tagGroup SexJen's Birthday Pt. 06

Jen's Birthday Pt. 06


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Jen awoke cuddled next to Stacey under the covers. She briefly wondered where Jeff had gotten off to, but began focusing almost immediately on how amazing Stacey's soft voluptuous body felt next to her. Jen nuzzled up to her and spooned her from behind and she was rewarded as Stacey pressed her ass into her. Jen remembered that today was her actual birthday and she thought what a wonderful way to start it, cuddled up against Stacey's naked body.

After a minute of wiggles and subtle cuddles between them Stacey turned toward Jen and said, "Good morning."

Jen responded, "Good morning beautiful."

As Stacey settled on her back Jen noticed her wince as her full breasts settled on her chest. Without a word Jen peeled back the sheet and exposed Stacey's right nipple. It was large and pink and a small drop of milk had formed at its tip. Jen leaned in and licked it and then took it in her mouth and sucked deeply.

Meanwhile next door Jill woke to the sound of birds chirping as the dull light of early morning streamed in through the window. Her eyes felt heavy as she blinked them and tried to focus. It had been an amazing night, but at the moment she wished she had managed another hour or two of sleep. She rolled out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to pee. As she did so the disturbance caused Jeff to roll to his left and resettled his head on the pillow.

When Jill sat down on the toilet she felt a slight ache on her backside and she realized she was just a little bit sore from the ass fucking she had received from Jack the evening before. "Unbelievable, what an amazing night of wanton lust" she thought. She had never experienced or even dreamed of anything like it. After she finished urinating she decided a warm shower would feel nice so she turned on the shower and while she waited for the water to warm she recalled how incredibly erotic it was to fuck two men at the same time.

With the water now warm she slid into the shower and let the water cascade across her skin. It felt very soothing and she just stood there for several minutes letting the water wash over her. The recollection of how it felt to have John's big cock in her cunt and Jack's in her ass caused her to quiver. The sensations had been overwhelming. Jeff had double penetrated her a number of times with toys and fingers, and while that had been very stimulating it did not really compare to having two real cocks inside you thrusting toward orgasm. And the feeling of two cocks filling her with cum one after the other had been a uniquely erotic one. She never reaches orgasm from just penetration, some stimulation of her clit has always been necessary, but those two hard cocks thrusting in and out of her simultaneously had catapulted her to an incredible orgasm.

Jill grabbed the bar of soap and began washing her entire body, covering her skin with slippery suds. And then, after placing the soap in the tray, she slid her soapy right hand between her legs and gently washed her cunt and inner thighs. Then she slid her soapy left hand behind her and jutting her bottom out a little she washed her backside. Tingles of pleasure shot through her as she rubbed little slippery circles around her puckered asshole and thought about how wonderful it had felt when Jack spray his cum deep inside her ass.

Jill allowed the warm water to pour over her for several minutes while she let her hands wander all over her body, rinsing the soap from her. Finally, she reluctantly shut the water off and reached for a towel and dried herself. With the towel wrapped around her for warmth she brushed her teeth.

Next door Jen, having emptied Stacey's right tit, moved over to her left and was sucking greedily. It was incredibly arousing to have her tits sucked and Stacey's cunt was dripping wet as she recalled the events of the last few days. She slowly gyrated her hips and rubbed little circles on her sensitive clit while Jen sucked the milk from her breasts.

When Jen had finally emptied Stacey's left tit she leaned up and tenderly kissed Stacey and then slid down between her legs and kissed her clit. Stacey pulled her cunt lips apart and fully exposed her clit and trembled with anticipation. With the tip of her tongue Jen teased the little nub that had slipped out from under its hood. Each time Jen's tongue slipped across her Stacey jumped.

Jen let her tongue slide down between Stacey's cunt lips and licked at the delicious folds before pushing it deeply into her cunt.

Stacey moaned and desperately begged, "please make me cum!"

After several more deep thrusts of her tongue into Stacey's slippery opening Jen licked her in one long stroke from her asshole to her clit, causing Stacey to shudder with pleasure. And increasing the rhythm and intensity, Jen then licked circles around Stacey's sensitive clit.

Now panting and thrusting her hips to meet Jen's tongue, Stacey let out in a low whisper, "yes, yes, yes... make me cum."

