tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJennifer's Story Ch. 02

Jennifer's Story Ch. 02


The two men who arrived were both in their mid to late fifties. They shook Maxwell's hand and looked approvingly at Jenny in her quite revealing outfit. Maxwell offered them a drink, and while Jenny served them, they sat and chatted with Maxwell.

The meal was prepared in the suite's small kitchen and served in the room by two attentive waiters, one of them a tall, good looking, well built black guy. He could not keep his eyes off Jenny, something that did not go unnoticed by Maxwell or his clients.

The meal was very good, and the clients seemed well pleased, although Jennifer felt more than a little uncomfortable about the way they both kept looking at her all through the meal. During the meal, Maxwell had made sure that both his clients and Jenny were given plenty to drink. He needed them all in a compliant mood, especially Jenny, but then again, he realised she did not have that much of an option.

With the meal over and the table cleared, Maxwell instructed Jennifer to hand out cigars and provide the guests with large brandies. As Jennifer followed his instructions, the guests now with their jackets removed made themselves comfortable on the two large sofas.

Maxwell switched on a music centre with a remote control, and low music flooded the room. On hearing the music, Jennifer feared that her part in the proceedings was drawing near. Jenny had perched herself on the arm of the sofa that Maxwell was sitting on. She noticed that George, the elder of the two clients, was taking more than a casual interest in the amount of leg she was displaying in her short dress, but she knew better than to try and pull it any lower.

It was George who also made the suggestion that it would be nice if she were to dance for them. Jennifer did not mind this as she had always loved to dance. She was a trained classical dancer, having been for several years, and well into her late teens, attending both Ballet and movement classes. She quickly got into the mood of the music. With the help of all the wine she had already consumed, she was feeling quite relaxed. She had danced for several minutes when she saw Alan, the younger client, lean over and say something to Maxwell, who smiled and nodded. She did not have to wait long to find out what had been said.

When Maxwell called her over, she leaned towards him. He whispered in her ear that she should lose her dress. Jennifer had expected all along that it would come to this. Again, she knew she was in Maxwell's power, and he now wanted her stripped naked for his client's pleasure. The request to strip did not completely dampen her relaxed mood. She knew she was going to have to make the best of it. Obviously, she realised that Maxwell would be quite willing to grant any of his two client's requests, and she wondered just how far she would have to go to satisfy them and their warped desires.

The dress was no problem to remove. It was only held on by two small buttons, one on the strap around her neck, and another on the waistband. She undid the skirt button first, then the one on the strap around her neck. Instantly the dress slipped from her body and fluttered down around her feet. She daintily stepped out of it and displayed her all but naked body to the avid and lustful stares of the two men.

She did not know if it were the drink she had consumed, or whether she was getting used to being naked in the presence of strangers, but she still felt surprisingly at ease as she continued to dance for them now wearing only the brief red thong that she knew enhanced her pussy rather than obscured it, and the stockings.

For the next hour, everyone seemed to be happy to be served and entertained by the all but naked beauty. Then the two men had decided that they would like to dance with her, and she had to endure them caressing her body as she was held tightly in their arms. She knew this probably was only the start and more would be expected of her before this evening was over.

During a slight lull in the proceedings while the guests had left the room to relieve themselves, Maxwell suggested that she change into her other outfit. As she was about to leave to comply with his request, he mentioned with a grin that this time she might as well remove the thong. She went through into the bedroom where Anton had left the brief teddy for her. With mounting trepidation, she slipped the brief thong down her legs; she was a little surprised to feel how damp it felt. She was a little concerned that she was reacting in this way to her situation. She slipped the teddy around her and fastened it up, attaching the trailing suspenders to her long dark stockings.

She glanced in the mirror and was a little shocked to see how sluttish she now looked. The teddy was only just long enough to cover the top half of her flat tummy. It left her clean-shaven and pouting pussy brazenly exposed. The half cups of the bra only cradled her firm breasts leaving her prominent nipples exposed to view.

