tagInterracial LoveJillian Goes Black

Jillian Goes Black


Jillian was a curvy woman in her mid-thirties with pale skin, 46D breasts that jutted from her chest, tight waist leading down to accentuate a huge, shapely ass and thick thighs.

Her perfectly straight blonde hair fell to her waist, blue eyes sparkled, and she moved with fluid grace many men who appreciated thicker women never failed to notice.

She'd been married to Paul, a popular athlete, for almost a decade. Their union was an unusual one; each possessed strong sexual appetites but remained in love since meeting as "ugly ducklings" in college. She'd also lost her virginity to him at nineteen.

Jillian blossomed into an attractive woman over the years - yet still overweight by society's standards - but Paul still had average looks. However, he rarely lacked companionship following out of town games, thanks to his money and notoriety.

The thought of other women distressed Jillian early in their marriage, but once reassured they were nothing more than meaningless one-night stands or side flings, she no longer cared about her husband's indiscretions. He was a highly sexual man with needs, after all.

She urged Paul to tell her stories of his many encounters after discovering a video of him and a twenty-something redhead in various sexual positions.

He'd clearly wanted Jillian to find it, leaving his phone in a conspicuous place with the incriminating link in full view. She couldn't help but smile while noticing the redhead had a buxom build and lurid appetites similar to Jillian's.

Paul still had a type, she thought.

The video aroused her immensely and resulted in mind-blowing sex with her husband later that night. When Paul figured what prompted her to practically destroy him in bed, he continued filming himself with other random young women and sent Jillian the videos.

"You know, Jilly, I'm really not being fair," he said following another night of unrestrained passion after they watched his latest amateur video.

"What do you mean?"

"Here I am having some extracurricular fun while you stay at home getting yourself off to my videos and other porn."

"I don't mind. My vibrator's paid for itself several times over."

"Oh, I think you need more than a vibrator to be totally satisfied."

Jillian reached over and began stroking his cock. "You've fitted that bill for almost ten years."

"Yeah, but I'm not here all the time, baby."

"Paulie, what are you trying to say?"

"How would you like the idea of getting screwed by a few of my buddies or even total strangers?"

Jillian's eyes grew wide at the thought. "Are you serious? You wouldn't freak out?"

"Not in the least. Friends or strangers, I'd approve with only one rule."

"Which is...?"

"Long as I can see all the action up close."

"Wait! You actually want to...?"

"You've seen me getting road pussy, so why not watch you have some side cock?"

"Paulie, there's a difference between you filming yourself with random girls and sitting in the same room while I'm with another guy."

"Yeah, but think how hot that would be."

"Are you sure you won't feel like I'm cheating on you?"

"I wouldn't have made the suggestion if I did. Come on, Jilly; at least try once. You won't have to do anything a second time if you don't like it. I'd hate to see that body of yours going to waste by keeping it all to myself."

She smiled at him. "All right...one time, just for you."

"Thanks, baby. I already have our new neighbor in mind. He's an amazing guy. You'll love him."


Jillian's mouth dropped open in surprise when Paul brought home the man he'd chosen for her first conquest.

Derek was recently divorced and had moved in across the street a few weeks earlier. He worked as a personal trainer to local celebrities, athletes, and their wives and girlfriends in addition to competing in athletic contests.

Her eyes moved up and down his body, noting his huge arms, smooth dark skin, soulful brown eyes, thick thighs, trim waist, broad chest and shoulders, and a tight ass.

The thought of having a black man never crossed Jillian's mind - not only was Paul the only guy she'd been with in her entire lifetime and never wanted to cheat on him, but also failed to find any black men locally attractive to her in a sexual way.

Until now.

Jillian's curiosity was piqued as to what Derek was like in bed. Would he satisfy her the way her husband did?

If she had second thoughts, it was now too late to turn back. She'd already made a promise to Paul and Derek already appeared wildly aroused by her appearance.

