tagRomanceJennella Ch. 02

Jennella Ch. 02

byGrey Eagle 286©

This is a continuation of an earlier story. I completed this chapter several weeks after the first and neglected to post it. I have another chapter that needs editing. I will try and post it soon. You may want to read the first chapter of the story before reading this effort.

I sat at my desk and watched my wife work in her office. There was an open space between our offices and she was about thirty feet away from me. I loved to watch her. Every now and then she would look at me and her face would just light up with a sweet smile. If she didn't have a client with her she would mouth 'I love you' and blow me a kiss. She was beautiful and I never tired of watching her. Some days I wouldn't see her until I got home at night if I had to be in court. She only lacked about four months of getting her Law degree. She went to night classes on weeknights. I went with her over half the time. I would set in the back of the class and work on my laptop on my own cases or just monitor the class.

I guess I was still insecure in our relation ship. She is an absolutly gorgeous girl with light golden skin. She has medium brown hair with gold streaks in it. Her half brother Trevor is dark brown, but really handsome, I like him a lot. He is a talented attorney and works for my father and I in our law office. Janelle works for us too as a paralegal. She is damned good. Her case volume is twice what anyone else in the office produces. Of course a lot of that is because by law she can only handle simple straightforward cases. Still I am in awe of what she does seemingly without effort. I have watched her pick up a case file, read it through, put it down, and fill out all the forms for a simple uncontested divorce in about ten minutes without ever looking at the file again.

When she first started working for us we checked every thing she did because our firm's name was on the papers. We never found a single error. Word of mouth was her best advertisement. She liked her job but most of all she loved it when she finished her work early and she could come over and watch as I worked. I quickly learned it wasn't just a photographic memory she had but that she could think too! She has a very logical and analytical mind.

I knew she was going to be a damned fine attorney. She wanted to specialize in family law and wasn't interested in criminal law. She always said she wanted to help people solve problems and that sort of thing. I always checked my weekly calendar every morning. I was going to be in court several days the coming week and I had a National Guard meeting over the weekend. It would be the first since we were married.

That morning she walked into my office and asked if she could talk to me for a minute. I said I had nothing pressing going on right then, so for her to please sit down. She closed the door and walked around my desk and sat on my lap and kissed me. Her sweet lips pressed against my lips, her little tongue rubbing and pressing to get between my lips. My hand slipped inside her jacket and found her breast and cupped it. She moaned into my mouth and the feelings that triggered were delightful. She always did that at least once a day. She jumped up and opened the door and sat in a chair. She looked in my eyes, "Mike, I was wondering how busy you are this afternoon. I feel very guilty that we are always running for me. I don't get to do enough for you. I don't want us to focus just on me. I need to do for you. I really do. You are my man and I don't ever get to do anything for you."

I said, "You do plenty for me Dearest, you are my reason for living. And I loved what you did for me in bed last night."

"I am glad you enjoyed it but that doesn't count because I love doing that to you. I want to do something special for you."

"What do you have in mind?"

"I want to take you shopping, for the first time in my life I have a lot of money in my account and I want to buy things for you. I have an appointment for you to get your haircut. Then I am going to take you shopping. I want to buy you some new clothes. Then I want to take you home and give you a nice bath and wash your hair. When you are squeaky clean I want to get naked and make love to you. Next I will take you out to dinner. Then I want to bring you home to bed and really please you."

"Oh! Gee, I have a really busy schedule this afternoon. I may be able to work you in about three thirty or four."

She giggled, "Bullshit, Sweetie, I looked at your calendar while I was in your lap, it's blank."


"I don't have a class tonight, I am three days ahead on my cases here, and I just want to do for my man."

"Well I guess I can postpone what I was going to do until tomorrow."

"What we you going to do, sit and watch me?"


"Come on let's go."

"OK." I smiled at my secretary as Jen dragged me past her desk. "There are some things Jen wants me to take care of at home."

I could hear everyone in our offices laughing as Jen pulled me out the door. "You go Girl!"