When she apprehensively made her entry, she could see that they liked the look of her new outfit. Maxwell, who was on the phone, nodded his approval. She slowly made her way across to the bar knowing that both men were watching her and enjoying the delights of her body that were now being openly displayed to them.

There seemed to be a shortage of drink, but Maxwell said that he had just ordered replacements. She noticed a slight smile on his face and wondered just what he was planning. She did not have long to wait as there was a knock on the door, and the door was opened to show the attractive colored waiter who had served them the meal earlier. He was carrying a tray of bottles. He, of course, at once noticed Jennifer, dressed as she was in her most revealing outfit. His eyes seemed to light up.

Jennifer herself felt a little worried that Maxwell had allowed him to come into the room without seemingly being concerned about her revealing state of dress.

As the waiter restocked the bar, she noticed how he could not resist looking in her direction at every opportunity. She saw Maxwell speak to George, and he smiled and nodded and spoke to his partner who grinned. Maxwell turned and called for the waiter to come over to where he was seated. He spoke to him, and she saw the waiter look in her direction and smile. Then he nodded.

Maxwell turned to his guests. "Gentlemen," he said, "I have a special treat for you. As you will have noticed, Jerome here," he indicated the waiter standing beside him smiling, "has been fascinated all evening by our attractive young companion, Jennifer." He smiled across at Jennifer who was standing looking at him wondering just what he was up to.

"I have just offered him the chance to put on a little show for us." George and Alan looked up at him expectantly. He went on. "I have asked Jerome if he would like to make love to Jenny. He instantly agreed, so if you would like to make yourselves comfortable, we will get started." The two men looked at each other, smiled, and settled back into their seats. This was going to make a really interesting evening.

Meanwhile, Jennifer was standing there stunned and shocked. She couldn't believe that Maxwell was going to allow the colored waiter to have sex with her while the rest of them watched. He just couldn't do it to her, but in reality, deep down, she knew that he could. He could do anything with her he wanted to, however warped or depraved, and she had no choice.

She watched still stunned and confused as Jerome quickly slipped out of his clothes. He had a firm muscular body, but what caught her eye was the already semi hard cock that seemed to rise from its nest of black crinkled hair. It was already a good eight inches in length and growing before her eyes.

He walked towards her, his huge cock bobbing as he walked. He took her hand and drew the still dazed girl into the centre of the group. He pulled down the cups of her teddy and began to caress her breasts, flicking his thumb across her already hard nipples. He was now standing so close to her that she could feel his now hard cock nudging against her pussy lips. Jennifer was in a state of panic. She was feeling so aroused to feel him touching her that she wanted him, but the prudish side of her was rebelling; she had never before had sex with people watching her.

What she now realised was that not only was she going to be forced to have sex in front of Maxwell and his clients, but she was also going to be forced to have sex with a black man, and a black man with a cock bigger than she had ever seen before. She could not help expressing a groan as she felt his hand on her pussy, parting her shaved lips, and the feeling of a long finger sliding into her now already extremely wet hole.

She tried unsuccessfully to resist him as he eased her down onto the carpeted floor. She looked up at him and saw him flash his white teeth in a smile as he lowered himself between her open legs. He rubbed the head of his cock against her wet pussy lips. Jennifer groaned loudly, and her fingers gripped the carpet as she felt him slide into her body, invading her love passage with his ten inches of rock hard black cock.

Then she was rocked back and forward on the floor as he thrust into her body. Around her the three men leaned forward in their seats to get a better look. She tried hard to hold back; she did not want him to know how much she now wanted him. Neither did she want Maxwell and the others to know that she was now beginning to enjoy the sensation of being ravaged so wonderfully by the handsome black waiter. But her body overrode her qualms. Soon she was meeting him thrust for thrust, urging him on. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her ever deeper, wanting to feel him go even further into her body.

