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I work for an international banking firm based in LA with offices throughout the world. One of our primary centers is based in Japan, not in Tokyo, but situated outside of the city in an area and town called Chiba. I have been assigned to work with our office there and have travelled there half a dozen times in the past 8 months. After the third trip, which usually last two weeks, I was invited to stay in the home of a co-worker named Kaito. Up until then I had stayed in a hotel, good accommodations but still not like home. I think Kaito sensed that and after knowing me awhile, felt comfortable enough to let me reside with him and his family while in country.

Kaito, his wife Hitomi and daughter Aiko are wonderful people. Kaito is a typical Japanese executive, very proper and respectful even though we were equal in the organization, he usually let me take the lead. Both Kaito and his wife were older than me, by 7 years; Aiko was 19 and a university student, living at home. They owned a modest cottage on a hillside with three bedrooms and two baths, one I shared with Aiko. Since the first time I had stayed with them, they have made me comfortable and extremely welcome in their home.

Like many Japanese they are very polite and relatively submissive in their attitude and conduct. For example, if I make a suggestion for dinner, they are happily in concurrence with my choice. If they offered something, it was just that, an offer; if you didn't want it, no problem. I found this utterly charming about them and watched my behavior so I would not take advantage of them.

I also noticed once I stayed in their home, even though they were shy and modest, nudity was not a major complexity. Often either Hitomi or Aiko would rush from the bathrooms, naked while drying themselves off with a towel. Granted they were always moving, but still were most often robe less and exposing quite a bit. Kaito never spoke up and I pretended not to notice so things continued. Like most Asian women, both girls had very slim figures with almost no hips with beautiful alabaster skin tones. Aiko had slightly larger breasts than her mom, but they still would fall under a B size. Aiko was cleanly shaven while her mom did have a black wooly bush.

When the nudity first happened I was understandably concerned and nervous about my rather constricted feelings on nudity. Being from a western culture, this type of behavior was not in the main stream, at least from my experiences. But over time I adjusted and in most cases would look away or disregard that it even happened. Now don't misunderstand, there was nothing sexual going on with the family that I could tell, but they just had no hang-ups over their exposure.

One day Kaito and I returned from the office to find both of the women very giddy and extremely excited over something. My Japanese had improved immensely since I started working with Kaito, so I did pick up some of what they were pumped over. But even Kaito was having trouble getting them to simmer down and tell us what was going on. Finally after sitting down with the girls still hopping in their seats, they told us that the family had been selected to be contestants for a TV show. With that news Kaito also became excited. I was still in the dark, I did not watch much TV; in fact I did not have one in my room while staying with them. The family room TV was never on and was a very small unit, the master bedroom and Aiko's room had larger flat screens.

So this particular show they were all pumped over, I had no idea what it was. I vaguely remember a family game show called Family Feud back in the states, and if it was something like that, it would certainly be fun for this group. Their taping was set for the following week, I was going to still be working in Japan, so they invited me to tag along to the taping, which I was happy to be included.

The week leading up to the TV show was odd to say the least. The nudity in the house happened with greater frequency and lasted longer. It was also varied, instead of running from room to room as before; the girls would stop and sometimes gaze at each other. I was walking down the hall one day and glanced in to an open master bedroom to see a fully clothed Hitomi inspecting the tits of her daughter with her hands. They were whispering to each other and they were both pointing out things, birthmarks or spots on Aiko's breasts.

Other than being puzzled, I didn't make much out of it. I tossed it out as maybe they were checking for lumps or such like a breast exam. Truthfully that kind of behavior did not happen with her dad, so there was nothing to draw attention to it.

Finally the day of taping was here and the girls were in a heightened state of giddiness. Strangely they spent far less time on their wardrobes as they did their makeup and bodies. In fact they spent long hours with special bath compounds and when they did come out they smelled absolutely wonderful. Kaito and I had taken the afternoon off and even he remarked on the girl's loveliness and fragrances.

Driving to the studio, me in the back with Aiko, I found myself leaning over to her side so that I could inhale the scent she was producing and with the flow from Hitomi body also, the car smelled like a flower garden. Once we arrived, I really didn't want to get out of the car and lose that feeling I had from the intoxicating air.

Once inside, I was surprised by the no frills of the place. Seating was quite limited, to perhaps 30 fold out chairs. The stage, if one could call it that was fairly well lit, but just two steps up from the seating and quite close. The stage had some props on it, mainly a large wall with cloth covering it and a video screen directly in front of the audience on the back partition. They were piping in some jazzy music while the audience was filing in and taking their seats. Looking at the other people there, they were a lot like Kaito's family, fathers, mothers and daughters. As they had told me, family games show by all appearances.

An attractive young woman appeared on stage and there was polite applause from the audience. Hitomi indicated to me that the woman was the hostess of the show and would be the one interacting with the contestants. The lady wore a very nice crisp business suit and even thought the studio looked somewhat cheap, she came across as the real deal.

The lights flickered for a moment and a man with a headset on came out and asked for tonight's contestants to assemble on the stage when called. Within a few moments, Aiko and her dad were called and they gleefully jumped up and bounded to the stage, clearly happy. When they had left, Hitomi clutched my arm tightly and placed her head on my shoulder. The heat from her body as well as scent was extremely nice and I did not bother to move at all. In fact I chalked it up to her being excited for her family.

