tagLesbian SexJean Engels Ch. 03

Jean Engels Ch. 03



The next day Jean was up early as was her habit from living in the country. She took the opportunity to tour Mona's mansion and see all the accumulations of wealth. When she came up on the inviting swimming pool with its clear, blue water, she believed herself to be the only one out of bed and pulled off her clothes and dove in. She was startled when Mike, the handy man approached the pool. Embarrassed by her nudity, Jean hunched down under the water as much as she could.

Aware that Jean and her mother were merely poor relations come to sponge off Mona and that Mona had a big grudge against them; Mike decided to push the beautiful girl around a little bit. "You'll have to get out now, Miss, I need to shock the pool."

Dreadfully afraid of electricity, Jean scurried out of the water and ran into the house, naked as the day she was born. Inside, she did not know where to go as she sneaked around, hoping no one would see her nakedness until she could find some clothes. She certainly could not go out after her own with that howling maniac out there laughing at her.

"What are you doing down here naked?" Mildred, the cook, almost screamed at her when she came out of the kitchen and saw her. Mildred was only aware of Mona's previous plan to inflict as much drudgery on this girl and her mother as possible. Mona had asked her about any tedious tasks that had to be performed around the house. With every imaginable labor saving aid, Mildred could not think of anything. Mona had instructed her to find something, even if she had to unplug some appliances.

The cook assumed that her nakedness was just another aspect of her punishment. "Get in here and get these potatoes eyed and peeled. We need them for breakfast." She commanded the terrified girl.

"But I'm naked; I didn't know I was supposed to do this."

"You've had time this morning to get yourself dressed but I suppose you're trying so hard to please Miz Mona, you can't be bothered to wear clothes. Bet you were hoping to run into the Miz so you could tempt her into sucking your pretty pussy, weren't you? Get your naked ass over here and get busy!"

Jean hurried to do the woman's bidding before she exploded in her awesome, constant anger. Mike had followed her and he sauntered into the kitchen after she was safely occupied with her assigned chore. Jean did not dare to move or try to cover herself from his leering gaze as she was afraid to stop peeling the potatoes.

"What are you sniffing around here for?" Mildred asked the handyman. "Miz Mona said to work these poor relations, not molest them. The poor girl don't need you in here drooling all over her."

"She's so pretty." Mike commented, as though that excused any kind of lewd behavior.

"Yes, she is." Mildred seemed to finally notice. "She's pretty as a peach but I have work to do and I can't have you in here underfoot so get on out and take care of your own business."

"I want to fuck her." Mike uttered as those his mind had been arrested by the concept and unable to conceive of anything else.

"What?" Mildred screamed. Jean noticed early that the cook was a large woman, thick-waisted with humongous breasts but she only now realized how pretty she was in the face. Then she realized that she and the handyman were involved with each other. "What do you mean you want to fuck her? Do you think I'm made of stone? That I can give you my deepest love and you can shit on it like it's nothing compared to this precious little piece of girlish pussy?"

"I don't give a shit about you, I want to fuck her!"

"That's not what you were saying yesterday when you said you would truly love me if I'd let you fuck me in the ass. I leaned over this very table and suffered the fires of Hell as you jammed your cockroach cock into my ass, you goddamned ass wipe!"

"So I had to say that for you to give me a real piece of ass. You're not so young you think a man means what he says in a moment of passion."

Without warning Mildred swung her meaty fist into Mike's jaw and he crumpled like a dishrag and slumped to the floor. "I've got a strap-on that Mona makes me keep down here when she wants to use it on me." Mildred said to the naked girl as she reached inside a bin and pulled out a fake cock with straps all over it. She lifted the handyman up and laid him over the table as she undid his pants and let them fall to the floor.

As Mildred pushed his underwear down, Jean was fascinated by the only cock she had ever seen. She had to turn away, however, and hide her face from the piercing screams as Mildred savagely impaled the man's asshole with her large cock.

"Oh, please, Millie, let me up, let me go. I'll never do anything like this again. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please, please stop." His pleas fell upon deaf ears as the cook continued to savage his ass until he passed out from the pain. Then she pulled out and shoved him out of the kitchen. Jean heard his footsteps running down the hall.

