mariko, now you just get nice and comfortable and enjoy"

Mary lay back as the picture returned to the screen and MKDN Adult resumed. If she didn't know any better Mary would have sworn she was drunk. Everything seemed so hazy and her head was light and spinning slightly. On the screen yet another of these anime style Western girls was lounging on a bed, like the rest her breasts were mountainous, In fact her figure seemed impossible for her waist was tiny in size but with an ass that was so full and rounded and her hair had been died pink. She was made up to look like what come to think of it she was, a slut waiting to get fucked. She was chewing gum and blowing big pink bubble which exploded over her large round ever pouting lips as she lie on her back kicking her 6" heel wearing feet into the air impatiently waiting for her visitor. Mary just stared at this girl, she was so happy, so contented; it was almost serene. She ran her eyes up and down the girl's body trying to take in every inch of skin, inwardly screaming in frustration at the tiny but still teasing negligee which obscured her view of the girl's most sexual features. Mary found herself longing for the girl spread out on screen before her but again this was not an attraction to the girl but more what the girl stood for; the oozing sexuality, the satisfaction. There was a beauty in this girl's empty yet contented face which made Mary feel that this girl lived a life that most would only aspire to. At that moment, Mary knew if she could swap places with that girl up there; she would do.

At that moment the door of the girl's room opened and four Japanese men came in, one was carrying a second girl her features just as beautiful as the first, She was dressed more conservatively in her little pink frilly summer dress with her long black hair tied into two cute little bunches. She sucked suggestively on a lollypop as she stared into the eyes of the man who was holding her. It was the look of a girl who knew what was to come and there was nothing she wanted more. The man threw her onto the bed next to the first girl and as soon as she had regained her balanced she joined her first girl in hungrily setting free the cocks which they so dearly wanted. The camera zoomed in on the two girls as they worked on the job in hand, each assigned two men to satisfy they expertly switched between the two sucking one while rubbing the others shaft. Mary could only watch in admiration at the skill of these two girls, there was something so deeply sensual in what she was seeing that she did not even realise she was getting aroused. As their excitement grew the men ripped the clothes off the two girls leaving them before them completely naked. The looks on the faces were ones of hunger yet combined with a kind of vacant innocence which just makes the scene even more beautiful to Mary's eyes.

As the girls moved back towards the men, Mary could only stare in wonder at their now free breasts. Never had she seen anything so beautiful, the size and shape was just perfect. She watched as the girls each engulfed one man's cock with their breasts, masterfully massaging them like it was a skill they had been born with whilst the other men walked behind the girls and proceeded to take the girls from behind. Amidst the scenes of ecstasy on screen Mary did not realise that her hand had strayed and was now rubbing her clit as furiously as was humanly possible, she did not realise that this was causing the immense hunger and arousal which was building inside of her. All she knew was that these two girls were perfect, they were more than perfect, they were like the nymphs who lured seamen to their deaths in ancient Greece, or Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. It was a perfection you can never understand until you see it for yourself. Mary realised this now and as all six people on screen collapsed together in a fit of lust and immense bliss so did Mary, overpowered by the strength of the orgasm that had just shot through her entire body she passed out on the sofa. Tomorrow her MKDN training would begin.

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