tagIncest/TabooJennifer's Party

Jennifer's Party


Jennifer hated her cousin, Marie. When they had been at school she was not only the richest girl in school, she was also the bitchiest. All their lives Marie had looked down on Jennifer and told all her friends that Jennifer was nothing but a slut who would steal all their boyfriends. In their final year Marie had reported her cousin for drinking alcohol and the poor girl had almost been expelled. Marie's father was almost as bad as she was, being the richest man in town with the biggest house and the flashiest car, and had wasted no time in reporting Jennifer's misdeeds to her father, his own brother.

As a result of Marie's constant propaganda against her Jennifer had few friends throughout school as no-one had wanted to be seen with the bad girl in town. She had, however, recently started to date an older man who suggested that there might be a way to repay her cousin. And her uncle. Together they planned everything down to the smallest detail before going to her father and suggesting that they throw a party for her twenty first birthday and invite their family and friends to try to bring the family closer together again.

Jennifer's father had never believed the reports of his daughter's drinking and was easily persuaded to have the party, especially as her boyfriend was also in agreement. Her father saw the young man as a good influence on his daughter and, having agreed to the party, could not back down when the young couple announced that it would be masked costume event.

In the weeks leading up to the party Jennifer and her boyfriend worked hard at making sure everything was prepared, even decorating the house and organising the food. Her father for his part invited all the friends and family, persuading even the most reluctant, Marie and her father, to attend. He was proud of the way his daughter had responded to the false accusation against her and was determined that he would do everything to make the evening a successful one.

Jennifer made sure to find out what Marie and her father were going to wear to the party and then put her plan into full swing.

On the day of the party, Jennifer and her father were in their bedrooms putting on their costumes when her boyfriend arrived. As they both came out to answer the door they could only stare in amusement at the costumes they had chosen. She was dressed from head to toe in a nun's habit, complete with veil and crucifix. He on the other hand was dressed as a policeman and Jennifer thought her father looked incredibly handsome. Now that she was a bit older she could harbour wicked thoughts about him but she tore her eyes away from him because the thoughts that were running through her head at that moment could be dealt with another day. Tonight was all about revenge.

When they opened the front door together there stood the younger man, magnificently dressed in a Roman centurion's uniform. They stood back to allow him in but also to allow him to bring in some more refreshments. Since he was a few years older than Jennifer her father had agreed that he could be in charge of the drinks for tonight. This was crucial to her plan and she was delighted that, so far, it was all going exactly as she had planned it..

As the time for the guests to arrive approached the two men put on their masks but Jennifer announced that she would put on her own once she had welcomed everyone to the party. It didn't take long for the room to fill with the sounds of laughter and music and Jennifer played the part of the perfect hostess, ensuring everyone was introduced and everyone had a drink and were enjoying themselves. Most importantly, she made sure that everyone would remember her as the helpful nun who was the only one not wearing a mask.

Her father was delighted to see his beloved daughter enjoying himself and was pleased that everyone had made an effort with their costumes. There were a few copy-cats and even his own brother was dressed as a centurion, almost identical to Jennifer's boyfriend. What shocked him most, however, was that his niece, Marie, was dressed as a naughty schoolgirl, an image almost identical to one of his favourite fantasies. She was wearing a tiny plaid skirt, tight white blouse, white knee-high stockings and black shoes. Even her hair had been specially fashioned for this evening and she sported two pig-tails hanging down over her shoulders. She had always been a pretty girl but the thoughts that were running through his head were not the thoughts that an uncle should be having about his niece. And he was sure he wasn't the only man in the room that was having those thoughts.

Marie had heard all about her cousin's new boyfriend and had deliberately chosen her costume with the aim of seducing him, fucking him, and then making sure Jennifer knew all about it. What she didn't know was that she was playing right into her cousin's hands.