We walked hand in hand to my car and I drove us to the mall where Jen had made an appointment for me with a men's Salon for a hair Cut. After she directed the barber to cut my hair the way she wanted it done she dragged me to a nice Men's store and made me try on jeans and slacks. The jeans were a little tighter in the butt than I liked them but insisted they were just right. She had spotted a blazer she wanted me to try on. We found one that was a perfect fit and we bought it. She sent me back to my car with my arms full of packages. She met me halfway back carrying several more things. She insisted I stop at a drug store and let her run while I waited. We went on home and carried everything up to our bedroom.

She smiled at me, "You strip while I run your bath." She waited for me in the bathroom totally naked. I reached for her sexy body and she slapped my hands away and said, "Not until tonight Dear. Just wait it will be worth it."

She watched as I stepped in the tub. I eased down into the very hot water. She took a small child's plastic pail and scooped up water and poured it over my shoulders. The next pail full went over my head. I felt her hand on my head and then both hands. I felt her working shampoo into my hair and scalp. She did a really thorough job massaging the shampoo into my hair. Then she filled the pail with fresh water and slowly poured it over my head as she rubbed my head.

She took a loofa and scrubbed my back and chest. She asked me to stand and carefully cleaned the rest of my body. She rinsed me with more fresh water in the pail. She told me to get out and handed me a large warm towel. She dried herself off and said, "Go get on the bed on your belly and wait for me."

I did as I was told. I heard her return and tried to lift my head. Her hand pushed my head back down. "Now your are going to get a nice massage and skin conditioner treatment. I felt a warm liquid on my back and then warm hands spread it over my body. She crawled on the bed with me and started gently massaging my neck and shoulders.

She gently worked all the way down my body even trickling some oil down the crack of my ass. She giggled as she rubbed that in carefully. I tried to look back and her hand pushed my face back into the pillow. She moved back up over me and started on a deep muscle massage. She was really digging in with her thumbs and fingers. It felt so damned good knew I was going to fall asleep.

She said for me to turn over and as I turned she placed a towel over my face. She gently kissed me, "I love you, Mike, please relax."

She poured oil on my chest and rubbed it gently in to my skin. She worked down over my body. She lifted my hard cock and softly kissed it. Then she oiled it and my balls. She continued down on each leg then moved back up over me. She was straddling me now with her on either side of my body. I could feel the dampness of her pussy against my belly as she worked on my shoulders and my upper arms. She moved her hands down over my body, her pussy leaving a damp trail behind it. It rubbed against my cock for what seemed like a long time. I felt a knee press my legs apart. I spread my legs apart for her. Her wet pussy was now sliding down my left thigh. Her hands grasped my genitals and rubbed them in her hands. Her mouth closed warm and wet over the head of my cock. It slid down taking all of him in her mouth. Then the lips slowly slipped up and the tongue swirled around the crown. I felt a towel cover him then.

She massaged my thighs and calves and I felt her get off the bed. The towel was removed and she pressed her lips to mine, her tongue slipping in my mouth my. She said, "All done, how was that?"

"Wonderful, the best you have ever done."

"That's because it wasn't me."

I looked up to see another nude woman laughing at me.

"This is Shauna, she is Sandy's sister. She is a professional Masseuse."

I stared at both of them. She was a lovely black woman, big tits and nice hips and legs. I didn't know what to say.

Jen smiled at me, "Say thank you, Mike, she has to go. We need to get dressed for dinner."

"Thank you very much."

Shauna grinned and blew me a kiss as she walked out the door. I think she put a little extra wiggle in her bare butt as she walked away.

Jen took my face in both hands and kissed my lips. "I almost killed her when she did that, I'm sorry, did it embarrass you?"

"A little when I realized it wasn't you."

"She told me she might do that if you were cute enough. I told her she could only have one little kiss. She cheated." She kissed me again.

"Did she suck better than I do?"

"It wasn't long enough to tell. Call her back and we can find out."

"What? Do you really want me to?"

"How else will we find out? NO, I was just getting even with you. I know you are the best."

"I will kill her when I get hold of her. And she will tell everybody what happened. I should never have trusted the bitch."

"She was awful wet when she rubbed her pussy down my belly and legs." "What?"

"You heard me."

Jen jumped up and ran out and I heard her talking. Then I heard laughing and giggling. Then the front door shut. Jen walked back in smiling.

