Jen & Me Ch. 4: And Jack...

byTx Tall Tales©

She was bent over my body propped up on her hands, eyes closed, breathing like she'd just finished a marathon. I pulled myself out from under her, leaving her on her hands and knees. I grabbed her hair, tilted her head back and placed my cock against her mouth. It was soaked in both our cum. She obediently opened her mouth and cleaned me completely.

Once I was clean, I still did not pull away, but let her continue to pleasure me. It wasn't long before my hard-on was returning, and I was evaluating new ways to use my pleasure slave.

I guided her down to the bed. I had her lay flat, and I placed both her hands over her head. I took a scarf from her closet and wrapped it once, loosely around her wrists, then placed a book on the loose ends. "Now, isn't that a lovely sight, this hot young girl, restrained, unable to move her hands, completely at my mercy." I took two more scarves, and wrapped each around an ankle, tucking the end under the edge of the mattress. Her legs were now spread the width of the double bed, anchored only by her desire to obey my commands.

"Damn, you look wonderful that way. Imagine if you were trussed like that, in the back of the gym, where anyone who happened upon you could, and would use you hard."

"Please, please don't leave me this way. I'm sorry, I'll do anything you want, anything." Jenny was getting into the play. She was writhing her body sexily. "Let me show you how I can make you happy, just you. Please..."

"Shut up, bitch. You had your chance. You WILL pleasure me, and anyone else I tell you to." I looked around the room and spotted a pair of panties and a half-tee shirt lying nearby. I folded the shirt and lay it across her eyes, blocking 95% of her vision, and I placed the panties across her mouth. "That'll shut you up."

I stepped out to the kitchen and got some toys to tease her with. Returning to the bedroom, I placed everything in reach, and decided to give her delightful breasts some much-deserved attention.

I started out kissing and licking each one, massaging them, tweaking the nipples. When her breasts started to show the effects, I pulled an ice cube out of the glass next to me, and rubbed it on her near nipple. She jerked under the attention. I reached up and held her hands down, while I worked that ice cube down her neck, around her breasts, across her nipples, down her navel, and finally rubbing it over her clit. She was really writhing under the cold wet feel. When there was little more than a sliver left, I pushed the remaining piece up her pussy, and grabbed a fresh one. "One down, about 10 more to go." She moaned loudly against her panties, shaking her head and imploring me with whines to stop. The next one was used just on her nipples, alternating between applying the ice, and my mouth. I was kissing, licking, sucking and biting at her very hard nipples. This time, when the ice cube was about 2 thirds done I slipped it inside her pussy, slowly pushing it in as far as I could reach.

All the tit action had me ready for some more fucking. I removed the panties from Jen's mouth, and kissed her like it was the first time we had ever met. I tenderly nibbled her lips and explored her mouth, first hesitantly darting my tongue in to meet hers, then more aggressively exploring her hot mouth. I finished the kissing by licking and kissing all around her mouth, neck, chin and ear. Kneeling upright, I took my rock hard dick and laid it across her lips. She could lick and kiss the bottom of my shaft, and by moving her head side to side, reach from my sack to the crest of my dick.

"I just love those gorgeous tits, I hope you don't mind if I fuck them, do you?"

"Whatever you want, I'm yours, tell me."

"Good." Squatting over her face I lowered my ass down onto her mouth. "Rim me good now, while I fuck your delicious tits baby." I placed my raging hard-on between her tits, and squeezed them together, twisting and squeezing her nipples, as I screwed away. I worked her tits in the opposite direction of each stroke, pulling and pushing them. Jen's tongue was lapping away at my crack; occasionally working it's way into my hole. After a few minutes of fucking her tits I'd had enough of that fun, and settled back to let her lick my asshole and balls. I was half kneeling, half squatting, maneuvering the action by shifting forward and back, giving her access to one ball, then the other, then back to my ass. I finally pushed my ass down on her face, letting her push her sweet tongue up as far in me as she could reach. I was stroking my hard-on and enjoying the sensation immensely.

When I'd had enough of that, I kneeled beside her and fucked her mouth a little longer, before deciding to switch gears.

"Thank you babe, that was delicious, but I feel I'm hogging all the fun." I stood up, wrapped the blindfold a little more securely, and replaced the panties over her mouth, but not before placing a kiss on her lips, and placing an ice cube in her mouth.

I took a break in the kitchen, having a drink of juice, and cleaning up a bit. I went to the front door, and loudly opened it and closed it. I was enjoying the play, I hoped Jen was as well. After a few more minutes, I reopened and closed the door, and walked back to her bedroom.

"Dude! Thanks man, I owe you for this," I yelled out in my best surfer dude imitation.

