tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJill Kelly Goes To Prison Ch. 5

Jill Kelly Goes To Prison Ch. 5

bydeputy duffy©

"Jill why don't you go to the fridge and get the deputy another beer, he looks like he could use it," April whispered.

"He looks like he could use a cold shower!" Candy cried, as the girls giggled.

Jill went to the fridge and got the last of the beer.

"I guess you guys want to know why the deputy is really here," Jill heard April say when she returned, "well ever since I saw the deputy in prison that day, we have been talking about the one thing I know we all want."

"He's gunna get our men out," Candy cried.

"I'm good, but not that good," the deputy hissed.

"No, but he gunna pull some strings and get us one hour with our man, no guards, no one watching."

"Someone's always watching," Candy said skeptically.

"Not in the break room, there aren't any cameras, and the guard will be outside the door," the deputy injected.

"C'mon girls how cool would it be to have one hour alone, and just think how our men will feel." April oozed.

The girls all looked at each other and then started hugging; it is what they all wanted since their husbands went in, it was the next best thing to having them come home.

"Wait a minute, why," Candy barked, interrupting the celebration.

"Why, what?" April asked.

"No why would the deputy do that for us, we know that conjugal visits aren't allowed?" Candy said, as she looked at the deputy and the rest of the girls soon followed. The deputy sat back and took a sip of beer. It was now time, time to see if the girls wanted to play.

"I could say, because I'm a nice guy, but we no that's not why," the deputy started. "Well when April first asked me for this, I thought well April knows how thing work, if I do something for her, well she does something for me, so I looked into it and well it was going to take some doings, but I could pull it off."

"Yah but I also thought of my girls as well." April interrupted.

"Yah she had to do some convincing on that one, I mean one convict free pass was one thing, but three more," the deputy hissed.

"Hey what about Beth?" Jill moaned.

"Beth well her hubby should be out in a month or two," April said. "He really is going to have to stick his neck out for us, if we are going to do this." April said quickly changing the subject.

"Why wouldn't we do this?" An excited Red joined in. The other girls seemed to be waiting for the answer as April and the deputy were exchanging glances.

"Because you have to pass the test," the deputy finally moaned.

"What test, c'mon what the..." Candy cried, as the other girls soon followed.

"Girls settle down," April cried out, as the other girls were becoming nervous.

"It's a test, to prove to me that you are worth sticking my neck out for." The deputy said sternly.

"We're not going to like it are we, all you pigs are the same!" Candy barked out, as she couldn't hide her true feelings for the deputy any longer.

"Well I can see I wore out my welcome," the deputy said, as he rose to leave.

"Candy shut the fuck up!" Red cried out, as she hopped up and grabbed the deputy by the arm. "Please at least tell us about the test."

"It's not really a test but more of a challenge, if you pass we win and if you fail, then the deputy wins," April said quickly.

"I'll wait in the kitchen, you talk it over, if you don't want my help no biggie," the deputy said, before he walked into the kitchen.

"April what the fuck did you invite him here for?" Candy cried, which Jill was surprised at, as Red and Candy had acted like they were comfortable with his presence all along.

"You guys aren't looking at the bigger picture, the prize if we win!" April hissed.

"We thank you for that, but I know when you tell us what we have to do, I'm gunna want to kill you again ain't I," Candy said.

"C'mon Candy lets give her a break for a sec, go on tell us April," Red moaned.

"Well it's pretty simple," April mumbled, as she could feel the heat from the other women's glare. "You have five minutes."

"Five minute to what?" Candy barked.

"Well to ah..." April murmured, "to get the deputy, up and down."

"Fuck April," Candy cried out, as Red also threw a pillow at her.

"Ok now you can kill her Candy!" Red cried.

"What guys?" Jill said, as she was a little confused.

"Up and down, is prison slang for making someone cum," Candy hissed.

"We have five minutes to make the deputy cum," Red said, as even she wasn't happy with it.

Jill sat with her mouth open, April had to know how much distain she had for the deputy, after all she was there, the day they first met, she knew the history, surly she must understand.

"April!" Jill moaned.

"Look there is three of you and one of him," April tried.

"Three of us, what about you," Candy interrupted.


"You fucking slut!" Candy cried out

"Look you know how it is; he did a favor, so I had to return it," April said trying to retain her composure.

