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Jenny Loves Daddy


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1 Jenny and her Daddy Luther

Rita, my ex wife, left ten years ago. I'm Luther Waller and we had married when we turned 18. Life was difficult at first. Particularly since she was seven months pregnant with Jenny and one reason we married. We did love each other and Jenny was a "love child".

Though it was a huge struggle we managed to get through college together, start our careers and raise Jenny. Well, that is, until Rita just wasn't there one day nor any of the days that followed.

At first we were devastated. Jenny was an impressionable eight year old and struck with grief and guilt over the 'loss' of her Mom for almost a year. Then she got pissed and angry. Jenny and I were close from her infancy so that helped temper the pain a bit. We talked about it a lot which brought us together closer yet.

Rita had divorce papers served on me within days after her disappearance. She didn't claim anything. At the time there wasn't much to claim and we were barely making it having only been out of college for a few years. She gave me sole custody of Jenny. I signed and Notarized the papers that day and returned them Registered Mail.

Ironically soon after the divorce my own business took off in ways I would never have anticipated. Apparently neither did Rita. I made a bloody fortune practically overnight.

Our sex life was super when we were first married but cooled quickly. I tried many things including trying to introducing my childhood desires for furs. Just a few cheap ones at first. Rita flipped. She wasn't the least bit interested. Things got worse rather than better.

Barely the day after she left I got a few pretty nice furs over eBay and I was in heaven. Jenny didn't know I had them. I kept them boxed in my closet and only brought them out late at night. After awhile I began to think that was foolish. They were womens furs so I got myself a mink lined leather jacket at first. Jenny flipped. She fell in love with it. Way too big for her but she would wear it around the house like she owned it. She was still only nine and looked ridiculous wearing it but it made my little girl happy. She didn't think about Mom. This was Daddy and Jenny play as she modeled it for me.

Business had just started to creep upwards at that time which is why I felt comfortable getting the jacket in the first place.

I had quickly discovered that my erotic feelings with the womens furs had taken on a life of its own. Day and night I thought about them. How soft and comforting, the sexual twinge, the stiff cock thinking of them in the middle of the day. I got a few white Fox fur pillows on eBay shortly after my jacket for the family room couch. Jenny glommed on to them as if I had gotten them just for her. I did in a way as I was testing the waters to see if introducing furs into our daily life would present any problems. I need not have worried.

"Daddy ... (long pause means get me _______ please) .. can I have a fur jacket like yours .... pllleeeaasseee?" Daddy can't really say no to her sweet plaintive desires.

She had a fur/leather jacket as quick as I could get one to fit her though it was over sized for her growth. A Red Fox lined, soft dark green suede with hood .. very girlie detailing and complimenting her red hair. Jenny is one of those red heads that has eye lashes and eyebrows so light they hardly show and the clear light blue eyes to go with them. Gobs of freckles all over. She has a fresh and healthy look.

Daddy could do no wrong with her new jacket. Jenny was hooked on furs. It was then I decided to go for it. I ordered a Red Fox spread for Jennie's bed a Lynx spread for mine and a large Silver Fox throw with matching pillows for the family room couch.

The white Fox pillows she was so fond of disappeared into Jennie's room on her Red Fox spread. She dressed up in a blue cashmere T neck with a blue and white plaid skirt, called me into her bed room and was laid out on the spread. "I'm patriotic now Daddy."

Jenny has excellent taste in color. Other furs for Jenny and myself followed soon after along with the womens furs in my closet without a word. She knew about them it seems and had them out wearing them around the house. Sharing is only reasonable and I didn't really try to hide anything from her after that. It was never a question for her.

Jenny wouldn't leave the family room after that. She either was watching TV, using the computer or talking with me or playing games, wrapped in the Silver Fox, usually with the skimpiest of top and bottom on under it and maybe a few other furs as well. Then she went to bed with her furs. I was already observing her fur fondling between her thighs or her tits under her shirt when she thought I wasn't looking. I could only imagine what she did in the privacy of her room or when I wasn't around her. Daddy's girl in more than name.

