tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJen's Bad Decision

Jen's Bad Decision


All Jen wanted to do that night was have a good time. It had been a long week and she was ready to go out and party. Her best friend Beth had backed out on her at the last minute but she didn't care, she was going out anyway. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had her favorite white short skirt on which showed off her shapely legs, especially in her 4" inch heel shoes. Her halter top exposed her hefty 36 D cleavage and hell, also gave everyone who looked a glimpse of her nice large nipples. And just for fun, wore no panties! She giggled to herself imaging what some guy would do when she leaned over just so and bared her ass and maybe even gave them a peek of her shaved pussy! Shit, she knew she was a tease, but she didn't care. She never had a one night stand and had no plans to start now. She just enjoyed flirting and getting free drinks from the guys all night.

Just for the hell of it, she decided to try a new night club on the other side of town. She was tired of seeing the same ole crowd where she and Beth usually went. As she entered the club she noticed it was not as nice as the ones she normally went to, and the guys here looked a bit rough, but she thought as long as she was here why not. As she headed toward the bar making sure she swung her ass a guy reached out and grabbed her around her waist and forced her onto his lap. "What a fine looking lady we have here. We don't usually see your kind in here."

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she asked him. As she tried to wiggle out of his lap, her skirt came up and exposed her bare ass. "Well now, if that ain't an invitation, I sure as hell don't know what one is. Don't you agree Brian?" Brian, sitting across the table, smiled an evil grin and nodded yes. Reaching over and sliding his hand into her top grabbing a tit saying "And look, she's even showing us her nice tits Frank."

She slapped his hand and again tried to get up. She was getting scared now and just wanted to leave. "Please let me go. I made a mistake coming here and I would just like to leave now. Can someone please help me?" She looked around trying to find some one who would be willing to do so. But all she saw were other men just leering and grinning at her. She was terrified now. "Please just let me go. I don't want any trouble."

"Well, you should have thought of that before you dressed like a slut and came in here." said some man across the room. Several men replied "Yeah."

"I think she needs to be taught a lesson. Don't ya think?" said Frank to everyone in the room. Jen's squirming on his lap had given him a huge hard on and he was now moving her bare ass back and forth on it. The more she struggled the worse it got. This can't be happening to me she thought. Tears started welling up in her eyes. "Please just let me go. I promise I won't call the police." she begged.

Frank let her stand up and said "Sure baby, after we all have some fun with you." She tried to run to the door, but Brain grabbed her. She started kicking and screaming but it only made the men laugh more. "Take her to the back room and men come up and get your number!" the man behind the bar said.

She was taken to a room that had no furniture other than a mattress on the floor. Three of the four walls had black curtains hanging from the ceiling to the floor. Dread spread through out her body. Why did I come here? What the hell was I thinking? Brain told her if she wanted to get out of there alive she better do what she is told. Terrified she nodded yes, and begged not to be hurt. "Well that remains to be seen" he said and laughed. "Now take off your clothes except for those "fuck me" shoes."

With his eyes lusting on her, she took off her skirt and top and of course was now totally naked since she wore no bra or panties that night. "Damn lady, you were begging for this weren't you?" Tears rolling down her checks she began to sob.

He ignored her and said "Watch this." He pushed a button and the curtains began to rise revealing three large glass pane windows. The center window had odd looking holes in it in various places. He pushed another button and the lighting changed and she could see out the windows to the bar she had just been in. All the men were standing around the windows; several were naked from the waist down playing with their dicks. She cried out and made a run to the door, but was easily stopped by Brian.

"Not so fast little slut. You have some work to do first before you get to go home. See them holes? Guess what you are going to do?" She looked at him with terrified eyes, it was just beginning to dawn on her what he had in mind. "Trust me, do as you are told and it will go much easier for you. Now place her arms behind you, and place your head in the large center hole and guess what you will do with your tits?"

She could hear the leering of the men in the bar, but fearing more what would happen to her if she didn't do as they said, she bent over and placed her head in the center hole and forced her nice large tits in the other two holes. The men all applauded. The closest ones grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples. She immediately tried to stand back up, but there was some apparatus around her waist now holding her in place. She could not move. Her ass and pussy were up in the air behind her. She could feel the cool air on her asshole and pussy. As several men continued to grab her tits someone yelled "See, you must have some large ones to do this!" They all laughed.

She could not believe this was happening to her. If wasn't for the apparatus holding her in place she felt her knees would buckle under her. And to think all these men will watch as she endures who the hell knows what. Tears streamed down her face. Her tits were already sore from the rough handing. It was like a bad dream, yet it was real.

"Okay -- numbers 1 -3 you're first in the room, 4 -- 6 you have her mouth. Everyone else enjoy the show until your number is called!" yelled out the bar man. "And slut, no biting or you will be damn sorry."

