tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJennifer's Story Ch. 03

Jennifer's Story Ch. 03


She remembered her ordeal of the night before when she awoke the following morning. She could still feel the tenderness between her thighs. She rubbed them gently. She looked at the other side of the bed and was surprised to find herself alone. Had Maxwell slept with her? Well, if he had, he hadn't made his presence felt.

She eased herself out of bed, made her way to the bathroom, and rinsed her face. Outside in the lounge, Maxwell was tucking into a large breakfast. He indicated the other side of the table where another plate was laid with a cover over it. "Get yourself tucked into that. We need to be off as soon as possible."

Jennifer uncovered the plate of food. It smelt wonderful, and she realised she was extremely hungry. She tucked into it with gusto. Just before she finished her breakfast, a porter knocked on the door and came in with her business clothes she had worn yesterday, all clean and neatly pressed. Maxwell told him to put them in the bedroom.

With breakfast over Maxwell, told her to go and get ready and called down for a taxi to take them to the station. After spending the last twelve hours or so either naked or displaying herself in revealing outfits, it was nice to get back into some normal clothes for a change, but she wondered just how long it would last.

They were met at the station by two of Maxwell's business associates: Colin, his architect, who looked to be in his fifties, and Robin, his designer, who was a lot younger. They had half an hour before the trains left so after introductions were made, they went along to the bar.

The porter told them that the fast train to Doncaster was leaving on time, and assisted them with their bags onto the train. Maxwell had reserved a private compartment so there was plenty of room for the four of them. Jennifer had begun feeling a little uncomfortable again. She had noticed how the two guys had been looking at her in the station bar, and now in the confines of a private compartment, she was definitely feeling a little uneasy.

Once in the compartment, everyone removed their jackets and made themselves comfortable Maxwell told Jenny to remove her coat as well, and she slipped out of it, placing it on the seat beside her. She tried to pull down her rather short skirt as she noticed Carl looking at her legs. A glance at Maxwell showed that he disapproved of her actions.

Jennifer sat quietly wondering what was in store for her as Maxwell chatted about the new club to his two colleagues. They were about fifteen minutes into the journey when the guard knocked on the compartment door to check their tickets. He apologized for the intrusion and told them that they would not be disturbed again. After handing the tickets back, he wished them all a pleasant journey and slid the door closed.

Time to get the entertainment underway, Maxwell thought to himself. He had selected this train as it was non-stop, and the next stop was Doncaster, at least two hours away. Maxwell took out his hip flask, took a drink, and offered Colin and Robin a drink. They both accepted.

"I've brought Jennifer along in case we have any problems. We can use her to help alleviate any problems we come across. She proved herself very useful last night with a couple of guys from the licensing board. I don't think we will have any problems with them for a while," he said with a smile

Jennifer felt herself blushing. Colin smiled. "You certainly know how to pick them, boss. You wouldn't think to look at her that she was that sort of girl."

Maxwell smiled. "That's just the point; she isn't, or let's just say she wasn't--before last night."

Both Colin and Robin laughed. "You have certainly got a way with them," Robin said.

Maxwell looked across at the two of them. "You two up for a bit of entertainment to speed the journey along?"

They looked at each other and smiled. "Sure, anything you say."

Maxwell turned to Jennifer. "You heard the gentlemen, honey. They want to be entertained. What do you suggest we do? How about a look at you in your undies, to start off with?"

Again Jennifer saw Colin and Robin look at her and smile. Jennifer knew better than to object to Maxwell's demands, and she reluctantly removed her jacket and began to unbutton her blouse with the two men now watching her intently. With the buttons undone, she pulled it out of her skirt and eased it back off her shoulders exposing her white lace bra encasing her large firm breasts. She saw Robin lick his lips at the sight of her lightly covered breasts, and she could see that Colin, the older of the two, had begun to perspire. He wiped his brow with a large white handkerchief that he had pulled from his pocket.