I began to scrutinize the folks gathered on the stage. There were 6 young women and 4 men, older appearing than the girls, so I assumed they were all like my friends, father and daughter. Hitomi confirmed my assessment as we continued to watch.

On the set were a number of written charts and such, but my Japanese understanding was limited to the spoken word. I could decipher a letter or two, but that's all. I asked Hitomi what some of the word graphics meant but she did not respond as she was engrossed with watching her husband and daughter as they were listening to both the hostess and the guy with the headset look like they were giving instructions to the cast. The lights flickered again and an announcement for quiet went out. The room became very still.

Suddenly the music became loud and the lights went up a notch while the hostess went to the center of the stage. She began by welcoming everyone to the show and promised an action packed episode. With the show obviously starting, Hitomi had tightened her grip on my arm, so much so that I needed to get some feeling back. I flexed my hand, about the only thing I could move, and made contact with the top of her slacks, where my fingers now rested. It was not what I intended, but due to the death grip I was in, it was all I could hope for to get some relief.

After the hostess did her basic introductions, she called all the contestants out to center stage with her and started introductions. Sure enough the folks were father daughters with 2 of the dads bringing 2 daughters each. It was funny watching my friends up there, obviously very happy and enjoying their time in the limelight. The hostess asked if everyone was ready to play and there was a chorus of confirmations. All the girls were asked to leave stage right, which left the 4 dads alone. They now appeared to be somewhat nervous and fidgeted around, looking at the floor. The hostess pulled a paper out of a jar and called out a name with which one of the men stepped forward. My friend Kaito and the others were then led off the stage, left.

With the fact that Kaito was not selected, Hitomi released my arm from her death grip and I looked down to see my arm in desperate need of blood flow. This gave me the opportunity to shake and raise it and get some semblance of feeling back.

On the stage, the hostess was explaining to the man what he needed to do. The best I could make out, he would have to identify both of his daughters to win a prize, if he could not do it, then a penalty would be accessed. All the girls, including Aiko came back on stage and were requested to go behind a portable wall. When they were out of sight, the draping on the wall was removed to show letters, A-G on the top, while below were some drape covered open holes.

The hostess told the audience we would be right back, so I suspected we left for a commercial break. There was some activity on stage and the guy with the headset came out and told the audience we would be back on in 2 minutes. I thought this would be a good time for Hitomi to fill me in on anything I missed so far, like I said when you can't read much and understand maybe every 10th word; it is hard to follow along.

Hitomi told me that the girls would now get behind the wall and "expose" themselves to the man, but with their faces concealed. He would be allowed time to contemplate and select the two he thought would be his daughters. If correct, a major prize, if wrong, a major penalty. With that she stopped explaining. I was still curious about some things but like the rest of the audience, I waited for us to go "live" again.

When the lights got bright again and the cue given, the hostess came back on and gave a recap of where everything stood up till now. She reintroduced the man and explained about his two daughters. She also stated that the other dads were backstage in a control room and could not see or hear any of the proceedings on stage. With that she turned to the wall and yelled out "undress!"

The next thing I saw was clothes being passed to a several young women who trotted them off stage. It was obvious to me that some of the items were bras and panties which gave me slight whoa feeling. The hostess addressed the man again and asked for confirmation if he was ready and wanted to proceed, which he did. With that, spotlights went to the wall.

As I mentioned earlier, the thin partition wall had letters on top and 3 covered openings below each letter. When the light hit, the two bottom covers were removed and a hushed crowd saw the openings filled with 6 sets of tits and pussies. The bodies were pressed firmly against the partition and the tits extended outward. The audience now elicited some aahh's and you could sense some electricity in the air. I was to bewildered to really utter anything, and I had a sense of twilight zone about it all. I mean these were families on stage, a dad looking at the private parts of not just his kids but also others. It was beyond surreal.

The hostess asked the man if he would make his selections now, which the man could not. The hostess told him he had 1 minute with each number to make an assessment, using whatever means he needed to determine if they were his kids.

The shock slowly wore off, and I realized that two of the pussies on display were shaved. Having seen fleeting glimpses of Aiko, I knew one of those belonged to her. The breasts on both girls were quite similar so I would be hard pressed to pick her out.

Meanwhile the man, now under the prodding of the woman host, reached out with shaky hands and began to fondle the tits of girl A. He tweaked the nipples as well as pulling on them and then cupped an entire tit. After balancing both with his two hands, he moved on to the next girl marked B. He went all the way down the line, repeating this with every heaving bosom. Knowing one set belonged to Aiko, sent a cool shiver up my neck. Also that her mom and my friend were sitting right next to me, observing the same thing was unsettling.

Again the hostess tried for a decision from the man. He remained undecided and now began to act as little disheveled, scratching his head and holding his face. The hostess urged him to exam more closely and that time was running low for a decision.

