tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJessica Submits to Black Male

Jessica Submits to Black Male


(Written at the request of, and from the mind of, Busty Jessica.)


Jessica was nervous, driving to the meeting. Her boss, Susan, had asked to meet at a hotel room at one of the best, most expensive hotels in London. This was a very odd request, but Jessica looked at it as an adventure. She would get to see a great hotel and possibly have a nice lunch. But this was so out of character for her normally too-serious boss.

Jessica is a 19-year-old girl, with very skinny hips and blonde hair. She has large breasts; a very busty woman. Having recently moved to London from Europe, she is a shy young girl and not yet sure of herself. She was fortunate to get a job working at a shipping company. She thought that her good looks would help her, and in the case of her job, they had.

Jessica knocked on the door and was greeted by a tall, dark man that looked to be about 30. He was dressed as a butler. Jessica walked into the penthouse suite that Susan had reserved. It was ornate. She felt like she could have been at The Palace. The mid-day sun was shining through the window, bathing the room in warm light. Susan was already there and reached out to shake Jessica's hand.

"Thank you for coming to meet me, Jessica," she said with a friendly smile. She gestured for Jessica to join her sitting at a table. "I have some things I would like to discuss with you, for you to help me with."

Susan is about 38, with very light skin and short, straight red hair. She was wearing a short skirt. When she sat down, Jessica thought she noticed that Susan wasn't wearing any panties. This seemed odd.

"Certainly," said Jessica. "You know I am always happy to help you and the company whenever I can."

"Yes, I am sure you will be more than willing to help," Susan replied with a knowing glance. She looked over at the tall dark man and said, "Reginald, please make us two glasses of champagne. Jessica and I are going to celebrate a new business deal."

"Yes Ma'am," he replied dutifully.

With that, the tall man brought a bottle and two glasses over and placed them on the table beside the two women. He opened the bottle of champagne and poured two glasses, one for each of them. What happened next shocked Jessica! He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It was limp, but he grabbed it and began to masturbate, working to get it hard.

Reginald's cock was close enough for Jessica to reach out and touch it. She could not believe that her boss was allowing this man to jerk off, right in front of the two to them.

"Was this part of the request to make champagne?" Jessica wondered to herself.

Jessica moved as if to stand up, but Susan spoke firmly.

"Sit down, Jessica." She said.

Jessica did as she was told, a little unsure of the whole situation.

As the servant's cock began to get hard, Susan spoke. "Jessica, I need your help. We have a very good client that is considering moving and doing business with a competitor. I need your to help me keep that client."

"Wh..what would you like me to do?" Asked Jessica.

"I would like you to fuck him." Said Susan in a very matter-of-fact tone.

"You are out of your mind," Jessica said and she started to get up again to leave.

"Sit down and listen, Jessica. I assure you that it will be in your best interest to hear what I have to say."'

Jessica sat back down, glancing over at the Reginald and his now fully erect cock. He was looking at Jessica and smiling, while stroking his shaft in a steady pace.

"Jessica," continued Susan. "As your boss, I have been monitoring your email for some time now. It seems that you like to write about your sex life, and the vulgar sex acts that you enjoy in your spare time."

Jessica was at once embarrassed and also angry at the personal intrusion.

"How dare you!" She shouted.

"Calm yourself Jessica," Susan said. "The damage is done. You will help me keep our client happy and in exchange, I will not turn you in to the president of the company for all of the naughty things you focus on when you should be working. A tramp like you should not work at our office. It just isn't proper."

Jessica looked at Reginald. He was clearly enjoying himself. She could not figure out why he was doing this, but she had to focus on her boss and not lose her job.

She paused to think for a minute and weighted her options. Jessica likes... "exotic" sex acts. She regularly trades emails at work with horny men that she meets on the internet. She tells these men about all of the things she likes a man to do to her. She loves sucking cock, getting fucked in the ass, and..... other things. Jessica is a teenage tramp and she knows it. But she also doesn't want to be told whom she has to shag. That is too close to being passed around like a piece of meet. Finally she said, "Fuck it, you can fire me. I will find another job."

"I thought you would say that, you horny little slut, so I took an added precaution," said Susan.

"What does that mean?" Jessica asked, starting to get even more concerned.

