Jeri Ryan Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Chains and Chopsticks

Ruslan awoke to the sound of clinking metal and heavy breathing. His lids shot open and he bolted awake, instantly wishing he hadn't woken at all. His biceps felt like they were near tearing, his shoulders were only another inch from dislocating.

Somehow, during his restless sleep, his aunt had chained him in the bathtub. He was on his back still, and his limbs were cuffed, but there was something holding them all together. His arms were bound tight, and after testing his legs he found them to be just as restrained. He could wiggle his body around a little in the tub, but not enough to budge his bondage.

"Tight?" His aunt's husky voice startled him, the room was dark and she was sitting on the stool, nearly invisible. "I used the chain the gardener keeps for blocking off the pathways. There wasn't a lot of it so I had to make it really tight."

Ruslans eyes strained, there was a dark square shape in her bare lap, something he didn't want her to have.


The flash went off, searing his retinas and throwing the dark room into a strange echo of dark red and throbbing blue-white. "A memory," she explained, setting the camera down with a click on the counter. The stool scraped back as she stood and padded over to him. She stepped into the tub with him, sinking her naked body down against him, like a heavy blanket.

"We're going to have some more fun," she whispered, her lips tasting his earlobe. "The more you move, the more it's going to hurt."

And then her lips widened and wetly closed around his entire ear, her tongue slithered out along his cartilage, flaring up the left side of his body with familiar electricity.

"More fun, like before?" He asked as she feasted on his ear. He felt her smile against his skin,

"No." She nibbled, "Better."

She rose up from his ear and reached behind her head to the bun of hair that glinted dully in the light. His eyes were still afflicted with spots of black and he couldn't see that she removed a long silver chopstick.

Great waterfalls of softness fell across her shoulders and tickled her nipples ever so lightly. "I'm going to turn a light on so you can see what I'm doing," she said, stepping from the tub and flicking on a lamp that was unwisely placed above the tub on a narrow ledge.

When the light caught the polished chopstick Ruslans mind was washed with confusion. She had fingered his ass already, and her finger was much larger than that chopstick...

How would that make any sense?

Jeri stayed outside the tub and got to her knees and knelt over the tub with the porcelain lip propping up her breasts.

"I know you don't know what this is for," she bragged, scraping the narrow tip along the ripples of his abs. He shook his head.

The tip scraped slowly downwards, bending his short pubic hairs and tickling him as it moved. Then it stopped, just above where his penis started to form from his pelvis. She pressed down and watched as the flesh tugged towards that sharp point, the movement of flesh flopped his lengthy cock from one side to the other.

It instinctively began to throb, rising up slowly like a mechanic's jack.

Jeri spoke, "This will only work if you're really, really hard. So I'm going to rub you a little."

"Use your mouth," Ruslan requested, "Please."

Jeri grinned, "My mouth?" she repeated, "Okay. But only because this next part isn't going to be much fun." Then she added, "For you, anyways."

She knelt further over the lip of the tub and took his limp, but growing cock head between her lips. She massaged the firming member with her lips and tongue just long enough to make it rise fully. When it came to a final state of rigidity (it was amazing to her that a cock that heavy didn't just flop back onto his stomach, but it never did,) she found herself getting just a little wet between the thighs. Her legs and torso were very much near a ninety-degree angle.

"Do you have a sensitive cock?" The cock in her mouth muffled her words but Ruslan understood.

"No," he admitted, "Sometimes a girl can't get me off if she's really wet."

"Really?" Jeri smiled, "You need lots of friction."

"I guess."

A fingernail scraped dully at the skin just under his cock, "Do you feel that?"

"Not really."

She dipped her mouth down onto his head and playfully nibbled. "That?"

"A little."

She frowned, "When did you get circumcised?"

He raised his head at the odd question. "When I was thirteen. I guess my parents thought it should be my decision."

"Your parents are fucked up;" Jeri scoffed with disgust, "That's why you're insensitive. There should be a nerve here," her nail scraped the same spot as before; "it was cut. You only feel the numbness during sex because your brain was used to it being there."