"What did he do, he's a fucking deputy, he busted Jill's fucking husband," a skeptical Candy cried.

"He ah..."

"He did me a favor too I think," Jill interrupted April.

"What Jill," Candy moaned as the fire of the room suddenly quitted.

"I mean I was new and nervous and well I didn't know anything and," Jill rambled nervously fighting back tears, "and then April said she would, but I didn't know what she meant, and then last week. There was this mean guard, he was giving us a hard time, and the deputy helped us,"

Jill held her hands to her face as she lost control of her emotions, nothing new, only this time the other girls felt for Jill, as they were sharing many of the same emotions, only time had hardened theirs.

After several minutes the girls finally helped Jill clean her face, and Red held her in her arms.

"Ok April I think we see why you did what you did, but there is still one thing your not telling us," Candy said, as she leaned back against the couch, "how about telling us what happens if we can't, well you know, in five minutes."

The three girls on the couch seemed to all share the feeling, as their gaze was locked on April, who shifted nervously in her seat.

"Well you shouldn't fail, I mean why do you think I told my story and talked Red into telling hers," April moaned.

Jill looked up into Red eyes, as to apologize for some of the things she said to herself about Red. Red seemed to understand, as she gave Jill a quick soft kiss on the lips.

"But what if..." Candy hissed.

"If you fail, well then for one night your, ah the deputies," April said, her voice trailing off.

The three girls didn't even move, or hardly even breathe, as they looked at April not sure if they heard her, did she just suggest they wager the one thing that they had left, their last straw.

"C'mon it's just one night, but you shouldn't lose!" April pleaded.

"April one night, you mean we have to..." Jill groaned.

"Yes Jill," Red answered for April.

"Yah anything he wants," April finally mumbled. "But look if I was you guys, I mean five minutes is a long time, so here what you guys should do."

The deputy walked back into the room and interrupted April.

"April I'm getting a little lonely in the kitchen, lets let the ladies decide," the deputy said, as he took April's hand, "you have five minutes."

The deputy returned to the kitchen with April in tow.

"I can't believe this!" Is all the girls said at first.

"I'm sorry guys, I should have told you he was coming," Red said, "but I didn't no anything about this, Jill just told me to tell my story in front of him, and to make it sexy.

"So you made up the story," Candy asked.

"Just a little," Red said with a nervous giggle, "when we got into the bedroom, Wendy was all over me and Danny was begging to watch, finally after some convincing, Wendy said he could, but he would have to watch from the closet, so she could pretend he wasn't watching. That's what really happened, and then she switched places with him and that's basically it, they never touched each other, I just added that part for the deputy," Red said as the girls giggled.

"All right lets figure this out," Jill said, as she was growing nervous.

"Well we have to do it," Candy mumbled.

"You mean,"

"No I don't want to do it Jill, man I hate pigs, but we have to now, if we back out, we will hurt the deputy's feelings," Candy hissed.

"So," Jill snapped.

"She didn't mean it like that, it's just he can make life easy for our men, on the inside, but he can also make life hard for them, real hard." Red said as she stroked Jill's hair, as Jill took a deep gulp as she never even thought of that.

"But listen Jill, me and Red can handle most of it I guess, in fact I'm hopping Red can work her magic tongue." Candy said.

"Have you guys ever?" Jill mumbled.

"What, oh I hope your asking about the deputy?" Candy groaned.

"Ah yah,"

"The only time we saw him before today was just outside the prison last week," Candy said, "Red do you mind, I mean I'll help,"

"No really, ah maybe you can jerk him and cup his balls, while I'll use my mouth. I hope April taught me well." Red said, as they giggled nervously, "and Jill, you can use your tits, ah nipples,"

"What do you mean?"

"You know Jill, rub them in his face, let him suck on them," Red said.

"Oh man really," Jill moaned.

"Hey I'm gunna have his cock in my mouth and then when he comes," Red said, as her voice trailed off.

Jill saw her point, but was still dealing with the realization that they were going to actually play the deputy's sick game, as the deputy walked into the room followed by April, who was looking down at the floor, she was also buck-naked. Her breasts showing signs of sexual contact.

"Ok girls, what's it going to be?" The deputy said, as he walked back in forth, pacing in front of the girls.