Before Jen could even react, a man stepped up and took his huge cock and started slowly moving it up and down on her face spreading his pre cum wetness across her face. "Open up bitch" he said. She had only given oral sex to one guy before and hated it, but he at least wasn't that large. This guy's cock she thought must be at least 8" long. There is no way I can have that in my mouth. But that was exactly what he did. He slowly pushed his hard cock in her mouth, gagging and chocking her. "Relax the throat bitch, it will be easier for you." He continued to move his cock in and out of her mouth. She thought her mouth would split due to the sheer size of his cock and continually gagged as he thrust it down her throat. She felt his stomach against her face and knew he had forced his entire cock into her mouth and throat.

"See slut, you can do it. Now keep that throat open and get ready" he told her. He grabbed the back of her head and now moved his cock expertly in and out of her mouth slamming his lower stomach into her face with each thrust. All Jen could do was concentrate on keeping her throat relaxed and breath through her nose.

"Now suck on it like there is no tomorrow" he told her. She starting sucking on it as he continued to face fuck her. Her huge tits were bouncing with each thrust and some other guy was grabbing her tits, sucking on each nipple. Her nipples grew hard and erect under his mouth and in spite of herself, her pussy was getting wet. How can this be turning me on she wondered. She could hear the leering of the men in the room and could only image what she looked like with her head and tits sticking out of the holes into the bar area and her ass and pussy being exposed behind the glass windows for everyone to see.

Meanwhile, numbers 1 -3 came into the back room. All were well hung, of course Jen was unaware of this at the moment, but she would find out very shortly. One guy started fingering her and playing with her clit. "Hey everyone, this slut is so wet! She loves it!" The bar crowd cheered. To the horror of Jen, she knew her body was beginning to betray her. As the guy was fingering her, she found herself rubbing up against his hand. Some other guy was sucking her ass and one was rubbing his hard on up and down her legs. Please someone stick it in she thought.

As though reading her mind, the guy fingering her said "Beg me to fuck you. You know you want my huge cock in that wet pussy of yours." Jen shook her head as she continued to have her mouth fucked hard. So the guy started fingering her harder and starting pulling on her clit that had already grown swollen and quite sensitive. He felt her shudder. "Beg me, you know you need the relief." She muffled through the cock in her mouth, "Fuck me." With that he plunged his 7" into her wet pussy. She moaned in pleasure. The crowd cheered. No one could believe what a slut she had turned in to.

She felt him slide into her. And at the moment, she really didn't care what she looked like; she just knew it felt great. She wanted him to fuck her and fuck her hard. And that is exactly what he did. As his balls were slapping against her ass, one guy was rubbing his hard cock on her backside and the other was reaching underneath her playing with her clit. Her cunt and clit were on fire, she had never felt like this before. The men in the bar were all standing their watching playing with their own hard ons wanting their turn.

The guy that was face fucking her was about to cum and he knew exactly what to do. He pulled out and cam all over Jen's face. "A slut always needs cum on her face" he told her. "Now lick me clean." She felt degraded and humiliated at that moment even with the pleasure of being fucked hard from behind. Cum was dripping down her face and hair. The oral sex she could do without. But that was not to be. Before she could even say "no more", some other guy shoved his cock down her throat. She immediately gagged and felt her throat close up. Shit, he is even bigger than the last one. This is going to kill me she thought.

The guy that was fucking her was about to cum. She felt him grow inside her and instinctively tightened her pussy around his growing cock massaging it. He moaned in pleasure and dropped his load deep inside her. She too had an orgasm. The clit and the fucking were just too much for her. He pulled out and before her shuddering had subsided, someone else took over. She felt her pussy stretch even more. Shit, how large is he? She was unaware of how the numbering took place for the back room. With each new number, the cock got larger. She would figure this out after a few more guys.

Her body felt like it was on fire. She was continually poked, pulled, tweaked, sucked and of course fucked! She had lost count of how many men had fucked her or how many men she had sucked. It felt like hundreds, but actually she was only up to number 12. She was acutely aware though that the cocks were getting larger. Her pussy was being stretched more than it ever had and was raw. Cum was dripping out of her pussy running down her legs. She had cum all over her ass where others had pulled out instead. She could no longer open her eyes due the cum on her face and her stomach was swollen from all the cum she had swallowed. She knew she could not do this much longer. Surely they were almost done.

The guy currently fucking her pulled out and cam on her backside slapping his cock on her ass as he did so. At the same time the guy face fucking her cam inside her mouth forcing her to swallow yet more cum. Then everything stopped. She heard the men applauding and she thought oh thank goodness it is over. Someone took a bucket of cool water and threw it on her face, she sputtered, but it felt good getting some of the cum off of it.