As time passed Jenny's fur obsession grew. She was most creative in her desires. When she had me get her a sheared beaver lined house coat was when I knew the full extent. I got his and hers I thought it was such a great idea. I think she began wearing it nude.

"Daddy ... I love my new robe" .. as she rubs it over her body .. "so soft and warm" .. with a sweet but slightly distracted smile, looking at her rubbing herself. I knew Jenny loved her furs and I was helpless to her wants. Her wants have become my wants.

I didn't really feel compelled to date, what with my job and time spent with Jenny. We both liked hiking and camping as well as other father-daughter activities. I had gotten us both the best fur parkas imaginable so even hiking is fur endowed. She wants a Fox lined sleeping bag now and I'm inclined to get two. We often wore furs wherever we went, concerts and out to dinner for a treat. Devoted father taking good care of his daughter. She was a model child and growing young girl despite or because of her mom walking out on us. She says that Mom not loving me, it was best she left. I'm inclined to agree with a child's wisdom.

2 Jenny's friends

Jenny has had any number of girlfriends coming over from time to time soon as she started school. She's not real popular but has always had a few very dedicated friends. The few regulars now all seemed to have their own furs of one sort or another. Mary has a very fine vintage Kahn mink coat she said was a hand-me-down from her mom and is like a tent on her young body. Beth wears a white Fox lined denim jacket she coerced from her father and Tara, a JLo white Mink jacket she took from her mother so it's big on her as well. Other girls seemed to come and go. They spent the usual young girl secret chatter and talk sessions in her room. They giggle and bounce around a lot.

Theirs is not the "in" crowd but one of their own. No cheerleaders or the like. Lots of study and they're quite smart, academic types.

Mary is focused and 'serious'. Likes to think things out to their logical conclusion, slow and methodical. She's a big 7of9/T'Pol fan. Smart and beautiful.

Beth is very romantic and dramatic, spouting off Shakespeare all the time.

Tara is athletic, quite artistic as well as generally all around smart.

Jenny is the organizer and apparent ring leader. A lot like her Daddy.

They all get mostly A's in their courses. All-in-all they are always mentally very active and into a lot of different things unlike what my associates say about most of their girls.

Tara started to hike and camp with Jenny and me. I had to outfit her so I got her a nice fur parka as well. The new Fox sleeping bags are big enough they can share one which they don't seem to mind.

The girls spend an inordinate amount of time at our house it seems including almost nightly sleepovers. It seems Tara and Beth are always here. They're like extra daughters. I ended up getting another bed for Jenny's room, the girls room now, with an Arctic Fox spread for it of course. Fortunately she has a big room from when we originally planned the house.

At first I thought I had delusions of grandeur for the fur closet I designed and had included in the house. The size of a small bed room in most houses. It is about a third full already. With the girls the closet seems to be needed.

"Jenny, your friends seem to spend all their time here. I'm not complaining. They are nice and not at all disruptive but what do their parents think about this?"

"Daddy .. you always ask where I'm going and what I'm doing and sometimes it's really annoying but I don't mind. At least I know you love me and care for me. My friends are really nice but their parents don't have a clue or care where they are so long as they aren't bothering them. You've even started asking where they are too. They kind a like it that you do. So it's OK they are over here so much?"

"Sweetie .. if it makes you happy and they are out of trouble and happier then I see no reason why they can't be over here as long as they like. They seem to be actually doing chores too. I think I would miss them anyway. Maybe I should make them dependents. Get a tax write off."

"Oh thank you Daddy. You won't regret it."

No boys yet. The dreaded boy games to come. I made sure to do all the sex ed. things with her from ten or so on.

"If you are going to 'do it' let me know and I'll get you on the pill, shoot the boy or whatever is necessary."

"Dad .. I already know all that. I'm not going to go do something stupid." Great impatience over my telling her what she already knows but clearly appreciative, unlike the other girls parents she reminded me.

