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I write erotic literature. That means I get a lot of e-mail. Some of it is very flattering; some of it is very obscene; some of it makes me cum.

Not long ago I got an e-mail from Dave and Erin--a couple in their twenties--telling me how they read my stories to each other while having sex. Erin loves to role-play and tease her lover. My stories help, they say.

I get wet from the descriptive e-mails they send giving me the details of what they did the night before. Then one day there was an attachment along with their e-mail. Three pics were included.

The first one showed Erin sitting on a bed, wearing a tight tube shirt. Just a hint of her cleavage showed above the shirt. Below that, two perfectly shaped and large breasts pressed against the shirt. Erin’s long, dark hair flowed down her neck and onto her back, behind soft, silky shoulders. She had dark eyes with cute, round, high cheekbones. Her smile was captivating.

The second photo showed a naked Erin kneeling on the bed. Her thick hair fell around her face, which now had a serious look on it. Erin’s breasts hung down appealingly while Dave took her from behind. His hands rested on her round ass and hips. The mood of pure sex oozed from the photo.

By the time I got to the third pic I was playing with myself inside my short skirt. The picture showed Erin from her head to her waist. She was naked and beautiful. Nipples stuck out erect from wonderful, full breasts. Her hourglass figure made me want desperately to see the pussy excluded from the photo.

I played with myself until I came. In my mind was the image of this young woman allowing me to suck on her tits and her clit, feeling her cum under me. My panties were soaked. I wanted her and her lover.

Over the next couple weeks more e-mails were exchanged. Our fantasies became the favorite topic. Erin’s favorite was to be the innocent schoolgirl taken by a sexy young man. It was suggested the three of us play it out one weekend night. I jumped at the opportunity.

It was agreed that I would drive the four hours to their hometown on a Saturday afternoon. I would meet Dave outside a popular mall and the two of us would “pick up” the innocent schoolgirl in the video game arcade. A short drive to their house would be followed by a night of unrestricted sex.

The drive down was excruciating. My jeans lay open so I could access my throbbing clit whenever I thought of the upcoming events. And that was often. I didn’t allow myself to cum, though, as I wanted to enjoy the night to its fullest. My nipples ached as they rubbed against the inside of my soft, low cut sweater.

Finally, I arrived at the mall. Dave was stationed exactly where he said he would be. We hugged and kissed upon meeting at last after all the e-mails. He was a tall, muscular man who felt very solid with my arms wrapped around him.

He complimented me on my jeans and sweater and had me turn once for him. I was a little nervous, but apparently passed the butt check as he whistled and smiled. The blush in my face was either embarrassment or pure lust.

We chatted as we entered the mall and headed for the movie complex video arcade. The ticket windows were packed with teenage girls in tight, hip hugging jeans and t-shirts. Boys in small groups huddled and pointed at the best of the outfits and bodies. Occasionally, adult couples would pass through, their arms around each other.

The entrance to the arcade looked like the opening to a cave. Only the multi-colored lights of games and change machines broke the darkness inside. The noise surrounded us as we walked down the first aisle. Kids bumped into us and congregated around popular machines.

Toward the end of the second aisle we approached a machine with a girl standing in front of it. She was playing it intensely, moving her body from side to side while her hands slid across the controls. Her short skirt swayed back and forth. One of her bare legs was lifted off the floor, bent at the knee. Her long hair was pulled into a ponytail with a brightly colored piece of cloth tied in a bow to hold it in place. The back of her plain pink shirt clung to her shoulders and ribs.

I followed Dave as he walked up to the girl. We stood on opposite sides of her and slightly behind her. She didn’t seem to notice us at first, too intent on playing the game on the screen before her.

“Shoot higher. Higher,” Dave said to her.

Two advancing members of the enemy force fell to the ground. The girl moved her contestant in the battle to the right of the screen. Her entire body shifted erotically in that direction.

I looked at her. Her shirt was unbuttoned at the top and fit tightly around her otherwise bare breasts. Her narrow, dark eyes focused sharply on the game. Lips parted slightly on her face, then came together again in a determined frown.

“Behind the wall. Quick.” Dave shouted instructions above the din of the arcade. The characters on the screen moved. The girl was safe again and lifted her arms to the air.

“Yes,” she shouted. “Awesome.”