Jen caressed Stacey's inner thighs and then let her fingers travel up to her cunt. While continuing to relentlessly lap at Stacey's clit she slid one, then two fingers into Stacey and began rubbing the ridges of her g-spot with the slippery tips of her fingers, which caused Stacey to buck and moan deeply. Jen kept up the same enthusiastic rhythm with her tongue and fingers and Stacey's grew quiet and her body stiffened as she rapidly approached her climax. Then suddenly releasing her labia and grabbing her jiggling breasts with both hands Stacey's orgasm came to her and she thrashed about on the bed as she squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Her orgasm rippled through her in waves as she convulsed and thrust her cunt into Jen's mouth.

Jen continued to kiss and lick Stacey's vagina while her climax slowly ebbed. She held her softly and slowly caressed Stacey's legs and stomach while Stacey's breathing gradually returned to normal.

"I need to pee," Jen softly announced after a couple of minutes. And she wiggled free of the covers and made her way over to the bathroom.

After peeing and washing her hands Jen decided to brush her teeth. While she brushed she wondered again where Jeff had gotten off to. She was very aroused and wanted to be fucked again. She decided that she and Stacey would go in search of one or more of the boys and wake them up, however, when she returned to the bedroom she found Stacey had fallen back to sleep. The covers were half draped over her so that her huge breasts remained exposed. Jen stood for several seconds and stared at the large sexy breasts slowly rising and falling with each breath. "So fucking sexy" she thought. She considered waking her, but then she resolved to go next door and fuck whomever she found there.

Jen slowly and quietly made her way out of the room and made her way to the room next door. She could hear the shower running in the bathroom off the living room and for a second contemplated joining whoever was in there, but then decided to see if she could find the hard cock she needed in the bedroom. She slowly opened the door and peered inside. She could make out one person beneath the covers, but could not tell immediately who was there. On the floor at the end of the bed she saw Jill's sexy sandals and quickly made for them. She slid them on and as she slowly walked to the side of the bed she caught a glimpse of her refection in the full length mirror on the closet door. Pausing for a second she looked herself up and down. Her hair was a bit tussled, but she thought she looked sexy as she let her eyes linger on her very erect little pink nipples and then her hairless pussy. When her eyes traveled down her long legs and settled on Jill's heels on her feet she felt a shudder of excitement as she again realized that wearing Jill's sexy shoes really turned her on. Now more desperate than ever for a fuck she turned toward the bed and could see John's head of brown hair on the pillow.

In the far bedroom Jill returned from her shower and Jeff stirred as she slid back into bed next to him. She leaned in and kissed him softly on his cheek.

"Good morning," she whispered.

Turning toward her, "Good morning... I love you."

"I love you too."

Snuggling up against Jill Jeff asked, "How are you?"

"I'm well. A little tired, but well. How are you?"

Jeff pulled himself up against Jill until her breasts squished up against his chest and replied, "A little tired too. I guess we can try and catch up on sleep when we get home. This has been an incredible weekend, but a little light on sleep."

He reached down and drew his fingers up Jill's inner thigh until he could feel her pubic hairs tickling his finger tips and then let his hand travel back down and then up her other thigh. When he again felt her pubic hairs on his fingers he slid them between her legs and pressed them against her pussy lips.

He found her lips were very slippery and said, "Wow you are very wet. What have you been thinking about?"

"I was replaying last night in my head when I was in the shower."

Gathering some of the slippery fluid on his finger tip Jeff started gently rubbing Jill's clit and asked "What in particular were you remembering?"

"A lot happened, but I was thinking about how it felt when John and Jack fucked me at the same time."

"Wow, please tell me all about it."

"Well they had both been fucking and licking me for a long time. They each had already made me cum by licking me while the other fucked my mouth or tits. Then John laid down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. His cock is so thick, it felt wonderful sliding inside me."

"Was it difficult to get it inside you?"

Grabbing hold of Jeff's hard cock that was poking her in the belly and stroking it, Jill replied, "No, I was so wet and aroused it just slid right inside me. Then I felt Jack slide up behind me and he kissed the back of my neck while he caressed my bottom. I had an idea of what he intended to do when he reached down and gathered some of my wetness from my pussy lips, as John's cock pistoned in an out of me, and spread it on my asshole. I was a little nervous but my body was tingling all over and I was intrigued by the possibility of having both of their cocks in me at the same time."