He was good at his job. He brought her to the brink several times. She now begged him for release, but he refused to give in, and kept up his steady rhythm. She pleaded with him for release, and then with one mighty last effort, he thrust hard into her. She screamed out as he lay prone and rigid across her body. Jennifer gasped for air, her fingers now clawing across his sweating back. At last their lust subsided, and he withdrew from her. Jennifer just lay there; she had never before in her life felt so sexually satisfied, never before having orgasamed so many times, never before so thoroughly fucked.

Now she did not care who was looking at her. It no longer bothered her that she was lying there naked with her legs wide open, and that her pussy was on view, their combined juices running from her abused pussy and soaking into the expensive carpet. She eased herself up into a sitting position as George reached over and handed her a large glass of wine. She took it from him gratefully and drank it down thirstily, the cold liquid running down her chin and onto her breasts. She looked down at the mess between her legs. She again felt a little embarrassed.

Maxwell smiled and told her not to worry. "I think you have done a very good job tonight, Jennifer, and I'm sure my two friends have enjoyed their evening with us."

She looked up at the two men and they nodded in unison. She turned to Jerome who was by now getting back into his clothes. He smiled at her. "You were really a good fuck for a white girl," he said with a wide grin. Everyone laughed.

She managed to get to her feet. Her legs were still a little shaky as she made her way unsteadily to the bathroom. She quickly stripped off the few items of clothing she was wearing and stepped into the shower.

As the hot water washed away the signs of their lovemaking, Jennifer again thought about what she had just done. She still couldn't believe what she had been made to do by that pervert Maxwell over the last few hours. This morning she was a girl who had never had sex for the last few years with anyone but her husband, had never been seen naked by anyone apart from him (and a couple of lovers early in life), and her doctor, and now look where she was. Here she was showering after having been publicly shagged by a black man, and been asked to strip naked before strangers more times in one day than she wished to think about.

She wondered just how long she would have to go on doing this. Just how long was it going to take her to pay off her debt to Maxwell, and what other depraved and degrading things would she be expected to do before he was through with her? But then she smiled to herself. At least Jerome had given her the best fuck she had ever had in her life, so maybe things weren't that bad after all.

Jennifer returned from the bathroom with a large towel wrapped around her. She did not know what to expect, and she was surprised to find that both the clients and Jerome had left. Maxwell was sitting back in an armchair with a large glass of amber liquid in his hand; he smiled at her as she came in.

"Well," he said, "how do you feel now?"

Jennifer shrugged. She actually still felt a little dirty after doing what she had done with Jerome, allowing him to have sex with her on the floor in front of Maxwell and his clients. But secretly, although she did not want to admit it even to herself, she had gotten a lot of enjoyment from the experience. She, of course, had had sex before, but even with Conrad, it had never been a totally satisfying experience. What she had experienced with Jerome had been in a different class. Whether it had been the fact that she was being watched, or her embarrassment, or a combination of everything, whatever it was she had had a series of the most satisfying orgasms she had ever experienced.

"Fix yourself a drink and come and sit down, and get rid of that towel. I want to be always able to see your body." With a slight reluctance she slipped the towel off and dropped it on the sofa. He watched her as she walked across the room naked to the small bar and got herself a drink.

He knew that being naked in his presence still concerned her, but he wanted her to remain that way. The idea of her being somewhat reluctant to do the things he required of her excited him; this was what it was all about. Up to now, he himself had asked nothing from her apart that she obey his every wish. Now it was time for him to try her out for himself instead of watching while others experienced the pleasures of her body. He especially wanted her delightful, even if slightly inexperienced, mouth, something he decided to take advantage of right away.

As Jennifer sat sipping on her drink, she was a little worried and concerned to see him undo his trousers, and after reaching inside, draw out a large semi erect cock which he began to rub until it was totally erect. It now protruded a good eight inches and looked to Jennifer almost too big to even get his hand around it completely. She was dreading what was in store for her.

"Right, little darling," he suddenly said. "It's about ready for you to get your sweet lips around."