Breathing heavily, furious, highly aroused, the cook turned her lustful eyes on the fantastically beautiful, naked girl trapped in a corner of the kitchen. Jean was paralyzed with fear after seeing the way the woman had man-handled the seemingly strong, well-built Mike. Mildred's deep disappointment with Mike's fickle love seemed to turn into resentful hatred for the girl of such mind-bending beauty that she could have any man on earth crawling on his knees just at a glance from her soul-stirring eyes.

"Why does a useless whore like you have everything and I've got nothing?" She asked between clenched teeth. As she approached Jean, the girl was frantically searching for some way to appease her. She remembered Jake and how enamored she had been of her beautiful body so she stood up and tried to present herself in a lust inciting pose. She spread her legs and presented her gorgeous pussy but the fury of the woman was unrelenting. When she reached Jean, Mildred placed her hands on the girl's shoulders and applied sufficient pressure to force her to her knees. She wrapped her hand around the base of her cock and thrust her hips as she guided it to Jean's lovely lips. Thinking her situation hopeless, Jean suddenly saw the swaying cock as her only means of escaping the wrath of the woman. With some urgency she opened her mouth and allowed the head to be thrust against her tongue and the back of her throat, struggling to keep from choking.

Somewhat mollified, Mildred settled down as she pumped her hips, working the cock in and out of the beautiful girl's mouth. She looked around the kitchen as unconcerned as a man taking a piss in a urinal. Perplexed at her own strange arousal to be treated like this by the woman, Jean began to suck more avidly, stroking the cock with her tongue as though the woman could actually feel it. She uttered a tiny moan of desire and Mildred seized the moment. Roughly she yanked the cock out of the sucking mouth and pulled Jean to her feet. As she pushed her to the table and forced her to lean over it, she wet her fingers and began to massage the girl's asshole. Jean started crying in panic,

"Please don't do my asshole. Please, please, I couldn't stand it. I've never had anything stuck up there. Just fuck my pussy, will you?"

"Hush, now, shhhhh, I'm not going to hurt you like I did Mike. I think you need this and I want to reward you for being such a good cocksucker, and liking it. Why, I imagine when I get through doing your asshole, you'll be coming down here every day begging for me to do you again."

The tip of the cock pressed against Jean but would not penetrate the tight ring of muscle. "Now, Honey, you're going to have to relax and let me in. I could bounce a quarter off your asscheeks if I had one. You need to just let go, relax, let the muscles of your rear feel like they're melting, becoming soft and compliant. Why don't you turn around and suck some titty for a while until you become more relaxed." Mildred suggested as she unfastened her bodice and reached in to bring out one of her huge breasts.

Jean gratefully accepted the reprieve and hurled herself against the monumental tit, hoping to arouse the woman so much that she might take her mind off fucking her ass. The voracious mouth was all over her highly sensitive tit. Mildred was surprised at her own arousal, she normally didn't like pussy sex but had it forced on her constantly by other members of the household. All the maids love to get at her huge tits and Mona would make her let them. None of them had ever elicited this kind of response from her.

Jean desperately conceived a plan and had to force herself to utter, "Sit down on the table and let me suck your dick some more. I really love to suck on it." The cook gradually yielded to her expressed desire and worked herself back onto the table, one large haunch at a time. Just as she settled herself and before she could take hold of Jean with her arms or her legs, Jean bolted out the door and ran for her life towards the front part of the house.

In her headlong flight she rounded and smashed straight into Mona. Her cousin seemed a little dazed as she recovered herself, sitting on the floor. The sight of Jean's magnificent nude body crouched solicitously over her cleared her mind in a matter of seconds. "Not that I have the slightest objection, but what are you doing naked and why were you running full tilt down the hall?"

Jean had no choice but to relate to her what the cook and the handyman had tried to do, she could not think of a story that would explain her condition, though she was extremely fearful of retribution if she got the cook in trouble. Maybe Mona accepted that behavior from her cook against her other employees because Jean knew good cooks were hard to find. Yet the look of fury she saw on Mona's face told her the cook was in trouble. Mona stormed into the kitchen as Jean retreated to her room to find some clothes.

"Get Mike in here and I want an explanation for what went on between you two and my extremely welcome guest."

