tagBDSMJessica's Hawaii Vacation Ch. 01

Jessica's Hawaii Vacation Ch. 01


"I'm telling you, only one day." Ryan said, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

"I know; how many times do you need to say this! I've had enough of this conversation already." I said looking out the window, looking down at the blue water below.

My fiancé and I were finally on our way to Hawaii. I had been trying to get this trip to become reality for at least three years. There were two reasons I wanted to go; one was the obvious beauty and warmth I craved but rarely experienced living in the north east United States. The second was a different matter all together. I have a long time friend that lives there whom I have never actually met face to face.

Todd and I have been talking for about three years. We had a lot in common; music, movies and our sense of humor was unique and hard to find in other people. Don't get me wrong, I love Ryan and he fulfills most things I need in a relationship, but one person has never been able to be my end all be all. There was always something in every relationship I have had that was lacking. Ryan was a good boy, jeans and t shirts, country music, faithful and loving, a dream for most girls. I liked those things about him but I have always craved the bad boys. I love tattoos and a man with a darker side. That was Todd; his arms and back we littered with tattoos, he loved to box and his long braided hair, dark eyes and sharp American Indian features that just plain did it for me.

"I know and I am tired of it as well but you don't seem to understand this from my point of view. You are willing to fly half way across the planet to meet this guy. You have to see how jealous this makes me. Imagine how you would feel if you were in my shoes." Ryan said taking my hand.

"I would kill you. I understand but meeting him is just something I have to do. I am not looking to hook up with him; I just want to spend a little bit of time with him. He wants to show me his new boxing club he opened last year, and show me some spots on the island. You and I both agreed that I wasn't doing the scuba diving thing and I know you would regret it if you didn't go. One day apart won't kill us and if you love me you would trust me. I don't cheat and I would never think about cheating on you. I love you." I said, kissing his cheek.

Ryan seemed to calm down after that, going back to reading his book. My mind began to wander to the events that were to come. I was finally going to meet him; finally going to be able to see what he was really like. I started to feel anxious, what if we didn't connect in person the way we had on the phone all this time? If not I would lose a good friend. One day was going to determine the next chapter of our friendship that I so desperately clung to in stressing times. Todd had the uncanny ability to calm me down when I thought my world was falling apart. He always knew what to say. Ryan usually tried to help me, but all he ends up doing is frustrating me more by smothering me. He just never knew when to back off.

The plane was making its final approach when I snapped back to reality. It was five hours earlier here so we basically arrived only a couple hours after we left, which made it mid morning in Hawaii. We had to get to the hotel and check in and then I was going to sit by the pool and get some sun so at least I wasn't glowing white anymore from the mostly cloudy and freezing climate I called home. Our baggage was already at the counter when we arrived at baggage claim. Thank god for small miracles.

Our taxi ride was relatively short but we went all along the ocean. I have never seen the Pacific Ocean; it seemed so different from the Atlantic, much more rough but still beautiful. I couldn't wait to sink my toes into the sand. As we pulled into the hotel I was in awe. It was right on the ocean, as in we could walk out the back door and walk onto the beach!

"You like it honey?" Ryan asked smiling.

"I love it! How did you manage to score this? I expected to be farther in!" I exclaimed.

"Mom managed to do some switching around and got us in. I thought you would like it; I know how much you're going to be laying on that beach this week." He said smiling.

"Yes but what will you be doing? I mean you aren't exactly the lounge on the beach type." I said. I couldn't believe it. Our vacations usually consisted of me running around after him instead of doing what I wanted to do. He was actually making this vacation for me!

"I brought my book, besides I'm sure I can find something to do. I have been looking things up since I found out that you would be with Todd the whole day tomorrow and I am sure I can't do all of them in one day, as long as you don't mind me going out on my own."

"No, not at all I would feel very bad if your vacation was filled with watching me soaking up the sun. Thank you so much for this, I need it so badly."

"I know baby," Ryan said as we pulled into a parking space.

