tagInterracial LoveJenel the Intern

Jenel the Intern


I walk down the hall into my trial partner's office. Her intern is sitting at her desk. There are case files open in front of her.

"Hey Jenel," I say, smiling.

"Hi Greg," Jenel says, looking up at me in the doorway.

"Whatcha up to?" I ask, crossing through the door and approaching the desk.

"Oh, just prepping cases for Shelly. Everything for this month is done, so I'm just working on the trials she has up in December."

"Oh, real fun stuff," I say, sarcastically.

Jenel giggles. "Basically."

"So, how are classes going?" I ask, sitting down in one of the chairs in front of Shelly's desk. The room is a typical office—case files are everywhere, there's a bookshelf filled with the U.S. Code and heavy volumes about The Law. Shelly's diplomas and bar admission certificates adorn the walls.

"Not bad. Thanks for your help with the paper in my Civil Liberties class, the professor sent back my first draft with a little note saying there was no need to revise it. Everyone was supposed to write a draft and then revise it once, but now, thanks to you, I guess I don't have to!"

"Hey, that's great!"

"Well, it's all thanks to you. Our little secret, right?" Jenel looks at me, conspiratorially. She's so delicate: short and very petite, a petiteness only enhanced by how her hair pulls back tight from her head into a pony tail. A fitted pale red turtleneck sweater clings to her body. Two pearl stud earrings contrast dynamically with her mocha coloring.

"Our little secret," I agree.

"My other class is going well. No papers for you to write for me in there," Jenel jokes.

"You know I would."

"I know you would. You're very sweet to me."

"Well, I think you're one of Shelly's favorite interns ever. She gives you a lot of trust for a college senior."

"I like working for Shelly, she's been very nice to me. But, I think you've both been very nice to me."

I chuckle. "I hope in different ways."

She got my point. "Definitely. Very different."

"Well, I'm glad Shelly's on vacation this week," I say.

"Me, too," Jenel agrees. "And not just cause I get to wear jeans everyday."

I look under the desk—she was wearing jeans. Jeans that hugged her skinny legs, no socks, and a pair of black pumps.

"Yeah," I say, getting up out of my chair and crossing back to the door. "Shelly being out makes things very convenient." I closed the door and locked it. When I turn back around, Jenel is on her feet, reaching over head, peeling off her red turtleneck.

Seeing all that dark skin come into view is an epiphany. Jenel is so beautiful, so young and fresh. All those years of private schools and of prep school girls with their long white legs had jaded me—seeing Jenel's dusky beauty was seeing woman in her most playful, most sexy form.

Jenel folds up her turtleneck in a quick motion and sets it down on her chair. "Do you like my bra?" Jenel asks, a twinkle in her eye.

"Very much," I say, the front of my suit pants giving further proof of my enjoyment.

"Thanks for buying it for me," she replies. "It makes me feel so sexy, all this satin and lace." She runs her hands down the straps, across the pink cups of the bra. "And the color—it's so pink. It's so girly, but really sexy at the same time." She laughs, self-consciously. "I put it on this weekend just to look at myself in the mirror in it. When I was getting ready this morning I just kept dancing around and looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. I really like it. It makes me feel so—I don't know—like, powerful, you know? Like I could do anything."

"Oh yeah?"

"Mmm-hmm. Like I could tell you to show me your dick and you'd do it."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. So, do it. Show me your dick."

"As you wish." I unzip my fly and take out my erect cock. Watching her has made it a tricky process, negotiating the right openings in the fabric.

"Stroke it."

I begin to stroke my cock, leaning back against the door. Jenel comes out from behind the desk and stands in front of it, a hand perched on her hip.

"You know," Jenel says, "I even showed my roommates the new bra you bought me."

"Did you tell them it was from me?"

"Of course. They all know I'm fucking a guy from my work. But . . ." Jenel trails off, tantalizingly. Her hands go to the button of her jeans, undo the zipper and let her jeans drop to the floor.

" . . . I didn't show them the matching panties you bought me," Jenel continues as she reveals the whispy pink panties that matched her bra.

"God, Jenel, you look terrific."

