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Jeremiah - Wolf Progenitor


Jeremiah -- Wolf Progenitor

This story does not reflect any personal feelings, perspectives, beliefs or necessarily accurate werewolf lore.

It's wonderful here, I can't deny that. We're high up in the mountains, everything is green and fresh, and the house is beautiful. We have our own suite of rooms in the east wing of the house, but there are others here as well, the other members of his pack. Thankfully, I've made several good friends, particularly Frank and Pam (who has become my best friend). For the most part, I'm free to go about on my own, but there are always others watching me and even now almost a year later, Jeremiah still doesn't completely trust me and never leaves me totally alone.

I didn't want to come here, in fact I did try to leave once, in the beginning. He came after me, caught me and brought me back. For my punishment, he stripped me naked and made me stand with my arms tied to the high branches above me, and as I begged him to stop, swearing I would never try to leave him again, he whipped me. When he finally untied my arms, I slumped to the ground, curling into a fetal position. I lay there on the ground as Jeremiah stood over me and freed his cock. While the high ranked members of his pack encircled us, he forced me onto my hands and knees. He made me present myself to him, and there in the woods that day, I submitted to my worst humiliation when he pushed himself into me while the others shouted their approval and encouragement. The Alpha demonstrated his dominance over his bitch. When I felt the sensation of soft, thick fur against my naked back and ass when he transformed into his wolf form I was scared senseless and afraid to move or struggle. I kept my head lowered and tightly closed my eye when he just as suddenly reverted to his werewolf form and his orgasm exploded as he pulled out of me, spewing cum all over me while he howled his release.

When he finished and recovered his composure, Jeremiah pulled me to my feet. He made me walk behind him towards the house, naked and covered with his cum. As we approached the house, he stopped and through clenched teeth told me if I ever disrespected him or the pack again, he would let the others have me. He would let each one of them take me in the ass while he watched.


Where do I begin? My name is Sara. I'm a recent college graduate from the University of Washington currently working as a bookkeeper for a very popular restaurant/bar in the small but lovely town of Pendleton, Washington. I come from a loving, upper-middle-class family made up of Dad, Mom (who coincidentally owns the aforementioned restaurant/bar), and two wonderful but overbearing older brothers. I grew up on a horse ranch about 70 miles outside of the nearest big city. Wonderful family, good friends, horses, and the country -- I thought I had everything I could wish for, and I loved every moment of it. After graduating college, I moved out on my own. Now I have my own life, my very own apartment, and my first car (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Physically, I'm attractive in that girl-next-door kind of way. No supermodel, but not a troll either. I'm 5'5", 110 lbs with long, reddish-brown hair, which I typically wear loose. Large brown eyes, a dimple on my left cheek, and a full mouth. I try to take care of myself; you know, watch my diet and make myself exercise. As a result, I can proudly say that I look damn good when I'm naked; nicely proportioned hips, a tight, lifted ass, and breasts that are firm and braless most of the time. My oldest brother, being the true male chauvinist that he is, says they're not very big, but a good handful (I know, I know -- what's he doing looking at and rating my breasts?), but I digress.

Since I was a little girl, I've always heard stories and old wives' tales about there being rogue wolves and werewolves in this part of the country, but I certainly didn't take them seriously. No one really believes that stuff nowadays. I was so wrong, but at the time, I didn't know just how wrong I was.

I guess for me, all of this actually started that night on my way home. I still sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, having dreamt about the way we first met. I remember running, running, blindly running! My terror so overwhelming I could barely breathe. With each gasping, heaving breath, my lungs felt as if they would burst.

I knew what I had seen. I clearly saw him transform! I heard a noise behind me and turned around, when I saw him standing there at the end of the pathway, watching me. I couldn't tell who it was, but I was suddenly afraid and instinctively started backing up, preparing to run as the fear began to mount. In the fading daylight, and as unbelievable as I know this sounds, I saw him transform from a man into an animal -- a wolf. I wasn't certain, but whatever it was, I wanted to get away from it. So I ran, imagining that with each step, I could feel him behind me, so close he could pounce.

