tagLoving WivesJessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 01

Jessica's Big Dick Adventure Ch. 01


This is the story of Jessica's big dick adventure. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of it, but Jessica is the real star of the story. The cock crazy, cum sucking star. She's also my wife.

I guess I'm a relatively good-looking guy but Jessica is a real knockout. She has a gorgeous face with full, pouty lips and thick, lustrous brown hair. She has great legs, incredible legs and a nice firm body with big tits. Really big tits. She is what you call stacked.

I mean you just have to see these tits to believe them. They're not only amazingly big, but firm as well. And they stand right up. No sag at all. When she agreed to marry me I couldn't believe my good fortune. She could have had any number of guys but she chose me. Just lucky I guess.

That was then, this is now. We had been married a few years and things had begun to go stale. We got along fine, quite well in fact, but our sex life had deteriorated. Back when we were dating Jessica couldn't get enough of my tongue and my cock. She was horny all the time and I was more than willing to satisfy her needs.

Even after we first got married things went along quite well. Then gradually Jessica seemed to become less and less interested in fucking while my sex drive remained the same, even increased.

By the time this story takes place we were down to making love only about every other week. It was still good but I always had to talk her into it. If I left it up to her I don't think we would have ever fucked again. To get her in the mood she would occasionally enjoy being tied up and we would watch porno videos. She was still multi-orgasmic and once we got going it was still great.

We watched more and more fuck films. I noticed that Jessica seemed the most interested in the scenes where a hot babe got dicked by two or more guys at once. The bigger, thicker, and longer the dicks were, the more turned on Jessica seemed to be.

One day I finally got up the nerve to suggest to my wife that maybe we needed some variety, that maybe she needed to get some new cock into her. To my amazement she agreed with me.

I guess I really shouldn't have been too surprised. Before we were married she had quite an active and varied sex life. She would go out every weekend with her girl friend and they would pick up guys. Lots of one night stands with total strangers. I suppose she needed new faces, new dicks, and new experiences to keep her libido going. This is what I was offering to bring back into her life.

Not knowing where to start, we agreed to place an ad in a couple of the swinger's magazines that were available on the newsstands. It read as follows:

"ATTRACTIVE COUPLE: Seeks other couples or single females or males for mutual pleasure. Gang bangs and orgies OK but no pain or humiliation. Please send videos or photos of yourself in action."

When the ad first ran we received quite a large response, though it was exclusively from single males and married men (wanting to swing without their wives).

Now it was time to take the plunge. Part of our decision was already made for us; our choices were limited to men only. My wife and I sat down with a bottle of wine to review the responses we had received and to pick someone out for our first ever threesome.

We didn't even consider anyone who didn't send us a picture (no one sent a video). We put aside those whose letters were poorly written and those who sounded shady or suspicious. This still left us with quite a few people to choose from.

For our first contact we chose Rick. Rick was a single guy who had sent us a photo of himself with an erection that would have come close to putting John Holmes to shame. The picture he sent us showed a world class cock of impressive proportions.

After preliminary phone contact was made, we were satisfied that he was for real. We invited Rick over to our house one Friday night for an evening of fun and games.

When Rick rang the doorbell Jessica answered the door. She was wearing high heels, a short black skirt, and a too tight black tank top with no bra on underneath. Her tits are really big but firm. Not many women with her bust size could get away without wearing a bra. Hell, not many women even had her bust size! She must have been quite a sight to Rick who had never before met her.

To say that Rick was impressed would be an understatement. The bulge in his tight jeans made it quite obvious that my wife turned him on. Instant erection. Jessica looked down and let her gaze linger at his cock bulge for a long moment before looking back up into his face and smiling.

I should mention that by the time Rick had arrived we already had several glasses of wine and Jessica was quite tipsy. She hadn't originally planned on wearing the short skirt, tight top, and no bra. Originally she had dressed more conservatively, but as the effects of the alcohol started to hit her she decided to change. I guess she just figured she might as well go all out.