"You like?" She bends down and pulls her jeans off completely. She straightens up, wearing nothing now but a matching bra and panty set and a pair of black pumps. The clock on the desk reads 10:12 a.m. Jenel turns her back to me and leaned over the desk, her gossamer panties stretching taut over the cheeks of her black ass.

She poses playfully, smiling, even ironically, going through the campy poses of a woman being self-consciously sexy. I stroke my cock, my lust drawing me closer and closer as I take pace after pace forward. After four steps and leading with my boner I close the distance. Jenel sits herself up on the edge of the desk, her legs dangling. I reach to take her in my arms.

Her skin is smooth and warm; I feel her arms wrapping around my back. Our mouths meet. Jenel slipped her pink tongue into my mouth; gleeful noises come from somewhere deep in her throat. I cup one of her C-cup sized breasts in my hands, feeling her through the bra that I had bought her last week when we went on a naughty mid-day shopping spree down town.

I break our kiss and my lips move down to her neck. I smell her shampoo—feminine and enchanting—and I kiss down her neck, mixing in little gentle pecks with sharp shallow bites.

Jenel responds by sucking my earlobe into her warm mouth. Lightning bolts cascade down my spine; her sucking of my right earlobe produces a firestorm of sparks in the lower left part of my back. The sense of being consumed by her, by the warmth and intensity of her mouth is like being enveloped in the warmth of her desire, the burning comfort of her love.

Jenel pulls her mouth back and whispers into my ear:

"If you keep kissing my neck like that, white boy, it's going to make my pussy really wet."

"And what happens when a black girl's pussy gets wet?" I query in mock-innocence.

"Well," she says, grabbing my cock in her hands, "then we need to find a nice big white dick and fuck it until we come. Think you can help a sista out?"

I kiss her hard on her mouth. My hands race upward up to loosen my tie; I throw it and it lands somewhere on the floor. Jenel helps me undo the buttons of my shirt; it gets throw down somewhere, too. Now that I'm bare-chested, Jenel pinches my nipples, and I pinch hers back. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she sucks on it, a preview of coming attractions.

I lower myself down into one of the office chairs. I hold Jenel by her narrow hips, caressing the subtle curves of her womaness. She's only twenty-two, slender and boyish in her build. I pull the barely-there pink panties down her thighs; she raises herself up to help me. I pull them off of her all the way and throw them, devil-may-care where.

I kiss her mouth again, then, trailing down her neck, down her chest, down her tummy, reaching the place she loved me to reach. "Oh, Greg--yes, please!" She had to be quiet; half the office had gone to court, but many people were still hanging around the hallways.

"I love it when you eat me out," she moans. "Please, sugar, please eat me."

How can I resist?

I smell her arousal. My tongue traces the simple contours of her outer lips; puffy and engorged, horny and ready to suck cock. I dive my tongue into her and taste the wetness welling up at her entrance. Jenel spreads her thighs wider. I hear the clunk as she kicks off her heels and lets them drop to the floor. I swirl lazy circles around her clit, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Slower, then faster, then faster still.

Her hands play in my thick hair. I'm already looking forward to how we would have to get dressed, carefully, when we were done. It was part of the thrill—for her, an older man, late twenties, a million times more mature and independent than her friends' boyfriends. For me, a young black college girl, an intern in my office, a million times sexier and fresher and more dangerous than any of my friends' dull wives and fiancées.

And damn if this little bitch didn't love getting her pussy eaten!

The circles turn into long quick licks up and down her clit. Her wet juices and my saliva mix together. She is ready and so am I.

I stand up, kick off my dress shoes and undo my belt and suit pants. "Oh my god," Jenel says, giving herself over to the animalism. "Fuck me on Shelley's desk. Fuck me, Greg, I'm just your little bitch."

I pull down my boxer briefs and stepped out of them. I rub my cock against her slit. "You're so fucking sexy," I tell her.

"Do me. Do me, Greg. I'm just a good girl. I've never been fucked on anyone's desk before."

"Good girl?" I ask, the head of my cock sliding in the juices of her cunt. "You look like a little slut to me!" I stick the head of my dick in her tight, tight pussy.

Jenel winces. "Oooh! Oh lover! I'm a good girl who wants to be a slut for you! Fuck me, fuck me and I'll be your little black bitch. I know you like fucking me cause I'm black. Oh fuck me baby!"

