tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJill Kelly Goes to Prison Ch. 6

Jill Kelly Goes to Prison Ch. 6

bydeputy duffy©

Jill sat on the bed, watching April dig through her impressive collection of clothes, seemingly looking for just the right outfit for the deputy's return. Jill’s stomach turned as she was still dealing with the fact that she was expected to have sex with the young deputy. Two words, (anything goes,) also dancing in her head.

"April, I must admit I'm scared as hell." Jill moaned, when the two women shared a glance.

"I know Jill, but it's just sex, and I will be there for yah."

"It's not the sex," Jill quickly moaned, which brought a giggle from April.

"Ok maybe it is, it's just you know he."

"I know you still blame him." April cut in.

"Yah maybe, but I hate the fact that he is taking advantage of us, worse."

"Serious question Jill, is he taking advantage of us, or are we taking advantage of him and his power?" April asked.

"I guess if you look at it that way." Jill said shaking her head.

"Then look at it that way, you still haven't got it Jill. You do what you have to do, and don't look back and live with no regrets." April snapped. "Ok enough of this, let’s get dressed."

Jill was still unsure, as she started to put on the outfit that April picked out for her, when the phone rang.

"Now what!" April cried, as she went into the kitchen and answered the phone. Jill was slipping into a skimpy red dress, when April bounced back into the room.

"You’re not going to believe it Jill," April said, as she playfully grabbed Jill, and as a result, they tumbled onto the bed. "That was the deputy, there has been a pile-up, out on the highway, and he isn't going to make it back here tonight."

"Are you serious?" Jill shrieked.

"Man, it's like you just got a call from the governor." April cried, as the two women rolled around on the bed.

"Wait April, should we be so happy? I mean it sounds like some people might be hurt, you know on the highway." Jill moaned.

"I think they would understand." April said, as she quickly kissed Jill, "but you are a precious one, Jill."

She tried to kiss Jill again but Jill jumped off the bed. The two women chased each other around the bed, and tried to tear off each other's clothes, suddenly in a playful mood.

"Jill that means you can come with me tomorrow." April said, as she teasingly waved Jill's red dress over her head.

"What's tomorrow?" Jill asked, as she folded her arms over her naked breasts.

"You know, tomorrow I get my one-hour with my man, Bull." April said, as she starting pulling down Jill's panties.

"Oh yah, you must be pretty excited!" Jill cried, as she grabbed her panties away from April and pulled them back up.

"Oh man am I, when Bull hasn't had it in a while, he fucks like an animal." April moaned, as she ripped the panties from a shrieking Jill.

"Like a bull." Jill sneered, pulling off April's silk robe, leaving them both completely naked.

"Ah funny Jill," April moaned, as she began to tickle Jill. "So you will come, and you can see your hubby too?" April continued her tickling, but she had to resort to pinching one of Jill's nipples, before Jill finally said she would. April excitingly hugged Jill and then two women looked into each others eyes. Their lips moved closer and closer until they met, melting into one.

For the rest of the evening they took turns teasing and flirting with each other. Jill hadn't remembered having so much fun, as when the two women spent time kissing and caressing each others body, before April wrapped her arms around Jill, and the two drifted off to sleep.

As the sun was making its first light, Jill slowly opened her eyes, as she wiped the cobwebs from her eyes. She rolled over and gasped when she spotted April, the sleeping beauty, lying next to her. She almost forgot that she had just spent the night in another woman’s bed. Still not believing how she spent the night enjoying another woman’s body, another woman also enjoying hers. It was also the first night, in many a moons, that Jill didn't have any nightmares.

Jill’s mind suddenly retraced the hands of time that had seemingly led her to this moment. It seemed like only yesterday that she first met April at the Vermont State Prison for Men, when she went to visit her husband Stan, who was a convict there.

The thirty-year-old Jill and April, who was a couple years older, had become close friends over the last several months. April seemingly filled the void left in Jill’s life, after her husband was sentenced to eight years behind bars.

Friendship had blossomed into lust, with an innocent kiss that turned into a night of passion, for the two women. A night that still left Jill with the taste of April’s essence on her tongue, even now, several hours later. With her mind rewinding, Jill slowly drifted back to sleep, while she stroked April’s blonde hair that she admired so.