She unhooked the clip on her skirt and eased down the zip at the side.She had to ease herself up off the seat to allow the short skirt to slide down her long legs. Now her scanty white briefs matching her bra were revealed. She bent down and retrieved her skirt from the floor and placed it on the seat. She sat there on the seat allowing the two men to look at her young body clad only in the briefest of underwear. She again felt embarrassed and sickened about what she had to do, but she knew there was no way out of her predicament.

"Like to see a little more, boys?" he asked with a smile. He realised how uncomfortable she must have been feeling, and he was enjoying her discomfort.

"That sounds fine to me," Robin said. Colin just nodded his head. This was a new experience for him. He was a married man, and it had been a while since he had seen such an attractive young woman exposing herself in her brief underwear.

Maxwell turned to Jenny and nodded. She knew what he wanted. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. She couldn't believe she was being made to undress like this in front of two strangers on a train speeding north. With the clasp undone, the bra slipped forward off her shoulders. She slipped it down exposing her firm breasts topped with their hard cherry pink nipples.

Colin gasped at the sight, and Robin just smiled and nodded. She knew better than to rush things, and so she sat there letting them get a good look at her exposed breasts before she attempted to remove her last brief article of clothing.

After a few moments, Maxwell nudged her again, and she knew she now must reveal her most intimate area to the lustful eyes of his two associates. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her brief panties and began to push them over her hips. She eased herself up off the seat, and she felt the panties slip from between her thighs. At that moment, she knew they could see almost everything. Very little was hidden from them although she tried her best to keep her legs together as she slipped the panties down to her feet and kicked them off.

It had not escaped Maxwell's notice that she had tried not to display herself too openly to the two men. It actually suited him as he still wanted to embarrass and degrade her as much as possible, so he was not going to let her get away with this.

"I think the boys wanted your panties off so that they could see your cute little pussy," he said. He looked across at the two of them. Again Robin nodded with a smile, and Colin just stared; he was mesmerized by the sight of the naked young woman before him.

Jennifer looked at Maxwell and saw his look. Reluctantly she opened her legs slightly. "Get them open," he said gruffly, grabbing her knee and pulling it towards him. "And leave them open till I tell you to close them."

She knew better than to disobey him or object to his request, and she now sat there with her legs wide apart displaying every intimate detail to the eager lustful stares of the two men. She knew that nothing was hidden from them as the evening before Anton had carefully removed every last trace of her pubic hair.

She just sat there not daring to look into the faces of the two men, but sat staring out of the window watching the countryside go speeding past. She was now feeling the heat of her embarrassment churn through her young exposed body. What more could this vile man do to her? How much more was she going to have to do for him to atone for her wrong doings?

After what seemed like a lifetime, Maxwell asked the two men if they had seen enough. Jennifer sighed to herself, hoping that this was going to be the end of her ordeal, but when Maxwell continued with, "Or would you like to see something really special?" Oh my God, she thought to herself, surely they wouldn't make her do that again; not here.

Then she heard the dreaded words. "Have either of you gentlemen ever seen an attractive young lady like this masturbate herself?" She nearly collapsed on the spot when she heard those words. She waited for them, dreading to hear their reply. The two of them looked at each other, their eyes wide. "You mean she will actually make herself cum?" Colin asked.

Maxwell nodded. "She will do anything I tell her." He leaned over and whispered in Jenny's ear. "You know what you have to do. Make it good. I want them to see you cum. If you disappoint them, I might have to let them fuck you." She knew he meant it.

She reached down between her legs and was urprised to feel how wet she was already. Maybe it would be over quickly, but she knew that feeling embarrassed like she did, it was going to take her longer. She closed her eyes and slipped two fingers inside the wetness of her pussy and began to rub them across her clit. She knew the men would be watching her intently, and it was hard getting into the mood. She thought about better times with her lovers and this helped. She remembered to groan because she knew this was what they liked to hear. She added a third finger and this helped to fill her pussy. At last she was beginning to get the feeling. She worked faster. Now she began to groan for real as the heat built up inside her.

