tagIncest/TabooJenny Sits on Brother Ch. 05

Jenny Sits on Brother Ch. 05


Note: Because I got some free time I was able to put up the last three chapters so quickly. So enjoy.


The time had come to leave the crappy hotel. Jenny had given me another blow job and I had eaten out her arse and pussy after we told mum and dad we were going to the beach for one last swim. We didn't even go anywhere near the water. I had wanted to fuck again, but Jenny had said she was too sore.

By the time everyone had gotten the energy to pack and one last trip to the factory outlet stores, it was late afternoon before we were ready to leave.

The car had been loaded up by dad with total lack of care for anyone not in the front seats.

Mum immediately called shotgun before Jenny and I could see the state of the car. Since mum and Jenny had went mad with the bargain shopping, we had much more luggage to take home.

So now a five seat sedan had turned into a three seat luggage car. I jumped in first, not entirely displeased with the situation. Though a long trip with Jenny sitting on my lap meant I would be constantly hard and probably have numb thighs.

The two other seats were completely filled, so much so, some of the stuff was sitting on the centre console. Dad wouldn't be able to see us properly in the mirrors or if he turned around. While Mum was right in front of us, feet on the dashboard and looking like she was about to sleep in the dying sunlight.

Mum was always full of energy at home, but when she went and did extra stuff. Like spending hours shopping, she tired out quickly, though she didn't take long to get energetic again.

I knew if she fell asleep she wouldn't wake up before we got home. She had a blanket spread across her lap and was already slumped in the seat before we left the town.

The trip home was five hours and when darkness came in an hour, I could play with Jenny.

I played it cool for the first hour. Doing the teenager thing staring out the window with earphones on. I didn't like earbuds, too often people didn't see them and would talk to you. Resulting in an awkward situation, while with proper over the ear headphones they knew you couldn't hear them.

I thanked my lucky stars I had inherited the permanent bored look from my father. Because Jenny wasn't as patient as me.

She slowly ground her arse into my lap as I was powerless to respond. If I humped, she would be raised up and that might attract attention from dad through the mirrors. Having driven a fair bit I knew the mirrors would show a bit of us. Enough to see if I was humping my sister while my parents sat in the front seats.

The torture continued for nearly an hour, then dark fell. As always darkness took its bloody time to come, it was nearly nine thirty before it was properly dark.

As soon as I dared I slipped my hands up on to Jenny's lap. I wiggled one hand beneath her shorts to find she wasn't wearing any panties. I immediately started to rub and finger her. It was getting me so hot to play with her body when she was still clothed.

I wanted to fuck her all out, to bounce her up and down on my cock. Soon I would, but not now, which was killing me.

I couldn't come like this, her movement wasn't hard or fast enough and my shorts were thicker than my briefs.

I slipped my other hand up the inside of her shirt to play with her breasts. She didn't take long to cum. This time she was silent and just shuddered on me. Her breathing quickened and became shallow, but the radio easily covered up the noise.

I started to think fucking her here would be possible after I made her cum again a little while later. She was laying fully back on me, completely relaxed on my body as I played with her.

"Right we will stop here to stretch out legs."

I could have strangled dad. Mum woke up, stretched and yawned. Dad pulled over to a rest stop, really just a cleared space next to the road big enough for trucks to stop at.

He pulled over and we all slowly got out. Jenny gave me enough time to rearrange my cock, so the waistband of my shorts held it against me.

I could have hit my dad for stopping, but the chance to stretch and move a bit was welcome after the time spent in the car.

My cock was throbbing like crazy, had Jenny moved a little more faster and harder I could have cum.

The girls went into the bushes to relieve themselves while me and dad waited near the car. When they returned, I quickly got back in.

Mum came to the back door, she turned around and bent like she was about to sit on my lap. I quickly held up my hand to stop her. Before I could think, I was touching her arse. My hand was cupping her cheek. For some reason I couldn't take it away.

My heart and lungs seemed to freeze, I finally found my voice after a long pause.

"Hang on mum, Jenny's sitting in here? Besides you won't be able to sleep on my lap."

Mum wiggled her arse and my hand slipped from cheek to crack. I expected her to slap my hand away or yell out, but she didn't. Her pants were soft cotton and I could feel her panties underneath. I couldn't stop my hand as it squeezed her arse.

