Jen & Me: Sis-In-Law Rewards

byTx Tall Tales©

"Oooohh," she moans, speeding up again.

I'm getting close now. I push her forward, so she's on her hands and knees. I kneel behind her, and enter her again. I've got a hand full of tight, tanned ass, a hot young moaning college girl pushing back on each full stroke, and I'm slipping my thumb in her sexy little asshole. She's talking dirty again.

"Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! Fill me with your big hard cock. Make me come, Steve, make me come."

I try to oblige. Fucking her hard and furious now, my thumb solidly lodged in her ass, giving me added leverage. I reach forward and push her head down to the mattress, adjusting the angle of attack. I spread her legs, and kneel a little higher, now fucking down into her bald, steaming pussy. I must have found the spot; she's shouting "Fuck! Fuck! Yes! Yes!" alternately with loud moans, squeals and finally a scream as she comes as hard as anyone I've ever seen.

I'm grabbing her hips tightly in each hand and pounding her tight cunt with all seven inches of hardened steel as hard as I can. The sweat is dripping off me, landing in small splashes on her beautiful tight ass cheeks. I can feel the cum rising up, and know it's time.

"Ohhhh, fuck! Take it! Take it! Yessssssss!"

I'm releasing shot after shot of cum deep inside her pussy, and still slamming my cock into her hard, until the last spasm is finished. She's breathing like a hard ridden horse, which I guess is appropriate.

"Oh, I can feel it. I felt each shot. I could feel every hot jolt of your cum deep in me," She tells me, breathlessly.

"I biked at least five thousand miles in the last few months just to get in that pussy. It was worth every inch."

I pull out and lay next to her, holding her in my arms and nibbling her neck.

"You are gonna get more cock this weekend than a two-dollar whore."

"Good, I'm due. Let's have dinner." She says, bouncing up.

God, the energy of the young. "Dinner and a movie?"

"What did you have in mind," she asks coyly.

"Your training videos, and any self-portraits. I want to know what resources I have available to me."

"You set the dinner out on the coffee table, and I'll get my favorite - "Secrets of the Pornstars " - I think you'll like it too. I'm pretty sure I got it back from Marisa."

"Marisa?" I ask, puzzled. "Isn't she married?"

"Married for money, prowling for fun. Or so she tells herself. She keeps telling me she's going to get even with that bastard, but she's a coward."

"That's too bad, she's a nice girl, I thought her marriage was going well." I have known Marisa exactly as long as I've known Jenny. She's been married about three years if I recalled correctly.

"It was, until she found out he's sleeping with a girl that works for him, a real skank, and that he hits on me all the time, and Julie. The dick claims he has needs that Marisa can't fulfill. What a load of crap. He was even pushing for a threesome. Like that's going to happen. What a prick. She should dump him, but she likes being spoiled, and he is rolling in it."

The video is in the VCR rewinding, and I set out the wine. The dishes are set and dinner is ready. I've melted a pound of butter, and pre-cracked the tail and claws. For accompaniment, we have quartered new potatoes with parsley, and a small shrimp salad.

We sit at her coffee table and she's teasing me, eating her lobster as sexily as possible, licking her lips and fingers. Occasionally feeding me morsels. She reaches for the remote and starts the video.

"This is my number one self-training tape. They show incredible techniques for blow jobs, foreplay, delaying ejaculations, various sex positions and the advantages of them - all interspersed with some of the hottest sex from actual movies." She's fast-forwarding through some couples on a bench, apparently talking to an interviewer.

Together we watch an incredibly detailed explanation of a blowjob, with a variety of techniques. Then they're showing a scene with this hot blond swallowing a monstrous cock.

We finish our meal, and I sidle over next to her, as we continue to watch the film. We're not talking much now; occasionally she mentions a favorite action, or asks me what I think. Her hand is in my lap, as she idly strokes my hardening cock.

"There! I want to try that!" she says excitedly. We're watching a segment on toys, and a man is screwing a girl doggy style. She has a string of six balls, at least half an inch across pushed into her ass, one at a time, as he is slowly screwing her. He is picking up the speed of his fucking, and massaging her ass cheeks. Only a string remains of the line of balls. Now she is telling him she's close, she's gonna come, don't slow down, now - now, and as she's coming he pulls the string of balls from her ass one at a time - and she's screaming and shaking all over as she comes and comes.

