Jen Joins the Family


Jen lowered her pussy until it hit his cock. Brian could feel the moisture rubbing along him as she used his hardness to massage her clit.

"Do it, Jen. Put me inside your cunt," Brian said.

All kinds of thoughts raced through young Jen's head as she prepared to fuck her uncle. Especially, the thought that she was about to fuck her uncle. Not a boyfriend; or casual acquaintance. Her uncle. With her aunt looking on.

Jen reached down and pulled up Brian's cock so the head was at the entrance to her cunt. It was up to her to make it happen and, with one final deep breath, she sank just far enough to let the top third of his cock slide between the damp lips of her pussy. The cock stretched her apart, and Jen slid down. Finally, he was in her.

Brian began to slowly raise and lower his hips while Jen got used to the thickest cock she'd ever experienced. After thirty seconds of settling into a rhythm, they were fucking like they'd done it dozens of times in the past. Brian held Jen's tits or put his hands on the back of her ass.

Brooke found it all a little to stimulating, so she reached between her legs and ran a finger up and down her moist pussy. Soon, she was rubbing her clit harder and using the other hand to roll a nipple between her fingers. She stopped every couple minutes to avoid cumming.

The bed rocked noisily as Brian and Jen picked up the pace. The slapping together of their bodies echoed in the cabin. Both of them urged the other on, mixing moans with instructions and pleadings. Jen's tits bounced wildly as she attempted to make her uncle cum by squeezing her cunt around his cock as tight as she could. He rubbed her clit in return.

That was enough to bring Jen to the edge.

"Oh God. Brian. No! I'm...I'm gonna..."

"It's OK Jen," Brian told her. "I want you to cum."

She closed her eyes and tilted her head back as her orgasm built up inside her. Brian massaged her tits and pounded his cock into her even harder.

"Yes! Yessss!"

Jen's cries of pleasure became less coherent until she shouted: "Oh my God! I'm cumming!"

Jen's blonde hair flailed back and forth as she lost herself in the orgasm. The cock that once seemed too big to fit inside her now seemed barely adequate at filling the cunt that craved physical contact. She rubbed her own clit, causing a second orgasm to start as soon as the first one subsided. Brian held her by the ass and thrust his cock into her as hard and fast as he could. Jen's own juices seeped down the inside of her thigh.

Brian successfully held back his own orgasm until Jen was about done.

"Should I pull out?" he asked in a frantic voice.

"Yes. Yes," Jen urged.

Fortunately, she practically fell onto the bed in exhaustion. Brooke's mouth immediately took Jen's place. The taste of Jen's juices hit Brooke's tongue and she devoured her husband's cock. It didn't take long after that.

Brian grunted loudly, forced his cock against the back of Brooke's throat, and began pouring cum into her mouth. Brooke swallowed what she could, but streams of cum flowed out of both sides of her mouth and down her chin. A half dozen shots later, Brian was done.

The threesome laid on the bed without saying a word. Jen was too overwhelmed to say anything and Brooke was too busy cleaning cum from her face. Brian moved first, crawling between Brooke's legs and pushing them apart gently with his hands.

She knew what to expect. Hundreds of times before, Brian had inserted his tongue into her pussy and probed her wet hole. Then he'd lick his way up to her clit, as he was doing now, and stab at it enough times to make Brooke cum. He held her under her ass and pulled her body up to his face. He licked and sucked the clit until her orgasm was over and she had to pull away from him.

Jen watched it all with amazement. She'd never seen another woman cum in person. She was fascinated by the scene and, later, allowed Brian to fuck her one more time as she thought about Brooke.


The next day was 'at sea', meaning the ship didn't dock but kept sailing to the first port. It gave the threesome an opportunity to explore areas of the ship they missed the previous day and make new friends. Jen hung out at the pool and the club reserved for passengers her age. Brian and Brooke each had their own favorite spots and met up only occasionally during the morning.

Brian made a reservation to use the golf simulator at two in the afternoon and, at lunch, informed Brooke of his plans. She planned on heading back to the cabin during the hour he'd be busy, with the intention of perhaps doing some topless sunbathing. Brooke wasn't nearly as brave as Jen when it came to that, and debated with herself the entire time until she reached the cabin.

Her conservative side won out and she voted against it. But it had excited her and she felt the same tingle in her pussy that she had the night before when she watched Jen ride Brian's cock.

In the middle of her daydream, Jen opened the door.

"Whew!" Jen exclaimed as the door closed behind her. "It's almost too hot to be in the sun. I never thought I'd say that."

Brooke admired the already-tan skin of her niece. "You're lucky that you tan so quickly without burning."

"It's the lotion," Jen said, smiling at the thought of Brian spreading it on her the day before. "What are you up to?"

"I was just going to hang out here."

"Where's Brian?"

"He's playing golf," Brooke said.

"Golf?" Jen asked with surprise.

"Don't ask. He'll be an hour. That's all that matters," Brooke replied.

Jen put her stuff on the couch and peered out the sliding glass door. Nothing but open ocean met her eyes in all directions. She thought she could make out another ship far in the distance. After a moment, she began to turn.

She was startled to find Brooke directly behind her. Brooke put her arms around Jen from behind.

"Did you enjoy last night?" Brooke asked.