As the evening wore on and the alcohol flowed, Jennifer slipped away to her bedroom and discarded the nun's habit to reveal that she was wearing exactly the same outfit as her cousin underneath. The same short skirt, the same tight blouse and the same stockings and shoes. Her hair was in pig-tails too, something that had been hidden by her nun's veil. She also put on her mask at this point, one that heavily disguised her face as she would have to be sure that her uncle would never recognise her. Thankfully the presence of a couple of other girls dressed in similar costumes would help.

She rejoined the guests who were now thoroughly enjoying the music, the dancing, and of course the alcohol. She found her uncle standing alone, seeming to look down on everyone from his position as a pillar of the community. However only she and her boyfriend were aware that he was drinking from a bottle of champagne that had been reserved for him and Marie, a bottle that had been spiked, and her uncle seemed a little worse for wear.

She scanned the room until she saw Marie sitting on a couch with her boyfriend and couldn't stop herself from scowling at her cousin as she saw her pressing her body against her target. She had opened another button or two on her blouse and was displaying lots of cleavage while her skirt barely covered her arse. Turning her attention back to her uncle she decided that two could play at that game.

"I've always admired older men, Mr Thomson, and especially you. You've made such a success of your life and seem to have everything that you want."

"Not quite everything," slurred her uncle, thinking that he couldn't remember the last time his bitch of a wife had come near him. All the young girls in their skimpy costumes had been causing stirrings beneath his toga for some time now and, through the fog of drugged champagne, he didn't seem to mind in the least.

"Oh, if there's ever anything I can do for you, Mr Thomson, you only have to say. I love to be dominated by older men."

Her uncle turned his attention to the young slut that was flirting with him and wondered if she was being serious. Was she really offering herself on a plate like this to him? If she was then she had better be prepared to take what he had to give her.

As if in answer his niece suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled him among the other dances. There wasn't a lot of space so they were pressed together rather tightly as they moved to the sounds of the music. Her uncle wasn't much of a dancer but Jennifer made sure he felt their bodies bumping against one another, usually from the waist down, and he didn't seem to mind that at all. She even pretended to be pushed from behind which gave her an excuse to grab onto him for support and rub her firm young breasts against his chest.

Her uncle was enjoying himself now dancing with the sluttiest girl he had ever known and he decided he had to find a way to get her upstairs to one of the bedrooms. He might even use his own brother's bed to give this whore what she so badly wanted.

Jennifer could feel her uncle's hard cock pressing against her and, if they lighting hadn't been dimmed she was sure she would have been able to see it tenting his toga. Looking across the room she saw that her boyfriend was receiving similar treatment from Marie and tried to quell her increasing jealousy. This was all part of the plan after all.

She caught his eye and nodded to him, telling him it was time to move things along. At her signal her boyfriend leaned forward and whispered something in Marie's ear. Taking her by the hand he led her to the stairs which would take them up to Jennifer's bedroom while Marie turned round. She was scanning the room, looking for Jennifer, hoping to flash a triumphant smile at her but she could see no-one in a nun's habit.

That didn't stop her almost running up the stairs behind her cousin's boyfriend as she was desperate to take the next steps in her own plan. She had always had everything her heart desired and now her heart, and her body, desired Jennifer's boyfriend. She would use him and then she would throw him back to her stupid cousin.

She had never been upstairs in this house before and she wondered if she was being taken to her uncle's bedroom but when she saw the posters on the wall and the pink bedding she realised with delight that she was in Jennifer's room.

"This is perfect," she thought. "I'm about to take everything from her."

Jennifer's boyfriend had other ideas. He told her to sit on the bed and stood before her.

"You've been very bad, haven't you?"

Thinking this was some sort of role-play she giggled and decided to play along.


"And what happens to slutty little girls who misbehave?"

"They get punished," she smiled, trying hard not to laugh at him. What was he going to do? Did he really think he was going to punish her? What was he going to do? Spank her? The idea was too ridiculous for words. But she decided to play along for a little while more. As long as she got to fuck him when he was finished playing games.

"That's right, they get punished. Now stand up; your punishment is about to begin."

