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Jessie's Cumslut


I've been with my girlfriend amazing Jessie for just over two years now. Jessie is just 5'2" tall, skinny, and tan, with bleach blond hair and perfect 34 DD tits; she's a knockout. In those two years we've traveled, moved in together, and had tons of fun. One reason we've had all that fun is because of our sex life. From day one (really day one, we had sex on our first date) we've had so much sex. When our relationship was fresh we would fuck at least three times every single day. I remember one Sunday when we had nothing to do and I ended up fucking her 12 times. Both Jessie and I just have tremendous sexual appetites.

The only thing is that I'm kind of a freak. I love watching porn and I love trying out new, kinky things. Jessie is not a prude, and she's not inexperienced, but she hadn't tried very many things sexually before me. One of my favorite things to do is give a sexy girl a facial and it took me probably four months and a lot of alcohol for me to convince Jessie to let me cover her beautiful face with my cum. From then on I've been living out all of my fetishes with her and loving every second of it. I got Jessie to love my cum, try anal (on both of us that is), buy toys and restraints, make videos, fuck in public, try every position we can think of, try watersports, and be dominant and submissive.

Even after all of the fetishes I told Jessie about and all of the things we tried, there's was one fetish I was scared to tell her about: my cum fetish. I can't explain it, but from when I started watching porn and having sex I've loved seeing a guys cock shoot sticky cum on a sexy girl. I loved it so much that I started watching compilation videos of cumshots, and eventually figured I needed to taste my own cum and see what it was really like. The problem was that even though I wanted to try my cum, I always backed out after actually cumming. The thought obsessed me however and I even started watching CEI (cum eating instruction) videos. I would sit back with my laptop, bring up a video of some hot girl, get in a submissive mindset, and stroke it to her telling me how much of a freak I was and ultimately telling me to cum on my own face and lick it up.

Recently I've been very submissive and Jessie knows this and has been using it to her advantage. She's sat on my face and teased my cock while talking dirty to me and not stopping until she's had at least three orgasms and my face is coated with her sweet juices. One night I had our apartment all to myself and decided it was time to rub one off. I went to the bedroom got naked and got out my laptop. I found a real nice video of some hot slut telling me exactly what I needed to do to please her. At the end she had me begging her to let me cum on my own face and when she gave me permission I obeyed her and lifted my legs above my head and squirted warm, sticky, sweet, white cum all over my face. After coating myself I lowered my legs, looked over at the door, and then my heart stopped. Jessie was standing there starring at me with her mouth open, and a look of shock and disgust on her face. Without saying anything she just turned and walked out.

After this I thought our relationship was finished, but the next day she came home and neither of us said anything. We both tried to imagine that nothing happened and I thought it was working.... Until last night.

I walked in to our apartment and heard Jessie:

"Babe, come in here"

I walked into the bedroom to find her naked with my laptop open and a CEI video up.

"Get naked right now and start eating my pussy! Don't say a word unless I tell you to, understand?"

I had no choice.

"Yes, Jessie"

I stripped down, lay on the bed between her smooth, tan legs and began lapping at her already wet pussy.

"So.... This is what you watch when I'm not here... you watch some slut make fun of you, tell you just how to jack out, and then command you to eat your own cum. That's pretty fucked up."

"Baby, I just..."

"Shut the fuck up, bitch! I didn't tell you to speak. Here's what's gonna happen. You're going to be my little bitch tonight. For that matter, you're just going to be my little bitch. I know you've been pretty submissive lately, but now you're really going to obey me. Once I've came, you have my permission to stick your cock in me, but do not fuck me until I say you can."

I obeyed her and kept licking her pussy and sucking on her swollen clit. Soon enough, Jessie had her hand on the back of my heard pulling me close and grinding her pussy all over my face so I was coated in her juices.

"That's it little bitch. I know you love being covered in cum so I'm gonna make sure your face is absolutely soaked in my pussy cum."

Jessie moaned as she orgasmed and finally stopped grinding her pussy on my face.

"Now get up here and stick your cock in me. It better be rock hard and if it's not you're going to be in major trouble."

My 7-inch, uncut cock was rock hard and throbbing so it slit right into her slippery pussy.

"That's a good little bitch. Now don't move because I pretty sure you'll cum right away and make a mess you pathetic little cumslut. Look me in the eyes and I'm gonna tell you what's gonna happen. The other day I came home and found you laying here with your own cum all over your face, didn't I?"

"Yes, Jessie."

"At first I was really freaked out, but then I did a little research. I found out that a lot of submissive guys do that and some even do it with their girlfriends. I also found out some other ways to do it. I know you have no control so I'm going to allow you to fuck me right now and cum inside me. You'll probably only last about two pumps so go."

Jessie was right. I was feeling so submissive and she was so dominant and humiliating that after three pumps I collapsed and filled her pussy with my cum. I could feel my cock spasming inside her at least 10 times. It was definitely the largest load I'd ever blown.

"Now get down there and lick me til I cum. Make sure you suck out every drop of cum from my pussy too."

I slid down her body and starred between her legs. Her beautiful pink pussy was soaked and my cum was oozing out of it. I took a deep breath and stuck my tongue inside. I immediately got a mouthful of my own cum. I was still warm and the sweet, salty deliciousness had me about to cum again.

"Get it all you fucking cumslut!" Jessie laughed at me. " I can't believe that you're this much of a fucking freak. My little bitch is sucking his own cum out of my used pussy."

I couldn't believe I was being used like this and was so horny. Within a minute Jessie came again and I still wasn't finished.

"That's a good little bitch. Now you get another treat. Lay on your back and lift your legs up just like how I found you the other night."

I obeyed and now I was starring directly at my cock. Jessie got behind me, grabbed my still rock hard cock, and at the same time took her 6-inch pink vibrator out of her bedside table and lubed it up.

"Now you're gonna take this dildo in your ass and listen closely to everything I have to say, understand me?

"Yes, Jessie." I whispered.

I gasped as she shoved the entire length of the dildo in my ass and turned it on.

"From here on out you are my little bitch. You are my sexual property to do with as I please. Whenever and wherever I command you, you must obey me. Now I'm going to fuck your ass and jack your cock off until you cover your own face with your own filthy cum. After that I going to get dressed, make a drink, and put on a movie. You are not allowed to clean yourself or get dressed. You must come sit by me and watch the movie with me still covered in your sticky cum like the pathetic little cumslut you are."

Jessie then jerked me off as hard as she could and within 10 seconds I exploded. The tip of my cock was just inches away from my mouth and I could see every rope of cum that shot out. The first went straight to the back of my throat, the second covered my cheek, next my chin, then my forehead, and after a few seconds I was completely covered.

Jessie grabbed her phone and before I could do anything snapped a picture.

"There. Now you're my little cumslut bitch. I'll save this to keep you honest. Remember, don't clean off your cum. I want it to dry so you smell like a filthy whore."

With that Jessie slid the vibrator out of my ass, got dressed and left the room. I was still in shock. After a moment a rolled over and got off the bed. I followed her to the couch and sat down still breathing heavy. I knew from here on out I truly was her submissive little cumslut bitch.

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