tagIncest/TabooJay and Priya Ch. 01

Jay and Priya Ch. 01


Jay woke up and swung his legs over the edge of his bed. Reaching down, he picked up the blue basketball shorts off the floor and slid them over his toned, cocoa-brown legs. He stood up and shuffled the garment over his morning wood, trying to shift his cock so that it wasn't poking out too much. Looking down, he saw that his efforts were pretty futile.

He left his bedroom and went down the hallway into the kitchen. As he turned into the doorway, he saw the refrigerator door open, and a woman's shapely ass poking out as she was bent over looking for something. He stopped and stared, the round ass and nice thighs clad in pink leggings bringing a smile to his face.

Jay shared the apartment with his sister, Priya, and she sometimes had her friends sleep over. He had even fucked a couple of them when they decided to sneak into his bedroom at night. Because Jay and Priya were close and open about a lot of things, he told her when it happened and they even joked about it. Priya especially liked taking note of when her friends would come back into her room over an hour later, with her pretending to still be asleep.

Wondering which of his sister's friends this was, he waited until she stood up, and was a bit surprised to see that it was his sister. She was showing off her golden-honey colored, athletic body with the leggings and a matching pink sports bra.

"You're up a bit early," Jay said to his sister, recovering quickly so that she didn't see him staring at her ass.

"Yeah, I decided to go to the store before work," she responded. Glancing back at her brother, she saw the tent formed in his shorts. "I guess I could say that you're 'up' this morning too."

Jay chuckled. "Nothing you haven't seen before."

"At least you were polite enough to put on clothes this morning."

"I can always just be a nasty motherfucker," Jay said, before quickly pulling his shorts down, his hard cock bouncing slightly before standing at attention again.

"It just wouldn't be a day without seeing my older brother's cock, would it?" Priya asked, a wry smile on her face. She edged past him to walk out the kitchen. Seeing each other naked had ceased being a problem for the siblings a long time ago. Before they had gotten the apartment together, when they were still living with their parents, they would often walk around naked when left alone.

"You should watch that potty mouth, young man," Priya said, changing her voice to imitate the accent of their Indian mother. Jay shook his head and followed his sister down the hallway into her bedroom.

"And what should I watch it do?" he asked. Priya peeled off her bra top and tossed it at her brother, revealing her perky, C-cup breasts and wide, brown areola.

"I don't know about your mouth, but if you stay there, you're gonna watch me do something," she said. As Jay watched, Priya pulled down her leggings. She stood there for a second, her long, dark-brown hair falling midway down her naked back. His eyes were drawn to the "Y" formed by her thighs, barely hiding Priya's shaved pussy.

Their father, who was African-American, often said that Priya got her body from their mother. Even in her mid 40's, Meera had a nice shape, her midsection just starting to widen a bit. Looking at his sister's form, he could understand what had attracted their father to their mother.

"It wouldn't be the first time I've seen you do that," Jay said, subconsciously touching his hard member. Besides walking around naked around each other, Jay and Priya, for years, had also watched each other masturbate. It had started when Priya had accidentally walked in on Jay stroking his dick while watching porn in his laptop. Instead of running away screaming, as he had expected, she had asked him if she could watch, since she had never seen a guy do it in front of her. He had obliged, and was surprised when she had reached into her pants and started playing with herself as well. After that, day, they would engage in their secret behavior when the mood hit them.

"And it probably won't be the last, either," Priya responded. She opened the top drawer of her dresser and pulled out one of her favorite toys, a brown latex dildo that was in the shape of an actual penis, with veins and all. She walked over to her bed and laid down, her legs spread. Jay sat on the bed and leaned against the footboard, facing his sister.

With her brother watching, Priya spread her lips and rubbed the tip of the dildo over her clit. Jay saw her nipples getting hard and licked his lips. Priya slowly slid the toy into her waiting pussy, the lips stretching to accommodate the width of the dildo. She pushed it in all the way to the base and let it sit there for a few moments. Looking into her brother's eyes, Priya slid it back out, and then began stroking with a slow rhythm.

Jay wrapped his hand around his erect tool and began stroking, matching his movements to the timing of his sister. As she pulled the toy out, he slid his hand up his shaft; as she pushed it in, his hand slid down. He felt his heart beginning to race, and his skin felt tingly. Priya moaned, feeling the dildo deep in her pussy. The toy was glistening, covered in her juices and sliding in and out easily.

With his free hand, Jay reached down and started gently rubbing Priya's foot. He ran his fingers along her painted toes and down the curved arch of her foot. This caused his younger sister to moan louder. Over the years, they had learned when and where to touch each other during their sessions, and both siblings got pleasure from Priya having her feet rubbed. Even outside of these moments, Priya would lay her feet across Jay's lap and he would give her a foot massage.