I saw a house up ahead, and I ran towards it. Pounding desperately on the door, I screamed for help. I heard him coming up behind me, and I turned to see a man mounting the stairs. He was tall, attractive, well built physically with hard, sharp facial features, and the look of a wolf -- a predator eying his prey. He seemed so familiar. I was sure I'd seen him before. I seemed to recall his name was Jeremiah. He continued towards me calling me by my name just as the door opened and an older couple appeared. As quickly as he had appeared, he turned and was gone.

"Come in and sit down girlie," the old man said, "I'll call the police."

"No, please I'm fine." I protested. "He didn't hurt me. I'm just a little shaken up, that's all."

"I didn't like the looks of him," the old man's wife said solicitously as she brushed back stray, damp hair from my face. "You need to call 'em."

Though I assured them that I was fine and would call when I got home, I didn't call. Over time, the incident on the pathway started to fade and I began to think that I had just blown it out of proportion. I had almost stopped thinking about it until one night, I heard sounds outside my window. Peeking through the drapes, I saw the wolf stretched out under my window. Hearing the movement, he lifted his head and looked straight at me before lowering his head again. After that, I frequently had the sensation of being watched and, on more than one occasion, I actually caught sight of Jeremiah or the wolf following me.


This past July 4th weekend, we were very busy at the restaurant. I was in the storeroom checking the holiday weekend inventory when I turned and was startled to see Jeremiah standing there in the doorway.

"What do you want?" I demanded to know. "This area is for employees only."

He stood there watching me but didn't reply so I tried to step past him, but as I moved, he grabbed my arm and spun me about, slapping me across the face when I foolishly attempted to knee him in the groin. He closed the door, roughly pushing me against it. I saw him unzipping himself and I began to struggle futilely against him as he tore my panties off and rammed his eager cock into me.

Grasping my hands behind my back and putting his face close to mine, he licked me with his long, moist tongue, tasting the hot tears that were streaming down my face.

"There's no need for tears. You're in heat again, and your scent is very strong . . . damn, I can smell you," he said as he inhaled deeply and ground his hips against mine.

"You know I've been watching you, and I'm sure you know that I had intended to have you on the pathway that night."

He began again to thrust hard into me.

"You're so ready. Your pussy is like a furnace. Stop crying! We both know this was inevitable," he said in a hoarse, throaty voice.

He was enormous when he first penetrated me, and I felt my eyes roll back into my head as his beastly rutting went on, stretching my pussy with each thrust he made into my body. When he was on the edge of cumming, his thrusts became deeper until finally he gave into his orgasm, and I shuddered when his hot cum spewed inside me. As soon as he had cum, he pulled out of me with a satisfied, almost pleased look on his face. He stood in front of me and watched his cum running down my legs in a flood of semen and specks of blood. I sank to the floor, terrified by what had just happened. He arranged his clothing, kissed me and stealthily left through the storeroom door.

I was afraid, but I didn't scream or call for help; I'm still not sure why.

When I didn't return to the office, they came searching for me and found me on the floor of the storeroom, my eyes staring vacantly in shock. They called the police who took me to the hospital where I was given a sedative to calm me down while a nurse tended to my bruises and did a rape kit.

I received a call from the police about a week later with the news that the DNA results were corrupted and could not be used to identify my assailant. The officer explained that the sample showed both human and animal DNA, which was impossible. They had no usable or identifiable DNA. To make matters worse, no one interviewed knew of anyone by the name of Jeremiah, nor did they remember seeing anyone that fit the description I had provided. Was I going crazy? What was happening to me?

I eventually took a leave of absence from the restaurant, needing desperately to mend my body and mind while getting my life under control. I packed up my things and moved to a lovely, small cottage on the lake. I'm now standing here in the cool morning air, with a cup of hot coffee in hand, realizing that I've dreamt about Jeremiah and the wolf almost every night, but hadn't seen either in over six months.


The room was dark except for a bright beam of moonlight streaming through the window illuminating the gray eyes of the large black wolf that stood in the far corner. He appeared huge and intimidating, panting hard, his wolf penis engorged, dripping and slipping out of its sheath. The wolf snarled showing its teeth, and I screamed when he slowly came towards the bed.