She looked at Dave with a satisfied smile on her face. “Thanks, dude. I’ve never gotten that far on this game.”

Dave returned the smile and nodded. “Any time.”

His eyes fell from her face to her shirt to the short skirt to her long legs. And back. It was an obvious checking out of the young girl and she accepted it. She casually placed one hand on the top button of her shirt and played with it.

“You’re awfully cute to be alone,” Dave said.

“Ah, well, everybody had dates but me. I thought I’d just hang out in here a while,” she said. This time she looked over at me, her eyes dropping briefly to my chest before meeting mine again.

“Can we watch for a while?” Dave asked.

“Sure. That’s cool.”

The girl looked back at the screen and finished the game with even more energy than before. Her movements were agile and quick. From behind, dressed in the little skirt, she was a hard on waiting to happen. Little did she know my panties were getting another soaking. Eventually, the game ended with another squeal of satisfaction from the girl.

“Can we buy you something to eat? Maybe some pizza?” Dave asked her.

“Cool. I’m starved.” The girl grabbed her purse from the top of the machine and slung it over her shoulder.

“Let’s go down to Anthony’s,” Dave suggested.

We walked out of the arcade side by side. The brightness of the mall made us blink as we headed down a wing of the building.

“My name’s Jaymie,” the girl said.

“Hi, Jaymie. I’m Dave and this is Traci.”

“Hi.” Jaymie smiled at us with that same alluring smile she showed in the arcade.

The little restaurant was packed, but we were quickly seated and ordered a large pizza with mutually agreed upon toppings.

“Do you need to tell anybody where you are?” Traci asked Jaymie.

“Yep. It’s no problem. I’ll do it from the restroom using my phone later. I’m supposed to be back by ten, but my parents don’t care.” Jaymie gave the universally recognized grimace from just mentioning her parents.

“Tell me about the guys you date,” Dave asked the girl while she sipped on her Coke.

“Oh. They’re all morons,” Jaymie said. “All they want is my body and then don’t know what to do with it.” She looked up, waiting for a reaction.

“What would that be? I mean, what do you want them to do?” Dave said, taking the bait.

“Shit. They all cum in two minutes. I want to be fucked for hours, in every position.” Jaymie was leaning on the table, speaking quietly enough not to be heard, but loud enough for her two new friends to get her point.

Across the table, Dave was getting a nice look at the top of her breasts inside the open shirt. Traci, sitting next to Jaymie, watched the skirt ride up her thighs nearly to her panties…assuming she had a pair on.

“You seem awful young to know about every position,” Dave said with a wry smile.

“Oh, I’m sure there are some I haven’t tried. I need a man to show me.”

“Why not a woman?” Traci chimed in immediately.

Jaymie genuinely blushed with that one. “Well, ah…I don’t…it depends.”

“On what?” Traci asked bluntly.

Jaymie waited. “On the woman.”

The pizza arrived to break the spell cast over the table. All three eagerly grabbed slices from the wooden plate holding the pizza and began to eat. Obligatory comments on the quality of the pizza were exchanged before everyone settled in to quiet enjoyment.

“Oh, shit.”

The suddenness of the words startled Traci. She looked over to see Jaymie picking a piece of pepperoni off her napkin and staring at a large, red spot on her shirt.

“I’m such a sloppy eater,” Jaymie mumbled. She crumpled up her napkin and began to clean off the sauce from her shirt. Traci and Dave watched as the girl wiped the spot, located directly on top of her right breast. The harder she pressed the more evident the outline of the breast became through the thin shirt. An erect nipple developed into an even longer one as Jaymie swiped the napkin back and forth.

Dave felt himself getting harder as the seconds passed. The little “show” seemed to last forever. Finally, Traci took a drink and managed to look away as Jaymie put the napkin on the table.

The girl looked up and smiled. “Oh, well. Another stain for Mom to take care of.” She continued eating without further comment.

Thoughts of more pepperoni falling in Jaymie’s lap danced through Traci’s head. She laughed to herself thinking about how she would volunteer to clean that one herself.

As the pizza disappeared, Dave brought the conversation back to the evening’s schedule.

“Jaymie, do you have time to come over to our place for a little while? Maybe have a beer with us?”

Jaymie beamed. “That would be SO cool. I’d love to. Let me tell my parents that I’ll be late.”