"What happened next?"

"Jack slid his fingers back down between my legs and caressed my cunt while John fucked me. While he did this he slid down and lightly licked my asshole. It was so sensitive that it sent shock waves through me. Then he reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a tube of lube. It was then I knew for sure what he intended to do. I was still a little apprehensive but very excited. Soon he was applying copious amounts of cool slippery lube to my asshole and his cock."

"Oh my god, that is so hot!"

"Then I felt the head of his cock slide against my asshole. It was very slippery. I was momentary distracted when John reached up and squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples, but then I felt the head of Jack's cock pressing urgently against my asshole. It seemed an impossibility that he would somehow manage to get it inside me. But slowly the tip of his cock worked its way in. I thought I was going to cum right then and there. It was so erotic to feel him opening me up as I rode up and down John's big cock."

"I wish I was there and got to see you!"

Rubbing her finger over the tip of Jeff's cock Jill added, "Jack pulled his cockhead out and added more cool lube to me. Then he pressed inside me again, this time a little deeper than before. He told me that my pretty asshole looked so hot and he could hardly wait to fill it with his cum. I was delirious with anticipation. Then with several gentle thrusts he entered me deeper and deeper. The coolness of the lubricant was briefly replaced with a slight burning sensation, but that quickly transitioned to an incredible feeling of fullness as he managed to completely enter me. For several seconds he just held me and kissed my neck while John fucked me even harder."

Jeff was now fucking Jill with two fingers and squeezing her breast with his other hand. He leaned in and kissed her passionately and then asked breathlessly, "What happened then?"

"Jack reached around and grabbed hold of my breasts and squeezed. And then he began to fuck my ass. After a few slow short strokes he quickened his pace in order to match John's thrusts. I thought I was going to pass out the sensations of those two hard cocks fucking me in rhythm were so incredible. Electricity was surging through my body as they alternately entered me. Both Jack and John were very excited and seemed to be in a race to cum first. I told them I wanted them to both spray their cum in me at the same time and that made them fuck me even harder. Jack let go of my tits and grabbed my ass hard as he fucked me. Then suddenly John screamed that he was cumming and I could feel his hot cum spraying into my cunt."

Jeff let out a low groan before he said, "We could hear him. It was amazing! I ached so much to be with you."

Jill continued, "I remember concentrating on those hard slippery cocks fucking me and then I was taken by surprise when an incredibly intense orgasm ripped through me. I've never had one like it. I seemed to rush up as a geyser from my soul. I was shaking and quivering for what seemed like minutes while they both continued fucking me. John reached up and grabbed my hips and held me on his spent cock while Jack continued to fuck my ass. Several mini-orgasms rippled through me as Jack fucked me harder and harder. Jack let his hands wander down my legs to my feet as he raced toward his own orgasm. He caressed my ankles and toes through my strappy sandals, which sent bolts of electricity up my legs to my cunt and ass. Then Jack reached up and grabbed my hips and plunged his hard slippery cock into my ass over and over again until he grunted and erupted in my ass, spraying his hot cum in me."

"Oh my god. That is sooo fucking hot! When we heard you all fucking Jen went over to see what you were doing. She came back and told me and Stacey what you were doing and I almost passed out from lust and desire."

After kissing him deeply and probing his mouth with her tongue Jill whispered, "I hope Stacey and Jen took care of you."

"Oh yes! It was incredible. But I wish I could have seen you get fucked like that."

"Would you like to fuck my ass while John fucks my cunt?"


"He is just down the hall, should we go see if he is interested?"

"YES! I'd like that."

Jeff and Jill excitedly jumped out of bed and completely naked hurried toward the door. Making their way to the last bedroom off the living room they found the door ajar and peered in. They saw Jen, wearing just the heels Jill had left the night before, sitting on John and impaling herself on his thick cock. After a moment's hesitation Jeff and Jill proceeded into the room and made their way to the foot of the bed and watched mesmerized for several seconds as John's slick cock plunged in and out of Jen's beautiful cunt.