When Jill woke up again, several hours later, April was already making breakfast. After they ate, they took a playful shower together, which concluded with a shaving session, legs, under-arms, and then they even shaved each other’s pussy. It was an act Jill swore she would never do, although she found it strangely erotic, to be so exposed, to her new lover’s touch. Especially when April applied some lotion to the newly shaved area.

April did their hair and make up, after they dried off. She made them look extra slutty today, as she was just in that mood. Next they dressed in their all black prison outfits. Which were just small tops that clung to their breast, and small, tight skirts. April also talked Jill into skipping their underwear, which also helped with the sluttishness factor. Clear extra-high heels rounded out April’s look, while Jill wore smaller black pumps. While the women were dressing Jill started getting nervous, like she always did on visitation day.

The two women jumped into April’s four by four and made their way to the prison. As they drove Jill began feeling more and more nervous, as she wondered how she would react to seeing her husband, after what happened last night. The fact that April also informed her that the deputy had arranged for April to have a special visit with her husband, deep inside the prison, didn’t help the nervous factor either.

They pulled up to the prison, and made their way to the back door, where they were met by a large guard, who was carrying a shotgun.

“Where here to see our husbands, and ah, Sergeant Adams told us to come back here,” April mumbled, a little flustered by the imposing figure‘s weapon.

“Oh Yah,” the guard barked. “Well, we will see.”

The guard used a red phone on the wall just inside the door, and after a short conversation, turned back to the women, who shared concerned looks.

“Ok, he is on his way,” the guard barked, as he lustfully took in the women, dressed in their sexy attire, even having them take turns turning around for him. The large guard suddenly stepped back and licked his lips, using his weapon, he motion for the women to lift their tops.

“It’s all right guard Wetly; I’ll sign for them.” Sergeant Adams said, interrupted the action, as both of the women breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now follow me girls,” he snapped, after he sighed them in.

Jill held onto April’s hand, as they followed the sergeant into a small room, with no windows, just inside the prison’s walls. He slammed the door shut and left the two women alone again. They both quickly realized the room stank like dried urine.

The two women were growing nervous, as time dragged on and on. They checked their hair and make up, several times, in the large mirror that adorned the far wall, to pass the time. Finally the door opened and Sergeant Adams entered the room, followed by a young looking, tall guard, who almost seemed to be shadowing him.

“Ok ladies; let’s get this over!” Sergeant Adams moaned.

“Ok you first,” he said, while pointing at April.

April was a little taken back by the sergeant’s peculiar attitude today. After all she had sucked his cock dry on several occasions, and after that, he definitely didn’t forget her name, no one did.

“Stand on the yellow line,” the sergeant barked, and April followed, quickly finding the line, as she was a prison visitor veteran, so she was used to following orders.

“Ok look directly into the camera,“ the sergeant ordered.

April looked into the mirror, surprised that instead of her reflection, she could now see a large camera pointed in her direction, a male guard standing behind it.

“Ok I am going to ask you several questions, just give your answers, loud and clear,” Sergeant Adams barked.

He went on to ask her simple questions, name, husband’s name, date, time, followed by her height, weight, and shoe size. He also wrote the information on a clipboard, and then had April sign it, when he was finished. He handed it back over to the young guard and then he looked April right in the eye.


Even though April kind of had a feeling it was coming, she didn’t like the way he said it, and in the tone in which he said it. She just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Adams today, as she started removing her clothes. First her top and then her skirt, and just like that she was stark naked. Sergeant Adams put her clothes, and her purse, into a plastic basket, but told her to keep her high heels on for now.

“Face the camera and lock your hands behind your head, elbows back!” Sergeant Adams barked as he moved over and stood just of her left shoulder, his shadow peering over his shoulder.

Sergeant Adams began barking out orders, and as much as she didn’t like it, she had been around enough not to argue. He told her to slowly turn around, in quarter turns. When she was facing front again, with a stunned Jill watching, he had her lift her breasts up, by just the nipples, and then drop them several times. He then had her lean forward and swing her shoulders back and forth, but April really knew what they wanted to see swing back and forth. Turning around again, he had her bend over at the waist. Her high heels accentuating her lines. Then he ordered her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks for the camera. Finally he had bend down with straight legs and she slid off her high heels and put them in the basket.