She pulled out a cell phone from her purse and dialed. Dave and Traci looked on as the girl told her “Mom” she’d be at a friend’s house and would be out late. A few “uh huh’s” and “no’s” later, she hung up.

“There. All set,” Jaymie said.

“Good. Let’s pay and get going,” Dave said.

The short drive to Dave’s place was filled with talk about dating and school and guys. Traci and Jaymie swapped nasty experiences to the delight of Dave.

Inside the house, Dave became the host as the girls continued to chat. He brought three beers into the family room and found Traci and Jaymie sitting together on the couch. After passing out the drinks, he sat in a recliner on the other side of the room and listened. And watched.

“What do you want to do after college?” Traci was asking.

“I want to be a flight attendant.” Jaymie’s eyes got big and bright. “I want to fly all over the world.”

“And deal with all those weird passengers?” Dave asked her.

“I’m sure they teach you how to deal with that,” Jaymie said assuredly. She was nearly finished with her beer.

Dave looked at her for a moment. “Pretend I’m a passenger and I just asked for a beer.”

Jaymie jumped off the couch and walked briskly toward the kitchen, her ponytail and skirt flapping side to side. Dave looked at Traci and winked as the sound of the refrigerator door opening and closing emanated from the kitchen.

Jaymie re-emerged with a beer in hand. Sporting a wide grin, she sauntered up to Dave’s recliner.

She stretched out her arm. “Your beer, sir.”

Dave took the bottle and placed it on the table next to the chair. He turned back toward Jaymie and leaned forward. His hand reached out and touched the girl’s leg at the bottom of her skirt. Traci watched as the hand disappeared under the skirt, sliding up the side of Jaymie’s shapely leg.

“What else do you have?” Dave asked, never taking his eyes off hers.

Jaymie didn’t flinch. She felt the hand—fingers wet from the beer bottle—ride up her thigh. It didn’t stop. Farther up it went until reaching the bottom of her ass. If the man was searching for her panties, he’d have to go higher. Jaymie wore thong panties tonight.

Instead, Dave’s hand stopped on her ass and he cupped it in his palm. He squeezed gently, kneading the delicate skin.

“Very nice,” he said in a whisper barely loud enough for Traci to hear. “Lift up your skirt.”

Jaymie put her hands on the hem of the skirt. Unhurriedly, teasingly…she lifted the material. Her legs were splendid. Smooth and strong and feminine. As her hands rose above her waist, a pair of red thong panties emerged.

Traci could hear herself breathing heavily. Her pulse quickened. Dave’s cock began to push against his jeans.

“Turn around,” Dave commanded.

Jaymie rotated in small, short steps. Dave and Traci stared at the full, round ass as it passed by.

“Take off your thong.”

The man’s voice was sure and steady. Jaymie didn’t hesitate. She reached inside the skirt and pulled down on the thin straps of the thong. As she bent to remove it from her legs, her ass again appeared from under her skirt.

She delicately dropped the thong to the floor as she stood up.

“What do you think, Traci?” Dave asked.

“I think Jaymie has been a very bad little girl. I think you should spank her for letting you touch her like you did.” Traci had a stern look on her face. Jaymie looked surprised. Dave smiled.

“You heard Traci. Come here and lay on my lap,” the man told Jaymie.

The girl kicked off her shoes and stepped deliberately toward Dave. She stood next to his chair for a second, then bent over his waiting knees. Jaymie moved her body back and forth until finding a comfortable position in Dave’s lap.

From where she sat, Traci had a perfect angle to see the girl’s body. Jaymie’s long legs rose from the floor until vanishing under her skirt. At that point, the body changed directions and lay flat across Dave’s legs.

Dave looked down at the girl’s covered ass. With a purposeful motion, he slowly pulled the skirt to her waist. She lifted her hips slightly and he pushed the skirt higher.

Her curvaceous ass was now exposed. The silky skin of her hips and thighs seemed to invite hands to touch them. Traci wished she could see the girl from behind instead of the side, but she imagined her chance would arrive eventually.

Traci’s mind was brought back to reality at the first sound of Dave’s hand smacking against Jaymie’s skin. It was just a light tap. Followed by a second on the other cheek.

Jaymie let out a small, quiet screech. Traci watched Dave’s hand come down two more times, a little harder.

“Ahh. Oww…,” Jaymie cried.