Once the initial shock wore off, Jen said, "Sure. It was awesome."

Brooke put her face closer to Jen's ear, the soft blonde hair resting on Brooke's cheek. "What did you like the best?"

Jen looked out over the ocean and thought. "Well, Brian was great, of course."

Jen hesitated as if she wanted to go on.

"What else?" Brooke said.

"Well, I kind of, I mean, it was cool...oh shit."


Jen said softly, "I liked watching you cum."

Brooke smiled. She let her hands slide up the outside of the long t-shirt Jen wore over her bikini. She stopped at the bottom of Jen's breasts.

"Why do you say that?" Brooke asked.

"I'd never seen that before."

"You've never been with another girl?"

Jen just shook her head. "How about you?"

"Nope," Brooke confided.

They stood together for a moment, Brooke's hands lightly rubbing Jen's stomach.

"Why didn't you kiss me when we were licking Brian's cock?" Brooke said.

"I didn't think it was right."

"Did you want to?"

Jen nodded silently.

"Kiss me now, Jen."

Without hesitation, Jen turned to face her aunt and lightly kissed her lips.

"Now really kiss me," Brooke said. "Like you mean it."

Their mouths opened and their bodies came together as a more adoring kiss began. Soon, their tongues met and they turned their heads to allow the full passion to come out. Brooke slowly lifted Jen's t-shirt, and placed her hands on the girl's back. The kiss got even more fervent with Brooke pushing Jen back against the door.

Brooke moved her hands down to the top of Jen's ass. She felt the light fabric of her bikini, sliding over it until finding the soft mounds of Jen's cheeks. The teenager moaned.

The kiss broke off for a second, and Brooke lifted Jen's t-shirt over her head. She looked at Jen's luscious breasts and firm stomach and curved hips.

"You're so beautiful, Jen."

"You too," the girl replied.

"I want you to be the first," Brooke whispered, her hands moving up Jen's body.


"We have an hour," Brooke said with a smile.

Jen grabbed the bottom of Brooke's shirt and quickly had it off. Jen's hands were all over the bare breasts that were uncovered. The women kissed some more with mutual groping resulting in Brooke untying and removing Jen's top amid giggles and sporadic kissing. Their nipples brushed against each other and hardened under the intense stimulation and pure desire of the couple.

"God, I want you, Jen," Brooke sighed. "I want to make love to you."

Jen eagerly watched as her bikini bottom was removed. Knowing what was about to happen caused Jen's pussy to dampen and ache with the need for sex. This time it wouldn't be Brian's rock hard cock, but Jen still felt the excitement.

She undressed Brooke and the two naked females kissed long and hard in front of the balcony door. Their hands were everywhere. They allowed each other to lick the wet fingers that probed their pussies. They licked and sucked on the hard nipples that never seemed satisfied.

Then Brooke led Jen to the bed. "One last chance to back out," she told Jen.

"Never. I want this."

They fell onto the bed in a heap and rolled together. Eventually, they ended up in a sixty nine and the real sex was about to begin. Neither woman hesitated. Despite the fact neither of them had any experience, they enthusiastically started probing each other.

Brooke was on top. She experimented with different angles until finding a way to lick Jen's clit and pussy. Jen pulled down on Brooke's ass and had a much easier job sliding her tongue inside her aunt's wet hole. The tastes and smells overwhelmed them, with the effect of nearly bringing both of them to an instant orgasm.

But they settled into a less frantic rhythm and simply enjoyed each other.

A realization was rapidly made obvious to Brooke. Jen, in her absolute inexperience with other women, was proving to be better at oral sex than her husband of twenty years. She knew exactly where to put her tongue and for how long and with what pressure. Perhaps the women weren't veterans at lesbian sex, but they were veterans at knowing what they liked. So they provided that to the other.

In short order, they were ready to cum.

Mutual moans grew in number and volume. Their hands gripped more firmly. Their mouths and tongues acted more quickly. Their clits throbbed out of control.

Brooke wrapped her lips around Jen's erect clit and sucked on it. At the same time, her tongue slid back and forth across the tip. Jen's body shook with pre-orgasm shivers. Brooke herself was in the same state and seemed destined to cum at any second.

Jen won the race. Her body tensed up and then exploded with an orgasm like she'd never had in her life. After the initial outburst, she was able to put her lips back around Brooke's clit and bring her to a long-needed orgasm.

The women clung to each other's thighs, holding each other in place the best they could while cumming. The sounds they made were unlike anything they'd heard before, but they knew it was good. For more than two minutes they brought each other to climax after climax.

Finally, by mutual agreement, they rested.

"Oh my God," Jen groaned.

"Jen. I...I can't believe how good that was."

"Fucking awesome," Jen sighed. "Just fucking awesome."

"Almost as good as real sex?" Brooke asked.

Jen laughed. "Way better."

After a short pause, Brooke said, "Did I tell you about the toy I brought with me?"

"Oh fuck, Brooke. You didn't?"

"Yep. We'll try it out, OK?"

Jen put her head between her aunt's legs and kissed her clit in approval.

Meanwhile, three decks above them, Brian's frustration at the lack of reality in the golf simulator caused him to end the game after half an hour. He needed a shower. He headed for the cabin.

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