She now began to experience that wonderful feeling deep inside her womb, and she knew she was about to cum. Just a few more strokes, she told herself. She worked hard, thrusting her fingers in and out, rubbing them against her aching clit. Then at last she felt the deep rumblings. She gasped and cried out, working her fingers even faster, and then it was there. She fell back on the seat gasping for breath, her young naked body drenched in perspiration. The two men watched in amazement as her juices ran from her gaping pussy and dripped on to the floor of the carriage.

She was totally spent. She no longer cared what they could see. There was nothing else left for them to see. She had shown them everything. She heard someone get up and quickly leave the compartment. She managed a little smile to herself. Had someone had a little accident? She hoped so.

She did not move when she felt a slight touch on her inner thigh and a finger wipe across her pussy. Oh, God, what more could they do to her? Then someone was pressing a tissue into her hand and helping her by wiping away the juices. She raised her head and looked down. Colin was kneeling before her and was wiping her clean. He only touched her gently and did not attempt to enter her.

At last she managed to struggle into a sitting position. He smiled up at her. "You were wonderful," he said. "I have never seen anything like that in all my life." He smiled again. "Maxwell is a very lucky man to have such a willing and attractive young lady like you to be his partner."

She did not say anything, but turned to Maxwell. "May I go and get cleaned up?" she asked him. He nodded and handed her her coat. "Just slip this on," he said. She stood up and slipped the coat on covering her nakedness. She picked up her handbag, then made her way on still shaky legs to the toilet to clean up.

By the time she came back, Robin had returned and was chatting away to Maxwell who smiled at her when she came in. He told her to close the door again. She wondered just what more he had in store for her, but it couldn't be anything too dreadful as they were now only half an hour away from Delchester. He made her remove her coat and spend the last part of the journey naked for the pleasure of Colin and Robin before allowing her to finally get dressed just before they pulled into the station.

As the three of them left the train, Colin commented that it was a journey that he would not forget for a long time. Robin agreed; it certainly had been an interesting and eventful journey, A taxi took them from the station to the post house hotel on the outskirts of town. Maxwell had booked three rooms: a suite for himself and Jennifer, and a room each for the other two guys.

Jennifer still had no other clothes apart from the few items she had received from Anton and the clothes she was wearing. And she only had the make up she had in her handbag. When she mentioned this to Maxwell, he smiled and commented that in her position she did not need any clothes as she would not have the need to wear them. But then he relented and told her to go down to the hotel boutique get what she needed and charge it to the account. She felt a little better when she returned to the suite with a selection of new underwear, a dress, and some make up items.

He told her he was going out with Colin and Robin, and that she should stay in the hotel. "Get yourself some beauty treatment; get your hair done, and be ready to go out when we return. We are meeting the contractors for dinner; wear the black dress from last night."

Then he was gone. At last she had some time to herself. She rang down and booked herself in at the beauty salon. She also found they had a gym with a pool so she decided to spend some time there before her treatment. As she had nothing to wear in the gym, she had to call at the boutique again and purchase a bikini and something to wear in the gym.

She had a good afternoon, and for a while forgot her problems. She had a good work out and swam half a mile or so. The young lady in the beauty salon did a good job, and she was feeling like her old self again when she arrived back at their suite.

Maxwell had not said what time they were going out, but she guessed she had better be ready when he returned. She didn't need a shower as she had taken one in the gym so she did her make up and dressed. She wore a brief white thong that she had purchased earlier and new hold ups. She slipped into the black dress, and when she was ready, she sat on the bed and watched the TV.

Maxwell arrived back soon after. He was pleased to see she was ready and waiting. He showered and changed before calling to ask if the others were ready. He had ordered a limo for the evening, and it was waiting for them when they arrived down stairs. When they met up, all three guys looked smart in their evening wear. Jennifer guessed it was going to be a posh evening. It turned out to be black tie sporting evening in one of the town's better hotels. The evening consisted of a five course meal and several bouts of boxing to finish off the evening.