Jillian offered drinks and the effects soon relaxed all of them. Tipsy from three glasses of wine, she began stroking Paul's and Derek's crotches through their shorts while their hands explored every natural curve of her body.

Both men took turns passionately kissing Jillian while one of Derek's hands rested on the hot spot between her legs. Paul stripped off her top, exposing her massive naked breasts.

He and Derek spent several minutes licking and sucking her nipples before they all moved to Paul and Jillian's bedroom.

Paul sat in a nearby easy chair still fully dressed, his eyes never leaving Jillian as she tossed aside her remaining clothes and sat beside Derek on the bed. He resumed playing with her tits with one hand while finger fucking her pussy with the other.

"God damn," Derek said. "You are really wet."

She pushed away his hands and undid his shorts, pulling them off with one sweep as he removed his tank top. Paul gasped at the size of their neighbor's cock, which was thick and at least nine inches long.

Jillian licked her lips in approval and placed a pale hand around the dark skin of Derek's shaft, jerking it up and down.

"Suck me, you sexy bitch," he ordered.

Derek grew larger as she suctioned the head into her mouth and gradually took down almost every inch. Jillian gagged a little, prompting Paul to ask if she was okay. She nodded, holding most of Derek's massive dick in her mouth.

Derek kept mentioning Jillian's hot mouth and how much he wanted to fuck her. She let his cock slide from between her lips, laid back on the bed, and spread her legs wide open, shaved pussy on display.

He moved between her legs, the head of his penis touching her pussy lips. Derek moved it up and down along her slit while she repeatedly begged him to enter her.

"Tell me what you want," he growled at her.

"Fuck me, Derek. Fuck me in front of my husband. I want all of you inside me."

He asked Jillian if she'd ever had a black guy. She said no and added that prior to now, Paul was the only man she'd slept with.

"Is his lily white dick big and thick as mine?"

"Almost, but not quite."

Derek laughed. "Then you're in for a damn good time. Your husband and I have plenty in common, appreciating women with big tits and asses among them. When he invited me over, I couldn't pass up the chance to bang a hot bitch like you."

"Don't worry, Jilly," Paul reassured her. "This stallion has plenty of experience."

"I bet," she replied. "Come on, Derek, show me what you can do with that big black cock. Fuck me. Fuck me like a filthy white bitch gutter whore. I need you in my pussy NOW!"

Hearing his wife talk dirty excited Paul like never before, a huge erection straining against the cloth of his shorts.

Jillian emitted a low-pitched moan as Derek eased into her waiting opening, the sounds of ecstasy growing louder as he pushed deeper and deeper until completely buried inside her. He thrust slowly at first, then picked up the pace as she begged for more.

Paul soon heard Jillian cry out she was ready to come. Derek pumped harder and faster, clenching his ass cheeks and burying his hard shaft further inside until her orgasm abated.

"Get on your hands and knees," he ordered, rolling off her body. "I want to take you doggy style."

She complied, fastening her eyes on Paul as Derek moved behind her, smacked her ass and pulled her cheeks apart, burying his face between them and ate out Jillian's ass until she screamed for mercy.

Derek ran his tongue up and down Jillian's crack with one last time before kneeling behind her. His throbbing cock once again disappeared in her pussy as she searched Paul's face for a reaction.

"You like this, Paulie?" she cooed. "Does seeing Derek do dirty things to me excite you? Mmmm...I love how his cock feels in me. You like how it slides in and out of my wet pussy, Paulie? Is this how you imagined watching me fuck another man?"

Paul grinned, pushed down his shorts, and stroked his eight-inch member. "You tell me, baby."

Derek reached around and rubbed Jillian's clit as he fucked her with wild abandon. Paul saw her legs quiver, a sign she was close to having another orgasm. That didn't surprise him since Jillian usually came at least two or three times - sometimes four - during sex.

"Come for me, you nasty bitch," he commanded. "Come for me and Paul. We want to hear you come."

"God, yes!" Jillian cried as she reached her second climax. "Harder, Derek. Fuck me harder!"

