tagBDSMJens Delights Ch. 01

Jens Delights Ch. 01


This is the next step in Jen's development and is a follow-on story to "The Awakening" series. If you want to follow Jen from first discovering this to now, you need to start with those stories.

The following Wednesday morning, Matt's alarm went off at 0640. He usually took about 5 minutes to wake up and get moving and then got into the shower. He slept naked and peeled back the covers to get out of bed. He noticed that Jen was already up, which was a surprise. As soon as his feet hit the floor and his eyes were more open, he could see in the little bit of light coming into the room that there was someone there, next to the bed and kneeling on the floor. As he stared into the gloom, the bathroom door opened and Jen came out. Now there was enough light for him to see and he looked from Jen back to see Christine kneeling there, naked. She didn't look up.

"Master, I am here to shave you and Mistress has asked me to wait here for your permission."

I looked at Jen. She nodded toward Christine telling me to get on with it. "Christine, I want you to go start the shower and tell me when it is warm. There is a seat in the shower stall and you may shave me there." Christine bustled into the bathroom and I stood up and went to Jen. "You are more and more surprising."

She smiled. "You don't know the half of it."


"Well... Christine and I have been talking since Sunday. She is a very submissive girl and has the desire to serve us fully. What happened at the party just confirmed it for her. She had tried to get her boyfriend to participate, but he couldn't do it. They broke up last week just before the party and he moved out. She can't afford the apartment by herself, so I have ordered her to move in with us. She will have her own room, but sleep most of her nights on the floor at the base of our bed on a small mattress I have found for her. She will be our slave and there are many ground rules that I will have to go over with you. For instance, she is my slave primarily, but you may command her. She is to be naked at all times in the house, no matter who is here. The others I'll go over later, but for now, go get shaved and she'll give you a blowjob. She doesn't get to have sex or an orgasm until she proves herself to me." She smiled. "So go get blown!"

"Wow! You are something! I love you, Jen."

She smiled and hugged me. "Just let me know if you are up for this, because I'm not sure I can change the course I'm headed in."

Matt hesitated for a moment. "I'm in. I love you and I'm in."

Jen smiled. "I hope so. I love you, but I have to do this."

Matt kissed her and went into the bathroom where Christine had the shower ready, the room already getting a little steamy. Matt climbed in and Christine got right behind him. She proceeded to first wash his hair, the rest of his body, and finally, his crotch. He sat down on the small seat in one corner and she went to work on his crotch. She rubbed shaving cream around his dick and balls and proceeded to shave him quickly. She kept him hard by sucking on him every so often. When she was done rinsing him off, she leaned back. "Mistress said I can only suck you off this morning."

"Very well. Suck me off!"

Christine immediately bent over and started sucking Matt's dick. She gave it a few quick bobs, and then pulled off. She lifted it and licked from under his balls up over them and all the way to the top of his dick. She started sucking in earnest, bobbing up and down. She seemed to know that it wouldn't take long for Matt to cum. And it didn't. After only three or four minutes of sucking, Matt filled her mouth with cum. She swallowed it all. Then she turned off the shower and got out. Matt followed her out of the tub and she was waiting with a towel to dry him. Matt wondered if bathing and drying him was to be a morning ritual.

Jen came in just as he was dry. "Oh, good. You're out. Go ahead and shave and get dressed while Christine bathes me." She turned to Christine. "Christine, you must not play with yourself at any time until I tell you. Now start the shower again. I want you to bath me and shave my legs and pussy."

Christine started the shower again and the two of them climbed in. Matt stared for a second and then got on with his day, realizing if he didn't get moving he'd be late for work.

Matt found that since he usually got home before Jen, that he had time to take stock of Christine's development. Jen was working her over pretty hard right now. She had not been allowed to cum on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. When Saturday rolled around, Matt slept in and when he got up, he was alone. He looked at the mattress at the end of the bed. Christine was sleeping there most nights, but some nights Jen let her return to her room. Of course, she was naked all the time. When he got home from work, he could get a blowjob immediately if he wanted. He had not fucked Christine since that first toy party and was dying to do so, but Jen had given Christine her orders and she was reveling in following them as much as Jen was reveling in giving them. Matt searched the internet and learned that there were indeed people who were happy to serve in this manner, but he was still shocked at her complete capitulation. She was naked every night and he got a blowjob as soon as he got home. She cooked dinner a couple of nights, but was not required to do so every day.