Despite my business success it was not helping me at all with dating. At six two and average build I'm not at all unattractive. Not that I wasn't attracted to them or they attracted to me but I had decided early after Rita's departure I would not be with a woman unless she was also into furs. Things never got past first base. It was either time spent with Jenny, no interest in fur or both.

By thirteen Jenny and her fur bunny girl friends were beginning to distract me from even thinking of women to date. The daily fur parade was enough to satisfy any visual female cravings I might entertain. Jenny was developing a fine long and lean body with even more luscious thick red hair. All her friends seemed to be equally as beautiful. It was increasingly difficult to maintain a fatherly perspective with all those jiggling breasts around me in those soft sweaters and rubbing against all those soft furs.

Jenny's closest and constant friends settled out to be the quartet of Jenny, Beth, Mary and Tara. The girls were also quite fur cuddly and affectionate with each other as well. Still no boys at 16 plus? I was beginning to wonder? One morning I pressed her on her non dating life.

"Jenny, I haven't seen any boys around yet except for Mary's younger brother Jake. Isn't it about time that you and your friends were obsessing over them?"

"Dad, boys are all so immature (spoken in Valley speak). The ones that don't want to rape you are so dimwitted it's disgusting. You really spoiled me that way. I know girls are suppose to love their daddy's but it's ruining my love life with boys."

"What about your girlfriends?"

"They are the same way. Not about their own dad's but you. You know how you spend so much time with us and they just think you are the neatest and hottest Dad around. Particularly the way you take care of them and pay attention to them which none of the other dad's do. They all love you and you know they obey you. We have each other and decided to stay virgins for a better day."

After that conversation my life was never quite the same.

3 The seduction of Luke

The fur cuddly behavior of the girls seemed to increase by several magnitudes after that conversation. The girls seemed to be openly flaunting themselves at me. The way they dressed and would subtly fur fondle themselves so I would barely but just notice them. They were routinely coming up to me, giving me a furry hug, thanking me for putting up with them or a kiss goodnight. I wasn't about to take the jail bait, but I did look forward to those furry hugs and feels.

My mind was compelled to think of them at night before sleep would come, their furry goodnight kisses still warm on my cheeks. With the thoughts of their fur clad nubile bodies vividly etched in my brain furious masturbation every night became routine. My own daughter presenting herself unsolicited in my fantasies was quite a sudden shock. It was increasingly difficult to think of my own daughter in a non sexual way.

I tried once more to quiz the girls about their home life or the lack thereof. I questioned each one over several days and weeks in our regular conversations. I had gathered all the particulars of each over the years and had a general idea but it was still confounding as to where their parents were in their lives?

"Beth, don't your parents care that you haven't spend any time with them for awhile?"

"Daddy, they just don't care. (Jenny had gotten them all to call me Daddy early on and out of convenience I finally acquiesced. Besides the girls seemed to find it comforting.) My Dad is always off to Hong Kong or Paris and when I am around him he is trying to get into my pants. He's so crude and gross. He's abusive to me as well. Mom is no help at all. She's busy with the flower guild or getting laid by the gardener or pool guy. They don't care where I am. They know I'm at Jenny's. I told them her Dad supervises us which is true. This is a great relief to mom so she can quickly forget me. I've all but cleaned out her furs but for the most recent and expensive and she doesn't have a clue or doesn't care? They know they don't have to bail me out of jail like some of the other kids. Besides (she says with a coy smile) you care much more about me and what my daily life is like than they ever did." she hugged me and gave me a long warm kiss almost on the lips with those moist luscious lips. I had an instant boner.

Another time .. "Tara sweetie, where does your Mom spend her time? She doesn't seem to have much of it for you." I knew her mom was always sleeping around. Often with married men I knew but I never let on I knew this to Tara.

"My Mom's a whore Mr. Waller. You know that. She doesn't get paid like one but she'd might as well. She's too busy screwing every guy in town to be concerned over me. If my Dad hadn't died and left her a lot of money she'd be doin' it for money, I'm sure. You love me much more than she ever did and she gave birth to me." She was sitting next to me with her arm in mine cuddling up to me hugging me for quite some time, her head on my shoulder.