April glanced at the young guard, when she was finished. She even got a cheep thrill, out of the deer in highlights look, he was now sporting. She noticed that he seemingly couldn’t take his eyes off her naked body, especially her enhanced breasts.

“Ok you next,” Sergeant Adams said to a trembling Jill.

“Ah me too!” A terrified Jill screamed, her prayers that she wouldn’t have to go through the humiliating procedure that she just witnessed April go through, unanswered.

“Yah let’s go, or you can go home.” Sergeant Adams said, as he patted her on the back. “I mean I already told hubby you were here.”

“You did!” Jill shot.

“C’mon Jill, you have to go through this eventually,” April whispered, as she gave Jill a comforting hug, and then after some more encouragement, and then it was finally Jill’s turn to face the camera.

After the background info was taken, Adams again gave the command to Strip. Jill, trembling noticeably, lifted her shirt over her head, and dropped it in her basket. She also searched for the eyes of the young man, now devouring her nakedness. He almost seemed mesmerized by her pink marsh-mallow nipples, causing Jill to cover her breasts with her hands. It took a minute or two and several commands for her to continue, before Jill did so. She slipped her skirt off and kicked her pumps into the plastic bucket, before she quickly returned to her pointless defensive posture, which brought out a chuckle from the two men.

Sergeant Adams seemed to make Jill stand in front of the camera longer now, than he did with April. It didn’t help the speed factor that Jill balked at every order, at first, and then eventually complied.

Sergeant Adams again started with her quarter turns, her hands locked behind her head. He had her turn her back to the camera and bend at the waist. Jill was mortified, especially when she spread her ass cheeks for the camera. “Wider and wider,” Sergeant Adams even ordered, seemingly not satisfied until he saw pink. He even told the camera operator to zoom in on her pussy, while she did this, which was the finale straw for Jill, as humiliating tears streamed from her eyes.

Just when Jill didn’t think she could take anymore, Sergeant Adams suddenly announced that it was time to see the Doc next. The women were more than a little surprised at the Sergeant’s sudden announcement.

“What’s up with the Doc part Dad?” The young guard seemingly asked for the women.

“Cavity exam, son.” Sergeant Adams said with a grin, as he pushed the women, who were a little more reluctant now because of their naked state and his recent explanation to his son‘s question, out the door. They also both openly wondered what exactly they just went through.

April also finally figured out why the sergeant’s personality had changed so drastically today, as she finally got to meet his son, the football star, that she had heard so much about, and she could already tell that he wanted to put on a good show for him, with her and Jill being cast as the main performers. She could also tell from the confused look on Jill’s face that she didn’t quite know yet, what was in store for them.

She held Jill’s hand, as they were led into a brightly-lit doctor’s type room, one lone imposing steel table, stood proudly in its center. A short fat bald man, wearing a white lab coat, joined them a few seconds later. He chatted with the two guards, as the naked women clung together, still fearing the unknown.

The doctor moved over and ordered the two women to stand up straight, with their hands over their heads, and their jaws wide open. They only followed the doctor’s orders when Sergeant Adams barked at them and slapped them both on their bare asses.

With the women in position, the doctor slowly circled them, as he conducted what he called a visual inspection of their bodies. He took a minute or two, to admire April’s impressive breasts, and Jill’s unique nipples, in fact all three men did. The young guard doing his best to hide his erection, now tenting his uniform pants.

The doctor then made a zealous inspection of their mouths, using a tongue-depressor. April put a sudden stop to her search, by clamping her lips down on the doctor’s stick, as he slowly withdrew it from her lips. April even let out a teasing gasp, as it left her lips.

“Let’s go, one of you up on the table, get up on all fours, I ain’t gut all day.” The doctor snapped, as he cleared his throat, while also trying to regain his composure.

“I know, I’ll go first,” April said sarcastically, as she exchanged glances with a terrified Jill. She could also feel Jill’s body literally shaking in her arms, when she gave her a quick hug.

April slowly climbed on the cold table, resting on her hands and knees, as the three men gathered around her backside. Jill just wrapped her arms around her chest, as she was almost too afraid to watch, but was even more scared not too. She also burned with the knowledge that she would soon be next.

