tagGay MaleJason and His Dad

Jason and His Dad


So many of you probably know of my friend Cody. You've probably read his story about our encounters. As much as I enjoyed being with him, I don't really like him advertising our time together. Don't get me wrong I love the story and I think it's so hot, but there's something about publishing sex so that everyone can see that just freaks me out. A while ago I had a –for lack of a better word– interesting experience with my dad.

I had just turned 18 years old when it happened. I was just discovering myself physically, mentally, and of course sexually. I got the usual morning woods, and the awkward locker room boners. But there was something else that I kept noticing, that I don't think other boys my age experienced.

I remember laying in my bed one night after a soccer game one day. I was sweaty and hot and the fan was spinning above me. My mom was sitting in the living room watching the 8 o'clock news when my dad came to my door.

It was cracked open a little and he knocked. "Come in" I said slowly sitting up in my bed. My dad was definitely not bad looking. He was six feet tall, worked out all the time, and had the same hair and eye color as me, brown. He came into my room and held out his hand.

"Mom wants me to take your soccer clothes so she can wash them" I nodded and stood up taking my shirt off. I followed with my shorts and finally my damp socks. He looked up at me with a confused look on his scruffy face "Underwear too bud, you have a game tomorrow"

"Dad, no, that's weird" I said walking to go put on some sweatpants.

"I'll turn around bud, but they need to be cleaned"

"Ugh fine." I complained. I quickly slid off my jock strap, put on my sweats, and handed it to him.

"Thank you." He smirked and walked out of my room.

As I went to shut the door I watched my dad walk down the hallway and stopped right before the laundry room. He dropped all of my sweaty clothes except for one of my long soccer socks, which went up past my knee. The socks were a dark red, but you could still see how sweaty they were.

I stared curiously at my dad as he slid his hand into his pants, and into his underwear I presume, and pressed the sweaty sock up to his nose. As taboo as this was, I was very intruiged. He let out a slight moan and he looked like he was looking towards me, so I shut the door and rested my back against the wall.

I hadn't noticed that my hand was also buried deep in my sweat pants, cupping my dick and balls. I was strangely turned on by what I just saw.

That night I lie awake, tossing and turning. I couldn't wrap my head around what I just saw. How could my dad be gay? Or bi for that matter? That's just so fucked up.

But I didn't think it was fucked up for long.

The next morning I my mom, dad, and I went to church. I had never really thought about it much, but my dad touched me a lot. Not sexually, but he liked to rough house with me, and put his arm around my shoulder. Before I knew it, I found myself sporting a full on boner in the middle of church. I covered it up with my hands folded in my lap.

My parents asked me if I wanted to squeeze in brunch before my game but I declined, I had a game in less than an hour. So they dropped me off at home to get ready.

When I got home I went straight to my room to get out of my church clothes. Then I went to the laundry room to get my soccer gear.

As I entered the laundry room I saw piles of lights and darks, my clothes, mom's clothes, and my dad's clothes. Finally I found my folded soccer stuff sitting on the dryer. As I was leaving I accidentally hit the laundry basket with my foot. I looked down at it and saw a whole pile of my dad's dirty boxer briefs and socks.

I set my pile of clothes down and picked up one of my dad's socks. It was a black gold toe, over-the-calf sock that I recognized. He had worn them a couple days in a row, because my mom didn't do laundry. I remember him telling me this, and making it very obvious that they were dirty. I raised the sock to my nose, as my dad did with my sock last night, and imitated him as my hand slid to my dick.

I had an instant hard on as the first whiff of my dad's foot stink flew up my nose. I started to jack off as I took harder and longer sniffs of his smell. I imagined my dad's sweaty foot being inside of these, as her massaged them and looked directly into my eyes and saying "Damn these smell".

I shut my eyes and began pumping faster, until I head a chuckle. I quickly opened my eyes to find my dad standing in the doorway of the laundry room. He had his hands crossed but had a very apparent hard on.

"D-Dad I-I didn't know you were gonna be home so early I jus-" He cut me off my holding his finger up to my mouth. Holy shit that was hot.

"Shhhh Jason... Don't worry about it." He started rubbing my arm with his hand, and smiled at me. "I've always wanted to be in a position like this with you"

"Dad this is really weird" I said backing away from him.