"Do you remember the receipts I have been asking you to handle for me for the last month or so?"

"Yes," said Jessica, although she was already afraid of where this might be going.

"Well, those add up to about $200,000.00. It appears that they have been lost. Since your name is all over them, you are the one that the police will blame," explained Susan.

"You fucking bitch!" Shouted Jessica.

"Exactly," said Susan. "So you can either help me out with this account, and we can both further our careers. Or you can go to jail for several years for theft. What's it going to be?"

Jessica thought for a minute. She new this was all bullshit, but she also knew there was a very good chance she might be convicted. "What do I have to do?" she asked.

"That's better," said Susan. "I thought you would see it my way. All you have to do is fuck our client. Based on what I have read of your emails with your friends on the Internet, you should enjoy that."

Jessica felt trapped. "Is that all?" she asked.

Susan hesitated for a minute. Then she said, "Well, you might need to fuck his staff as well."

Jessica's face went white. She could not believe what she was hearing.

Susan continued, "And a couple of more things your should know, I will be there as well to join in. There are a few things I have wanted to do with your young sexy body. Why do you think I hired you in the first place? Also, our client's sexual taste is, well, ....aggressive. You will see."

Jessica was defeated. She had been trapped and blackmailed into a very bad situation. But she could think of a way out.

"OK," she said, "I will fuck the client."

"And his staff," Susan stated, repeating the terms of the deal.

"And his staff," Jessica repeated.

"And me," Susan confirmed.

"Yes, and you," Jessica said.

With that, Reginald began to groan. The two women, locked in their struggle of power boss and lowly employee, turned their attention to him. Reginald picked up one of the glasses and held the rim over the head of his cock. He began to cum and his sperm floated in the cold champagne with the bubbles. He quickly moved to the other glass and continued his orgasm, spilling sperm into the second glass. When his seed had been deposited equally into both glasses, he quickly put his cock away and handed a glass to each woman. Jessica looked at the glass and marveled at the floating cum in the champagne.

Susan raised her glass for a toast, "here's to fucking and sucking our client. His business is our pleasure."

With that, Susan hit the two glasses together gently and took a drink. Jessica was dazed but instinctively took a drink as well.

"On the table over there, you will see some clothes, I want you to change into them," Susan asked politely. "And take off your panties."

Jessica walked over and got dressed in the short, black skirt that was waiting for her. The skirt was short enough that if she were to bend over, her young cunny would show. At the end of her long legs, she put on black strappy shoes, with a high, thin stiletto heel. Her skinny waist was made even smaller by the 2 sizes-too-small black satin corset that she was forced to wear. This made her DD tits bulge out of the top even more. Her long blonde hair hung down to her ass. She felt like a slave that was going to be sold at auction. She was dressed for these men that she had never met, and was going to be asked to do whatever they wanted to her. The alternative was to go to prison. She was trapped.

"You look beautiful," Susan said.

Jessica didn't feel beautiful. She felt like a whore.

Susan walked across the room to the bedroom door. She opened it and the two women walked through into the bedroom. What Jessica saw almost made her knees give way. There, lounging around the room, waiting for her to arrive, were 9 naked black men. Some of them had erections. All of them had very big cocks. She immediately knew the client. It was an importer from Lagos, Nigeria. He is a tall, broad-shouldered black man, in his late-40s. His name is Mr. Onyango. They always called him "Mr. O" as it was easier to pronounce. He had spent a few years in the Nigerian military and then got into the import/export business.

Susan began to undress. Immediately the men began groping her. She smiled and bathed in the attention. One man pinched her nipple. Another man sucked on the other nipple. One man slapped her on the ass, while another rubbed her cunt. She reached out and grabbed two cocks, one with each hand. Jessica stood there, staring. She was conflicted. Honestly, she felt a little jealous of Susan and the attention she was getting.

Once Susan was naked, she walked over to the bed and got on her hands and knees. Meanwhile, three men were feeling up Jessica. Her head was swimming. But she was starting to get turned on by the thought of being fucked by all of these men, these black men. Three of them surrounded her and rubbed on her. They had very large, strong hands. They were pushing their hands up underneath her skirt and feeling her wet pussy. Jessica, a little disgusted, decided to close her eyes and just let them do whatever they wanted to her.