More and more of my dick works its way into her as I stroke back and forth, sawing my way into her petite little body. The pink bra stands out so nicely against her skin. When my dick was in to the hilt I let it rest there, as deep inside her as I could get. We embrace, holding each other closely, kissing deeply. I solve the clasp of her bra and strip it off of her body. Taking a breast in my mouth, I began to suck on her while starting up a gentle in and out rhythm.

Jenel has small, dark nipples that are wired directly to her clit. Her tits are pert, and each of the last three Sunday afternoons I have been making her walk around my apartment naked, so I can enjoy the sight of her sexy chest. She doesn't know about the videocamera I turned on last time, the camera which also caught her blowing me on the couch after parading around for me. Just another little secret.

My young lover is moving her hips now, fucking back at me. She's starting to make noise, moaning without even thinking about it. I release her nipple and kiss her mouth, silencing her with a hard French kiss. I pull one of her skinny legs up, spreading her pussy even more, fucking as hard and deep into her as I can physically manage.

"Why is it so much fun to fuck black women?" I ponder aloud, looking deep into her brown eyes.

Jenel giggles. "Cuz we're freaks."

"You fuck so good, Jenel."

"Not too young for you, am I? Huh?"

"Just young enough, you little slut."

"Yeah, that's right. Fuck me. Fuck me, daddy. I'm young and tight for you. Fuck me daddy, fuck your little girl. Fuck me and be my daddy."

"Bend over baby, bend over and let me fuck you doggy style."

"Yes, daddy."

She's playing with fire and she knows it. The nastier she is the more likely I am to come in her pussy.

She stretches out across the desk, laying nearly flat against it. He legs stretch out behind her, she's balanced her exquisite ebony frame on her tip-toes. He ass is stuck out, a slutty invitation to me. Jenel had fucked other men before me, but no white guys, and no one quite like me. She's learned a lot more than just academic things this semester.

She looks back at me. "Put it in, Greg. Put your pink cock in me and ride me. Show me you're my daddy."

In one quick move I slam myself into her. She moans with surprise and pleasure.

"You tease me like that, you're just going to get in trouble," I tell her.

"Oh, oh, oh," Jenel squeals as I piston back and forth inside her.

"You just might make me shoot all my come inside you, and then it will be all your fault little girl."

"Ooooh. . .. yes, daddy . . . all my fault . . ."

I pound away at her and she takes it. I told her tiny waist and enjoy the long stretch of her chocolate-colored back. She's so beautiful, and I realize that I've fallen in love with this five-foot-tall Nubian nymph.

I fuck her and fuck her with all my might, just using her little pussy, savoring every stroke, savoring the dream-come-true status of life. Paradise is balling your co-worker's intern in your co-worker's office while she's on vacation. Fucking-a right. Fo' shizzle.

"Ok, ok," I whimper. I'm sweating, my muscles are tight. "I'm going to come." I'm ready to pull out and come on Jenel's pretty face like usual.

As I pull backwards, though, she leans back into my dick. "Do it Greg, do it baby. Fuck me. Fucking come inside me. Come inside me, daddy."

"What—are you--" It's so dangerous, but my body wants to give in to this temptation so badly. It affects me at the basest of levels.

"Yes—yes—" Jenel whimpers back, "I want it, I want it, come in me, honey, fuckin' knock me up, I want to have your baby—"

The thrusting and her words pushed me over the edge and I spasm. I hold her hips tighter than a vise, my whole body moves like a wave, from my calves to me neck as I come inside by dark young lover. Once . . . twice . . thrice . . . spent.

The world is beautiful and everything is right.

I smile, sink down into a chair. Jenel stands upright, stretches. She's smiling, too, and we make eye contact. For no reason at all, we let out a short laugh. She settles down, sitting on my thigh. We hold each other, and I kiss her. The clock on the desk says 10:28. We're naked in an office on a Wednesday morning but it feels like my apartment.

I look at her. "You want my baby?" I ask, smiling, playful.

She kissed me. "We can talk about this, right?"

"Our little secret?"

She smiles. "Our little secret."

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