Matt rose, put on his robe, and walked downstairs. He found Jen on the couch; legs spread wide, Christine between them on her knees bringing Jen to an orgasm. He watched silently, his dick hardening. His view was from the side, but he wanted to walk up and plunge his dick in to Christine's red-haired pussy really badly. As soon as Jen was done he walked in. Christine was sitting back on her haunches and Jen was lying there with her legs splayed wide. She made no attempt to close them. She just smiled at Matt.

Christine was asking Jen. "Mistress, may I please cum?"

Jen looked at Christine. "No, sweetie, you can't. Maybe later." She turned to Matt. "Hey, baby. Just had my first morning orgasm. Wanna give me another?" She winked.

Matt smiled. His morning wood was at full staff and he just let his robe drop, leaving him naked. "You look so delicious with your legs spread like that, your juices all over Christine's face, your pussy so wet and on display."

He walked over to his beautiful wife and knelt in front of her. He looked down at her pussy and lined up his dick. He pushed it in. Jen moaned.

"Yes, baby. Give me that dick and your baby juice. Fuck me and fill me with cum so that our little slut can clean me out."

Matt loved it when she talked dirty and it always translated to 'Fuck me hard!' So he did. He started pounding his wife, sliding his dick in and out, watching it as it pushed in until his bare pubis banged against hers. Then he watched the way her lips clung to the sides of his dick as he pulled it back out. He loved watching that. He looked up and her eyes were closed. Her tits were bouncing around, the nipples hard and wet, probably from Christine sucking them. He buried his dick in her and started rotating his hips. Keeping contact against her clit and making Jen writhe.

"Oh, yes, baby. That's it. Make me cum."

Matt complied and knew he would cum soon with his dick buried in Jen and the overall mood of pure sex in the room. He rose up, lifting Jen's legs with him to give himself a chance to get his legs under himself with his feet on the floor. He wanted to pile drive her at the end. He was then a little startled when he felt movement between his legs, but looked back over his shoulder to see Christine crawl under him. He had forgotten about her, but she had not forgotten about them. She started licking his balls and up to asshole. Then he felt her head and nose as she tried to bury it down under them to get to Jen's ass. He knew it wouldn't be long now. He really started pounding now, Christine moving her head out of the way for fear of being smacked around, but still feeling around where they were joined. Jen went first, moaning and groaning and screaming his name. He loved that and it finished him off.

"Oh, fuck, here it cums!"

Matt buried his dick in Jen and erupted. He shot several times in her and then fucked her lightly some more to finish off his orgasm and milk all the cum out of his cock.

When Matt finished, He lowered the two of them back to the couch and withdrew his dick. Christine immediately leaned over and sucked him. Jen was laying there in the afterglow of two orgasms in 15 minutes, but told him about more of Christine's duties.

"Matt, any time you cum, she has to clean you off; no matter what, when, or where. That's one of the rules."

Matt just moaned as she slurped on his sensitive dick.

When Christine finished she looked up at Matt. "Thank you, Master. " She then turned to Jen. "Mistress, may I clean you, too?"

"Yes, my pretty little cum slut, you may suck Matt's cum from my dirty cunt."

She smiled up at Matt and winked. She loved using dirty language now and Matt thought he might even get another erection hearing that, but it didn't happen while he watched Christine slurp and suck and clean up his wife's pussy.

"Thank you, Mistress. May I cum now?" Christine was pleading now. She sounded almost like she was in pain.

"No, not yet. Please go into the kitchen and get out some bagels from the freezer. Make a couple for all of us." Jen watched her go and turned to Matt. "She is amazing. I have had to use no real force yet. I have lightly spanked her a couple of times, but by and large, she really wants to serve us. She said from the moment I ordered her around that she wanted me as her Mistress. And I love it! I want to do it with more people on a more permanent basis. Does that sound bad?"

Matt considered it for a moment. "Well, I suppose not. I'm a little concerned about what we are doing and what we have time for. I still want to go out and have vacations with just us, I think. Don't you think so?"