With each slap of his hand, Dave would hold it against Jaymie’s soft ass and squeeze. Eight or nine times he repeated the process. His cock strained against the confines of his boxers. Jaymie’s squirming body pressing against him and the sight and sound of her ass being smacked was arousing him more than he had anticipated.

Traci couldn’t decide if the expression on the girl’s face was one of agony or ecstasy. She DID know that the scene before her was making her wet.

“OK. You can get up now,” Dave said.

Jaymie rolled off the man’s legs and stood in front of him. Her skirt fell back into place, which she then smoothed out with her hands. Dave took the opportunity to make his hardening cock more comfortable inside his pants.

“You’re good at following instructions, Jaymie.” Dave’s tone inferred that more instructions were about to be given. “Now get undressed.”

The girl turned until she could observe the man when she said, “Only if someone else gets undressed with me.”

Dave wouldn’t admit it, but the pout on her face really turned him on.

“If what? You seem awful young to be…,” Dave started to say.

“I’ll do it.”

The voice from the couch startled both Jaymie and Dave. They looked at Traci, who was already starting to get up. A moment later her shoes were lying on the floor next to her and Traci’s hands were clutching the bottom of her sweater.

Jaymie reached for the uppermost button on her shirt as Traci’s sweater began to rise. Dave and Jaymie’s eyes focused on Traci’s flat stomach, then on her breasts as the sweater moved over her head. By the time the sweater hit the floor Jaymie had unbuttoned her shirt down to her waist.

Traci’s breasts filled her chest. They were firm with large erect nipples. Traci lifted them with her palms and let them lay in her hands before moving to the snap on her jeans.

Jaymie pulled her shirt out of our skirt and lifted it off her shoulders. Her breasts were a little larger than Traci’s and hung deliciously, screaming for someone’s mouth to engulf them. The girl’s shirt fell to the floor at the same time Traci was unzipping her jeans.

The pants dropped to her feet and Traci lifted her legs out. Her panties barely covered her neatly shaven pussy, which Dave yearned to see…and taste. Another zipper could be heard immediately before Jaymie’s skirt hit the floor. She was now naked.

Jaymie and Dave watched Traci lower her panties. Her long, lean body with thin waist and round hips looked better than Dave had imagined. His cock pressed against his jeans with increased urgency.

Traci and Jaymie strode toward each other. Their arms reached out and they held each other by the waist. Their mouths came together in a soft touch, then a harder kiss. Soon, their tongues flicked across each other and the girls hugged passionately. Breasts touched and hips ground together. Hands roamed down the backs and onto the asses of both girls.

Dave took the opportunity to unsnap and unzip his jeans. Within seconds, his hard cock was pointing skyward with fingers tightly wound around it.

Moans of pleasure came from both girls. No words were said as they lowered themselves to the floor in front of Dave’s chair. Traci turned slightly and the girls were in a sixty-nine position.

Their mouths devoured each other’s pussy and clit with noisy slurps. Dave watched Traci’s breasts swing back and forth as she moved. Precum oozed from the tip of his cock as he stroked it harder and faster.

It only took a couple of minutes for the first sounds of an orgasm to be heard. It was Jaymie, arching her back off the floor to meet Traci’s tongue.

“That’s it,” Traci urged. “Come on. Cum for me.”

Jaymie squealed with pleasure. “Yes, Traci. There. Yes.”

She announced she was cumming, which was followed quickly by a series of short, sharp wails. Traci clung to her hips, frantically trying to stay in touch with the bucking pussy. The sounds of Jaymie cumming turned her on to the point of climaxing herself.

The girls came together for what seemed an eternity. Multiple orgasms were indicated by louder cries.

Dave sensed his own impending orgasm and stood over Traci. The first gush of cum from his cock nearly shot over her back. She felt it hit her, followed by another closer to her ass. Dave pumped some more, resulting in two strands of white cum on Traci’s ass. Another short spurt landed in Jaymie’s hair, sticking out from under the girl on top of her.

Dave’s moans subsided and his cock softened in his hand.

The girls lay in a heap on the floor--Traci on top, resting her head on Jaymie’s thigh.

A moment later, with Dave back in his chair catching his breath, Jaymie rolled out from under Traci and looked at her back and ass.

“I think she’s going to need a shower,” Jaymie said.

Dave smiled and took a drink. “I get to wash. You dry.”

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