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Jillian Needs a Man

bySean Renaud©

Jillian wrapped her legs around Mike's waist pulling him deeper into her lithe body. She tossed her head back and shut her eyes at the same moment. A long moan erupted from her lips as she bumped her body against her husband. Next she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his face down between her breasts shaking them against the sides of his face. "I'm cumming!" She groaned and after what felt like forever but was probably less than a minute she got what she wanted. Her husband came.

"I love you so much." Her husband cooed. He leaned closer and kissed Jillian who returned the sentiment. She did love him, he was a good man. He'd been a good man in high school when they met, the kind of guy who had gotten her home from the Promt with her virginity intact. It was easy to love the man who'd been there through everything and never once hurt her, not even a little bit.

"I have to use the bathroom real quick." Jillian muttered pushing her man off her and then rolling from their king sized bed. He was a good provider, even though they didn't have any children he'd still bought her a three bedroom house in a good neighborhood. The bathroom was almost as large as her old bedroom with a tub large enough to easily accommodate the couple and a stand alone shower with a bench that was again large enough for the two to share.

As soon as she was in the bathroom she grabbed her box of tampons reached inside the one box her husband would never play with and pulled out something that nearly defied description. It was some kind of dildo with two little prongs coming off it so it almost looked like the popular ninja weapon called a sai. With one leg thrown over the back of the toilet she pushed the toy into her still snug cunt. The first push only got a little past the tip into her, the toy was considerably thicker than her husband and not nearly as well lubed yet. A little bit of spit and force managed to get it halfway with two more attempts. It wasn't until the eighth or ninth push that she managed to get it all the way in. Seven inches of vibrating, twisting, pulsing rubber was forced into her pussy, far past where her hubby's five inches of almost hard love reached. As soon as it was all the way in she twisted slightly just teasing her virginal ass with one of the prongs, the other focused on her clit.

She had to be quiet, she could let him know that he wasn't enough to get the job done any more, never really had been. What he could do was get the fire started and she had to cum! Jillian needed the release that her toys could bring so she bit down on her lower lip stifling a moan that would have alerted her husband to her infidelity. At the same time she closed her eyes and fanaticized about a her husband taking her into an alley and forcing her to commit every lewd act he could imagine. He wouldn't stop until she had fulfilled his twisted desires and then he would just leave. In her dreams her husband was a complete savage, nothing like the docile sheep she'd just mated with. In her dreams he was a man

Like every orgasm she'd ever had Jillian had this orgasm in as close to silence as she could manage. The whimper remained trapped in her throat just as she'd intended, even she didn't hear it but her body relaxed and all the tension went out. For a moment she wondered what it would be like to scream while she was having her orgasm, like the women in the porn movies. It looked like it would feel better, like screaming at the top of your lungs would inherently made the orgasm more intense. Like when martial artists shouted with their attacks.

Jillian waited a few moments then used the bathroom for real before walking out to her husband who was already asleep. Awake enough to claim that he was awake but it was obvious that he was already past any sort of conversation. Jillian slipped down the stairs and into their game room to check her mail in peace as well as to get in a few quick rounds of Left 4 Dead before she snuggled into bed warm and safe with the man who held her heart in his hands.

Before she signed onto her Xbox to hunt zombies she saw a very important email. Her appointment to make her husband's anniversary gift was set for the middle of the next day. She hadn't expected them to be able to schedule her so quickly. She responded immediately to confirm the time. She hit the send button and then dashed over to her Xbox to hunt the undead.

It was just past midnight when Jillian actually got into the bed kissed her husband on the cheek whispering her sincere love for him. She wrapped his arm around her shoulder and slipped off to dreamland. There unlike reality he was a man and he kept her satisfied. In her dreams her husband was everything she wanted in a man. Sadly she would wake up in few hours and be forced stubbornly back into reality.

Twelve and Six

Breakfast and the rest of Jillian's morning went off relatively uneventfully. She kissed her loving husband told him she loved him and sent him off to work before she'd gone to work to herself. He didn't know that she had a job of course and in reality she didn't, what she was doing today wasn't even something for herself. It was for him. It was because she loved him so damn much that she could feel it in her heart.