The wolf jumped onto the bed and immediately started growling deep in his throat. I didn't know what he wanted and sat cringing back trying to stay as far away from him as possible. His look turned menacing, and he stepped forward and nipped me on the inside of my thigh, causing me to jerk my leg away from him. He continued to growl, pushing his massive head between my legs before nipping me again, though still not hard enough to break the skin. I involuntarily opened my legs wider, and he stretched out between them, nuzzling me with his snout. I began to cry as I felt shame, disgust and unexpected pleasure as my clit grew swollen and achy from the wolf's warm, moist breathe.

I didn't try to get away. Instead, in my fear, I closed my eyes, fearing that he would bite me, but when I opened them, the wolf was gone. It was the werewolf Jeremiah now between my legs licking, sucking and kissing me there. Jeremiah lifted my legs onto his shoulders and devoured me with his mouth, forcing me to cum, screaming and thrashing, desperately humping his mouth against my pussy while in my mind I could hear myself screaming, "No! No!"

As I lay there breathless, he stretched his long, hard frame out next to me and quietly began to explain that he had first seen me three years earlier. He had followed me for several months and had decided that tonight he would mate with me. Not the blatant release of animal lust he had shown in the storeroom, but a true mating that would be consummated tonight. He assured me he did not want to hurt me but that it would depend upon me and whether I chose to fight him or not.

"I am a Progenitor," he said in a calm, matter of fact voice. "My calling is to select and mate with my chosen female and to procreate our werewolf line insuring the tribe's longevity."

There was apprehension, but not fear as I lay there with this stranger, absorbed by what he told me. I didn't understand what was happening; I believed and felt drawn to what he was saying and inexplicitly trusted that he meant me no harm. I offered him no resistance, and surprising to even myself, I accepted that tonight he would impregnate me with his pups (yes, he called them his pups), and my new life as his mate would begin.

Gently at first, he began caressing and fondling my clit and pussy until my clit was hard and exposed, ready to burst from the anticipated pleasure, and my pussy was wet and sticky, quivering and eager -- ready for him. He got on his knees and straddled my chest so that he could push his cock into my mouth. He was so big I could barely get the head into my mouth, and I started to gag when he tried to press more of his cock into my throat.

"Patience little one, in time you will learn to pleasure me in this and other ways."

He started to stroke his cock in and out of my mouth until he was oozing pre-cum, and then repositioned himself, mounting me. Fully erect and glistening with pre-cum, he slid his cock inside me, forcing my pussy to accommodate his length and girth. Slowly, he fucked me until he was able to bury himself completely inside me. Soon after, clinging to him like the bitch in heat I had become, I began to tremble as a hard, intense but exquisite orgasm flooded through my body.

He rolled me onto my stomach and began fingering me. Though I was already very wet, when he started to reenter me with his hard, demanding cock, I could feel the pain and pleasure as my pussy tried to resist his entry. He reached down and spread my pussy lips wide to accept the head of his cock and once the full head was inside my pussy, my lips closed over it and clung to it as he fucked into me. Soon the gentleness of his entry became rough and aggressive and I cried out to him when he thrust too deeply. He stopped immediately, reluctantly withdrawing himself.

"Get up and stand in front of me," he said breathing heavily, almost panting.

Though embarrassed and feeling vulnerable, I obediently did as he said and stood in front of him, face flushed, hair in disarray, body covered by a light sheen of sweat, and obvious moisture visible between my legs. He reached out his hand, lightly touched my face and let his fingers trail to my breast where he teased my nipples until they were hard and long. I became weak-kneed when those soft, almost electric sparks began to travel from my breasts to my clit. Jeremiah lowered his mouth and started to suck my nipples gently, biting them as he played. I tangled my hands in his hair as he sank to his knees. He spread my legs and pussy lips and began licking me so slowly, so thoroughly, and so deeply, that without warning another orgasm swept over me and I came again into my lover's mouth.

"Ughhhhhhhhhh . . . Jeremiah, yes."

"Turn around and bend over the footboard," he said.

I hesitantly bent over so that my head and upper body tilted downward, leaving my hips at just the right height for him to slide his cock into me. I closed my eyes as he pushed into me, and for the first time, I felt a hard ring at the base of his cock that seemed to almost pulse, and with each thrust it hit against my pussy, growing more intense and insistent. It was as if he wanted to get that thing inside me.