The doctor pulled up a stool behind April, while the two guards paired off, over his shoulders, as they admired the view. April soon felt an arm banging against her thighs, before she reluctantly spread them further apart, for the doctor. She even had to shuffle down towards the end of the table, until her ass settled into the waiting doctor’s hands.

“Don’t get much opportunity to inspect much pussy in here,” the doctor mumbled, as he wasted no time in pulling April’s bare pussy lips apart with his fingers.

April grabbed the table, when she felt the doctor’s fat finger suddenly enter her pussy, rather abruptly. April even heard Jill gasp, as if her brain finally got the cavity part of the exam. April would have laughed, but the doctor added a second finger to her pussy, and began spreading her pussy lips apart, in quick V-like movements. She could also feel the hot breath from the three men, but she robbed them, the satisfaction of looking back at them, robbed them the whites of her eyes.

The doctor was doing his best to open her pussy up as much as possible now, as his thumb joined into the act. April winced in discomfort, as there was nothing pleasurable about the doctor’s cruel actions. She suddenly let out a small guilty laugh, as she remembered that Jill had to go next. She knew Jill was just gunna love this part, especially when she felt herself gape open, as the doctor held her open, seemingly taking one last look.

April heard a rubber glove on. She almost instinctively lowered her shoulders to the table, her nipples instantly reacting to the cold steel table, as she let out a squeal. The doctor rubbed some jelly on his glove and then thrust his finger into her, rather roughly again. Only this time into her anus, which was followed by more squealing from April, as her ass unintentionally wiggled back in forth, much to the men’s enjoyment.

“Ah Home Sweet Home,” the doctor moaned, as the two other men giggled, at the doctor’s quip.

The doctor then used a wet nap to clean up April’s anus, as thankfully it had been a relatively quick rectal search, before he slapped her ass.

“Turn over,” the doctor barked.

April did, somewhat perplexed, as she thought the search was over. The doctor had April bring her knees up to her armpits and hold them there, by holding her arms under her knees. The doctor also slid her down to the very edge of the table. He again entered her anus, twisting and turning his finger as far as he could this time. Then with an evil grin, he lifted his finger upwards, as the three men watched as it pushed up under April’s pussy. It was all April could do, to not kick the cruel doctor away.

The doctor suddenly pulled his finger out and took a wet nap and cleaned her anus off. He reached for another wet nap and proceeded to use it on her pussy. The humiliating position and the doctor’s actions, almost got to the tough skinned April, only the thought of seeing her husband kept her composer.

“Lemon fresh pussy,” he teased, as he smelled the lemon scented wipe, as April slid off the table.

“Next,” he quickly barked, as he motioned to a teary eyed Jill, as an angry April, was held back, by the young guard from immediately smacking the wise cracking doctor.

“We have a problem here April?” Sergeant Adams snapped, and then turned to Jill. “Good, now get your ass on the table.”

“No way!” A terrified Jill stammered several times, but the men stood their ground. Sergeant Adams brought his hand down on her naked backside as the sound of smacking skin bounced off the wall. A second smack quickly followed.

“Ok, Ok, Please,” Jill mumbled, as she also rubbed her ass cheek.

Jill, having just been witness to her friend’s examination, finally had to be helped into position by April, as her body was seemingly a numb bundle of uselessness. Once in the doggie position, Jill quickly felt pressure on her pussy, as she felt her lips being pulled back and forth like the doctor was testing there elasticity. It also hit her that she was shaved clean, and how the men could see everything she had now. Before she could fret about that fact, she let out a scream, when the doctor’s finger abruptly entered her. Jill snapped her head back, only to be humiliated when her eyes met the three sets of hungry eyes, now taking in every inch of her precious pussy. She was even more humiliated when the doctor began commenting on the tightness, and pinkness, of her pussy, compared to April’s, as his fingers were pulling her lewdly open in all directions.

“To bad we don’t have a speculum in here, eh Doc?” Sergeant Adams teased.

“Next time, I’ll borrow one from my Gyno-friend.” the doctor said, as Sergeant Adams moved over and pressed Jill’s shoulders to the table and the doctor snapped on a new glove.

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