tagFetishJennifer Wets The Bed

Jennifer Wets The Bed


Her dreams had similarities except for the location. Jennifer energetically walked past rows of tan lockers. She was in her old high school and knew the girls bathroom was next to the auditorium. The door was boarded up. Out of order the plain writing said. Damn, I really have to pee. Why does this always happen? She continued the search and found herself at the county fairgrounds. Ugly green port-a-potties were lined up near the cow barns. Jennifer stared aghast. Multitudes of women with impatient faces waiting their turn. Did they have to piss as bad as she? Jenn considered cutting in line, her bladder screaming for relief.


Mid-morning rays of sunlight crept past billowing curtains into Jennifer's quiet bedroom. She stirred groggily. Half-open eyes glanced at the red digital numbers on the nightstand. 10:00. Damn, I really have to pee. This is Saturday and I'd love to just lay-in-bed-for-another-five-minutes, okay? She hit the snooze button on her inner faucet. That worked but the dry mouth demanded attention also. Jennifer grabbed the bottle of Poland Springs from the nightstand and gulped greedily.

Flashes from last night came into focus. Oh shit, did Denise and I drink all that wine? Whew. The movie was hilarious. Almost hurt from so much laughter. I tucked her in. Poor girl was history from the tiring week. I really wanted to make love too. Oh well.

Jennifer took another long pull on the water and reached for the handy bong and lighter. Denise always had the best reefer to share. The cannabis was sweet and powerful and it filled her lungs. The buzz was instantaneous and Jenn's head plopped back onto the pillow. She lightly dozed absorbing the peace and quiet from nowhere to go.

The spider moved across Jennifer's abdomen and tickled her panties. Hello and good morning Jenn, we need to tinkle the voice whined. She stretched like a cat, yawned loudly and smirked rebelliously sinking down into the cozy bed. Not yet Jennifer giggled.

She had always loved pee play. Finding lovers to indulge the golden fetish was not easy. Denise had been timid at first but acquiesced and understood her unusual taste. No pun intended. The irritating sensation around Jennifer's urethra opening had that Spanish fly, aphrodisiac feel. To put it mildly, all aspects surrounding urine were exciting and made her devilishly horny.

Playfully she cupped full breasts and squeezed. The ceiling fan had caused Jennifer's long nipples to harden and she tweaked them delightfully. She kicked off the top sheet. Her eyes were closed as delicate fingernails raked exposed flesh. Jennifer caressed her swollen tummy and sadistically pushed down. Oh God, I really, really need to pee. So bad. She opened her legs to the unseen lover and cupped her Venus mound.

The conflicting bathroom debate had already been settled, Jennifer was going to piss the bed. She extended her long legs and palmed tight, upper thighs. Urgently, the primal command was issued but the flow would not begin that easily Jennifer knew. A sticky nectar was forming inside her panties.

Delicious, needlelike pains attacked her full bladder. Jennifer's fingers massaged the outer edges of cuntal folds. Coaxing. Invigorating. I need to piss. I want to piss. Please! Now! Her hips lurched. She strained, willing and begging the flow to start. She moaned excitedly.

A thin stream stained the front of Jennifer's crotch. She pushed desperately, hunched her shoulders then relaxed as the full flow began. Her nerve endings tingled wildly. Warm urine rushed between thighs, lapping her privates. The liquid fountain blockaded by the skimpy material hissed and gurgled, drenching her ass and back. She sighed with pure relief.

Jennifer's tide slowly subsided to a dribble and she languished in the mini-puddle encasing her lower body. The heady, strong scent of pissy secretions aroused her and she entered the fetish realm eagerly. Her pulse racing.

She quickly turned over, both hands assailing her drenched undies. Insistent fingers splashed in her private concoction, seeking the engorged clitoris. Jennifer humped her digits, grinding against the exciting pressure and masturbated furiously. She was close, so fucking close.

I've been such a bad girl. Yes. Pissing the bed. Peeing in my panties. Soaking the sheets. Denise materialized in her fantasy. Jennifer! You've been such a wicked, disobedient girl! The flat of her hand struck Jennifer's wet clothing, spanking her derriere. She cringed from the pain and humiliation and loved every minute. The spankings came faster.

Jennifer exploded in a delirium of ecstasy. She screamed into the pillow, her pussy fluttering maniacally from the intense orgasm. She squirmed against the frothy mixture, waves of pure delight tossed her against the heavenly release. She grunted passionately from the mind numbing session.

Lovely minutes passed and utterly satisfied, Jennifer rolled onto her side. The bed was a sweet mess. Her mess. Licking her fingers, she tasted the salty essence and swooned breathlessly.

God I love Saturday's. Guess I'll have to do laundry now, but won't it be fun? She chuckled.

~To Be Continued~

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wife turned on by smelly piss

My wife came home one night and told me she cheated with our neighbor while his wife and 4 kids were gone out of town, and i asked if she enjoyed it ?..it was different, but his dick was too big for memore...

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