Our room wasn't a room at all; it was more like a luxury suite with a patio that went straight into our own pool and lounge chairs where I could sun myself without dealing with other people. I spent the rest of the day on that lounge chair with my headphones on occasionally texting Todd letting him know we got in alright and convincing him to stay home until the next day. He wanted to come over right then and there but I knew Ryan wouldn't appreciate that very much at all.

As I lay there I couldn't keep my mind off of Todd. I knew that it was wrong, that my feelings for him were more than friendship feelings. I had tried many times to stop those feelings to no avail. I felt how I felt and even though I would never act on those feelings nothing I did made them go away. Ryan was the best thing that ever happened to me; I don't know what I would do without him in my life but I craved more than a mortgage, car payments and an occasional trip to the movies. Todd was always into something. He had a great career; he surfed, went biking and had tons of friends. He just had this air to him that people gravitated to and I wanted to be a part of that. The rest of the day went on pretty much the same; we had dinner out on the patio and went to bed early, exhausted from the time change.

I woke up early the next morning, just as the sun went up and decided to go for an early run before Ryan got up for the day. It was promising to be a warm one with temperatures in the seventies already. I started my run with a smile on my face, Tom Petty singing in my ears and the smell of the ocean as my feet hit the sand making my calves hurt more than the usual pavement I normally run on. My mind started to wander to Todd, imagining what he was doing at that moment, if he was dreaming laying in bed or if he was up to the same thing I was, using exercise to calm the sexual frustration that came with the day that lay ahead. I thought of him at his boxing club, working at the bag with his shirt off as he usually did, his tattoos gleaming with the sweat the workout was giving him and began to run faster, trying to get the images out of my mind. I knew I was going to have to do something about the feelings I was having toward him; I just didn't want to do anything about it today. That however would have the risk of sexual frustration turning into something more, something wrong, something I was determined to keep from happening.

When I got back to the room Ryan was still in bed passed out cold. I went into the bathroom and started the shower and went to my suitcase to grab my clothes for the day. I chose my favorite shirt; a black T with Abby from NCIS on it and a pair of short jean shorts. I chose my black rhinestone flip flops; I didn't want to wear heels due to the fact that Todd was only about five foot seven inches and I like being a bit shorter than a man. Being a mere five foot two inches would be a perfect height difference with heels we would be almost the same height.

I stepped into the hot spray of the shower and sighed, my tired muscles thanking me. As I stood there soothing my muscles, my mind began to wander to Todd. I pictured him in the shower across town. I pictured the water running down his tattooed chest and muscled arms. I thought of his long dark hair out of its customary braid, his chocolate brown eyes looking at me expectantly. My hand began to wander down in between my legs to the folds of my cleanly shaved pussy. My index and middle fingers found my clit and I began to rub it gently. Already excited by my thoughts that morning it didn't take me long to feel the warmth beginning to build, my orgasm close at hand. My head fell back as I used my fingers on my pleasure nub, circling faster until the pressure exploded in the wonderful release I needed so badly. My knees buckled when the force of my orgasm hit me. I stayed on the shower floor panting from the intensity I hadn't experienced in a long time. When I stood back up I quickly washed the evidence of my pleasures away, finished my hair and turned off the shower.

I blow dried my long, dark brown hair, straight ironed and curled the layers so they started to curl at my shoulders and finished midway down my back. I put on my makeup sparingly, I didn't like the look of too much makeup on me, it just didn't look right and I could never cover up all the freckles that riddled my nose and under my eyes. The colors I used perfectly complimented my bright green eyes. I quickly put on the t-shirt and shorts I had picked out. Looking at the finished product in the mirror, I was happy with what I saw. My outfit complimented my curves in all the right places. Being short and curvy had been considered fat when I was growing up but now men appreciated a woman that wasn't skin and bones and I was thankful for that. I stepped out of the bathroom to see that Ryan was awake in bed watching TV; looking unusually somber for him.

"Morning," I said sitting on the edge of the bed sliding my flip flops on.

"Morning, you're up early," he commented, looking me up and down.

"Yeah, I went for a run on the beach; needed the exercise." I said grabbing an apple off of the table.