That love was exactly what made it so painful that he didn't excite her. She wanted something that he could never give her and she'd known when she'd first married him. It didn't make sense to her when she'd married him. Back then, just like today as she wound through the heavy traffic downtown she was convinced that she could somehow improve him. That all it was going to take was the right spark and she'd get the fire she'd been craving for years.

She was basking in the warmth of that fire as she drove, as well as wishing she'd eaten more for breakfast. Not because she was hungry but because she thought that if her stomach was filled with food there would be less room for the butterfly tornado tumbling her tummy. Unless you counted the very rare visits to the pool this would be the closest to nude any man other than her husband had seen her and the thought of it had her battling against all of her worst nervous ticks. Normally she would have indulged more than just the steady pumping of her left leg and the tightening and loosening of her grip on the steering wheel but she couldn't afford to indulge in the others for a number of reasons.

Normally when she was nervous the first thing she would do would be to bite her nails but she'd painted them devil's red for the occasion and wouldn't mess them up. For the same reason she wasn't strumming her fingers along the dash board or anything else to get the oddly calming wave of clicks. Jillian was at the same time fighting the urge to play with her hair but it had taken her nearly an hour to tease her brown hair into the luscious waves cascading around her face. She wasn't even leaning back in her seat for fear of crushing the style she'd worked so hard on. She could easily reapply her make up if push came to shove but she was likewise suppressing the need to chew on her lower lip and all of that was driving her insane.

Driving downtown wasn't helping anything with its maze of one way streets and her GPS system screeching at her to turn here or continue two hundred yards before merging left. How many people had a good reference for two hundred yards anyway? Why not say second street or whatever it actually meant! A deep breath tried to center her but as it hissed free of her lips it was obvious it had done nothing of the sort. It was a good thing that was the final thing she had to do before the obnoxious feminine voice said the only good things it ever said. Arriving at destination. Good bye.

Jillian pulled into the parking garage and took one last look at herself in the rearview mirror as she screwed up the courage to take the last few steps. She knew that she wanted to do this but her heart was racing in her chest just as fast as it would go. If she hadn't had an appointment to keep she probably would have stayed in the car all afternoon instead of making a decision. Even with the deadline she sat in her car staring at nothing for several minutes until her cell phone alarm went off dragging her back into reality. It was her fifteen minute warning so she would call ahead if she was running behind schedule.

One last deep breath and she opened the door of her Jetta and swung her black high heels onto the concrete. She envisioned herself like a beauty in a movie so she paused for a moment examining her own red painted toe nails through the straps of her shoe then let that same gaze travel the length of her toned calves and up to her shapely thighs still modestly covered in a knee length skirt. As she rose she sucked in her stomach just a bit, she wasn't overweight, not at all but she had that tiny bit of tummy that most women have kept her from believing she was perfect. Jillian didn't focus long on that minor imperfection, her gaze moved to what most men thought of as her best feature. Her large, almost too large for her slight body breasts currently straining against a t-shirt.

Even though nobody was watching she tossed her hair back over her shoulders and gave her most dazzling smile baring her pearl white teeth and ruby lips. A smallish nose crinkled slightly when she smiled, an adorable trait that many flattered her on and finally her big brown eyes that right then were flooded with doubt but she was trying to erase the last of it. Returning her movie star fantasy she turned back to her car and bent at the waist pushing her ass up slightly as she grabbed her gym bag and fantasized about a man seizing her from the rear.

He wouldn't tell her his name, it wouldn't matter anyway since she was never going to see him again. He'd lift her shirt up just enough to get his rough hands on her breasts and he'd crush her body between him and the car. There would just be her soft female form between the unforgiving steel car and the uncompromising iron of a real man. He'd. . .

A car drove past her, though it never stopped Jillian felt and embarrassed flush singe her skin. She quickly looked around to make sure that she really was alone and once she was sure that nobody had been watching her until the feeling passed. She had an appointment to keep and she couldn't just stand around day dreaming about things. She was going to make her husband do those things. That's why she was there.