We invited him in and offered him a glass of wine. The three of us sat down on the couch with Jessica seated between Rick and myself. I can only imagine how she must have felt sitting there between two horny guys, one of them a total stranger! Jessica was the center of attention and she decided to play it for all it was worth.

After a bit of small talk, and some more wine, Jessica leaned forward to put her wineglass on the coffee table. She sat back up and put one hand on my thigh and one on Rick's. She slowly, gradually inched her fingers up our legs to our crotches.

The wine must have really loosened her up! I don't think she would normally have been this brazen and bold. It wasn't like Jessica to take the initiative, especially in a new situation.

Jessica proceeded to rub the very, very prominent bulges through the material in both our pants. She then looked at me and said, "Its only polite to let our guest go first."

Jessica turned to Rick and, without so much as a by your leave, unzipped his pants and freed his cock. As we both watched, Rick's dick grew larger and larger (and larger!) before our eyes. My wife gasped and only hesitated a moment before swooping down to eagerly gobble up what had to be twelve inches of hard, hot cockmeat! The enthusiasm with which she dove into his crotch was amazing.

Jessica planted her lips on his huge shaft and kissed all around it. She licked all around the head, obviously savoring the flavor of the pre-cum oozing from the slit. She continued to focus her attention on the head of his cock for the next few minutes, all the while humming and purring like a cat.

She kissed it and licked it. She held it and pumped it. She rubbed it all around her lips. She teased it with her tongue. She savored it.

My wife then engulfed the thick head of his cock. She slid her lips slowly down the shaft until she had about a quarter of that monster fucker in her mouth. She went up and down the top part of his shaft eagerly sucking him into her throat. She fucked it with her mouth.

Now Jessica is good at sucking dick, real good, but in my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine that she would be able to take in any more of that colossus. I didn't believe it was physically possible. I was wrong.

Something must have snapped in her, or maybe it was the wine. My wife, who had never even deep throated my substantial but smaller dick, suddenly forced her head almost three quarters of the way down his shaft in one long plunge. By my calculations that must have been about nine inches of thick hard dick in her mouth and throat. Three quarters of a foot of dick in her mouth.

Jessica then proceeded to go ballistic! She drove her mouth furiously up and down the incredible length of his prick, obviously determined to drain him dry. No mortal man could last long under that frenzied and assault and Rick was no exception. He groaned and loudly announced that he was going to cum. Jessica didn't let up for a second. It anything she sucked even harder. She fucked her mouth up and down his cock at breakneck speed.

Jessica pulled her mouth off his pulsating dick and jerked him furiously. She said, "Come on Rick. Give me your cum! Spray me. Jizz my face. I want to taste your yummy cock cream! Feed me."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Jessica had never been a very vocal lover but here she was begging Rick to cum on her face! I was amazed. She was sucking dick and begging to swallow cum.

Her actions were even more amazing when you consider that shortly after we were married Jessica had decided that she didn't like the taste of cum. This had never come up when we were dating. Since then, she had never again swallowed my jizz. Whatever had come (cum?) over her now, I sure liked it!

Rick held out as long as he possibly could but soon found himself shooting a huge streamer of cum across my wife's face and into her hair. It jetted out of his cock like a rocket blasting off.

Jessica lapped at his gushing tool with her tongue. She aimed it toward her wide-open mouth and let it spray into her throat. Rick's aim was true. My wife swallowed cum, she drank jizz. Blast after blast bombarded her but she was up to the task. She took everything he had to give.

Jessica then aimed his spurting dick lower and at the same time pulled her top up to expose her heaving chest. Rick creamed her more than ample tits. He coated them with jizz. Cum covered her huge boobs. Cock cream dripped off her nipples.

Jessica then stuffed his huge dick back in her mouth and drained him dry. She sucked him for all she was worth, vacuuming every last drop of jizz out of him. She was insatiable! She was incredible. She was cum crazy. And she wasn't done yet.