Priya pinched and pulled at her nipples, causing them to stand out on her chest like small blackberries. Jay enjoyed the visual contrast of Priya's lighter skin and darker nipples. He also knew that his sister liked seeing his thick, black rod getting stroked slowly. She said that it was more sensual for her.

Jay and Priya both began breathing deeper, the pleasure building in their bodies. Jay felt Priya's foot beginning to tense up in his hand, and he knew she was nearing her climax. Her moans became deeper and fuller. Jay felt the sexual energy flowing throughout his entire body. Gripping his dick like a vise, Jay let out a loud groan as his semen shot out, splashing hotly onto his chest and stomach. Priya followed almost immediately after, her pussy walls gripping her toy as her body let loose in orgasm.

The two of them lay there for a few moments, letting their heart rates slow down a bit. Priya slid the dildo out of her pussy and stood up off the bed. She went to her closet, pulled a towel out of the hamper, and tossed it to her brother.

"You can shower after me," she said to him before heading out of her room. Jay got up and put the towel back where it belonged before going to his bedroom to get ready for the day.

Jay put his key in the lock and turned it, opening the apartment door. It was Friday and he didn't have any plans, so he was probably going to just sit on the couch and have a couple of drinks. He entered the apartment, looked to his left, and smiled. Priya was already on the couch, with an unopened bottle of vodka on the table in front of her. She was topless, wearing only a light blue thong. Jay wasn't sure how long she had been there waiting for him, but it was long enough that she had already dozed off.

Staying silent, Jay went into his room and changed his clothes, coming out into the living room naked. He slowly sat on the couch and tapped Priya on the leg.

"Hey sis," he said with a smile.

"Hey Jay. You just get home?"

"Yeah. I just took off my clothes and came to join you out here."

"You didn't tell me you had plans, so I figured we would be doing our usual Friday drinking," she said, opening the bottle. She poured each of them a shot, they clinked glasses, and downed them at the same time. Jay turned the TV on as his sister poured another round for them.

Half an hour later, the bottle was half full, and Priya was laying back against the other side of the couch, her feet on Jay's lap. Jay's phone vibrated on the table and he picked it up, seeing a text message come through and smiling.

"Another woman falling into your web?" Priya asked, knowing what that smile on her brother's face usually meant.

"I guess you could say that. I met her a couple of days ago when I was out at lunch and we exchanged phone numbers."

"And I'm guessing it's not an innocent chat going on," Priya said, smirking.

"She's quite naughty," Jay responded. "She's already asking if I'm packing like most Black men."

"So she went there, huh?" Priya asked. "At least that's the one you get. I get the question of 'Do you taste like curry?' As if a question like that turns me on."

"And how do you repond?"

"I tell them 'No.'" Priya reached her hand down into her underwear and slid her finger between her lips for a second before pulling it back out. She licked her finger and smiled. "Sweet as usual."

"Now she's asking for a pic," Jay said. He stood up and started aiming the phone at his dick.

"Hold on, bro. Don't tell me you're gonna take the pic like that."

"Why? What's wrong with doing it this way?"

"Most guys take pics of their dicks either aimed from the chest down, from the side, or up towards their face. We've seen plenty of dicks like that."

"So what would you suggest?"

Priya stood up off the couch and swayed a moment before catching her balance. "If she's like most women, she'll think the pic is even sexier if she sees something a little different, like another woman's hands on your cock."

"And how am I supposed to take a pic like that?" Jay asked. Priya stepped up to him in response and wrapped her fingers around his tool.

"Like this," she said, feeling Jay get hard in her hand. Her brother stood there, shocked and not knowing what to say. "Come on, take the picture."

Jay aimed the camera at his dick, now fully erect in his sister's hand. He took the picture and sent it.

"Here's another one you can take," Priya said. She crouched down in front of Jay and lay his hard dick right in between her tits before squeezing them together. "Just make sure my face ain't in it." Jay aimed the camera carefully before taking another picture and sending that one too.

"You're right, she likes those pics a lot," Jay said as they both sat back on the couch, this time sitting right next to each other. "She even sent me a couple in return."

"Let me see," Priya said, leaning to get a closer look. Jay tilted the phone towards her and scrolled up. The first picture was of the woman, a thick brunette, laying naked on a bed. The second picture was of the same woman, this time her lips wrapped around a hard dick.

"She's trying to show you what she's good at," Priya said, giggling. "I have another idea of a pic you can send her."

"And what's that?"

Shifting her weight, Priya turned and threw her leg over Jay's lap, ending up straddling him. She looked down at her older brother with a grin on her face and, while he still looked shocked, put one of her nipples in his mouth. She then grabbed his phone from him, aimed it, and took the picture herself.

"Now how do you think that looks?" she asked, showing him the result before sending it.

"It looks good. It looks sexy."