Mary and her younger brother Jake are actually 'temporary' residents in our house now that her parents took off for Europe on their new job and didn't want to disrupt Mary's last year in High School. "Safer than a boarding school" they said. Probably the only 'thoughtful' thing they ever did for her. I didn't have to ask her. She reminded me every day she loved me for what I did for her. They would have been in a Motel for all her parents cared. I sometimes hold her in my arms since she seems so sad at times. She lays her head on my chest for an hour or more. She has a kind of sad look normally because of this I think. Anyway it's easy to sucker into her to be affectionate and solacing to her.

Jake is the odd one at 17 and I put him up in the room over the garage. He seems quite content there in his own little world. He's quite smart and resourceful as well. Not sure altogether what to do with Jake. He's going to take some work.

These are not street urchins, poor or homeless families but well to do, wealthy even. Their parents should have never had children and now they just abandoned them.

The quartet is fully maturing by now as they are coming up on 18. Jenny is just shy of five-ten and a killer figure. Not super endowed but a butt to-die-for and classic B cupped breasts that are nicely rounded on the bottom and straight to the nipple on the top. Her nipples and areola are very large when she gets excited. Her face is gorgeous with a long, thin, prominent nose. She is patrician, my Greek goddess with her thick, curly shock of flaming red hair.

Beth is five-five with a very thick shock of natural dark blond curly hair, delicate features and full luscious Angelia Jolie lips that want to be kissed. I've had more than one wet dream of them around my cock at night. Her breasts are generous C cups with a nice natural up turned shape.

Tara is the tallest at just over five-ten, very lanky with smallish barely B cup breasts that stand straight out like little Mt. Fuji's. Tara has classic Scandinavian features and very long. Thick, silky, naturally light blond hair to her waist.

Mary is anything but average though five-eight and 'normal' features with dark glistening thick shoulder length hair with straight cut bangs and round gold wire framed glasses like Trotsky giving her a studious look what with her sad to serious expressions. Average B cup firm melon breasts. She is gorgeous.

Jenny got more and more furs with some being quite opulent like large floor length fur capes and coats reminiscent of the '60's through '80's. Some were from her shopping on eBay and other sources. Not your garden variety High School dance furs. Jenny seems bent on filling the fur closet. It seems I am helpless at getting what she wants, especially since they fill all the wild fantasies I'm beginning to have of her and her friends. She's sharing the furs with her girlfriends of course as they wear them around the house.

At this point in our relationship I simply get her what she wants along with cashmere sweaters, suede skirts for her magnificent butt and other very nice and sexy clothes she had been getting all along.

None of them wear a bra under the luscious cashmeres and other fine wools. Some of the new ones are peek-a-boo knits. They swap the clothes and furs around routinely amongst themselves. It's always a treat when Beth slips on a peek-a-boo knit and her generous breasts tax the sweater to its limit, her nipples peeking out sometimes. I quit hiding my stares. I think most of them are nude under their furs more often than not anymore, encouraging my stares and fantasies.

In the evenings while I watch TV or sit around talking the girls sit on the couch or around me. Beth, Mary and Tara take turns with Jenny at keeping me entertained, talking, playing games or just watching a movie or TV. I'm never alone but constantly in their company when I'm home from work. Conversation is 'normal' school or TV program stuff or general ideas but I am always fur cuddled by one or more of the girls. I am feeling like a Hugh Hefner with my own lovely girls and have a constant boner I'm sure they all can see. After some time I gave up trying to hide it too.

Soon there was a series of 18th birthdays which were all celebrated at our house. Jenny said their parents were gone or busy and had no time for them. Nothing new about that anymore. I certainly thought that was a shame. Each one would coerce me into a long hug in their fur that was my 'present' to them. "I love you Daddy" from each one as I hugged. The last was Jenny. When I fur hugged her she whispered that she and the girls would have a big present for me soon.

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