Marie did as she was told and stood up, starting to wonder what he was planning to do to her.

"Turn around," he ordered and put your hands behind your back."

He reached for the handcuffs that Jennifer had hidden earlier and with one snap after another, he captured her wrists in the metal bracelets and turned her back round to face him.

Marie couldn't have said what made her go along with this but she had drank enough of the spiked champagne to feel a little cloudy in her judgement and did as she was told. For the first time in her life she felt quite submissive and she found it was very arousing. The tingling between her legs was becoming insistent and she was sure her panties were becoming a little moist.

"Time for your punishment, slut; over my lap."

This wasn't very easy for her with her hands behind her back so he reached out and grabbed her shoulders, helping to lower her over his lap as instructed. When she was in place, she wiggled around a bit, still not believing that he was really going to spank her, but she could feel his cock pressing against her hip and, if this was his thing, then she would go along with it. For now

She lay there unmoving as his left hand pressed down on her back, holding her in place. His right hand suddenly flipped her skirt over her hips and he was rewarded by a gasp of surprise from Marie.

Jennifer had told him to enjoy this part as much as he could and to make sure that her backside was in the best position for one of the cameras she had hidden before the party. They were going to record every moment of her cousin's humiliation and she wanted it to be the best possible recording ever.

Her boyfriend had no trouble enjoying the sight that was lying on his lap. The only thing spoiling his view was a small pair of white cotton panties. They looked so innocent, making what they were doing seem even more of a turn on to him.

He slipped his fingers underneath the waistband of her protection and slowly peeled them down her round cheeks, uncovering her naked arse for him to enjoy. He was looking forward to tainting all that perfection with a red tinge.

He began to softly stroke the soft, warm skin of her bottom before slowly raising his hand away until it was about a foot above her, then quickly brought it back down to where it had been only moments before.

"OUCH!" yelled Marie, now all too aware that he intended to go through with this. "That hurt!"

"It wouldn't be much of a punishment if it didn't, now would it? Keep quiet from now on in case someone else ventures upstairs. If you can't I'll have to find something to stop your wailing."

Marie had never been treated like this in her life but, more and more, she was finding she liked it. More than liked it, she was wallowing in it. Letting a man take control and telling her what to do was causing her pussy juices to run like they never had before and she resolved to see how far he would go with this.

At his next slap she jumped on his lap but remained silent, biting her lip to stop her cries. He had never spanked anyone before and he wasn't ashamed to admit that he was enjoying it. He rested his hand on her hot cheeks for a while and stroked her smooth skin, saying, "That's better."

After that he slowly slapped her round cheeks one after the other, delighted by her submissive acceptance of the punishment, delighted by the way her arse rippled beneath his slaps. Each one seemed to turn her pale skin a slightly darker shade of red, and it was becoming warmer too. The idea was to dominate her without seriously hurting her and they both seemed to be paying their part to perfection.

Once he had delivered ten slaps he stopped slid her panties back up. Helping her to stand up she stood before him with tears in her eyes and her head bowed.

"You know what to do now, slut," he said, his hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her to her knees.

She certainly did know what to do but no one had ever been the one to tell her what to do. No one else had ever called her a slut. No one else had ever taken control away from her like this. And she loved it.

On her knees, her face was looking straight at his groin and, when he lifted his short toga, she was faced with his erect cock only inches from her mouth.

"This is what you want, slut, isn't it?"

She nodded.

"Not good enough. I want to hear you ask for it. I want to hear you beg for my cock."

"Please let me have it. Please let me suck your big hard cock."

"Much better," he said, knowing that the cameras were recording every minute. Jennifer was going to love this. He took his meat in his hand and lightly touched her cheek with the tip before lightly tracing a line across her chin. His precum was leaving a smear across her face and she did indeed look like a slut as her mouth opened and tried to catch his tool. Her face was a mixture of lust and anticipation, sure that she was finally going to take her cousin's most precious possession.