"You aren't going to stay and eat breakfast with me?"

"No I can't I am supposed to meet Todd over by the boxing club in an hour and you know I am going to get lost at least once." I said laughing. I was hopeless even with a GPS.

"I was looking forward to spending at least some time with you before you left to go with him," he said, giving me the guilt trip look. I hated when he did that. He always had the uncanny ability to make me feel guilty about everything he didn't like me doing. Personally I felt it was a cheap shot and he just wanted attention.

"I know but I have to go," I said sighing. Someday he would grow out of it, at least I hoped so. I loved Ryan but sometimes I just wish he were more of an assertive person. I hated being the aggressive person in the relationship. I was the girl, he was supposed to be the dominate personality not me.

I picked the rental car keys up off of the table, grabbed my purse and headed out into the hot sun. I didn't bother saying anything more to Ryan, I was too aggravated to deal with his over emotional attitude and the faster I got out the door and on the road the better.

By the grace of god I only took one wrong turn during the whole trip and pulled into the parking lot of the boxing club ten minutes early. As I sat there waiting for Todd I began to get so nervous I was shaking. I needed to calm down before he arrived or I was going to look like an idiot. I wasn't sure I was even able to speak without my voice shaking. I decided to give him a call to see where he was, maybe then I wouldn't be so nervous.

"Hey!" Todd said.

"Hey, I'm here in the parking lot."

"Great I'll be there in like two minutes. I'm glad you found it ok." He said.

"Yeah only got lost for like five minutes or so. What are we going to do today?" I asked.

"Well, I wanted to show you the club obviously and then I was going to take you to my new place make some lunch and then we'll take it from there."

"Ok, sounds good I'll see you in a minute then," I said, voice shaking just as I had feared.

"I see you now," he said as he pulled his white Hummer up next to my rental.

My stomach was doing flips as I saw his smiling face as he stepped out of the monstrous vehicle. He was wearing his usual jeans a little on the baggy side, a white and black Ed Hardy t-shirt and his usual black Oakley sunglasses. I somehow made it out of my vehicle by the time he got around to my side and picked me up into a huge hug. I wrapped my arms around him and tucked my head into the curve of his neck. He smelled of soap and cologne. I don't think I had ever smelled anything so wonderful in my life.

"Finally," he said setting me back onto my feet. "How long have we waited?"

"Oh not long, only about three years or so," I said laughing.

"I'm glad you're here," he said leaning down to kiss my forehead and pulling me into a soft hug. We stayed like that for a while; my eyes closed enjoying the feel of his strong arms around me. I felt safe there and never wanted it to end.

"Let's go in and I can show you around my baby," he said taking my hand and leading toward the back door of the club.

It looked much different from what I expected. The light oak finished wood floors and the high ceiling made the whole place look bright and clean. There was the huge ring in the middle of the room and on the sides along the walls were the training equipment you would expect. To the right were the locker rooms and benches lined the sides of the ring.

"Very nice place for people to beat each other in," I said laughing.

"I think so," he said smiling. "It's become quite the popular place to be. I especially like the kids programs. It teaches them responsibility and self control; it also keeps the kids busy so they aren't getting into trouble on the streets after school."

"I never thought about it that way! I'm glad you're doing something that makes you happy."

"Well, I can't compete anymore with my knee getting busted up. I wanted to be able to still be in the business even if I can't be the one in the ring." He said. "Coaching has become my passion and this place is a dream come true."

"I can see how happy it makes you. I am glad you can still do what you love," I said squeezing Todd's hand. He hadn't let go of mine since we walked in and I certainly didn't mind. Besides, it's just one day and it isn't like I was making out with him or anything. What Ryan didn't know wouldn't hurt me. At least that was what I was going to keep telling myself. I was enjoying every touch; it felt too good, too right to back off. I secretly hoped this day would never end.

"Thank you, that means a lot." He said squeezing back. "Come here I want to show you the ring."

"Oh, I don't think so. I probably won't be able to even get in there I am so short." I said letting him pull me towards the ring anyway.