"Jay... I'm your dad. I would never do anything to hurt you... Trust me on this" He spoke so smoothly and his warm voice turned me on. "Now, why don't you put on your dirty socks and come to my room" he winked and went to his room.

Dirty socks? My mom washed them though... Oh wait. I brought my red sock up to my nose and immediatey smelled the stink. They definitely weren't washed. I slipped them on and walked to my dads room.

He was sitting on the bed with his black dress socks on. He had on black boxer briefs that outlined his large bulge. He smiled at me and patted the bed beside him indicating he wanted me to sit down next to him.

I sat down where he wanted me too and stared at the wall in front of me. I couldn't look at him. This was so fucking weird.

"Now Jason. If you want me to stop all you have to say is stop. Okay?" I nodded "Good boy. Now let your daddy take care of you." He leaned over and kissed my neck. His face was shaven but he still had some scruff. I liked the way his lips felt on my neck.

I stretched my neck to the left so that he could kiss my neck up and down.

"Wait... wheres mom" I asked putting my hand on his arm.

"Don't worry. She's shopping. She won't be home for a while" He said, going back to kissing my neck.

I let out a moan and he smiled. I could tell by the way his lips were shaped on my neck. His right hand rested lightly on my right thigh then he made his way to my bulge. He cupped it and squeezed slightly. I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Give me your cock, daddy" I said sliding off the bed and to my knees. "I wanna suck your fat cock" I reached over to his 10 inch cock and took it all in my mouth. I sucked faster and faster, up and down. I moaned with his dick in my mouth, and I deep throated the whole thing. It wasn't easy, but it was so worth it. He was about to cum in my mouth I could tell, so I sucked slowly three times and his warm cum came shooting in my mouth. His hand was holding my hair, gliding my mouth and tongue as I cleaned his cock.

"Fuck me daddy. Fuck me so hard" I said pulling my underwear down and laying on my back. I threw my legs in the air and left my virgin hole open for my daddy's taking. He smiled and came ontop of me. He slowly slid his cock into my ass and I squirmed.

"Ah-Ah- OOO daddy that hurts" He smiled and went slower

"Sorry baby. This better?" He said as he fit the last inch into my ass.

"Yes, much"

He began thrusting into me, and with every hump it became less painful, and much more enjoyable. My dad was fucking me. This was surreal but so amazing.

He came up from my stomach and took hold of my ankles, and shoved his face into my smelly socks. He licked them and took my toes in his mouth. He sucked the sweat from my socks and moaned as he fucked his baby's hole.

"Fuck me daddy. Fuck me harder" I loved talking dirty and commanding my dad.

"Yeah? You like that? Mmm baby I love your hole. I wanna fuck you harder" He sniffed my socks more.

I reached down and started to jack off. My cock was throbbing with pleasure and so was my dad's. I knew I was about to cum.

"Daddy I'm about to cum. Its coming daddy."

"Alright baby." He said pulling his dick out of my ass.

"No. Keep fucking me daddy. I want you to cum in my ass" I pulled his hips back towards my body.

He smiled and continued fucking me as I shot a huge load onto my chest. I screamed out in pleasure. I felt warm cum slide out of my hole as my dad pulled out.

"Mmm baby. I liked that a lot. I haven't had that good of sex in years" He said panting.

I looked at the clock. Shit I was late for my game. But when I picked up my phone my coach texted me that we couldn't play today because it was storming. Damn. I was too caught up with my daddy fucking me that I hadn't realized that it was storming outside.

I went back into my dad's room and let him know that my game was cancled. He went into the bathroom to wash off, and I stood there confused.

He ignored me the rest of that day. I didn't talk to him til that next morning when I found his journal sitting on his bed. I opened it to find a very graphic description of our sex.

Ever since I read that I have been scarred. Public display of real life sex is so freaky to me. Who knows what he's going to end up doing with that.

Now I just realized a huge problem....

I told Cody I was a virgin. He thinks he was my first. Technically he was my first bottom but I've had sex before... Would he care? Would it bother him that my first time was with my dad? Shit.

And one last thing. Have you noticed the irony of writing this and sharing it with the web? But no matter. Figured you guys would wanna know that.

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