Finally Red broke the uncomfortable silence

"We'll do it,"

"Oh thank god," April moaned.

This surprised the girls as they looked at her, she was thanking them, she obviously had something more riding on their decision.

"Five minutes ladies, here April you time them," the deputy said, as he threw a small stop watch at April, "ok only one little thing to do first, and then we will start."

They watched the deputy, who was doing his best to hide his excitement over the group's decision, bend down and take something out of his sock, under one of his pant legs.

"Only one rule you have to wear these," the deputy said as he held up three Zip-ties.

"Hey no fair, we can't use our hands," Candy cried surprised that the deputy would try something, after they agreed.

"I didn't say you couldn't, just your gunna have your hands behind your back, or no go," the deputy said, confident they wouldn't back out now. He also knew he didn't stand a chance otherwise.

Ever since April helped him come up with the plan, the deputy would enlist the help of his girlfriend Farra, who after hearing the plan, would do her best to try and make him cum in less then five minutes, two, three times a day. Sometimes the deputy could hold out, sometimes he couldn't, it was a tough job but... He even made sure before he came over this evening, that she gave him the fiercest blowjob she had in her.

"Lets go stand up," the deputy said, trying to sound as authoritative as possible and trying not to give them time to change their minds.

The three girls slowly stood up as the deputy moved in front of the dirty blonde, with the bad attitude, Candy. He spun the towel-covered girl around and quickly slipped her wrists in the Zip-ties, before she could protest anymore, and then spun her back around. Looking here right in the eyes. She sported the look; he had seen that look before, total lack of respect for the law.

"Towel on, or off?" The deputy hissed.


"I Just thought, well your choice," the deputy said as he moved over in front of Red.

"Wait a sec, off, take it off!" Candy cried, as much as she didn't want to, she conceded the inevitable and also was hoping for a head start. She also was just trying to show the deputy that she wasn't afraid of him or his stupid test. Jill and Candy both looked at Candy wondering what she had planned, as well as what the deputy had planned.

The deputy shifted back, and slowly moved his hand up to the top of the towel, and grasped it right in-between Candy's impressive cleavage, and then in a violently quick motion, snatched the towel from the stunned girl.

"Ah nice, better than I expected," the deputy said, as he ran a finger over Candy's breast, finally rolling her nipple back and forth. Just when Candy was going to react, the deputy spun her around, grabbing her wrists. He pulled up on them, forcing Candy to bend at the waist and lean forward, as she screamed out, not from pain, but at the suddenness of the movement.

"Please Sir," both Red and Jill pleaded.

"Quite," the deputy screamed, as he brought his hand down and smacked Candy's ample backside several times, as the sound of his blows jolted each of the girls. One smack for each letter in the word, pigs. He spun her back around and moved over in front of Red, to avoid any sudden retaliation.

The deputy reached out a stroked Red's short hair, admiring her beauty, before moving down to the woman's robe.

"Nice robe, on or off?" The deputy whispered.

"Ah off I guess," Red said, following Candy's lead, although she really didn't know why. Red was proud of her body, but wasn't looking forward to the deputy taking liberties with it. Red didn't have a submissive bone in her body, even with her husband; she was always the one in charge, in the bedroom.

The deputy grabbed the robe's silk bow and pulled back as the small robe opened up in the front. Slowly the deputy slid the robe off one shoulder and then the next, almost letting out a small gasp when Red's perfect body came into view. Only his training let him remain stone face as he turned her around and slipped her wrists into the zip-ties.

The deputy slid down Red's body, circling each breast, and down her flat stomach, then he ran his hands over Red's small panties, before sliding them down her legs and off each ankle. He pushed up on Red wrists and she responded quickly, bending over hoping to avoid the spanking part. Her actions worked or maybe it was her amazing pussy, which seemingly captivated the deputy's gaze. The sight, now no match for his training, causing him to momentarily lose his place. He licked a finger and slowly worked it around her glorious, hairless pussy lips. Red held her breath, as she felt the deputy spread her open, before slowly pressing a finger in and out.

The deputy was only broken from his trance when Red moaned aloud. He quickly stood up, and cleared his throat, as humiliating as it had been for the girls, their plan was working as the Deputy now showed obvious signs of excitement, as he moved in front of Jill.