Ruslan would have shrugged but his chains were too tight.

Jeri, shaking her head, let go of his cock and pulled a bottle of lube from under the tub. She squeezed a bit onto the tip of his cock and worked it along the length of him, rubbing his balls for good measure. And when she began to lube up the chopstick her plan became clear.

Instantly his hard-on started to fade and she noticed, "Oh no you don't," she quickly pumped his shaft until it was raging again.

Before he could slacken again she brought the chopstick's narrow point down against his gaping piss hole.

"This is going to be fun," she probed him with the cool piece of metal, "You have a foot long cock, but this thing is only eight inches. If you squirm around I could lose it."

He was motionless.

"Are you going to complain?" She asked him, slipping the tip of the steel chopstick in just a millimeter,

He shook his head and she smiled, turning back to his cock with the focus and intensity of a brain surgeon.

With the two strongest fingers in her left hand she pinched the lowest point of his cock. She knew if the rod went past that (the internet had called it the Hobb's Curve) she would be in serious danger of puncturing or ripping something he would need to piss.

He could possibly even end up with a punctured bladder. But the rest of his tube (all twelve throbbing inches of it) was more than safe to play with. He might even find himself enjoying it. Jeri had met many men on the internet who said that some of the most intense penile nerves were somewhere down that dark tunnel.

"How does that feel?" She said, rubbing the first inch of the chopstick around his head. His face was pulled tight, not out of pain, but more in dread. "Sharp? Does it need more lube?"

He nodded and she obliged.

The next insertion was much slower and much deeper. The chopstick began to sink harder as it gently tapered. Five inches down and finally a deep gasp escaped his lips.

"It's getting tight," she smiled, "Now your cock knows what my ass felt like this morning." She pushed slowly in another inch. His eyes began to water.

Another inch of slick silver vanished. "That's right," she mumbled, "Stay hard. Look at my tits, they make you hard don't they?"

"Yeah," he gulped. "They're great."

She smiled, almost blushing. Another inch was down. She was holding the remainder of the chopstick with her fingertips.

"Should I go any further?" She asked him. He didn't make any move to answer, but his eyes were wide and his lips trembled. "I would take it all," she said, "I would love to be you right now, chained up and at the mercy of someone else. I know what you must be feeling. You're not feeling the pain, you're feeling your heart pounding, adrenaline clogging up your veins. It's the danger," she explained, "And the thrill. It's better than anything else a girl could do to you. It makes me fucking wet just thinking about."

"We aren't all stunned in the head, Jeri." He chuckled, "Some of us like plain old vanilla sex."

With a final cold thrust she pushed the last of the chopstick into his piss hole. The fat end of the stick was large, maybe a quarter of an inch, and wasn't able to slide down any further under its own power.

"Squeeze your cock," she told him. He made a constipated face and the tip of the stick popped up just enough for her to get her fingernails around it and pull it up.

"Good boy," she rewarded him with a long, tight stroke.

The next time she put the chopstick in she wasn't slow. Once again she pushed the end flush with the tip of his cock.

"Don't try and get that out," she warned, moving her hand between the squish of his thighs and feeling around for his asshole. She found it and scraped him a little with her nails until she put two fingers in him.

"Oh," he moaned, bucking his hips just a little. She pressed hard, fighting the youthful tightness that resisted her. At the second knuckle she stopped.

"You're an ass hound," she purred, her lips close to his stuffed cock, "are you a little faggot? You want men to plug your ass full of cock?"

"No, no, no" he groaned as her fingers twisted and jerked inside him, "No!"

"Good," she licked his great crown; salty precum was oozing out around the chopstick, and she said, "I didn't think so."

Then her mouth encased his cock and she sucked deeply, huge hollows formed in her cheeks and throat.

Inch by inch the chopstick came out until it hit the back of her throat.

"Go to sleep."

She pulled her fingers from his ass and used her teeth to pull the last of the steel from his cock. It clattered to the marble floor and she walked out of the room.

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