"Open your eyes slut" someone told her. "I can't, I still have too much cum on them" she replied. She felt a cloth go over her eyes and she opened them. "You did well, slut. But before we finish, you still have one more cock to take up that fine pussy of yours and we wanted you to see it first."

She shook her head and pleaded "Please, no more. I can't take it. Just let me go." She heard laughter around her. "You have just one more cock to take and this part will be over." she was told by Frank. She was so ready to get the hell out of there all she heard was the word "over" and thought ok, I can do this, just one more and I will be able to leave. What she did not hear was "this part".

"Tell us you want one more huge cock in that wet pussy." he said. She shook her head no. She was not going to beg for it. Screw them she thought. "Say it or we will start all over instead."

"Fine, I want one more cock" she said.

"No, slut, beg for it like you mean it. If we don't think you mean it, we go back to the beginning."

"Please fuck my wet pussy with one more huge cock." She said through clenched teeth.

"Your wish is our command slut. Take a look at this huge cock."

The biggest man Jen had ever seen stepped out of the crowd of men. He was well over 7' feet. He said, "Hey slut, take a look at the cock you are about to take in that wet pussy". Jen's eyes widen in fear. His damn dick was about 11" in length and was over 4" in circumference.

"You will tear me apart with that" she cried out.

"You are well lubed up bitch with all that cum inside you, don't worry, it will only hurt a little." he said laughing.

He disappeared and she heard the door open behind her. "Please don't do this" she begged him. He answered her by rubbing his hard cock up and down her backside. He slapped her ass with it a few times. It felt so fucking heavy, how would he ever get it in her she wondered. He took his huge fingers and moved them in and out of her pussy stretching her lips outward, loosening her up. And again, her pussy betrayed her by immediately getting wet. "Hell, you couldn't be any wetter slut."

He took the head of his hard cock and pushed it up against her opening and teased her with it by moving it around and rubbing it on her clit. She moaned and the men cheered. She was horrified, but her body was not listening to her mind. She pushed back against him feeling the head stretch her pussy open. "Oh please" she said, "Slide it in" Oh, shit did she just say that she thought to herself. He pushed the head all the way into her pussy, the lips stretching grossly outward to take the head. Jen felt she was about to split open, nothing had ever been that large in her pussy before. She could not believe the pain and pleasure she felt.

He continued to push inch by inch into her pussy, lifting her feet off the ground with each thrust. It felt so damn good. Her cunt so tight around his cock. He had trouble getting woman to fuck him because of his sheer size so he really loved when the club had a night like this. Wow, what a whore she turned out to be. He had just a couple more inches to go and with one hard thrust he plummeted the rest of his 11" into her pussy pushing up against her cervix. She screamed in agony. The men cheered. "Fuck her" they all yelled. And that is exactly what he did. With long quick strokes, he pushed in and out slamming his huge balls against her ass.

With each thrust, Jen's face showed the pain she was feeling. She was breathing hard through her mouth, trying not to faint. She felt as though his damn dick was going to pop out of her mouth. The men in the bar were saying things like "Enjoy that bitch?" "Is he big enough for you?" "Not so high and mighty now are you?" "Take it slut." They just kept cheering the giant behind her as he plunged in and out of her. The guys at the side windows could see her pussy gaping open as he slid out each time. Her lips just hanging open. "Fuck her" they all yelled again.

The hard fucking continued for several minutes. Jen didn't know how much longer she could take it. "Massage my dick bitch if you really want me to cum." She thought how the hell can I do that, I am stretched beyond imagination you dumb bastard. But she found the strength to start tightening her pussy with every thrust. He moaned in pleasure. Damn it felt so good.

He began to play with her clit. And again, Jen's body started to respond. Her face showed her concentration as she continued to flex her pussy muscles as he fucked her. He began to move faster in and out, rubbing her clit. She now moaned in pleasure. "You about ready to have an orgasm?" he grunted. She responded by flexing even harder on his cock. She totally forgotten the men around her and only concentrated on her pussy and the fire that was building. "Yes, Yes" she screamed.

With one final thrust, he exploded deep inside her loading her up with the most cum she had had all night. She in turn had the biggest organism of the night. Her entire body shuddered in ecstasy. He pulled out and a gush of cum mixed with her own juices ran down her legs. He took his dick and slapped her ass. "What a good fuck you, slut." Jen just hung her head. She was exhausted, humiliated and sore. She just wanted to go home.

"Okay, you said just one more and it would be over. So please let me go." She said.

"Now wait a minute, I believe I said just one more cock and THIS PART would be over. I didn't say you were free to go home." Frank said. The men all laughed.

Jen was too stunned to respond. Her body was battered and bruised. What else could they do to her that they hadn't already? It slowly hit her that no one had really done anything to her ass. Oh please not that she thought. Seeing her eyes betray her thoughts, Frank said "Yep, you're right. But first we have some prep work to do on you."

To be continued...

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