She released his still throbbing cock from the warmth of her mouth and used her fingers to scoop his cum off her tits and face. My wife then licked the still hot jizz off them with her tongue. She sucked one finger at a time into her mouth until not a single drop remained. A cum sucking performance of epic proportions. Amazing!

By now I was obviously harder than an iron rod with a boner that was threatening to break all previous size records. I was more than ready to get into the action myself.

Jessica stripped out of her clothes. She undressed slowly, teasingly, sexily, with a great deal of jiggle and bounce. She made quite a show of wiggling out of her too tight clothes and teasing us with her sexy body.

Rick and I both quickly removed our clothes as well. Two big hard dicks pointed straight out; ready to satisfy my wife's every need. Two throbbing boners ready to give her the best fucking of her life.

Jessica leaned over me and turned her oral attentions to my ramrod and, in doing so, presented to Rick an excellent view of her buns and dripping pussy. Rick, who if anything was even harder and larger (!) than before, got up on his knees. As Jessica took my dick into her mouth, Rick speared her cunt with his enormous fuck stick.

My wife yelled out unintelligibly, the words muffled by my big dick in her mouth. She removed her mouth from my cock and said, "Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Give me every throbbing inch of your big fucking dick! Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Rick drove his enormous cock in to her pussy fast and deep. This prompted my wife, for the very first time ever, to deep throat every inch of my straining dick. My entire cock was completely sucked in to her throat. It was also her first orgasm of the night (first of many). It sure feels incredible to have your dick totally buried deep in the throat of a moaning, groaning, screaming woman in the throes of orgasm.

We proceeded to give it to her, HARD, from both sides. Rick mercilessly pounded his meat into Jessica's cunt while I received the greatest blowjob of my life. As we continued to fuck her from both sides, Jessica would occasionally remove her mouth from my ever-expanding cock to verbally tease and titillate us.

"Oh God," she said, "I'm dying. So big, so big. I'm cumming, harder, harder... Fuck me, it feels so good, don't ever stop. I've never felt anything like this; I'm COMPLETELY STUFFED! Fuck me. I love big dick! I LOVE BEING FUCKED BY BIG HARD DICKS!" She came, and came, and came. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

She continued on in this manner along with completely unintelligible squeals and groans, which indicated a pretty much unending stream of orgasms.

We kept it UP as long as we could but my wife was a dynamo. She was an incredible fucking machine. An insatiable sex maniac. And her sex talk was outrageous. If her hot fucking action and gyrations weren't enough her words would have put anyone over the edge.

Here two guys were royally screwing her at the same time and she was begging for more! She had one big cock deep in her throat and another HUGE dick plowing her cunt and she was in heaven. Big dick heaven. Fucking and sucking and cumming. Over and over again. The more we screwed her the wilder she got!

It was too much for any mortal man to take and before long we were both cumming like fire hoses. Rick came deep in her pussy and I came down her throat. Finally, after all these years, Jessica was swallowing my jizz! We came deep and hard and Jessica came again as well. We sent load after load of cock cream down her throat and into her cunt.

For good measure Rick pulled out and sent thick streamers of jizz flying up her chest and across her straining tits. Not to be outdone I pulled out of Jessica's mouth and added my generous load to the cum bath now covering her chest and face. We coated her tits. We soaked her nipples in jizz. She was covered in a shining white gloss of cum from her tits up to her face.

Gradually we shook off the last drops of our cum over Jessica's wide-open mouth and out thrust tongue. My wife eagerly drank whatever we had left to give her. She said, "Yum, yum, yum. Oh yes, you both taste so good. I LOVE IT! I love your cum. I love your cream all over me! I love the taste of your cock cream."

My wife then licked us both clean and repeated her earlier cum sucking performance by scooping our combined loads off her body, tits, and face. She licked up every drop off her fingers until all the evidence of our cumming had disappeared down her throat. I was totally blown away by the change in her, by her overwhelming need to swallow cum, to drink jizz.

Then, and I still get hard just thinking about it, Jessica said, "Well, that was good for an appetizer, but I want more, lots more!"

To Be Continued...

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