"Whoa, babe, you are one hot little hardbody. I've seen you at the gym, wigglin' your ass in them tight biking shorts. You've starred in more than one of my dreams babe."

"Man here's those biking shorts you tease us with, I can put these to use." I simulated untying her legs, then I placed one leg halfway in a leg of the shorts.

"I just gotta taste that bare little 'tang of yours." I lowered myself and lapped away at her pussy like a dog at a water bowl. After a minute of this she was writhing and moaning, and I was hard again.

"Ok, let's get you adjusted." I placed her second leg, up to the knee, into the same leg of her biking pants, which held her legs tightly together. I could with one hand move her legs as a pair.

I took her legs and held them straight up, thighs together.

"I figure with the amount of fucking you're getting back here, this will keep you tight for me." I placed the head of my dick at the entrance to her pussy, and slowly drove it home.

"Oooooooooooh," she moaned, through the panties over her mouth.

"Yeah, that's nice baby. You ARE tight." I placed her legs over one shoulder, and bent her over so I could play with her tits, while I screwed her.

I was squeezing and twisting her tits pretty hard. The fucking was becoming more intense, until I had her back arched, her legs almost touching her forehead, and my body stretched straight out, weight on my toes, her tits, and slamming into her cunt with everything I had.

Jen was moaning continuously, the breath driven out of her on every down-stroke.

"Fuck, fuck this sweet little bitch. Fuck her tight pussy. Fuck her. Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUUUUUUCK!" I came deep inside her, grinding my cock into her for long seconds afterwards.

"Thanks, babe. Hope to do you again some time," I told her, as I pulled out, gave her a firm smack on the ass, and tossed her legs to the side.

I got up and left the room, leaving her on her side, breathing hard and trembling. I opened and closed the front door for effect, got her a tall glass of ice water, and returned to the room, ready to release her. She was still lying as I'd left her.

Not able to resist, I kneeled beside her head, removed the panties from over her mouth, and placed my cock across her lips. She took me in her mouth without hesitation, and sucked away while I played with her tits. This time I never said a word, never made a sound. When she had me hard finally, I just kept fucking her mouth. After a long period of this, I moved down to her feet. I put her on her belly, holding her hands in place, then moved her legs, still bound together, under her, her knees almost in her chest. Her ass jutted well out, exposing her pussy and ass.

I fucked her like that, hard, for almost ten minutes. I pounded away on her swollen pussy, never speaking. After a few minutes, Jenny started repeating 'fuck' over and over again, almost like a mantra.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...." It went on and on. I started smacking her ass on every dozen or so strokes.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUUUCK, fuck, fuck..." Unbelievably she was coming again, wiggling her ass, shouting "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK." No longer in rhythm, just shouting.

She finally exploded, and eventually fell over on her side. I continued my fucking. She was in a fetal position, and oblivious. I fucked her like this for a few more minutes. Finally, ready to come, I got up and stuck my cock in her mouth. She responded like the trooper that she was and finished me, swallowing the little cum I did manage to generate.

I removed the shorts, unwrapped her wrists, and finally uncovered her eyes. I raised her shoulders up like an invalid, and placed the water glass against her lips. She drank eagerly.

I left her there and ran a bath. I went back, carried her back to the bathroom, and helped her settle into the tub. I slipped in behind her, and let her rest against my chest, while I used a soapy facecloth to wash her neck, chest, stomach, and between her legs.

She finally broke the silence. "God, I love you."

Though it wasn't what I wanted to hear, and even though I knew better, I kissed her neck and said, "I know. I love you too. I love you so much."

Jenny was crying. I held her in the warm water, arms around her waist, rocking her back and forth. I turned her face to mine, and we kissed passionately. Then I kissed her tears away.

I was going to have to get her a man of her own. Fast.

* * * *

I was late getting home. I told Cheryl that I had gone back to Jenny's and tried to dissuade her from letting Marisa move in. I also told her about this trainer named Jack who was interested in Jenny, and I was doing my best to help him.

"I also repeated the massage and ointment treatment." I told her.

"Was she nude?"

"Yes. After I massaged her back and butt, I rolled her over and well, you know, licked her." I admitted.

"Did you screw her?"

"No, but I did eventually come in her mouth. Twice."



"Good. Well don't screw her. I don't mind you doing other stuff, but I expect to be around whenever you're screwing anybody. Speaking of which, Denise is coming up next weekend. We told Mark that we'd be training and driving to a 10K in Richmond. She'll be here from Friday, until Sunday evening. Conserve your strength lover, you're going to need it."

Cheryl led me upstairs, and immediately did everything she could to make sure I couldn't conserve my strength, while discussing operation 'Triad', AKA the seduction of Denise.

* * * *

I met Jenny outside the gym.

"Jack's been asking me about you. I told him we were just good friends."

