tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJasmin wears the pants Ch. 02

Jasmin wears the pants Ch. 02


In Part 1 of "Jasmin wears the pants" our hero is fascinated by a woman and in the end of the chapter he is waiting in front of her door just wearing his briefs. Thank you very much for all the positive feedback. I really appreciate the praise. Once again people who don't like TG stories and or are under aged shouldn't read on. All rights are reserved. If somebody wants to publish this story somewhere else please contact me first. I will start the new chapter with the last sentence of the first Part.

I started to cry again but now of relief, slowly knelt down and knocked at the door. Yes, it was time to start my new life. To my utter surprise nothing happened. I waited there on my knees and all I heard was silence. I felt pearls of sweat forming on my forehead. She didn't have me come up going through the humiliation at the entrance having somebody calling me Miss and then not letting me in. What if somebody came out of that elevator and saw me just in my briefs kneeling in front of a door? I'd die on the spot. No, don't let that happen to me.

Easily five minutes passed and still nothing. I started to doubt myself again. What was I doing here anyway? This situation was unbearable but one look at my briefs I knew why I wasn't getting up, dress and walk away but to knock again. Oh yes, I still had a hard on. I couldn't believe it and it was then I heard footsteps, heels clicking on a wooden floor approaching the door. Could it ever get more embarrassing? I waiting on my knees with a hard on without ever touching myself and now Jasmin was going to open the door any moment.

The lock opened. I held my breath. The door sprung open. I bowed my head and looked at the ground, and to my chagrin, my hard on was not wilting. Still I spoke the words which I hope would open Jasmins treasure chest.

"Here I am Master Jasmin to begin my new life."

She didn't answer at first but walked behind me. I felt her touch my hair. With a surprisingly strong grip she pulled my ponytail down while she bent lightly forward so I came to face her.

"You walked away and made me wait. You have been a bad boy or should I say bad girl? Tell me what should I say. Are you a bad boy or a bad girl Gaarryy?"

Still holding my ponytail tightly in her hands she looked at me with a stern face. God, this look made her even more beautiful then remembering her from last night. A million thoughts were rushing through my head in milliseconds. I had to choose the right words.

"I, I," I stuttered.

"What is it? Tell me now," she calmly said but with an edge in her voice which let me almost shiver.

"I, I, err, I was a bad girl Master Jasmin. I am really sorry. Please forgive me."

She looked in my eyes and I could see her eyes lost the almost steely shimmer and then a little smile appeared on her face.

"You know you need to get punished. Don't you?"

"But, but, you punished me already," I stammered.

She laughed at me.

"Oh I know. I let you wear a ponytail. Oh yes, that was quite a punishment. How harsh of me."

I almost moaned. It wasn't fair.

"It was humiliating. I got called Miss."

"Ok, I let that pass. Still you need to get punished, but not for making me wait but for your embarrassing little tent in your briefs."

If she wouldn't have held my ponytail so tight I simply would have sunk to the floor. Tears formed in my eyes.

"You love the humiliation, don't you? It is obvious," she said.

I almost shouted.

"No. It is embarrassing and I can't stand it anymore."

My tears ran down my cheeks.

"So what do you want do? Run away? Oh no, you love it. Quit fooling yourself. Your little fever thermometer in your briefs knows it better," she insisted.

With that she lifted her foot and rubbed lightly over my embarrassing erection. I moaned.

"Soo sensitive, soo girly," she laughed.

"Come on in now."

I wanted to get up but she held me fast on my ponytail so I didn't have a chance but to crawl on all fours following her inside. She walked to her kitchen where she let go of my hair and took out of a drawer a black garbage bag.

"Take the bag and put your clothes inside. Also your briefs. Then come back and follow me to the bathroom."

With just slight hesitation I got up, went to the door, opened it and picked up my clothes. It took me a bit longer and quite a bit of hesitation to put my clothes in the garbage bag. What would she do with them? She wouldn't throw them? What about my briefs? No, I won't take them off. She couldn't make me. I walked back to the kitchen. She looked at me, her eyebrows narrowed and her face looked angry.

"Gee, are you dumb or do you really need to be punished? You can't even follow the smallest of orders. You know the rules. I wear the pants. You want to be together with me, don't you?"