"Kiss it," he commanded as he slid his cock to her lips and softly rubbed it back and forth across them.

He watched her tentatively kiss his cock, the softness of her lips causing it to jerk in his hand. She continued to kiss it as he slid it back and forth, her eyes looking up leaving him in no dobt that she was more than ready for what was to come next. She could have no idea what was to come next.


Staring seductively up at him she did as was told and opened her mouth and he slowly eased the tip of his cock inside her parted lips. He teased her, feeding her about an inch before pulling it back to her lips and then sliding it in once more. Even without being told she locked her lips around it and began to suck.

His cock felt ready to explode very quickly in her warm wet mouth and it was obvious she knew what she was doing, her head bobbing further and further down. However, he only allowed her a few moments more before he slid from her mouth and traced his wet cock line down her chest and placed the tip between her breasts. Leaving it lying between them he pushed open her blouse, exposing her naked young tits to his eyes for the first time. They were as perfect as he had imagined, perky, no droop and a pair of hard, pink nipples to top them off.

He rubbed that sensitive nub with his equally sensitive head, her moans telling him that she was just as aroused as he was.

With an almighty effort of self-control he picked her up and lay her on the bed. It was awkward for her with her hands behind her back but, when he told her to spread her legs, she did as she was told. He was driving her mad with lust but she was glad that he finally seemed to be about to focus his attention just where she wanted it, between her legs and her soaking wet pussy.

As she lay there open beneath him, offering herself to him, he flipped the skirt up to her belly, exposing the front of her innocent white panties.

She closed her eyes as if she was savouring the moment and purred in delight when he allowed the tip of his cock to touch her mound, and gently pressed it into her fold. Running it up and down a few times, he smiled when she softly moaned "Yes."

Then he climbed off the bed.

Her eyes sprang open in surprise and disappointment, searching for him, but he wasn't far away.

"I'm going to tie you to the bed now, slut. I'm going to spread your legs even further so that you are fully open to me. Can you handle that? Or are you just a silly schoolgirl playing games?

"Oh, God, yes!" she almost screamed. She had never done anything so kinky in her life and at this point she would have done anything.

She willingly spread her legs as far as they would go, too lost in her desire to wonder why her cousin would have some sort of silk straps around the bottom of the bed. Jennifer had placed them there earlier in the day and her boyfriend had played his part to perfection.

"Just one more thing," he said as he ripped her panties from her and stuffed them into her shocked mouth.

"Don't want you to be disturbing anyone with your screams, do we?"

Marie wasn't sure if he had done it on purpose or not but her ruined underwear had been turned inside out and now the crotch was pressing against her tongue, against her taste buds, and she knew what she was tasting was her own pussy.

"Perfect. I'm going to leave now. I believe your cousin has a surprise for you."

Marie was suddenly terrified at this turn of events. What was he doing? What did he mean? And what did Jennifer have to do with it? She realised what a fool she had been and realised how vulnerable she now was. Raising her head she tried to scream but all that came out was a muffled whimper as she watched him open the door and leave.

Outside the room Jennifer was snogging her uncle, waiting for her boyfriend to leave, and when he came out and gave her the thumbs-up, she smiled back at him. Prising herself from the older man's mouth and hands she asked him to wait for a moment while she got herself ready. She had promised him that she would be at his mercy and he was glad to go along with a slight delay.

Jennifer quickly closed the door behind her and walked over to the bed, smiling down at her helpless cousin.

"Don't worry, Marie. You're still going to be fucked but maybe not as you imagined it."

With that she hid herself in the wardrobe and called out to her uncle, "I'm ready."

John Thomson didn't need a second invitation. He was through the door in a shot, desperate to fuck this young whore but he even he couldn't have been prepared for what awaited him. In his inebriated state he didn't bother to ask himself how she had managed to tie herself up and gag herself before calling him in. All he knew was that she was laid out before him, helpless, arms behind her back, legs bound and spread with her blouse open and her pussy bare. It was as if all his dreams had come true in that one moment.

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