"I think we can manage that," I tell her, "if you have the accessories."

A few minutes later we're positioning ourselves on the bed. I've got some mystery lubricant from her bag, and the balls on a string lay out next to me. These are pretty big, about three-quarters of an inch across. She's sucking me again, preparing me for our play.

I guess she feels I'm stiff enough; she turns about, ass held way up, clutching a pillow to her chest as she places her head on the bed. I slowly enter her hot juicy pussy, and rhythmically start the action.

After a minute, I take some lubricant and squirt it right on her asshole. She moans loudly and shakes a bit. Using one finger, I start working it in and around her tight little opening, maintaining a steady stroke with my finger.

"You have such a cute ass. Your tight little hole is a nice light brown and looks good enough to eat. Are you ready?"

"MmmHmmm," she responds.

"Good." I take the strand, place the first ball against her hole, and gently push it in. It goes slowly until it pops in.

"Oh, God, that feels wild." Jen is moving her ass cheeks in some kind of wave motion, almost dancing under my assault.

I, in turn, press in the remaining five balls. I have a little trouble when number four tries to pop back out, but finally get them all in. I use my finger to ensure they are in deep enough, to avoid them trying to pop out on their own, then massage her cheeks, pushing them together as I rub her butt.

"Yessssss. Steve, it feels sooo good. Now, fuck the shit out of me - fuck me, fuck me hard."

I need no further encouragement. This scene has really gotten me excited. I only hope I can last long enough for her to reach her own sweet release. There is a loud slapping as her ass cheeks meet my hips with each long, deliberate, hard stroke.

I'm now picking up the pace, screwing her hard and fast. I can feel one of her hands playing around where my cock is entering her. She is thrusting back hard at me.

I'm going like mad, pounding her as hard as I can. The force of my thrusts inches her body up the bed. Her head bends sideways where it meets the wall, and she has nowhere else to go. The hard fucking is shaking the pictures on the wall, and she is crying out- I only just remember to pull the balls from her ass. I know it's time, and on the very first one, she lets out a scream that astounds me. She is shaking all over, her hands clenched into tight fists. One fist is hitting the wall.

I slow down and give her long strokes, the full length of my cock driving in and out, and I pull out the second ball. She raises her body on her arms and her legs are twitching.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," her voice is quivering.

The third ball comes out, followed by the fourth.

Her whole body is bouncing now, one hand against the wall as she pushes back against me. On the fifth one, she cries out again, loudly.

"God you are hot," I tell her, "I'm almost there, the last one comes out when I come."

"Yes, yes, fuck me, hurry," she gasps. She appears to be coming in waves.

Grabbing both cheeks tightly I speed up the long strokes, and feel the cum welling up in me. "Yes baby, now, I'm coming now." With the first spurt I cram my dick in her to the root, dumping my seed in her, and pull out the last ball. She collapses to the bed, shaking, curling up into a ball. I fall with her, sliding my leg around, and still fucking her as she lies on her side, knees pulled up to her chest.

"Please, enough, oh, stop, oh," she moans, as she pushes a hand against me. I stop pumping, and lay down next to her, gently stroking her and hushing her, trying to calm her down. Just as I think she's calming, a spasm shakes her body, and I can feel her pussy clenching at my shrinking cock. Another wave, ten seconds later, appears to be the last.

She's breathing very hard, and talking softly, I can just make out her words.

"Oh my god, that was incredible." She is totally spent. "I must have come a dozen times. No-- more."

"You came continuously for the last five minutes. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw."

I get up to get us something to drink, and return to find her sleeping. I decide to clean up our dinner mess, and let her sleep. I still have the morning.

I finish the cleaning and place two large glasses of ice water beside the bed before I go through the bag of toys. I finally settle on some leather restraints, a large vibrator, and a butt-plug for the morning.

I turn out the lights, curl up behind her, and reach around to hold one of her sweet new tits. I fall asleep with visions of her cumming under my ministrations dancing through my head.

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