tagIncest/TabooJenny's Favorite Uncle Pete

Jenny's Favorite Uncle Pete


Jenny had just turned nineteen. She wasn't a big sports fan, but her cousins Aleesha and Sarah were. They had been playing basketball since they were kids. Now they had begun to try professional.

They were currently creating their own team, along with three other friends; Tabitha, Veronica and Brandy. They'd asked Jenny to be their cheerleader, to help them stay focused on games. The only problem was, Aleesha and Sarah's dad was the coach.

Uncle Pete was a creepy man. He had a stocky muscular build with jet black hair. It always looked greasy. He was always making deals with everyone and when it backfired, he was never to blame for anyone's lost money.

He'd become the family outcast, never coming to any kind of family functions. Jenny was glad, he always gave her the feeling that he was watching her. She wasn't sure she'd want to be around him for games and practices, but her cousins had begged her.

The first practice, Uncle Pete had all the girls including Jenny run laps. When they were finished, he got the other girls doing ball drills.

While the other girls were busy, he approached Jenny. She had been stretching out after the run. Sweat was beaded on her skin and her face was flush.

"You look like you could use some extra practice. Why don't you stay after and I'll work with you."

Even though he seemed creepier hovered over her asking her to stay late, Jenny agreed. She could use the extra help. She didn't want to look bad in front of the other girls.

When practice cleared an hour later, Jenny lagged behind the other girls. The court they used to practice was fairly private. It was behind some row houses over the hill. It was hardly used, that's why they were able to use it so often.

Uncle Pete waddled over to her. He was grinning wide and staring at her. She got goosebumps, her arms covered in bumps immediately.

"First things first, we need to work on your split. Go ahead and show me yours."

She straddled into a split, spreading her legs as low to the ground as she could. He knelt behind her, his warm breath on her neck. Gripping her legs, he ran a hand up each thigh. His fingers brushed against her panties.

Before she could protest, he gripped her legs and pushed her lower to the ground. She was now touching the ground entirely.

He held his hands on her thighs, gently rubbing up them.

Then she heard Aleesha, "Daddy, we're done now. Let's go!"

He released Jenny and said, "See you tomorrow, we'll work on this more then."

As she watched him walk away, Jenny was shocked. Had her uncle just touched her? What did he mean by it?

By the next afternoon, she had made herself believe it had just been an accident. He'd been showing her a move and bumped into her. His hands lingering on her thighs had to have been her imagination.

As everyone arrived at practice, she began warming up with toe touches and stretches. She was bent over, her round ass in the air when Uncle Pete emerged from the bath house they used to change.

He slapped her ass on the way by. She jumped, but when he did the same thing to Sarah, she relaxed some. He was just trying to be playful.

After another grueling practice, he asked Jenny to stay behind. He told her she needed to work on her flexibility. Showing her a few stretches, his hands again lingered. This time on her hips.

As he stood behind her, breathing on her neck. His hands gripped her waist. His body pressed against hers, she could feel his cock against her ass. Before she could move, her cousins emerged from the bath house.

Uncle Pete had just enough time to slip away from her before they looked up. Jenny hurried off to the bath house to freshen up, she didn't want to be around anyone.

On her walk home, she considered quitting as cheerleader. She wasn't interested in doing this anymore. She was too creeped out by Uncle Pete's behavior.

At the next practice, two days later, she felt a little better. She figured she'd refuse any after practice help and he'd leave her alone.

He'd given them a grueling workout today. Laps, drills, stretches. She'd done everything the other girls did, she wanted to keep in shape.

When she headed to the bath house with everyone else, he'd called her back. She walked slowly, not wanting to give him time for anything.

"I got you a little gift today," he grinned at her.

He handed her a gift bag, that said Sweet Taste on the side. When she opened the bag, her new cheerleader outfit was inside. Boy was he right, it was a little gift.

Holding up the tiny red skirt and mini tank, she wondered how she'd fit it. She wasn't huge, a tiny size five. Her breasts however were her biggest and best asset.

"Try it on and let me see how it fits."

Jenny was relieved to see the other girls leaving the bath house. She crumpled the uniform back up and shoved it into the bag.

Later in her room, she pulled the outfit out again. She spread it out on the bed, wondering how she was going to fit it. Her cell phone buzzed on the stand.

She picked it up and opened it, the message read: It's your favorite uncle. Have you tried on your gift yet? I want to see you in it, gotta make sure it's appropriate for the game tomorrow. Send me a photo...