"It is all right Jenny said she wanted a rest."

Mum pushed against my hand and sat down on my lap. My cock was still hard from Jenny and I tensed.

Surely she was going to react now? Her son's hard cock was pressed up against her arse. Damn it felt good.

Mum wiggled her hips, till my cock was nestled in her arse crack. Damn I wish she had sat on my face.

Her arse was even better than Jenny's. Slightly bigger, but still tight and it looked so good. Her arse was softer and more of it seemed to hold my cock. I humped up against her, just before dad got into the car.

It wasn't a tender hump, it was a 'I want to fuck you hard' hump. Mum didn't yell out or try to move off me. She seemed to settle back further on me, laying against my chest as dad pulled back onto the highway. I couldn't figure out why she was so docile. I knew why I was so forward, being teased had taken away my fear and patience.

I paused, she and Jenny had taken their time in the bushes. Could Jenny have taken the chance to flaunt her pussy to mum and get a quick rub? She certainly wanted mum to finger her again.

I remember the first time Jenny had ridden my face, mum or dad had stirred in the next bed. It had to be mum, she was a lighter sleeper than dad.

I knew she knew something was happening between me and Jenny, maybe she wanted to join in.

Well she didn't have a choice now. Now I had a taste of her charms I wasn't going to quit. Just like with Jenny, unless something happened I would have never thought of them but anything but family. Now I wanted to fuck them both hard and all the time.

She leaned back and I moved my hands forward to grab her thighs. I didn't start near the knee, but only an inch from her pussy. If she hadn't reacted badly by now, she wasn't going to.

I cupped her pussy with one hand and started to squeeze and rub. She didn't make any noise, but started to squeeze her arse cheeks on my cock. Her arse was even better at playing with my cock than Jenny's was. Mum would grip my cock and wiggle her arse back and forth

The car was pitch black and only the occasional lights from a passing car lit us up. Dad had his eyes glued to the road and Jenny had turned the radio on low. But loud enough to easily cover the noises me and mum were making. Oh she knew.

I waited till a car went past before making my next move. I took my left hand, which had been rubbing the side of mum's arse and put it on her belly. I rubbed it around till my hand slipped under her shirt.

I pulled up the waistband of her pants to let my right hand slip in and then under her panties. My fingers started to rub and pinch her pussy directly. Mum gasped softly and thrust against my hand, which made her cheeks clench my cock harder.

I fingered her pussy, while my other hand slipped up her soft belly up to her breasts. I pushed her bra up above her breasts, freeing her assets. I gripped her breasts, they were larger than Jenny's but not by much. They were softer and hung a little lower. But unlike large breasts they didn't droop considerably. I liked smaller breasts, they stayed in better condition for much longer.

I was humping into mum slightly, I couldn't help it she felt so good and I had been teased for too long. Suddenly it stopped as fast as it had started. Her hands grabbed my surprised hands and pulled them out from her clothes. I sat stunned, wondering what had happened.

Then I realised what she was doing. She reached over to a bag and started to rummage around, dad looked back at the noise like she knew he would.

"Just getting a blanket dear, getting a bit cold and I know you need the window open."

Dad nodded. He had the window half open to blow a breeze on his face. Jenny already had the blanket mum had used before over her lap.

Mum finally found a blanket and draped it over herself from neck down. I was going to wait a few minutes to allow dad to be lulled into a fugue by the monotonous driving. But mum wasn't so patient. I knew where Jenny got her impatience.

I felt her wiggling on my lap, but this time it was different. She stopped and huffed slightly from the effort. Then I felt her hands on my shorts, she started to tug them down. I quickly raised my hips to allow her.

She pulled them down to my knees and sat down on my naked lap, I had ran out of clean briefs thanks to Jenny's hot arse.

As soon as she sat down I nearly came, her naked pussy sat directly on my cock. She wiggled a couple of time until her lips were split on my cock. She leaned back against my chest and my hands quickly went back to her pussy and chest.

I couldn't stop humping against her. This time much larger humps, the luggage in the back was shifting slightly from my movements. Dad would look back any second to see what was happening, but I couldn't stop.