"Well. I hadn't thought that far ahead. I know that we will want to have weekends with just us. I just don't think I can let his go. I think I am finding that this is who I really am."

"Okay. But we have more distant future things that we can discuss later, like having a family. Other than that, I want to you to continue to do what you are doing if it makes you happy."

"Thanks, hon. Now don't you have a golf game this afternoon?"

"Fuck! Yeah, I better get ready. I slept so late I forgot about it." Matt ran upstairs to prepare.

Jen got up and went into the kitchen. The bagels were being buttered by the naked Christine and Jen loved the view. She went over and smacked Christine on the ass. "You were excellent this morning, baby. I think you get a treat. Later today, when I tell you, you may cum." She then ran her fingers under Christine's ass and onto her soaking wet pussy. "I can see that you are raring to go, too. Don't worry, you'll get some later."

"Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress!" Christine sounded relieved. She had given five blowjobs and had sex with her Mistress four times since her last orgasm. She was getting desperate, but afraid to beg too much for them for fear that she would get punished. She figured that was why she was sleeping in Mistress' bedroom; Mistress was keeping an eye on her.

"Christine, it's such a nice day. Why don't you go sunbathe on the deck for awhile? I want you to get some sun, just don't burn."

"Yes, Mistress." Christine was a little scared about being outside naked, but her Mistress demanded it. She just hoped that she could cum soon.

Jen took Matt's bagel up to him while Christine got out some sunscreen and went out on the deck. Matt left about 20 minutes later and Jen took a leisurely shower. She came out and looked out from her bedroom window and down onto the deck. There was the beautiful slut she was commanding, laying there, her tits and pussy on display. Jen was about to turn away from the window when she noticed movement in the bushes along their fence. There were tall evergreens along the inside of the fence between Matt and Jen's yard and that of the new neighbors. They were a couple in their late 30's who and a teenage daughter. Jen didn't know them very well, but thought that maybe the husband, who seemed a bit of a wimpy accountant, might be spying on the lovely Christine. She quickly slipped on her shorts and tank top, grabbed the video camera, and ran downstairs. She went out the front door and around the other side of the neighbors' house to the far gate. She slowly opened it and was thankful that it didn't make noise. Jen thought that maybe she could catch the fucker jacking off to Christine and fuck with him a little. She started the camera and slowly edged her way around the house. She was looking at the back of the peeper who was parting the bushes lightly with one hand and had the other in their crotch. But the real surprise for Jen was that it was Dana, the mother, who was peeping and rubbing her clit. She had pulled her shorts down just under her butt and it was cupping what appeared to be a very nice firm ass. Jen giggled to herself. She was going to enjoy this.

She crept closer and zoomed in so that Dana filled the entire frame. Then, suddenly, Dana let go of the bushes, put her hand over her mouth, and shuddered as she had a pretty good orgasm. Jen kept filming and slowly moved around to the right of Dana. Finally, Dana saw her and almost screamed. She squeaked and then scrambled to try to pull up her shorts and pull down her blouse, which had been pulled up over her tits. Jen captured it all live and in color. It was priceless. Finally, she got straightened up and she was as red as a beet. She looked at Jen and tried to take a hard stand.

"What the fuck are you doing in my back yard?"

Jen took a harder one. "I'm filming somebody who is peeping into my back yard at my friend, of the same sex, while she frigs herself off, that's what!"

Dana's eyes went wide and she stood stock still.

"Well, Dana, I think you only have one choice here. Unless you want this video to show up on the internet, at work, and on display for the family, I suggest you come over my house right now!"

"Wait! Don't do this! It will ruin my marriage, my life, and destroy my daughter. Please, just let me have the video."

Jen could hear in her pleading that she was ripe for the picking. A stronger woman would have probably come after her physically, but Dana just stood there, pleading. "No, come over to my house immediately and I'll think about it. You need to apologize to Christine."

"No, I can't! Please don't make me do this. It's so embarrassing! I can't do it!"

"Okay. See you later... and on the internet!"

Jen turned and used the near gate to leave Dana's yard and her near gate to enter hers. Christine looked up quickly at the sound, but then relaxed and lay back. "You startled me Mistress!"