"Jeremiah, no! Please, wait, wait, wait!" I screamed at him.

"It must be done this way," he groaned.

"Please Jeremiah . . . "

It was as if he couldn't hear me and my pleading only made him hold me tighter to him and try hard to get that thing into me. I think I realized that if I fought him, I would only prolong it, so I pushed back against him, now wanting it and him inside me as far as possible. Sensing my submission, he sensually worked his hips against my pussy in an effort to further relax and stretch my opening. After one, two more hard thrusts, I screamed in initial pain as he managed to push his cock and the ring inside of me, my pussy walls closing around it.

His body stiffened. He stopped moving and Jeremiah literally howled while he held my hips steady and his cock began to pulse and ejaculate what seemed like impossible amounts of warm cum inside me. Unlike before, he didn't pull out of me. He slipped his arm around my waist, helped me to stand, and then guided me to the floor where we lay on pillows and fell into an exhausted sleep with his cock faintly pulsing and still buried snugly inside my pussy. When I finally awoke, the early morning light filled the room. I was exhausted and sore, and he was gone.


After that night, I did not see Jeremiah, but the wolf seemed always near; sleeping on the porch or under my window at night, sometimes following me on the park trails when I would take my run. He was ever present as if watching over me, protecting me. Within a couple of weeks, just as Jeremiah had anticipated, my pregnancy was confirmed.

Jeremiah now demanded that I move to his compound and live with him. I must admit that I had begun to feel something for Jeremiah. I knew I enjoyed the sense of protection and security that enveloped me when I was with him, but even that was often negated by the overwhelming feeling of apprehension. I didn't really know this man. I didn't know what to do about the pregnancy, but as things stood, I knew I did not intend to leave my friends and family, my job, or my home to be with him.

We argued most of the afternoon and at one point, without thinking, I blurted out something that I should have for the time being kept to myself.

"I'm not going with you Jeremiah, in fact, I don't know if I want this pregnancy or not," I said with false bravado.

When I said this, his demeanor changed, and I think he realized for the first time that I might be unsure about the pregnancy and that infuriated him.

"We are mated. You are mine and the pups are mine. I would never let you hurt or harm them."

Grasping me tightly by the arm, he roughly pushed me towards my bedroom.

"The discussion is over, I want you to get your ass in there and pack. We're leaving tonight."

I slammed and locked the door.


"Sara, open the door. It's me, Pam. Open the door," my friend repeated several times.

When I heard Pam knocking on the bedroom door asking if I was all right, I opened the door letting her in. Between the tears, the whole story poured out. Pam held and rocked me until the tears stopped.

"Shhhhhhhhhh, it's alright," she said, "No more tears."

"I'm going to make us both some hot tea, so why don't you try and lay back and rest," she cajoled. "I'll be back in a few minutes." She got up and headed towards the door, closing it behind her. It was nearly one o'clock that morning when I awoke in a beautiful but strange bedroom surrounded by Pam, Frank, and Jeremiah.

That awful incident in the woods happened two weeks later. After the whipping and the short walk to the house, we went directly to our rooms where I immediately walked into the shower. As the hot spikes of water cascaded over me, the tears started and came as if a dam had burst. Even when he stepped into the shower with me, I couldn't stop the tears and clung to him seeking comfort. He carefully pulled me to him trying to explain that despite his personal feelings, he was the pack's leader and had had no choice but to mete out the prescribed punishment for my flagrant disregard and disrespect towards him and the werewolf pack. It was unthinkable and ultimately harmful to his authority to allow such an affront to go unpunished.

The method of punishment was cloaked in hundreds of years of werewolf tradition and was meant not only to punish, but also to teach and reinforce those traditions and customs. He promised he would see to it that as his mate I would learn those traditions.

Helping me out of the shower, he led me to our bed so that he could tend to my abused back. Tenderly covering my cuts and bruises with a soothing ointment, I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, losing myself in the feel of his strong, knowing hands on my back, my ass, and then between my legs, exciting that secret place that only he had claimed. He gave me a soft, gentle orgasm that flowed through my body and calmed me. As I felt him becoming hard, I opened my legs wider, and he carefully entered me and found his own release.

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