Now I felt even more embarrassed. I nodded.

"So you do want to be with me. Then do as I say. There is no other way. Now drop the briefs and put them also in the bag. Then follow me to the bathroom."

She sensed my embarrassment, obviously relented, turned around and started walking. I got all my courage together and started to pull down my briefs. Finally standing naked inside of the apartment of a woman whom until yesterday night hadn't known or even thought of getting to know. I quickly walked after her with one hand in front of my penis and thus keeping the least little modesty.

She stood in front of the open bathroom door. It seemed like a hall to me, simply huge.

"Check your bubble bath I had prepared for you. Probably by now the water has cooled off already so you can make it right. Soak in it until I knock on the door. Then you take the depilatory cream, put it all over your body, except your pubic hair, I'll take care of that later, but otherwise everything comes off beneath your head. Understood?"

I nodded. "Yes, Master Jasmin."

Slowly I walked to the huge bathtub which easily could hold several people. I was lucky the water was still warm enough. It must have been really hot when she let it in. The smell reminded me of my late mother's roses. She loved to have Baccarat roses in her garden, spending hours pampering them until they made people stop in their tracks admiring them and chatting with her. Finally I sank in. Oh what a feeling. I hadn't have a bubble bath since my childhood when we kids had often to get together in the tub and I had to share it more often than not with my younger sister.

Of course I didn't like it because she wanted to have the same bubble bath like her older sister. So I tried to skip my bath as often as possible by not messing around but my mother insisted that I kept as clean as possible finding myself smelling like a little flower. My mother used to tease me a few times like saying 'Oh I love my little flower' when drying me and my hair.

Now I was luxuriating inside the tub losing track of the time when all of a sudden I heard a knock on the door.

"Get out of it and put on the cream. We need to get you ready for our shopping trip," I heard Jasmin saying.

Dutifully I got out, drying myself with a fluffy yellow towel. Hmm, how soft. Then I started to rub the cream all over my body. Well, except over my privates. Yes, I could follow orders I thought to myself. She doesn't have to humiliate me like that. I am not dumb, not at all. After waiting for quite a while and my skin starting to tingle and even slightly burn I stepped into the shower and washed the cream off. I didn't want to look at myself really but simply couldn't avoid it. Of course my hair was gone. No more hairy arms or legs, no chest hair. It was weird but weirder was the fact that my bush around my penis stood out as if not belonging there. What a contrast. I gasped. It looked ugly all of a sudden and just didn't look right on my now smooth body. Inside I hoped she'd really do something about it. Once again I toweled myself dry and shouted to Jasmin I was ready. The door opened.

"Ok, let me have a look. Take your hands away; there is nothing I haven't seen yet. So don't be too modest."

Slowly I let my hands fall to my sides and she inspected me, walking around and checked my back.

"You did a really good Job. You must be quite flexible to reach all those spots in the back. Now to your pubic hair. I will trim and shave them to my liking. Ok?"

"Yes, Master Jasmin. I must admit I watched myself after being dry out of curiosity and found the hair all of a sudden quite ugly."

She smiled at me. "Then you will be please with the result when I am done. First of all I will trim the hair really short, and then shave you balls completely bald and finally I will shave your pubic hair in such a way that it says S I S S Y. Before you start any complain, this is my punishment for having me wait, for having a tent in your briefs and for not following my order to put your briefs in the bag."

Tears welled up in my eyes. Oh my God, this couldn't be true. I would never be able to undress in front of anybody again.

"Please, no."

"No discussion. This is your punishment. Take it like a girl. You can cry but not complain."

I did, the tears which had been welling up in my eyes flowed now freely while she got busy. At her first touch down there my penis once again sprang to life.

"We can't have that. Definitely not now."

In quick succession she delivered three hard blows on my quickly wilting penis. I don't know was it out of fear or pain but my cock almost disappeared inside of my bush. She stopped in her tracks and stepped away from me.

"Oh my, how cute. Hmm, maybe I should leave your bush as big as it is because from far you look almost like you have no cock at all. No, after all you need to get your punishment."

Back to work she trimmed my hair, shaved them off and like a landscape artist she shaped my pubic hair above my penis into the dreaded word S I S S Y.