"It looks like you really chewed her out. I didn't hear much yelling and screaming."

"She was so sweet I just couldn't get mad. She said you had the sexiest body she had ever seen. She said you had an absolutly perfect cock and she just couldn't resist tasting it. She said I was the luckiest girl in the world. How could I stay mad at that? She said she was going home and kick her lazy ass husband out of the house and start huntin' for her own honky." I had to laugh too. Jen chuckled, "She won't even tell him what she did. She loves her hubby to pieces. He is a very nice hard working guy. I can't really believe she did that." "Do I have to get some guy to lick your pussy now?" "Only if you want to." Her face was serious. I saw a tear run from one eye.

"Let me think about it some. I already know I could never do that." I grinned at her, "Hey, I can do that for you!"

"You sure can, Mike." Her face brightened, "Later we can do each other."

"I guess you spent too much on my clothes."

"Why do you say that?"

"Because you didn't have enough money left to pay for a whole blow job."

Jen's face got redder and redder. Then she giggled and started to laugh. "Can I borrow some money to take you to dinner?"

"No, I'll pay for dinner. I want you to start saving right now so I can get the whole works next time. OK?"

"You got as much as you will ever get, actually more than you will ever get unless I give it to you. That was scary for me when I saw the smile on your face when she put her mouth on you. You liked it too damned much. So did she."

We were in the middle of a delightful dinner when Jennella's cell phone rang. She answered and listened. I saw the smile start in her eyes. She turned and looked around the room. She waved and I saw Sandy and Trevor wave back. Jen asked if it were all right to invite them to join us. I nodded. A waitress picked up their drinks and brought them to our table. I stood and kissed Sandy and shook Trevor's hand. Sandy looked at me and grinned and turned to Jen, "Listen girl, I'm really pissed off at you. You are giving out tastes of your new man and you didn't call me first."

Jen's hands flew to her mouth. She started giggling. "I promise you are next if I give anymore away."

"From what Shauna told me you should be charging for it."

"She is just jealous because she never got Trevor, she always wanted to try him."

Trevor looked at Sandy, "Why are you so selfish? She probably just wants a little taste."

She looked at him, "Honey, I love you dearly, but that is all she could get from you, a LITTLE taste."


"Trev, baby, you know I'm only teasing. You are just right for me. I love it. Trevor turned away from her and winked at me.

I said, "Trevor it is just a damned shame that we get no respect from our wives, I guess we will have to look elsewhere for it."

"Yeah Mike, you are right about that." Jen was close to tears and Sandy had some falling already.

"You girls shouldn't tease with the big boys if you can't stand the heat."

Sandy threw her arms around Trevor's neck and kissed him. Jen was sniffling a little and I took her hand and kissed it. She looked at me and I said, "I love you."

Sandy was looking into Trevor's eyes, "Do you love me?"

I said, "Hey! Don't you girls know you are with the two most pussy whipped guys in town, maybe the state or even the country. We are both scared to death you will find a reason to leave us. Right Trev?" "No wonder they say this man is a brilliant lawyer. Did you hear him squirm both of us out of that fix we were in? Brilliant!"

By then we were all laughing.

Jen pulled out her cell phone and pressed a speed dial. "Shauna, what are you doing girl, running all over town telling everyone about you and Mike?"

"Oh Really! You just told Marsha? Then how come Sandy is sitting here telling everyone all about how big he is and how good he tastes?"

"Well girl you are just going to have to keep wondering about how good he feels both those places because I'm not letting you within fifty feet of him again. I'll never trust you again, I stepped out of the room for a second and you practically raped the poor guy. I may have to take him to the Rape Trauma Center."

"So it took a couple of hours to figure it out. He said he didn't feel a thing." "That's what he says, he didn't even know you were doing it."

"If you don't believe me ask Mike. Here dear."

I said, "Hi! Shauna, how are you this evening?" She asked if I really didn't know she had rubbed her pussy down my belly to my knee.

"Really, I thought some one dragged a floppy old wet towel down my body." I quickly handed the phone to Jen who was laughing so hard she couldn't hold on to the phone. She finally picked it up and said. "Shauna, I'll talk to you later." I could hear screaming from the phone as she clicked it off. She put her hand over mine and giggled and looked at Sandy who was laughing so hard she had tears running down both cheeks. Sandy said, "Damn, Mike, you really know how to hurt a girl. She deserved it."