"I'll help you up," he said as he climbed up into the ring himself then putting his hands out to help me up.

"Oh all right," I said, letting him pull me onto the mat.

"It's bigger than it looks." I said standing up.

"I actually get that a lot from first timers," he said walking to the center of the ring. I smiled at him mischievously as I walked around the edge of the mat. He knew me well enough to know what I was up to and gave me the same smile back.

"Come on then, see if you can take me down." He laughed. "Maybe I'll let you win."

Oh that did it! I ran at him and jumped, wrapping my arms and legs around him determined to use any leverage I had to at least back him up to the ropes. That however didn't go very far as he just stood there with his hands on his hips laughing at me.

"Yeah, you weigh next to nothing and you expected to knock me down?" he said.

"Guess not" I said laughing. Before I realized he was even moving I was flat on my back on the mat with his face maybe an inch away from mine, his face changing from laughter to very serious with the heat of lust in his eyes. He took my hands in one of his and trapped them above my head holding them tightly. I was effectively trapped under the weight of his delicious body. That coupled with the fact that he had me completely immobilized, unable to move to get myself free made me moan deep in my throat with desire. The heat in his eyes intensified as he reached under my head with his free hand, bringing my face to his in a fierce kiss, his lips soft even as they crushed into mine. His hand moved into a fist; pulling my hair causing my head to tip back so he had full access to my neck. The pleasure/pain combination sent a jolt of desire between my legs. Somewhere deep in my head I heard my mind telling me to stop this, it was wrong and I was cheating. The thought was gone as soon as it came when Todd bit the side of my neck lightly and let his weight onto me pressing against me in the most intimate of places; letting me know just how turned on he was. I wrapped my legs around him as he came in for another kiss.

"Don't move those hands," he said as he let go of them, running his hand down my arm to come to rest on my right breast as he kissed me deeply once again. My nipple hardened with desire under his rough hand as I pressed myself against him, wanting to feel his touch wherever I could as he started to kiss down my neck. I tugged upwards on his shirt trying to get it over his head as he grabbed onto my bra and ripped it in half.

"I'll buy you a new one," he said taking his shirt over his head and revealing the defined muscles of his chest and a six pack that any woman would die to touch. He pulled my shirt over my head and threw it off the mat. He again grabbed my hands and put them over my head; giving me a look that told me to keep them there. I happily obliged him as he quickly lowered his face to my waiting breasts, his mouth capturing my nipple and gently sucking and running his teeth over the hardened surface. By the time he reached down and unbuttoned my shorts I was in a sexual frenzy, wet and needing to be touched. He threw my shorts and underwear off the mat and growled low in his throat as he got the first look at my clean shaven wet pussy. Gently pulling my thighs apart he moved down on the mat and kissed the insides of my thighs, making me pant in frustration. He seemed to enjoy this and kept gently kissing and touching the inside of my thighs, careful to never touch where I wanted him to so badly. I started to whimper as his onslaught continued to drive me crazy; I needed to cum so badly.

"Please," I cried. "Please I can't take it anymore!"

"What do you want?" He asked; that wicked smile again on his face. "Tell me little minx; what do you need?"

"Please I need you to touch me," I whimpered.

I cried out as he kissed me oh so gently then began to slowly suck and nibble my clit. The sensations were almost too much as I began to feel the buildup of my orgasm from his talented mouth. He must have sensed I was close because he got up and threw his pants on the mat. I was in awe at the size of him, not too long but perfectly thick. I wanted to touch him, play with him and give him the pleasure he gave me but he pushed himself into me fast and hard causing us both to gasp at the wonderful sensations. It was as if he were made for me he fit so perfectly inside me. He began to slowly move on top of me as I wrapped my legs around him; urging him on matching him thrust for thrust wanting him to go faster. He would have none of it and kept on with his slow rhythm knowing how close I was to release. I couldn't take it anymore; I needed my release so I reached up and grabbed his hair pulling his face to mine. Before I knew what happened he flipped me over onto my stomach pulling my ass in the air and grabbed my hands; trapping them behind me.

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