"Stop, your father will notice." Mum's voice was hot and breathless in my ear. "If you promise not to hump until we get home I will make you feel good now."

I was desperate to cum, but I knew dad would notice me moaning heavily. I utilised every cell in my body to stop humping against my mum's pussy.

She kissed my ear, flicking her tongue inside quickly before moving to my mouth and giving me a quick kiss. Her hot tongue darting inside nearly too quick for me to react.

She rose up and grabbed my cock. I held my breath as she straightened my cock and quickly lowered herself before dad looked back. I gritted my teeth in pleasure as mum's pussy quickly ate my cock until she was sitting back on my lap.

The need to hump was even greater than before, then she started to squeeze her pussy on my cock. Mum lay back and it looked like she was sleeping, the only movement in the rug were my hands running over her body. Her skin was so soft and smooth I couldn't keep my hands off her.

Every time I humped into her, she would huff slightly and then tell me off. I needed to cum, and while her pussy felt great on my dick I wanted to hump into her. I couldn't cum like this.

But Mum was cumming just fine, every time I felt her cum on me and tighten her pussy I had the urge to fuck into her. But I couldn't and it was killing me.

The next hour was agony and never ending pleasure for me. I couldn't fuck my mum's pussy, but she used her pussy to make me feel good. I lost count the amount of times I made her cum, just like Jenny she seemed to get off with other people around.

Finally we pulled into our drive way. We all stretched and I quickly pushed mum's breasts back into her bra before the rug fell down to her lap. She made sure it covered our naked lower halves as dad got out.

I felt a lump of fear in my guts and only mum's pulsing pussy kept me hard as dad got out and moved to the back. He walked to the boot and grabbed a few bags and moved to my window.

Mum buzzed the window down. I was nearly trembling from the fear and the need to cum. I knew if I trembled it would soon turn into fucking.

"I'll open up the house and make sure everything is all right."

Mum nodded and watched as dad left, I started to breathe again while she started to gyrate her hips. Jenny stepped out and moved to our window. She pulled the rug down and grinned at my cock in mum. Jenny's cheeks were flushed as she stared down.

I couldn't help it. I needed to cum. I started fucking mum's pussy. Mum behaved as if having her daughter watch as she was fucked by her son was normal.

I shoved my dick as deep and hard as I could into mum's pussy, before pulling out and thrusting again. Mum immediately started to bounce on my cock as Jenny pulled mum's top and bra up. She grabbed both mum's breasts and gave them a squeeze. Mum cooed softly.

Jenny poked her head inside the window and kissed mum on the lips. I heard their lips and tongues mashing against each other noisily and it turned me on even more.

"Have fun, I'm going inside to sleep."

I grunted in reply as I hammered in mum's pussy. I was so close to cumming. Mum was whimpering in pleasure, she seemed close to cumming again.

My grunts were getting faster with my thrusts. I was slamming my hips into hers, making her arse jiggle in the street lights glow. Mum's arse seemed perfect in every way, only Jenny's came close.

I gave one last mighty thrust and began to cum in mum's pussy. I was gasping in pleasure from the hours of build up as my balls erupted their load deep inside mum. I was cumming hard, my cum pulsing out of my dick like it was shot out of a gun.

Mum was moaning on top of my, gyrating her hips like mad and shuddering as she came.

I thrust into her a few more times and sighed in relief. I had just had the best and biggest cum of my life and it felt great, though it had taken all my strength.

Mum laughed and leaned back.

"Ohh. I think you filled your mum's pussy up. That felt great. We will see if next time you are so good."

I breathed into mum's ear.

"Next time I'll shove it up your arse. You'll clean my dick and then I'll fuck your pussy."

She patted me on the cheek and started to get up.

"I'm looking forward to that honey. You are my toy now. I love your dad, but I've got a fire in my belly I need put out with a nice load of cum."

I sat back and watched her stand up outside, my cum was already starting to dribble out of her pussy. I squeezed her arse before she got herself properly dressed and swayed away.

I grabbed my bag and a few others before going into the house. I somehow managed to get the rest of the bags out of the car and inside. Everyone else had gone to sleep.

I fell into my bed twenty minutes later and slept like the dead.

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