She heard what was going on, before she actually saw it. Jessica opened her eyes. There on her back was her boss, Susan, getting fucked by a black man. It was not the client, but rather one of his staff. Mr. O sat quietly on the couch, smoking a cigar and watching these two go at it. Susan was taking a very large black cock in her pussy. The man that was fucking her had her ankles in his hands, gripping them firmly. Jessica noticed that Susan had a "landing strip" of red pubic hair just about her cunt.

"Hey Jessica," Susan said between strokes. "Take your skirt off and come lay down over here."

Jessica could not believe she was actually in this position. She was going to have to fuck this guy. She made up her mind to get it over with and get out of here as fast as she could.

Jessica did as she was told. She took off her skirt, leaving just her heels and her corset. She laid down on her back and prepared to get fucked by Mr. O. What happened next surprised her.

Susan positioned Jessica so that her head was at the foot of the bed. Then she rolled over onto her knees. She straddled Jessica's head. Susan's cunt was wet and was right in front of her nose. Susan sat down on Jessica's face and began to grind. Unsure of what was happening, Jessica began to lick Susan's pussy. "mmmmmm...., that's it you little tramp," said Susan. "Eat my pussy."

Susan leaned down to begin to do the same for Jessica. The two women were in a 69, with Jessica on bottom. She could not believe that her boss was sitting on her face! But one thing was for sure, Susan's tongue felt good between her legs.

As the two of them ate each other out, the black man that had been fucking Susan, knelt behind her again. His black meat was hanging there, stiff. He slid it into Susan's wet hole and he began to fuck her. Jessica had to move her mouth out of the way to make room for him.

"Don't stop what you are doing. Lick my balls," the man said.

With Susan sucking on her clit, Jessica found it hard to focus. Yet she found it hard not to lick the man's black balls. They were so big they were hitting her in the face as he fucked Susan. Jessica took a moment to marvel at his massive cock. Susan's pink pussy lips stretched around it, struggling to take it all in.

Jessica opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. She let the balls slid back-and-forth against her tongue. His nut-sack was tight. Susan moaned as he fucked her. His cock was so huge that Jessica wasn't sure if Susan was feeling pain or pleasure, but likely both.

Jessica squeezed her thighs against Susan's head. She could feel an orgasm building. Susan sensed that Jessica was about to cum and bit down a little on her clit. This sent Jessica over the edge and she began to cum. The waves of pleasure shook her body as she came on her bosses' face.

The black man never stopped fucking Susan. His cock pumped into her hard, slapping his balls against Jessica's mouth with every stroke. She could hear him begin to groan. But that was the only warning she got. He slowed his pace and Jessica could see cum dripping out of Susan's pussy, and down his cock. He was cumming inside of Susan. He pulled his still hard penis out of Susan. Before Jessica could think, Susan pushed her cum filled cunt down onto Jessica's mouth. Jessica could taste the cum. The thought of eating this strange black man's cum from another woman's pussy turned Jessica on. She lapped and swallowed with pleasure. Cum ran into her mouth and down her cheeks. Being a young girl, Jessica was a little innocent to this sort of thing, but she instantly knew that she liked it. Susan bucked her ass and moved so that Jessica could lick her ass as well. Soon Jessica was licking a cum dripping pussy, and a sweaty asshole. Susan moaned with the pleasure that the girl was giving her.

"This is a good little cum slut," said Mr. O. He liked what he saw and had plans for Jessica tonight.

One of the men helped Jessica off of the bed, and on to her knees on the floor. Her face was covered with cum. His cock was hard, and stood about 9 inches long. He stuck it in her face.

"Suck it!" he commanded.

Jessica, feeling like a young little whore, dutifully did as the man told her too. She wrapped her little hand around the base of his hard penis and took him in her mouth. She bobbed her head a bit, doing the best she could, but only accommodating about 2 inches of him in her mouth.

"I said SUCK IT!", the man shouted.

With that, he grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock down her throat. Jessica gagged on his black cock, but she did not stop sucking him. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and pushed harder, until her nose was buried in his flesh. He forcibly fucked her face. Jessica gagged from the pain, but took ever inch. Her eyes watered. She had trouble breathing.... And her pussy began to get wet.