It took her a few minutes to find the office, it was a large building but she found it. She didn't get a chance to think about it anymore when she reached the door as she approached the door it opened on its own and a devilishly handsome man ushered her past the threshold. He was speaking, his lips were moving anyway but Jillian didn't hear much. She was actually focused lower on his anatomy, at his chest and the painted on black shirt he was wearing. It was literally clinging to his abs. He looked like something that belonged in a museum or a wrestling ring with his strong jaw and square features. his blonde hair was cut short almost military style and he had icy blue eyes. He was still saying words, thick honeyed words with a slight southern drawl. Jillian could almost feel them caressing her as he took her through the studio. Maybe he didn't notice she was gawking, or maybe he was so used to it that he simply didn't fight it. Needless to say the reason why she followed him to the changing room wasn't because he'd asked her to, nor was it because he'd gotten her gym bag somehow, it was because she was following his muscular rump trying to hide behind loose slacks. It wasn't working, but nothing that was as close to perfection as this man could hide. "What's your name?" She finally asked.

"It's Steve, Steve Black." He responded quickly with a smile. Jillian tried to hide her embarrassment. She'd already known his name from the website, and the phone call, his voice was so much sexier in real life than over the phone. He'd even introduced himself, she thought, when he'd first approached her and his mouth had been forming those interesting shapes. . . He told her to change into whatever she was going to take the first bunch of pictures in and then shut the door leaving her alone and slightly embarrassed.

"How long is this going to take?" She called.

"In and out of the shoot or for you to get your pictures back?"

"Both I guess."

"The part in here usually takes about two hours depending on the woman. Someone as sexy as you should probably be easy in about a half and hour. I don't have to spend time getting the light to hide you. The pictures I can have them back by the day after tomorrow and then you have to pick them up. I don't mail these pictures out for obvious reasons. Now I'm going to set up."

"Wow I've got it bad. Might as well put those ideas right out of my head. I'm a married woman and he's . . . well look at him. I'm sure he can have any woman he wants and probably does. There is no way he'd take more than a second glance at me." Jillian tried to convince herself as she shed her mundane clothing. The only things she kept on were things she didn't expect to shed at all, her heels and a lacy black thong that didn't quite conceal her womanly treasures.

The first outfit she was going to wear was a slinky black dress with a low cut neckline. She had only worn it once before at a party she and her husband had been invited. She remembered how the men looked at her when she was wearing that dress not her husband of course. He'd been too busy making his rounds and talking to important people. He was showing her off, his lovely wife but really she was just arm candy and he didn't notice her, not like the other men did. Try as they might to conceal their hungry eyes she could feel them creeping over her. Without the distractions her husband would see what they had seen. Jillian considered for a moment pulling the dress down, it didn't quite cover her butt as it normally fell but then decided against it. That was the kind of pictures she wanted him to take anyway. It didn't hurt any that she might have wanted HIM to see her.

"You look amazing." Steve boasted as soon as she stepped out of the dressing room. He quickly whisked her over to a background of red velvet and started snapping pictures. "So these are for your. . ." He was fishing as he moved around her snapping pictures.

"Husband." She replied trying to fight the urge to pull down the dress. Jillian could feel it as he undressed her with his eyes. It felt like the dress was complying with his wishes. Every time she moved even in the least the already tiny dress rode up a little more until she could feel the cool air lapping at her bare ass. It wouldn't have been half as bad if he wasn't so blatantly trying to capture from her best angle. It wasn't just the camera that was snapping at her flesh. Steve was doing the same thing every time he instructed her.

Thrills fired up warming Jillian's body as Steve told her how he wanted her to pose. He was helping her out of the dress without touching her at all and it was the sexiest thing she had ever experienced. He'd make her spread her legs and lean over the bench then he'd get another with her shoulders slightly angled toward him and slowly but surely the dress worked its way up over her hips so he could get pictures of her now bare ass. At the opposite end of her outfit the constant shrugging and shifting hadn't quite caused a wardrobe malfunction but that was more because the dress was a little small across the bust than anything else. "Okay take the top of your dress down around your stomach."