She snapped her phone shut. She had to try it on, so she might as well get it over right? She peeled off her shirt and bra. The tiny red top covered her breasts, but nothing else. Her entire stomach down to the top of her pants was bare.

Slipping her jeans and panties off, she realized how tiny she looked in the outfit. She just might like it after all. Stepping into the skirt, she pulled it up to her hips. It fell just over her ass cheeks.

Rechecking the bag, she saw there was no panties for underneath. She'd have to pick some up. picking up her cell phone, she snapped a photo of herself. First the front then the back.

She attached them to a message and sent them to Uncle Pete along with a note: It looks good I think. Kinda small though, also need panties for underneath. Do you think it's appropriate?

He replied quickly: Looks great, can't wait to see it in person. Will get the panties tomorrow. Must have forgot. What did you wear with them now?

She didn't reply. She didn't want him to know she was naked under her skirt in the photos. After no response, he sent one last text: I take it you must be naked under there.

She just snapped her phone closed and ignored his texts.

The following day, Uncle Pete pressed a red cloth into her hand. When she opened it while changing, she saw it was panties. Thong panties.

After changing, the entire squad climbed into the team van. Aleesha was driving, with Sarah next to her in the passenger side. The other girls were in the back seat. That left Jenny with Uncle Pete in the middle seat.

At first he didn't seem to notice her, until the conversation dulled and the other girls began to do their own thing. He then rested his hand on her thigh, under her skirt.

No one made a move. No one even glanced up. Jenny sat in silence. She was afraid to move, nervous to leave his hand there.

When they arrived at the game, the other girls hurried inside to practice while Jenny helped unload the drinks and equipment. Uncle Pete brushed against her with every move he made. She wasn't sure what to do.

After winning the game, all the girls were exhausted. Uncle Pete took them to a buffet for dinner. While the other girls were getting seconds, he leaned in close to her.

"You looked great in your outfit today." When he moved away, his finger tips brushed her nipple. It hardened.

She quickly covered herself before the other girls returned. On the way home, he resumed his hand on her leg. She was nervous and unsure of what to do.

Once everyone said their goodbyes and headed off to their cars, she went into the bath house. Planning to shower and change out of her uniform.

Lathering herself up in the shower she thought about the day. she cupped each breast, soaping them up. As she ran her hands down her body, she thought of her uncle's touch on her nipple.

She'd gotten turned on by it, even though he was creepy. She wasn't sure how to avoid him any longer. He was trying to touch her every chance he got.

As she stepped out of the shower, she looked up to see Uncle Pete standing in the doorway. His pants were at his ankles and his hand was around his hard cock.

Jenny backed up a little, right into the wall. "What are you doing in here Uncle Pete?"

"Just watching my favorite niece. You've been quite a treat today, I've enjoyed the show."

"What show?" she asked.

"You know, the way you did your moves today. I could tell you were showing off for your favorite uncle."

"I was not!" She insisted.

"Oh, Jenny. It's alright with me. Uncle loves your tight little ass. You made my dick hard watching you."

As he spoke, he inched his way toward her. She was nervous. She'd never thought something like this would happen.

He had her pinned against the wall now. She was breathing heavy and he was enjoying watching her sweat. He grabbed her wrist and pushed her hand down on his cock. He wrapped his hand over hers and helped her stroke him.

With tears streaming down her face, she jacked him off until his cum squirted all over her stomach. He backed away and pulled his pants up.

"Thanks Jenny, I'll see you at practice tomorrow."

When he was gone, Jenny quickly rinsed his stickiness off. When she left the shower, she had no intention of returning to practice or anything else.

When she awoke the next morning, she thought about the nightmares she'd had. She kept dreaming of her uncle. He had chased her in her dream, wanting to fuck her. She had been naked and when he'd caught her, he fucked her over and over.

Before she had breakfast, Aleesha had called her.

"Hey Jenny, can you pick me up for practice today? My car won't start and Daddy and Sarah are out of town."

Jenny couldn't refuse her cousin. She agreed to pick her up.

When they arrived at the field, her uncle wasn't there. When she found out he wasn't coming, she relaxed.

Practice ended and still no sign of Uncle Pete or Sarah. She dropped Aleesha off. As she ran off, she yelled over her shoulder, "We're leaving for the game at six tomorrow."

When the next day arrived, Jenny didn't want to wear her skimpy uniform. She didn't want to cheer or travel or see her uncle anymore. She arrived at the field at promptly six. There was no sign of any of the girls. Only Uncle Pete's car in the lot.

When he appeared from behind the field house, Jenny was nervous. He looked up to something.