"I was next door getting to know Dana better. We've only met them a couple of times since they moved in, but she's a pretty good looking older woman. She had black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and has very nice nipples!"

Christine stared at her. "Mistress?"

"Just a second and you'll see." Jen sat down and waited.

Two minutes later, Dana came into the back yard. She came over, blushing a bright crimson and stopped just off the deck on the ground. "Jen, can we please discuss this some more?"

"Not yet. Apologize to Christine about the fact that you were peeping into the back yard at her and masturbating."

Christine stared wide-eyed, looking from one to the other.

"No, I don't think I can do that."

Jen was out of her chair and off the deck in an instant. She grabbed Dana from behind, wrapping one arm around her and riding her to the ground. She had her trapped on her stomach before she could protest and started smacking her on the ass... hard.

"What the fuck are you doing? Stop it! Quit!" Dana was writhing and trying to get Jen off while she yelled.

Jen stopped and just sat on her ass and leaned over her. She said into her ear. "Listen, bitch. I own you. I have you on tape peeping at another woman and rubbing your fucking clit. You are a closet slut whore, and I will do whatever I want with you from now on. If you don't want that video to hit the airwaves, then you will do as I say, starting right now!"

Dana was whimpering and starting to cry. She finally broke down completely and started sobbing, Jen still on top of her.

Jen then got off Dana, rolled her into a sitting position and held her. She started comforting her like a child, putting Dana's head on her chest while she stroked her hair and rocked her. "There, there. There's no reason for this. You just need to admit that this is what you want and everything will be wonderful. I will be your Mistress and you will join Christine as one of my slaves. I will never show that video to anyone without just cause. You can trust me."

Finally, Dana's crying stopped. She looked up at Jen and then down again. "Okay. What do you want?" She sounded completely defeated, like a small child.

Jen lifted Dana's face up by the chin and looked at her. "Now that wasn't so bad was it? Just one more thing. You must call me Mistress when addressing me unless I give you permission not to. Understand?"

"Yes... Mistress."

"Now that young lady up there that you were staring at is already my full time live-in slave. She does whatever I tell her. She has had to blow my husband and eat my pussy all week without having permission to have an orgasm." Dana looked over at Christine and Jen gave her her orders. "I want you to crawl over there on all fours and eat her pretty little pussy until she cums all over your pretty little face."

Dana looked at Jen. "I can't. I can't have sex with a woman!"

The sound of the quick slap Jen gave her even startled Christine. Dana was shocked and stared at Jen. Jen just looked at her calmly. "Listen up, my little slut. You will never question anything I order you to do and you must never raise your voice to your Mistress. Also, you forgot to say Mistress."

Dana stared at Jen, then back and Christine. Christine could see the handprint on her cheek. After about a minute where Jen just stared at her, Dana slowly pivoted on her knees and crawled up the three steps to the base of the wooden deck and over to Christine. She stopped at the foot of the chaise lounge and Christine put her feet on the floor either side of it. Her legs opened wide and her pussy parted, showing the extreme wetness that was there. Dana hesitated.

Jen was right behind her. She pushed Dana's head slightly. "C'mon sweetie. I saw how you were peeping at her. You want to eat that pussy. You know you can't wait to taste those succulent juices from this gorgeous red-headed slut."

Finally, Dana slowly leaned forward and gave a tentative touch to the middle of Christine's pussy. She leaned back and looked up at Jen. Jen motioned for her to continue and Dana finally leaned in and took a good lick. Christine moaned. She was going to cum quickly.

Jen moved over next to Christine and took her hands and put them on Dana's head. "Use her, baby. You know you want her to eat your pussy and make you cum. You've wanted to cum for days now. Do it!"

Christine took hold of Dana and did just that. She pulled her face into her pussy and Dana started lapping away. Dana licked her way up Christine's pussy and lapped up over the clit. Christine moaned and was going to cum very quickly. She held Dana's head and started thrusting. Dana held still and just licked Christine's clit. That was all it took. Christine came... and came... and came. She thrust her hips up, her toes curled, and she tensed up several times as the waves crashed over her. When she was finally done, she let go of Dana's head and Dana sat up.

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