Derek kept a tight hold on her hips and increased his pace even more. She then noticed Paul staring at them while jerking off in time to Derek's thrusts.

Paul stood, walked over to the bed, and traced Jillian's lips with the tip of his cock. She took it into her mouth, letting Paul fuck her face as Derek pummeled her from behind.

"Oh, Jilly..." Paul gasped. "Your mouth is so incredible..."

"Got yourself one slaying wife, bro," Derek said, maintaining his rhythm. "Sorry for sounding nasty, but she's a great piece of ass. You have it fucking made."

"You don't have to remind me, man. She's a talented woman both in and out of bed."

Jillian pulled Paul's cock out of her mouth and laughed. "Got to keep my husband happy."

"Ahhhhh...you do in more ways than one," he sighed while she licked and sucked his balls.

An animalistic sound escaped Derek's lips and he started slamming into her at a breakneck pace. "God, I'm so close...so close...so fucking close...I'm gonna come soon."

"So am I," Paul hissed. "You ready, baby?"

Jillian nodded. "Mmmmm...ohhhhh...ahhhh...come...come...both of you come...give it all to me..."

"Oh hell yeah!" Paul bellowed as he blew his load all over Jillian's face and tits.

"Ooooh, what a shot!" Derek praised. "You're one horny husband!"

"The husband should always come first," Paul joked

Derek continued pounding Jillian with every bit of strength, his climax only moments away.

"Yes! Keep fucking me with that big black cock!" she shrieked. "Come in me, Derek. Come in me now. I need all that hot cum in my pussy!"

"Oh God, here it is!" Derek yelled seconds before erupting inside her. He thrust several more times; Jillian and Paul wondered if he'd never stop coming.

Derek's release finally complete, he withdrew from Jillian's well-fucked cunt and collapsed.

She rolled over and lay on her back, making room to let Paul rejoin her and Derek on the bed.

"Well?" Paul asked her. "Did you like me watching you with our new friend?"

"No," she replied with a barely straight face.

"You could've fooled me, Jilly. I kind of hoped..."

"Paulie!" she broke into a wide smile. "I LOVED it!"

"So I guess that means you're open to more in the future?"

"Yes." She ran a hand up and down one of Derek's massive thighs. "I won't rule out a repeat performance with this man, though."

"Uh oh," Derek laughed. "I think I ruined your wife for any other kind of dick, man."

"Not really," Jillian replied in a lusty tone. "I may have developed a taste for black cock, but there are still a few of Paulie's friends I wouldn't mind getting freaky with."

"Good," Paul said. "I already got a couple guys interested. They're on the team, love big asses, and want to hook up for some group action after the next home game."

Jillian nodded. "On one condition."

"Sure, baby, whatever you want."

"Derek also gets an invite. I want you to watch me take on three guys...maybe four if you want to join in."


"Won't be the first time I participated in group sex with dudes present," Derek assured him. "Do you honestly think I haven't fucked some of my clients? Men and women, by the way."

"Wait, what?" Paul asked, wide-eyed.

"I didn't mention I was bi? Sure I enjoy the ladies, but slipping a few horny guys some dick on the downlow when they need a break from pussy never hurts either."

"Jesus, no wonder you were so fucking turned on when Jilly gave me a blow job. No offense, but I'm not into other guys."

"No offense taken." Derek caressed one of Jillian's breasts. "Your hands are full enough with this sexy lady. You know where I live if you ever get tired of her."

"Not going to happen, friend," Paul chuckled. "Jilly's mine for keeps unless I'm in the mood to share."

"Can't say I blame you, bro. Meanwhile you should open your mind to the idea of giving or receiving some dick."

"Hmm, a man who swings both ways," Jillian said. "Sounds like lots of fun!"

Paul thought everything over for a moment. "Yeah...since you mentioned it, maybe we could explore that option sometime. Now let's all hit the shower and go out to dinner. My treat."

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