She looked at it standing there; the large head looking red and angry, and knew she was going to have to take him into her mouth. She reluctantly got up from the sofa and slowly walked over to where he was seated. He parted his legs to give her room as she knelt down in front of him. He reached out and caressed her breasts, pulling on her protruding nipples, as she looked at the monster only inches away from her face.

"Okay," he said sharply, "don't just sit there looking at it; get those pretty lips around it." He pulled her by the nipples, and its hardness now rubbed up against her face. She knew what she had to do. Disgusted with herself, she licked tentatively at the head; it tasted a little salty. He pushed himself forward, and she could do nothing but accept him into her warm wet mouth.

She had never before experienced anything this large into her mouth, and at first, she gagged, but as she became more used to it, she began to suck and allow him to slowly work in and out of her warm wet mouth. With one hand still caressing her breast, the other gripped onto her hair allowing him to force himself deeper into her throat. At one point, she thought she was choking, and almost cried out, but she did not want to give him the satisfaction.

She managed to take all he had to offer, and when at last she felt his body stiffen, he erupted in her mouth before withdrawing. Although she managed to get rid of some of it, she could do nothing to stop herself from swallowing a large amount of his thick, creamy cum.

He now lay back in the chair with a satisfied smile on his face, his now limp cock still exposed. Yes, he thought to himself, you have done well for yourself, Maxwell, old boy. Jennifer was certainly going to be a very useful plaything to have in his power for his own and other people's entertainment.

In the meantime, Jennifer had wiped herself clean on a napkin that had been missed when the waiters had cleaned up after their meal, and she tried to wash the distasteful taste from her mouth with another large glass of wine. Suddenly he sat up and looked at his watch. He stood up and adjusted his clothes. "I have to admit that you are a woman with wonderful assets," he said, looking down at her naked body. "I am sure that although you are a little inexperienced at the moment, we shall soon have you well trained with the skills necessary to be able to satisfy the needs of the most discerning of men."

He smiled to himself when he heard a light tap on the door. He turned to Jennifer who was now looking a little startled by the knock, considering her lack of clothing. "There is nothing like a little practice to give you experience."

He walked across to the door and opened it, and then he stood back, and to Jennifer's dismay and obvious discomfort, he welcomed three young men and a smiling Jerome into the room. The three young men immediately noticed the attractive naked girl on the sofa and literally began licking their lips with anticipation. What Jennifer did not know was that although Jerome had been adequately paid for his services earlier, Maxwell had also offered him the services of her body for his friends who had helped with the meal and service earlier in the evening. Jennifer knew that there was no point in trying to hide her body from the three guys. She knew that if she did, it would only make her feel worse when Maxwell made her show herself to them.

"I have invited these young men along to thank them for their services. I am sure you will find them all very experienced if Jerome's performance earlier was anything to go by, and as I said to you earlier, you do need the experience and training."

Jennifer could not believe what she was hearing. Maxwell had invited the young men along to use her. She was to be their plaything to use as they wished, while Maxwell would be sure to be close by watching the show.

Jerome came over and sat beside her while the other three looked on. Maxwell handed out drinks and told them to make themselves comfortable. Jerome introduced his friends to her. There was Kurt, a tall blond German guy who worked in the kitchen, and Chris and Harry who worked with him as waiters.

Jerome slid his arm around Jennifer's bare shoulders. She flinched slightly at the feel of his touch on her naked skin. "You don't have to worry," he said. "I have spoken to them before we came up. We are not here to harm you in any way. I enjoyed very much what we did earlier, and I think by your reactions that you, too, enjoyed it more than you are willing to admit." He stopped and smiled at her, and she felt herself blushing slightly as she realised what he said was the truth.

"I wanted to see you again, and if possible, have the opportunity of making love to you again. So that is why I took up your friend's offer of coming up here after we finished work. I was a little concerned about having to bring my friends along as well, but that was the arrangement."

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