This time the man squatted down and was eye level with all the pussies. With shakiness in his hands he began to explore and play with two cunts at the same time. The girl under A was quite bushy and his fingers got lost in the jungle as you could tell his hand and arm was moving. A previous blank monitor over our heads now came on and the camera showed behind the wall. It gave an excellent view of all the young ladies. The camera panned on the face of A, whose pussy was still aggressively being fingered. Her face showed a mix of angst and passion, but she did not waver from the wall, her body tightly pushed against it.

I also noticed on the monitor that Aiko was behind the D letter. She to had her trim body flush against the opening and her face was non expressive but her nipples were extremely puffy and inflamed looking from the earlier handling by the other dad. I found myself eyeing her more closely and easily found her to be the cutest girl up there.

The man had now moved down a little and was fingering C and D. I watched Aiko's face as his fingers explored her hole and went in deep. She tossed her head back some and was gyrating her hips to his touch. The hostess noticed and commented to the man that "this one" really likes it. This obviously excited the man and he moved away from C and now placed both hands and his mouth to Aiko's slick cunt. The entry of his tongue made Aiko react by driving her hips forward as if she wanted deeper impalement. At this stage I had to adjust myself in my seat as my cock was hard pressed in my slacks. I was hoping that Hitomi would not notice; I needn't have worried as she was staring at the action with a hypnotic gaze, licking her lips.

The man finally moved on to the last two girls and again expressed angst that he could not determine who his daughters were. The hostess prodded him again saying he had less than 5 minutes left before he must decide or forfeit and pay the penalty. She again advised him that he could opt to do anything and then ordered the girls to turn around and push their posteriors thru the openings. Viewing up on the monitor, the girls were able to lean forward onto a waist high table to give them some balance and stability. The hostess grabbed the man's crotch and announced loudly over the mike that he was hard and encouraged him for the final exam. With that she dropped his pants and underwear to his knees and fished out a short but firm cock. With no further encouragement, the man went up to A and inserted his cock into the girl's pussy. With him pumping furiously, the girl began moaning loudly and grunting. After maybe 30 seconds of this he continued down the line. I in the mean time was taking very short breaths as he approached Aiko. With boldness and a sense of urgency, the man slammed his cock into my friend's daughter. Her response was surprising; unlike before when his fingers prodded her, she was now literally frozen and appeared nervous as he thrust quickly into her pussy. He pumped her a longer time than he did the others, obviously with joy. He finally moved on and was asked again his choices while fucking girl G.

His first choice was C which proved correct and the girl was smiling and ecstatic. He then selected G who was still getting screwed at the time. When she did turn around, he was incorrect as his other daughter was F. With that the hostess told the dejected man and his daughters that they failed and the penalty would apply. I looked to Hitomi to tell me about the penalty but she ignored me while cupping her hands over in mouth in shock.

The hostess left the suspense high and announced another commercial break. With the house lights a little brighter, I took a long look at the other people in the audience. Some looked like me in that they were clearly flustered, red faced and the men had boners. Some of the gals also were flushed but most looked embarrassed and kept their eyes riveted to the floor. Hitomi was extremely flushed and her nipples were well defined through her blouse. She suddenly seemed very sexy to me.

The hostess returned and informed everyone that the penalty phase was to begin. Rather than just say it, she produced a large cardboard sign. There was a noticeable gasp among the crowd and the contestants, both girls and their dad had stunned expressions and disbelief in their body language. Extremely curious, I asked Hitomi what the sign said as she to had a shocking expression.

"Oh my, the father must observe the daughters having sex in front of him with each other and a stranger!"

I don't know why it didn't hit me as weird. What I had just witnessed was weird; I mean the dad had just played with, fingered and fucked both his kids and others.

So they brought out a thick mat and placed it in the center of the stage. With the constant prodding and jabbering by the hostess, the sisters made out with each other on the mat. The girls performed kissing, tit licking, nipple play and finally pussy eating; all to the consternation of old dad, who had to sit on the mat with his kids and observe closely. Talk about humiliation to the max.

When the girls were quite wet, a fact the hostess let you know by placing the mike near their pussies while getting fingered and licked, from off right two large men, at least large for Japanese, entered and walked in the direction of the mat. They had robes on which they quickly discarded and lay on the mat, one to each side of the women. The dad's face now appeared to have panic written all over it, he was going to have to witness the public fucking of his kids by strangers. I was hoping they had a paramedic and oxygen standing by because by the looks of him, he wasn't going to make it through the upcoming event.

To make a long story short, the guys proceeded to fuck the girls each and every way, several times switching and also double penetration. The girls were quite game and did not display any aversion to being in public or on film. When the guys ended their session coming inside the girls, pulling out and letting the camera see the end result, the dad literally passed out. With that the curtain closed and we were told to stay for part 2, but in the meantime we could stretch or take a physical break.

I got up as did Hitomi and I got to see first hand the beads of sweat along her hair and lip lines. The visualization before us most definitely had an effect on her as well as me. I felt sweat sheen under my shirt that extended along my upper torso. I had the sense that a slow drip was going down my back. And my cock, holy crap my cock ached in my slacks. The confines were strangling me and I had to at least sympathize with the other males present.

I had a plethora of questions and I razzed them out nonstop to a still emotional wife of my co-worker.

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