The room seemed to be full of guys in black evening wear with only the brief splash of color provided by a very small minority of ladies who were in the room. Their table was almost ring side, and when they were shown to it, two well built guys looking a little out of place in evening wear stood up, smiling, and greeted them. Maxwell made the introductions. The two guys were the contractors who had built the new club: Jed Logan and his brother Tom.

Jennifer felt their eyes appraising her body when each shook her hand. Maxwell ordered drinks from a scantily clad waitress, and the five guys were soon chatting business between themselves. The meal was delicious and satisfying and washed down with several bottles of good wine. When the tables had been cleared of the dinner pots, the promoter got into the ring and announced that the boxing would shortly commence, and that bets could be placed on the fight results.

"Have you any special fancies?" Maxwell asked the Logan bothers.

"This guy in the third bout," Jed said, pointing to the program, "Sam Grogan, he's one of our lads; stands a fair chance. We're sponsoring him."

"Tom shook his head. I'm not sure; he seems to lack a bit of enthusiasm. But we'll have to see. I'll take you round to meet him before the bout."

Maxwell nodded. "Good idea. I like to see where I'm putting my money."

The first bout was an exciting affair with two young fly weights. It went the distance, and they were scrapping to the end.

"If you want to meet Sam, we need to go around during the next bout," Tom informed Maxwell.

He nodded. "Any time you are ready."

They watched the second bout start. Tom downed his drink. He looked at Maxwell and nodded. As they got up, Maxwell looked across the table at Jennifer. "I guess you had better come with us."

Jennifer stood up. She did whatever Maxwell said. They made their way round to the dressing room. It was crowded with trainers, promoters, and boxers, and it smelled of liniment and sweat.

Most of them looked around when Jennifer walked in with her revealing black dress. She heard murmurs of approval and several whispered comments of what they would like to do to her. She felt quite out of place in this room full of men.

Sam Grogan was a well built middle weight, a good looking guy with rugged features. He was sitting on a massage bed, and his trainer was fastening on his gloves. Tom introduced Maxwell and Jennifer, and Maxwell did not miss the look in his eyes when he was introduced to the attractive young woman.

"Are you going to win tonight?" Maxwell asked him.

Sam shrugged. "Maybe; the guy I'm fighting is a strong boy. He's going to take some knocking down."

Tom shook his head. "You need to be positive. You won't win with that attitude."

Maxwell looked at him and a smile came to his face. "Maybe you need some encouragement, something to fight for." Sam looked at him, not sure what he meant. Then he stared as Maxwell lifted Jennifer's skirt up almost around her waist. She looked around the room in panic to see if anyone else could see what was going on. Sam looked at the long stocking clad legs and the brief white thong. He licked his lips.

Maxwell looked at him. "Win tonight and that pussy is yours."

Jennifer felt hot when she heard those words. She was still standing there with her skirt up, and she knew she dare not attempt to push it down. She saw the look on Tom's face and the face of the trainer.

"Do you really mean that?" Sam asked, still eyeing the brief white thong.

Maxwell nodded and let the skirt drop back into place. At least she was thankful for that small mercy, but she was not happy about being offered as an inducement for a boxer to win a fight.

"Well, what do you think?"

"You can put a big one on that," Sam said, now sounding a lot more confident.

Jennifer was seething with anger as they made their way back to the table. Had this man no shame? They stopped at the bookies table, and both men placed a large bet at very good odds on Sam winning the next bout.

"What do you think?" Jed asked when they all sat down again.

"I think you have a winner there."

Jed shook his head. "I'm not sure. I have a small bet on him."

"Take my advice brother, and get your big money on him," Tom said "You know something I don't?" Jed asked.

Tom tapped the side of his nose knowingly and smiled at Maxwell.

Maxwell ordered more drinks for everyone before the next bout started. The scantily clad waitress smiled when she received her large tip, and didn't seem to object to Maxwell stroking her cute little rear The fighters came out for the next bout. Sam was in the corner close to their table. He looked over and smiled and gave them the thumbs up. The fight began quietly, both boxers scoring points off one another. Jennifer was hoping against hope that the other fighter would win and she wouldn't have to do whatever Maxwell wanted her to do.

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