"But you told us to make her miserable. She came in here naked, I thought you made her go around like that. Please, Miz Mona, we were just trying to do what you said you wanted."

When Mike came in, he explained how Jean came to be naked when he drove her out of the pool. His defense was also that he thought they were expected to torment her unwelcome guests.

"Well, I suppose it was my fault for not explaining the change in plans but both of you should have checked with me before you stepped as far beyond the pale as you did. So tonight I want you both in my room where you will strip naked and submit to the cane wielded by Jean. I doubt if she will hurt you very much since she's such a pussy herself but I want her to know for good that she has nothing to fear from either of you. I want you both to be subservient to her and convince her of that fact. If I ever hear any tiny rumor that either of you have ever attempted any form of retribution, even a verbal insult, I guarantee you will be flayed alive and driven off the property by my own hand."

The two miscreants gulped and agreed. That night in Mona's room, all the maids were gathered against one wall and were twittering nervously in hushed, expectant tones. Mike and Mildred were ushered into the room by Mona and told to strip. Some gasped when Mike pushed down his pants and underwear but most had seen his long dong much too often. Quite a bit more interest was aroused when Mildred took off her dress and stood in her panties and bra. This was due to the sexual preference carefully cultivated on the premises since Mona took charge. Mona unhooked Mildred's big bra and pulled it off to rain stinging slaps to the woman's big breasts. The watching maids had to clench their thighs rigidly together to relieve the pressure of their arousal as they watched the quivering mounds bouncing under the blows. Many of them had sucked on those huge breasts and most of them would like to again.

"Bend over the table now!" Mona screamed. Mike and Mildred hastened to obey.

The little gathering was completely stunned when Mona opened the door and brought in Agatha and Jean. Agatha looked quite sexy wearing a lovely dress with a short skirt loaned to her by Mona. She was greatly embarrassed by the attention she was receiving. When Jean entered wearing a black bustier with sheer black hose the little crowd hushed in rapt awe of the exquisite perfection of the girl. Her gorgeous, flawlessly rounded thighs were framed in black suspenders and ignited a rush of arousal in the assembly.

"This is my Aunt Agatha and her daughter, Jean. They are quests in this house and are to be treated with the same respect you show to me." Mona announced and everyone read between the lines to know this cancelled all previous discussions about how these new guests were to be treated. Mike and Mildred here are going to learn how I deal with people who show disrespect to my guests."

"But you told us before," Mike started to say in his defense but a withering look from Mona convinced him to hold his tongue. From a cabinet Mona extracted a thin whippy cane that was used only for the most flagrant violations. She handed the cane to Jean and told her to apply it liberally to the two exposed backsides.

Jean had disciplined a few farm animals with a stout club but she had never hit another human being and she was not at all sure about what she was doing. But as she walked with such magnificent grace and dignity over to Mona to take the cane, she appeared as confident as a professional dominatrix. Most of the little maids were biting their knuckles to keep from crying out their raging admiration for her superb beauty. Many even bent slightly to see better how the cut of the bustier in back exposed quite a lot of the delightfully curvaceous hemispheres of her buttocks.

Jean, however, was an unformed, malleable creature and was totally susceptible to the excitement of the crowd. She whistled the cane in a mighty arc, cutting deeply into Mike's buttocks and eliciting a gasp from the maids and a mighty cry of havoc from the man. Warming to her task, she gave a slicing, singing swing to Mildred's exposed ass and she screamed like she was being drawn and quartered. Jean continued with the cane and applied such vicious force that the maids almost had to turn away from the carnage and they would have if not for the compelling sight of Jean's gorgeous breasts that threatened to spill out over the edges of her bustier.

After Jean stopped, Mildred started to rise and make a hasty exit. "Hold your place!" Mona warned, "She's not through with you."

Then she brought out a huge strap on and knelt to fasten it around Jean's magnificent hips to the astonished delight of the audience. The sight of the huge girlcock bobbing tantalizingly from the girl's dazzling groin created a wave of delirious arousal in the room. Even Mona began to fantasize about being on the receiving end of it.

"Maybe you better suck it, Mildred; you want to get it as well-lubed as you can, considering where Jean intends to put it." Mona warned.