Jillian's heart stopped for a moment when she heard him make the suggestion. She'd come here expecting to take pictures much more decadent than that but the way he said it. He wasn't asking her and she didn't have the right to deny him. The dress came down after just two deliberate movements. She was wearing a black and red bra holding her already impressive breasts into near perfect form. She knew she looked good but that wasn't what suddenly filled her chest with pride. That would be Steve.

He'd stopped taking pictures for a moment and was just staring at her slack jawed. "I'm sorry." He didn't need to apologize. Jillian didn't expect him to look at her like that. She'd seen the hunger in his eyes and she liked it. She liked knowing that there was something primal in that muscle bound hung waiting to snap and devour her.

Right then Jillian wondered if there were really women who hated being looked at like a piece of meat. Maybe if it was the wrong man doing the looking but if it was six and a half feet of beef cake what woman didn't want to be devoured? As she wriggled free of her dress she fantasized about him tasting her, his lips on hers. Perhaps he would try for the sensitive patch of flesh at the nape of her neck, maybe he'd wander lower.

Even though he never asked her to it was Steve who told her to slip out of her bra and let the fabric float down to the floor. She casually kicked it away before cupping her breasts making certain he was able to feast on the succulent meat. Steve did his part, circling closer and closer snapping photos and instructed her how he wanted her to pose.

Then it stopped. "Next outfit." It had to be time for the next outfit Jillian realized looking down at herself. Her dress had been folded and tucked into a belt and her bra was half across the room. Her thong didn't cover much of anything normally and covered less after all of that movement.

A sudden wave of modestly crested over her as she quickly reached down to her thong and adjusted it pulling it free of her flesh so it covered her instead of highlighting her. Jillian's fingers cam back moist and with the scent of her arousal. Maybe Steve was oblivious, maybe he was just a gentleman but either way he didn't seem to be able to smell how aroused she was. Jillian thought it was the only scent in the room as she scurried back to the dressing room.

"So tell me about your husband. What does he like? What does he think it the sexiest part of your body does he love? These pictures are for him aren't they?" He was leaning against the door as he spoke and so was she. Jillian felt his weight through the door, his masculinity pouring through it as she pulled the dress off not bothering to fold it as she set it aside. Listening to his deep voice nearly forced her fingers between her thighs but she managed to fight that urge long enough to look down at her gym bag and slither into her next outfit.

"He likes my chest." Jillian answered. She stepped out of the dressing room this time dressed in a simple yellow bikini and trying her best to look confident as she strode past Steve and back into the studio.

Being in the bikini gave her an odd sort of strength. It felt like he was supposed to be looking at her with that unbridled hunger. Jillian couldn't quite rationalize why it made such a difference but it had something to do with her will. She had chosen to put this outfit on and that was why he was staring. The more she tried to think about it though the less sense it made. The reality was that an attractive man was staring hungrily at her.

She was sure that he was speaking again but she wasn't really hearing anything that he was saying. She was much more interested in what his lips were doing as the wandered up and down the length of her neck and shoulders. She'd have to explain those marks to her husband when she got home but that was hours from now and right now the future didn't matter. She was much more focused on how his hands were smoothing down the small of her back and pulling her body against his own sculpted form. There was nothing she could do except yield when he kissed her.

The thing was he wasn't kissing her that was all in her mind. In reality he was just instructing her out of her heels and onto the soft sand of his beach background. He was an excellent photographer she imagined. She really felt like a girl frolicking in the sand instead of a housewife rekindling a flame that had never existed to begin with. She spent a few minutes rolling around posing in the sand while he snapped off the pictures. Jillian knew what she was actually thinking about though. She was wondering what It would be like to curl her fingers into the hot sand while he gripped her hips hard enough to bruise her flesh and rutted her. She didn't want him to make love to her, she didn't even want him to fuck her like a man would. She wanted him to rut her like a wild beast. Just take her over and over again until she was sore.

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