Jill moved to the side of the bed and reached out and caressed Jen from the back of her neck to her ass. Jen's body jolted with the electric touch and surprise as she was so focused on the hard thick cock inside her that she had not realized anyone else had entered the room.

Jen turned toward Jill and panted, "his cock feels so good."

Leaning in and gently holding Jen's face with her hands Jill kissed her. Jeff meanwhile had climbed onto the bed and began caressing Jen's long sexy legs and round ass. Jen moaned her approval as Jill's tongue probed her mouth.

After breaking off the kiss Jill looked Jen in the eyes and said, "Happy birthday!"

"Thanks. This feels so fucking good."

Looking down at John Jill said, "good morning" before leaning down and kissing him softly on the lips.

Jill then reached for Jen's small tits and caressed them. She alternated between squeezing them and pinching the hard pink nipples. Jeff then moved his hand down Jen's ass and slid his fingers across both sides Jen's sodden pussy lips that were parted around John's cock. They were very wet and slippery and he very much enjoyed the close up view he was getting of John's slick cock pistoning in and out of her pretty little cunt. But soon Jeff found himself fixated on Jen's puckered pink asshole, which was ever so slightly contracting and expanding with each thrust of John's cock.

Appearing to read his mind Jill released Jen's breasts and grabbed the tube of lube from the bedside table and handed it to Jeff. She gave him a knowing smile as she moved to the other side of the bed where there was more room. Mounting the bed she laid back with her head on John's chest and began licking and sucking on Jen's breasts, which hovered just above her. John then reached over and began fondling Jill's sexy breasts while she spread her legs lewdly and began massaging her clit.

Jeff, now armed with lube in one hand and Jen's pussy in the other decided to copy the deeds Jill had described to him earlier. Gathering some of the ample fluid leaking from Jen's cunt on his fingers he gently smeared it on Jen's asshole. The small pink bud glistened invitingly.

Jen howled, "OH MY GOD!"

Jeff leaned in and flicked his tongue across Jen's convulsing little pink bud causing her to shudder. Gathering more of her juices he again covered her asshole with them. And again he brought his mouth to her, but this time he kissed and licked at her wrinkled hole passionately. Jen screamed her approval and was slamming her cunt down on John's cock with increased force. After several more seconds of swirling his tongue around Jen's sensitive bottom, Jeff rose and applied several large globs of lube to his fingers.

Ever so softly he then smeared the slippery fluid all over Jen's asshole. Then he did the same to his hard cock. While he stroked his cock and covered it with lube he looked over at the breathtakingly hot sight of his sexy wife's long legs splayed wide while she vigorously masturbated and John fondled her tits. Jeff let his eyes wander down her legs to her feet and he watched as Jill's toes and feet twisted and wriggled. Her feet are sooo fucking sexy he thought, and releasing his cock he reached down and lightly caressed her foot, causing Jill's foot to twitch as she let out a moan.

Jeff then returned his attention to his cock and applied several more drops of lube to the throbbing and twitching tip. He was now looking down at Jen's slick asshole and John's cock plunging in and out of her pussy. Lining up the tip of his cock with her little wrinkled hole Jeff pushed his cock head against her.

Jen trembled as she felt the head of Jeff's cock slide passed her slippery asshole in rhythm with the thrusts of John's cock, as Jeff attempted to align his cock with her small opening. Jen had never felt so aroused. Every time Jill would suck on one of her nipples she felt a jolt of electricity shoot from her nipples to her cunt and asshole. Now with Jeff's cock sliding passed her very sensitive asshole, electric spasms shot down her legs to her toes and her cunt tingled as John's thick cock slid in and out of her.

Jeff's cock slid past her several more times and the anticipation Jen felt was becoming desperate. Jen had fantasized about this for so long. She had imagined it in dozens of scenarios. Now it was about to happen. Time seemed to stand still as she waited for Jeff to enter her and she felt suspended in space as her body focused on the sensations she was feeling. Then suddenly it happened. On one of the down strokes her bottom was making on John's thick cock the head of Jeff's cock slipped into her well lubricated ass. Jen grunted her approval as tingly waves of electricity shot between her asshole and her clit.

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