I looked at Jen, "I hope she knew I was teasing, I don't like to hurt anyone and she was nice enough to do the massage for you." Jen's cell phone was ringing. She answered it. She rolled her eyes to me and smiled. She handed the phone to me. It was Shauna. She sounded as if she was crying.

I said, "Shauna, I was only teasing, I confess, everything you did to me felt good and erotic. Thank you, you were a real friend to do that for Jen."

"Mikey I'll do that and more for you anytime, just let me know."

"Thank you Shauna, here's Jen."

We had a fun evening and I danced with Sandy and Trevor danced with Jen. Then Jen dragged me off and kept me dancing Until Sandy waved us over and told us they had to get home because their babysitter had school the next morning. Everyone kissed good night and we left too.

Jen and I had a short brandy and relaxed for a few minutes. My wife and lover told me to come to bed in five minutes. As I stepped into our room I saw her, she was beautiful in a black fish net body suit. It was made so that her breasts and pussy were bare. I know I stood with my jaw hanging down while I drooled. She had on a tiny black bolero jacket that barely covered her shoulders; the tiny black mini skirt didn't cover her genitals. She wore very high-heeled black patent leather pumps. I ran my eyes over her as she slowly turned so I could see all of her. When she faced me she stopped and smiled looking up at me under her lashes. I growled at her and jumped forward to take her in my arms and toss her on the bed.

I jumped on the bed beside her and pressed her down. She giggled and threw her arms around me holding me tightly to her body. "Mike, I love you with all my heart. Please love me up as hard as you can." I had no intention of doing anything else. Wow she was hot tonight. Her nipples were erect and hard as rubber erasers. I placed my mouth around the whole areola and sucked on the end of her breast until I thought she would beg me to stop. She purred a little and softly said, "That feels so good, do the other one please."

She gently pulled my hands away and sat up pushing me on my back. She leaned up and licked my lips with her tongue. "Now it's your turn," she whispered. She twisted and crawled down until she reached my rock hard cock. She crawled between my legs and pushed them wide apart. She lowered her head and licked the length of my penis as it lay on my lower belly. She did that a bunch of times then picked it up with her fingers and lilted him straight up, pointed at the ceiling. She dropped her hear until her mouth was just above him. She let a large ball of saliva drop on the head and spread the spit with her hand over all of him. She spit another gob of spit on him and started stroking him. Her hands twisted as they moved up and down.

When her hands were down she slipped her warm wet mouth over him and added to the slipperiness. Her hands moved faster and faster until they were a blur. I yelled for her to slow down or I would cum very soon. "That's what I want my love, I want to make you cum so I can watch it squirt out. I just want to please you my sweet. Her tongue was touching the top of him when he exploded. She caught the first slug across her face. She pulled back giggling. She caught the next shots in her hands and mixed them with the first spurt and rubbed the handful over her face and her breasts.

She jumped from the bed and pulled me with her. "Come on, let me clean you off and get my baby boy ready for bed. As she dried me off she smiled at me and said, "This the way my sweetie deserves to be treated every night. Now let me take you to bed, tuck you in and kiss you Good Night. I'll join you very soon.

I had to be in court in the morning and was gone before Jen got up. I returned to the office about four. Her office door was closed so I went in and talked to my Dad for a little bit. When I came back out her door was open but I didn't see Jen. Martha said she was gone for the day. I went on home and Jen wasn't there. I changed into shorts and a T-shirt and prepped everything for dinner. About six the phone rang and it was Jen, she said she was with a client and not to wait dinner on her she would get a bite at the deli before or after class. I fixed myself a meal and then watched TV for a while. I went to bed about eleven.

Jen came in about midnight and took a shower and crawled into bed with me. I pretended to be asleep and she kissed my cheek and whispered that she loved me. In the morning I was up and gone again. I was in court all day without even being able to leave for lunch because I was doing two cases that day. We did fine on both of them. I stopped off at the Bar and Grill and saw my dad there and we had a couple of drinks and I went home.

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