Fearfully, the cook swung around and dropped to her knees and took Jean's cock deep into her mouth. Totally unmindful of the spectacle she was making of herself, she worked to get the cock as wet as she could. All too soon, Jean told her to get back over the table. Mildred complied and reached back to stretch her asscheeks as wide as possible. When Jean penetrated her, she screamed like she was being rent asunder but the penetration actually began to arouse her most baser instincts. Soon she was moaning in delirious ecstasy as Jean worked the big dick in and out of her asshole.

"Oh, yes, yes! Fuck me, fuck my ass, I love it. You can fuck my big ass any time you want to."

Mildred's eager acceptance made Mona realize how her `punishment' had back-fired, Mildred could only moan as Jean gave in to the moment and fucked the big woman until she passed out senseless and had to be helped out of the room. The maids were released joking about what they could do to receive that kind of punishment and Mona rolled her eyes as she wondered how she was going to control all of them.


"I've never worn anything that skimpy in my life!" Agatha forgot herself for a minute and was almost defiant to Mona who held up a sexy rendition of a maid's outfit.

"I can't help it. That's the maid's uniform and you claim you want to work to earn your keep around here."

"I do want to earn my keep. I've never been a freeloader but why can't I just work in normal clothes? That outfit would look fine on a girl Jean's age."

"Well, Jean is not about to be a maid. I want to get her into modeling. I have an agency and, with her beauty, it'd be a crime not to share it with the world."

"I didn't mean for you to make a maid out of her, I just meant the costume would be more for a girl than a woman of my age."

Mona considered making a concession for her aunt's sake but she still harbored a pretty strong resentment against her from the way she had been treated as a child. "But all the other maids wear this costume and they might get upset if they thought you were getting preferential treatment. Put it on and let's see how you look in it."

Agatha was after all Jean's mother and supplied half the genes that formed Jean. Age had not robbed her of a definite appeal and she would have been considered attractive enough if not compared to her daughter. She slipped off her gown and gave Mona a pretty good jolt since she had nothing under it. She slipped on the frilly lace panties and pulled them up to her waist. Then she stepped into the black silk dress and pulled it up and turned around for Mona to button the back. The skirt of the costume barely reached below her frilly panties as she sat down to glide the sheer hose up her curvaceous legs. She stood back up to attach the garters that ran down from the panties. While she did that, Mona wrapped the little white apron around her thin waist and then pinned on the little white cap." I bet I look ridiculous."

"Come and look." Mona advised as she led the woman over to the full length mirrors in the corner of the room. Mona had intended the costume as a means to humiliate the woman but was surprised to see how stunning she looked in it. Agatha was amazed at how beautiful she looked and, for the first time in her life, she felt sexy. "My goodness," she mumbled, "it's not that bad." In fact the sight was so arousing that she reached under the skirt with its several built in petticoats and felt her pussy to see if she might be ruining the panties. Unfortunately, she felt quite a bit of moisture seeping into the panties.

"Agatha! What are you doing? I can't condone you playing with yourself every time you see yourself in the mirror. Come over here and let me spank you for that little indiscretion." Mona was intent upon extracting some revenge for the many times the woman had spanked her for doing her chores less than perfectly when she was eight.

"I was only making sure I wasn't ruining the panties." Agatha protested, embarrassed to have to submit to a woman so much younger, and kinfolk to boot.

"Well, suppose every maid stopped and felt her panties every time she felt a little moisture, no work would ever get done. Maids are disciplined quite frequently in this house and you need to get used to it. Now come over here this instant." The tone of voice cowed the older woman and she hurried over to where Mona had sat down in a chair. "The panties don't need a spanking; slide them down to just below your asscheeks." Agatha meekly complied and then lay over the younger woman's lap.

Mona began slapping her curvaceous ass with vigor and Agatha felt tears well up in her eyes, partly from the pain but mostly from the shame of being spanked like a little girl. However, beneath the shame, the abuse somehow made her feel more loved and feelings stirred within her much like she had felt on the bus with Jake and her daughter. Afterwards, Mona let her stand and then she opened her dressing gown and exposed her naked body. Agatha just looked at her in stunned silence, with a gnawing hunger growing in her own naked pussy.

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