"There we go. At first I wanted to do a little heart but that is common these days among sissies at least. So I came up with a different design. Hope you like it. It really suits you. I expect you to keep like this for the foreseeable future. Maybe later we go for a different design. Hmm, we may do this then in a beauty parlor. Oh that gives me a good idea. We will have the letters colored later on. How do you like that? You can chose the colors if you wish."

I moaned. "Please no."

"Oh don't be such a party pooper. It will be great I promise. Maybe the girls there can contribute with more ideas to make you more feminine."

With that she held up panties. My first panties, ever. I looked at her like a deer caught in a cars headlights. I gulped.

"Come on. These are panties, they don't bite. Besides, they cover pubic hair."

Now what a logic. My briefs could do that too.

"Couldn't I wear, I mean, my briefs, please?"

"Do you see them anywhere around. I thought we had passed this point already. After all there is sissy even written on you. Why wouldn't you wear panties then? A sissy simply wouldn't feel right without her panties."

Wouldn't it ever end? My voice was almost shrill, high pitched as if just entering puberty.

"I am no sissy. No. No. No."

She looked at me with an incredulous face, then shaking her head laughing her heart out.

"I am sorry, hahaha. I am sorry. Oh my God, my stomach hurts. You are no sissy? You are no sissy? That is one of the best jokes I have heard in a long time. Hahaha. Look at you. You are here, naked, bare of hair, not even under your arms or in the crack of your butt, having the word S I S S Y written over your cock and you are no sissy? Hahaha."

Tears were rolling down her face. I looked at her and it came over me once again like a wave. She was right, completely right. She held out the yellow lace panties with little bows at the leg openings. Oh my God. Did they have to be soo feminine the first time? I gingerly stepped in and she drew them up over my smooth legs. Just before she placed them over my hips she pushed my balls up inside and tuck my penis back into the folds of the panties.

"There we go. Finally I have you pantied. It took long enough."

The rest went without a hitch. The damn was broken. Like a doll I let her put on clothes. The panties were followed by an equally lacy yellow camisole. Afterwards she produced some black stay up stockings which completely melted me inside. Involuntarily I started rubbing my legs together. She giggled.

"Somebody can't help herself."

Her fingers danced slowly over my stockinged legs and it drove me crazy. My penis swelled and if it hadn't been tucked away it certainly would have escaped its lacy prison.

"Hmm, isn't that a lovely feeling sweet girl?"

With my eyes half close all I could do was nod. Lost in space. Why did this feel soo good? Why didn't I try on my older sisters clothes when I was young? A stranger had to appear and wake up these feelings? I quickly opened my eyes. No, I wasn't dreaming. This was really happening. I was standing in lace panties, camisole and stockings in front of a beautiful woman who loved to turn her man into a girl. I almost laughed out loud. What man was I to allow this to happen? Above all in record time. Definitely not much of a man at all.

"Now I have a little surprise for you. Your outer wear will be your own clothes. This is for being such a good girl. So get your stuff out of the bag and off we go. Oh, before I forget it, no socks over the stockings."

Happily I went to the bag, got my clothes out and was dressed in no time. God it felt good to hide the embarrassing feminine underwear. I checked my pant legs and found they covered the stockings completely. So also no danger from this part. Still I was dreading our shopping trip. What did she say we were going to buy: Pink panties, pink bra, black garter belt and black stockings, pink blouse, black back zipper pants, black open toe pumps and a black jacket, definitely femininely tailored to suit the outfit.

"Oh, one more little thing before we go. Just sit on the chair. I will do your hair."

"Err, what, what do you want to do with my hair. Isn't it staying in a ponytail?"

"No dear. I have a better idea. Sit down."

The longer she worked the more my face got flushed. It couldn't be. Was she a witch? I mean it wasn't possible but she made me look like on older image of my younger sister how I always remembered her. Her hair in the front down to her eyebrows, the rest parted in two and braided at both sides secured with a little bow. I had the hair-do of a ten year old girl. Incredulously I shook my head as soon as she had my braids secured with little yellow bows.

"No, no, no, you can't do that to me. I can't go out like that. Who are you? Who are you? I look like my younger sister. This is crazy."