The man's cock continued to swell in her mouth. Mucus from her throat was building up. But there was something else. She tasted cum, but she wasn't sure if it was his, or from the cum she ate out of Susan' cunt. Then she knew. Sperm began to shoot from the man's jerking dick. He throat fucked the little whore and she swallowed ever drop of his cum....not that she really had much choice.

Two more of the men walked up to the cocksucker on her knees. Before Jessica could say anything, one of them shoved his meat into her mouth.

The other one leaned down and got close to Jessica's face. "Yeah, that black cock in your white mouth looks good. You like the taste to of that black cock, don't you, you nasty little bitch."

Jessica turned her eyes to look at him, but she never stopped sucking.

"PTF!" The man suddenly spit on Jessica, right in her face. "Your are nothing but a white trash cock sucking whore, aren't you!"

"Lets see if she can take TWO," the other laughed.

His friend moved into place and squeezed his dick into her mouth as well. Now Jessica had two stiff cocks forcing her jaw open and fighting to get into her throat. Jessica's mouth stretched. She had the sudden impulse to pull back. But then there was someone's hand on the back of her head. The hand pressed and forced her mouth onto the two cocks. She sucked as hard as she could, trying to be the good little teenage tramp that they wanted. She hoped that she could satisfy them. She looked up at them as she gave them the blowjob they demand. She made eye contact with both men and felt so humiliated.

The two stiff dicks fought each other like swords. They jockeyed for space in the slut's mouth. But soon the two men got into a rhythm and fucked her mouth in unison. As she licked the dark cocks that were stretching her lips, the two men gave each other a high-five. They took turns forcing their cocks down her throat. Jessica's make-up ran down her cheek. Jessica held the ball-sack of each man in her hands. They drew up tight. Her lips pulled and stretched, but she took the two cocks in her mouth like a champ.

Jessica knew what cum felt like when it shot in her mouth. She had sucked off men before. So she know about how much fluid a man's cock could pump into her waiting mouth. What she got was a surprise. The two dicks came in her mouth at the same time. Gobs of sploog shot past her tongue. It was as if someone had collected the sperm of several men and was pouring into her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could. The rest ran down her chin. The two dicks came out of her mouth. Like a good little cocksucker, she gabbed each of them and took turns licking them clean, first one, then the other. Cum continued to run down her neck. But Jessica was loving it. Being a young girl, she was still learning herself sexually. And what she was finding out about herself was that she loved sucking big black dicks!

The two men stepped away from her. Jessica was left on her knees, with cum running down her mouth and chin, dripping onto her black corset and large breasts. She liked being on her knees. She like taking dicks into her mouth and pleasing men. She could feel how wet her pussy was getting, and she wanted to get fucked, hard.

Jessica looked up to see Susan sucking on Mr. O's dick. She was on her knees with him sitting on the couch. He was looking Jessica with lustful eyes.

A tall heavy-set black man of about 50, one of Mr. O's staff, helped Jessica stand up and led her over to the bed. He helped her up on the bed, and she got on her hands and knees. She still had her shoes and corset on and she felt like a naughty little slut. Jessica loved the feeling and could not wait to be fucked by this much older man. He knelt behind her and played with her clit.

"ooh, yeah," she purred.

Suddenly he spanked her on the ass. Jessica jumped at the slap, but got a tingle of excitement from it.

The man grabbed her hips and put his hard, thick, 7-inch cock right at the opening of her pussy. She reached between her legs to caress his balls and guide him into her. Slowly he penetrated her pussy, until he was all the way in. Jessica's pussy felt hot, tight, and wet to him. He slapped her again and she began to move her hips, fucking him. The man extended his arm and took a handful of Jessica's hair. He pulled her head back by her hair and slammed his cock into her repeatedly, slapping their bodies together.

"Take your fucking you nasty cum slut," he said with a gravelly voice.

And with that he began to roughly fuck Jessica. He pounded his cock into her, pulling her hair and slapping her ass. His penis hit her cervix with every stroke. A man had never taken her so forcefully, but she knew she wanted more. The wet wench thrust her hips back into him, trying to get him deeper. He pulled so hard on her hair that it hurt, but it turned her on at the same time to be used and abused by a strong, older man. She felt like a piece of meat for his pleasure.

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