"And now, the shy one," the deputy said as he fondly remembered their first encounter. He always remembered the shy ones.

"Sweatshirt," the deputy said.

"Off," Jill quickly snapped, as she knew it was coming.

"And there is that temper I remember," the deputy said, as he lifted the sweatshirt over her head.

"Pussy Power, I guess we will see," the deputy teased.

Jill's skin crawled, as the deputy looked her over, dressed only in her sheer black negligee. She almost looked as dirty as she now felt. He spun her around and zipped her wrists, sliding down her body, he slid her g-string off and stood up and spun her around again. Looking into her eyes hoping his expression was effectively transmitting the immense pleasure this was giving him. The deputy was used to having women strip for him, so it was an added bonus to be able to do the stripping. He reached down and caressed each breast with his thumbs, as he had remembered all to well about the great nipples the girl sported. Reaching into the top of her negligee, he slowly pulled out her left breast from it hiding place and then the right one, and returned his attention to her nipples.

"Ah sir can we start now," Red moaned, as she was hoping to spare a shaking Jill, from any more fondling.

"Why not," the deputy said, as he stood in the center of the room, "Hit it April."

The girls acted in stunned silence at first.

"Go girls," April cried out, as the surprised girls jumped and approached the deputy. Red dropped in front of the deputy, Candy was doing her best to unbuckle the deputy's belt, her wrists feeling the stinging pain of their constraints.

"C'mon Candy," Red moaned, "and Jill kiss him."

Red used her face to rub against the deputy's groin as well as try to work at the pant's zipper.

Jill was a little stunned, but still tried to kiss the deputy, but the taller deputy wasn't helping, he was just staring straight ahead, like he was in a trace, so she kissed his neck and nibbled on his ears. The deputy was really just doing his best to go to a different place, a different time, in his mind. It was something his father taught him. Something that worked with farra, sometimes.

It took the girls a full two minutes to get the deputy's pants undone, and the fly down, and another thirty seconds to get them down. They now had access to his cock as Red took as much of it in her mouth as she could, trying to get it as well coated as quickly as she could. She was almost laughing at the absurdity of it all, while trying not to be impressed.

"Let's get him on the couch so we can all help," Candy cried

Jill and Candy got behind the deputy and pushed him over to the couch. The deputy doing his best not to break out in laughter, finally tumbled on the coach. Red went back to work, as she now had help from Candy. She also flashed a look at Jill, who knew it was her time to act. She put on knee on the couch and leant forward, the Deputy taking the bait, hungrily took a nipple in his mouth.

Sounds of sucking on skin filled the room, as April screamed out one minute left. The deputy was happy to have Jill's distraction, as he focused on Jill breasts as much as he could, as Red was now at full speed and suction, she even deep throated him several times. Candy was sucking on the inner tight of the deputy, fighting off her frequent urges, to clamp her jaw down tight.

"Ten seconds," April cried out, as she realized they weren't going to make it. Red was frantic everything she tried, nothing worked even though his cock remained hard throughout, as hard she ever had, the deputy held out.

"Time," April groaned, as the room erupted in a chorus of cries from the girls over foul play, as the deputy quickly scrambled to his feet, a little afraid of the girls immediate response to losing the bet.

"C'mon girls," the deputy barked, as he quickly tired of their crying, "don't worry you still get the hour with your husbands, just for being good sports, now don't say anything more, that might make me change my mind."

The girls finally quit, and then watched in stunned silence as the deputy moved over in front of April, still sitting on the recliner, waiting for her punishment. She moved to the front of the chair and took the deputy's still hard cock in her mouth, and knew it wouldn't take him long now, and it didn't, soon the deputy pulled out of her mouth and began jerking off. He soon blasted a shot of cum, followed by several small ones onto April face. The deputy pressed his cock against April's lips and she reluctantly milked out the rest of his cum, with her mouth, before scrambling to the bathroom.

The deputy took out his pocketknife and cut free Red and Candy, who both went into the bedroom to get dressed.

"Ah Jill," the deputy moaned, as he moved behind Jill and cut her free, "I think I'll have you tonight with April."

"April?" Jill moaned.

"Yah you probably want her as much as I do." The deputy said as he kissed her cheek.

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