"Calm down sweetie. Calm down. Don't forget you have been in the bath tub for quite a while and I have had the chance to have a good and long look at your wallet. Don't you remember you have a picture in there, obviously when you were a kid. You together with a girl and I thought her hair-do would be cute on you and it really does. I bet you were jealous of her long braids. You too wanted to have them, don't you? Oh, you are like an open book. I mean who would carry a picture from his childhood with her showing you with your sister. Come on, be happy I found this picture. You want to have braids."

I broke down and sobbed. She held me in her arms.

"It is all good. Let it all out girl."

After having calmed down I shook my head again. The braids touched my cheeks.

"Please, would you please make it just one braid if you insist on me having braids. It would look more adult. Right now I look like a man with a little girl's hair-do. It is too embarrassing. Please."

She stroked my hair and relented.

"Ok, a French braid then it is."

After having it done she lightly kissed me on my cheeks. My hair were so tightly braided that I thought I felt every wisp of hair.

"Now we are ready to go. Hmm, you are my little yellow flower. Your panties and camisole are yellow and now your French braid is held by a yellow bow. Hmm, I think to think about a new name for you. Gary doesn't suit you anymore being more girly every minute. I'll think about it."

She had the guy at the front desk call a Taxi for us and soon we were on our way to a big mall. Getting out of the Taxi we walked to the entrance. I hesitated.

"Don't worry. It will be fun. All girls love to shop."

I looked at her not knowing what to do. Then I heard a voice from behind.

"Oh what a cute French braid."

Instinctively I turned around and looked at several young girls. They started to giggle.

"My god, it is a man. Haha, or so we thought. What a sissy!"

Giggling they rushed past me and Jasmin. In complete shock Jasmin pulled me also inside and walked towards the first stores. I simply led it happen feeling like a zombie waking up when Jasmin held a pink blouse right in front of me.

"Doesn't that look cute on you. Let's try it on to see if it fits."

She pulled me towards the changing rooms. I stopped. These were changing rooms, but women's changing rooms.

"I can't go in there. They won't let me in there."

"Don't worry. I will take care of that."

Jasmin went ahead and had a quick word with a woman who then let us take the first stall on the far end of the changing area. Jasmin ushered me in and handed me the blouse. I refused. I just couldn't believe to be in the women's changing area.

"How on earth is it possible for me to get inside of here?"

"Calm down, will you. I told the woman you were a transsexual and I was a social worker helping you the first time being out in public. Having a look at your French braid had her convinced."

"You, you, you told her I was a transsexual? I can't believe it. Why are you doing this to me? I am out of here, right now."

She held my arm and got stern.

"We have gotten so far already. You are out in public wearing a very feminine French braid. You are wearing panties and camisole underneath your men's clothes. Stop making such a fuss. Put on the blouse now. I want to see whether I found the right fit for you."

"I can't do this anymore. I really can't. It is too much for me, a transsexual. Me, a transsexual."

I shook my head but Jasmin insisted. She started to unbutton my shirt.

"We can't stop now. What would the woman think? I told her you would model it as a little thank you for letting you in this changing area. Come on, you can do it."

Finally I grabbed it from her, took off my own shirt and slipped my arms inside of the blouse. Jasmin stepped close to me and helped with the buttons.

"Don't be afraid. Everything will be alright. It fits you perfect. Now lets show it to the nice woman."

She opened the door, took my hand and literally dragged me out.

"Hello Miss. My friend Greta is ready. She wants to show you her new blouse."

I blushed over both ears when the woman appeared. Her name tag read Mandy. She wore a big smile on her face.

"Oh I can't tell how I admire your courage. You know to become a woman. How long have you been dressing? I bet you are wearing girl clothes since childhood."

She really believed I was a transsexual. I didn't know what to say.

"I, I, err, I am sorry. I am nervous. It is my first time out in public."

"Yes, I can see that sweetie. It is obviously a big step and like I said I admire your courage, especially like you still look so much like a man. That must be really difficult for you. At first I thought you were a sissy. I spotted you immediately when you came into the store. You know I can spot them all. We have lots of sissies buying here. You know it is not my cup of tea but hey who I am to complain. They bring good business and that is all what counts for me. So, thank you for modeling this blouse for me."

Jasmin practically interrupted her.

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