"I think it feels good to you too," Priya said.

"Why you think so?"

Before she responded, his sister wiggled a little in his lap. "I just felt your dick twitch a couple of times in the last thirty seconds."

"Well, I can't help it. A sexy woman is straddling my naked lap."

"And now you have a sexy tit in your mouth," Priya said, shoving her nipple back between her brother's lips. Jay's tongue flicked on it briefly before he pulled back a little.

"Priya, what are you doing?"

"We're always naked around each other, and we even masturbate together sometimes."

"Yeah, but we've never crossed this line."

In her mind, Priya knew that Jay could have easily just pushed her off if he really wanted to, so she decided to keep going. "You know why that brown dildo of mine is my favorite?" she asked, her voice low. Jay just shook his head. "Because it's supposed to be you. I think of you when I use it and you're not around."

Jay was stuck, not knowing what to say. Priya leaned down and kissed him on the lips. Jay felt his sister's tongue probing his mouth, and he responded. His tongue started moving, gently wrestling with hers. His hands began rubbing up and down her bare back.

Priya pulled back from the kiss and brought her tits up to his mouth, and Jay knew exactly what to do this time. He began sucking on her already-erect nipples, causing her to moan instantly. She wiggled more in his lap, the heat of her pussy radiating through her underwear. Jay felt it pressing up against his hard tool.

"Give me what I've been waiting for, Jay," Priya moaned. "Give me my brother's big dick." Jay reached down between the both of them and started positioning the head of his dick at the entrance to his sister's waiting hole. Priya pulled her thong to the side and sat up a little. She moaned as his cock slowly slid in, stretching her walls.

"I need this, Jay. I need this." Priya began moving up and down, sliding on his dick. Her wet pussy quickly coated Jay's member with her juices. Jay pulled his sister close and began kissing on her neck, knowing that she liked it a lot. Priya shuddered, the sensation sending chills up her spine.

Feeling the energy, Priya started grinding harder. Jay grunted with each of his sister's movements. He felt his dick pushing deep into Priya. He reached around and cupped her round ass, holding her as she guided the timing.

"Do you like your sister's pussy?" Priya asked playfully. Jay gave her ass a slap in response, and Priya giggled. She kissed her brother again, this time not bothering to go slow. The siblings kept going, the passion building up inside them. There were no more words being exchanged, just the feeling of brother and sister pleasing each other.

Jay felt his sister's heart beating against his chest. Priya began grinding slower and tightening her walls, getting a grip on Jay's cock. She smiled when her brother grunted in surprise. His hands cupped her ass harder, his fingers kneading the soft flesh. Priya arched her back, her nipples directly in Jay's face. He took one into his mouth and gave it a very soft nibble.

"Fuck!" Priya exclaimed. "Make me cum, Jay. Take your sister's pussy." Jay shifted his weight and, keeping his cock inside his sister, pinned her beneath him on the couch. Priya threw one leg over the back of the couch and had one foot on the floor. Jay stared into her eyes as he started stroking deep and hard, pushing in until his balls slapped against her. Priya began moaning louder, her tits bouncing from the pounding her pussy was taking. She dug her nails into her brother's back. She looked down, watching Jay's ebony dick filling her.

Priya began thrusting her hips harder. She wrapped her legs around Jay, pulling her brother deeper into her. Jay pressed his lips to his sister's mouth and shoved his cock all the way in. Priya moaned long and loud into his mouth as she orgasmed, her pussy vibrating from the pleasure. Jay pulled back from the kiss and looked in his sister's eyes as he climaxed. He was still as he shot his warm semen in Priya, her pussy seeming to crave it.

When his dick was finished pumping into his sister, Jay slowly pulled out, watching his cum-covered cock slide out of Priya. His sister sighed at the release, and her body seemed to relax before his eyes.

"That was fucking great," Priya said, stroking Jay's chest before sliding her hand down to his dick.

"I hope it was worth the wait," Jay said.

"Hell yes." Priya reached down and scooped some of her brother's cum off her pussy. She put her finger to her mouth and gave it a sensual lick. "Mmmmmm, you don't taste like curry either." Jay laughed and sat back on the couch. Priya reached for his phone and took a picture of her pussy with Jay's cum still leaking out.

"What was that for?" Jay asked.

"That's just for you, so you can remember the first time you came inside me," she responded, tossing his phone back to him.

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Best story

This is one of the best incest stories ever that i've read. The chemistry between them, the ease with which she puts her nipple in his mouth & he flicks a little casually, is superhot. I would have lovedmore...

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Enjoy brother and sister stories where they really care for each other
Hope they will continue the tender love and affection

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So fucking hot

What would I not give To be fucking and sucking Priya, she plays a big part in my fantasy’s along with the other gorgeous cunts in the emmerdale soap. More and more of priya and jay and maybe even amore...

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