"Hey favorite niece of mine, the other girls had to get moving. You were going to make them late."

"But, Aleesha told me we were leaving at six."

Uncle Pete chuckeled, "You must not have heard her right. They left an hour ago. It's a long drive and they had to warm up."

"I'm not going then!" Jenny announced.

"Jenny, sweetheart. If this is about the other night, I really think you enjoyed it."

Jenny's voice crackled, "N-No, I didn't."

"Aleesha, Sarah and the rest of the team are going to be disappointed when you don't show up Jenny. They were late leaving because of you already."

Jenny sighed, she didn't want the team to be angry with her. She agreed.

Uncle Pete pulled out another bag from Sweet Taste. "Go put this on, it's your new uniform. Sarah helped me pick it out."

Ten minutes later, Jenny emerged from the bath house. Her chest was covered by a tiny tube top. Her breasts bounced when she walked because she couldn't wear a bra with it.

The skirt was small, barely covering her ass cheeks. It was glittery red and when she bent over you could see her barely covered pussy. Her pussy lips almost popped out the sides.

Uncle Pete's eyes were huge, but he didn't say a word. The only incident on the way to the game was Uncle Pete's hand rubbing her leg and then sliding under her skirt. His fingers grazed her slit through the panties.

After the game was a whole other story though. The other girls rode back together. When she'd asked someone to trade cars with her, they'd laughed it off. She was nervous.

About halfway through the ride home, Uncle Pete got off the highway. He drove down a side road then off onto an old dirt road. When he got part way down it, the road was closed.

He stopped the car and got out. Then he moved around to Jenny's door. He opened it and took her by the hand. As he pulled her out, she tried to resist him.

When he'd finally convinced her to get out, she was shaking. He pulled her against his chest before breathing into her ear. "Don't worry little girl, Uncle Pete's gonna take good care of you."

He led her off the road and into the woods for more privacy. He spread out a blanket and had her sit on it.

After taking a dozen photos of her in the new uniform, he sat beside her. Pulling her close with his arm, he turned her chin and kissed her. Not just any kiss, a long passionate french kiss.

His tongue probbed her mouth while she did the same to him. She surprised herself with the kiss. She didn't expect to see him in a sexual way, but his lips fit well with hers.

As he kissed her, he tugged her top down. Her breasts bounced out, unrestrained. She let him play with them, touching her nipples and flicking his tongue across them. As she leaned back, parting her legs slightly, he realized what she really want.

He dipped down to face her cunt, lifting her skirt up. Her tiny panties were sopping wet. His first close up view of her tasty pussy was more than he could imagine.

When he pulled her panties to the side, he revealed her bare pussy. He loved girls to be shaved and neat down there. He ran a finger over her clit. She moaned loudly.

He was glad they were in the woods. She was going to get louder. He lowered his face to her wetness.

His tongue traced her clit, flicking it a few times. He wanted to hear her scream his name. As he outlined her clit for the second time, she pressed her pussy closer for him.

She wanted his to taste her and satisfy her. He liked teasing her though. He slipped one finger then two inside her. Fucking her with his thick fingers, while tasting her cunt at the same time.

It didn't take long for her to cum. She did so quickly and with extreme force. Her body shook and her pussy dripped even more.

When she sat up to look at him, Uncle Pete poked her in the face with his cock. He wanted his turn. He tugged her ponytail and pushed his cock into her mouth. She opened wide and slobbered up and down his hard cock.

While sucking him off, she rubbed his dick between her palms. Sliding down here and there to rub his balls. Before he could cum, he yanked her back.

His cock slapped against her chin. He liked that, he liked seeing his niece on her knees with his cock almost in her mouth.

Before he could decide his next move, she took charge. Oral sex was good for them, so good she was ready to take in her uncle's cock.

She pulled off his shirt, pressing her tits to his chest. He groaned, then pulled her down on his lap. His cock entered her sweet, tight pussy.

She moaned, leaning back to watch his face. He cupped her tits as she bounced in his lap. The extra practice he'd given her had helped go far enough down that she could fill herself with his thick cock.

She was bouncing, playing with her tits, on his cock faster and faster. She came again, waves of excitement and pleasure ripped through her body. She relaxed against his chest.

She was trembling, but if he didn't get out of her soon he'd explode. He pushed her onto her back. Standing above her, he gripped his cock. Rubbing and tugging until she saw his face crinkle. His back arched and he squirted cum all over her stomach.

When they were cleaned up and dressed, he pulled her against him again. Slapping her ass before heading back to the car. Knowing this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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