"Why?" She asked suspiciously.

"I think he wants to ask you out."

"And what - you want to get rid of me?" She snapped.

"What, are you crazy? Of course not! But I was thinking of this weekend, one more back to help Marisa move in, and maybe even the potential of a foursome. I might be willing to share a little, but give you up? Never, I hope."

"Well, it could be fun..." she admitted.

"He's a nice guy, single, college MBA, and he thinks you are hotter than sunspots. And if I'm supposed to satisfy both you and Marisa, I could use some help. Hell you wear me out by yourself."

"Who wears who out?" She replied, arching her eyebrows.

"Well, we both wear each other out, but I think it would be nice of us to make sure we wear Marisa out this weekend. Sort of a housewarming gift."

"You really are looking forward to doing Marisa again, aren't you?" she asked teasingly.

"Absolutely. And I'd love to see her get it at both ends. Tell me the idea of three of us pleasuring you doesn't pique your interest."

"I'm a little nervous, but get wet just thinking about it. Let's go workout."

* * * *

Jack worked her out again. I stayed for part of it, then went and did my own workout. When she hit the cardio, Jack stopped by.

"Thanks man. We're going out tomorrow. I got tickets for Tom Petty on the lawn."

"That's great. Did she mention moving day on Saturday?" I asked.

"Yeah. I told her I'd try to make it."

"Make it. There will be two extremely horny girls in that house, and I expect some help." I confided.

"No shit? Cool. I'll be there." He sounded a lot more eager now.

"And tomorrow - she likes margaritas, and to have her neck nibbled. And don't rush her." I slipped him a $50. "Bring her flowers, take a nice picnic. Something simple nothing pretentious."

"Thanks, but I can pay for it..." he started.

"You got the tickets, I'll get dinner. This summer, when you have a real job, I'll let you pay for a double date."

"You're on."

* * * *

"And what were you two talking about?" Jen had walked up behind me on the glider.

"Getting big, gym gossip, and a little about you." I told her.

"Oh really."

"He was asking what you were like, what food you liked, what music you liked, you know."


"So I told him a little and told him he'd have to find out the rest from you."

"He seems kind of nice. And you're right. As soon as he starts touching me while working out he gets a nice tent in his shorts. We're going out tomorrow."

"Tom Petty. I'm jealous."

"Of the concert, or someone else being with me." She teased.

"Yes. Give me a call no matter how late and let me know how it goes."

* * * *

The call came at 1:20 am.


"It was great, he was really nice, and he had a fried chicken picnic basket, and flowers, and the concert was awesome, and I invited him in, and we had some drinks, and watched some tv, and we made out for a long time, and he just loved my tits, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, and I gave him a blow job, but that was all, and he has a real nice cock, as long as yours, and he told me how wonderful I looked and how sweet I was, and how great I was at blow-jobs, and he's coming over tomorrow, and we have the same..."

"Breathe, Jenny. You are gushing. Now tell your sister about your date."

I passed the phone to Cheryl, who was still a little groggy. We had stayed up until almost one, and she had been just drifting off to sleep.

I fell asleep to the sound of the girls gabbing about first dates, and what good signs were, and expectations. And to images of me and Cheryl, and Denise, and Jenny.

I woke to a warm mouth on my cock, and in my half-dream it was Denise, showing the other girls how she liked to give head. Cheryl had thrown back the covers, and was getting me hard. I was already nearly at full mast, and wondered how long the dream and Cheryl's mouth had coincided. She mounted me and leaned over and gave me a big kiss.

"You are my hero. A week ago I could swear Jenny was turning gay, and now she's having sex with men and may even have a boy friend. This guy sounds really nice."

"He is. I've known him for a year. He's a nice guy, graduates with his MBA soon, and he thinks Jenny is the hottest thing this summer." I told her, enjoying the leisurely fuck she was administering.

"Well, you've earned every reward we can find. If we can get Denise to play along next weekend, you'll get your payoff. Anything else you'd like?"

"Now that you mention it, we could invite Jenny over with Denise. On Sunday maybe." I unconsciously accented my desire by picking up the pace again.

"Hmmm, I don't know. Let's see how things go with Denise." She was more than a little hesitant. I could understand. That sister thing sharing the husband was a little over the line, especially with a friend there to witness.

I pulled her down and spread her cheeks wide as I fucked up into her. The pace was really torrid. I finally came in a series of grunts and thrusts, relaxing back on the bed.

"You certainly have earned it," Cheryl said, still on track from our conversation. "If not with Denise, I'll see what we can do about right afterwards. Ok, lover?"

"More than Ok." I let my mind wander back to the blowjob contest, with Denise in the lead, but Jenny eager to take her turn, as I dozed off.

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