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Jilly's Decision


another Jilly story.........

I woke up thinking that something was a little wrong. Then I remembered that I was alone in bed, something that had hardly ever happened since we were married 20 years ago. Maggie was off on a rare business trip to Houston, and wouldn’t be back for almost a week.

I tried to roll over onto my left side and go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I suddenly realized that my right arm was tied down, pulled as far from me as it could be. And then I realized that my left arm was tied down too, and that I couldn’t roll either way. A little bit scared, I looked around and saw that my arms were tied off with long scarves from my wife’s dresser. The scarves disapeared over the edges of the bed, and I presumed that they were tied off to the frame below. Feeling kind of like I was about to be crucified, I looked down at my feet.

Jilly, my daughter, was tying my feet together using another of my wife’s scarves. She was kind of bent over, her blond hair falling down over her face, focused on her task.

I wasn’t sure what to do. Jilly’s school friends usually viewed her as a shy girl, but we in her family knew that somewhere in our daughter lurked a real tiger. I thought that maybe she was in the middle of carrying out some kind of practical joke, which probably would include her more boisterous brother. Then I remembered that he was gone for the weekend for a marching band competition.

I didn’t want to sound really mad just in case this was just a harmless joke of some kind, but I wanted to let her know that I was awake and aware. I used my stern-but-friendly daddy voice. “Just what are you doing?”

I knew that she had heard me – it wasn’t like she was deaf. But she definitely ignored me as she finished tying me up. She looked me up and down as if to check her tying job, but she avoided looking at my face. Jilly brushed her hair back behind her ears and then reached for my underwear. Now I’m not a prude or anything, but the thought of being naked in front of my daughter scared me, and I began rocking back and forth as much as I could, yelling at her to stop. She ignored my protestations and just used my rolling around to help slide my shorts down my legs.

In a moment I was there with my shorts down around my ankles, essentially naked in front of my daughter. Seeing as how it was her actions that got me this way, I wasn’t too concerned for her psyche. She was delicately built, not delicate in nature. But if this was leading anywhere towards sex with my little girl, I didn’t want any part of it. I had a wife and I was happily married. In spite of that, and because it’s always had a mind of its own, I noticed that my dick was as hard as a rock.

I kept talking, trying to talk her out of whatever it was she wanted, but to no avail. “Jilly, I don’t know what you’re up to, but I don’t think this is something you want to do,” I said sternly, using my best obey-me-or-else voice. No answer. I went for commanding. Enunciating each syllable and with as much menace as I could, I said, "Listen to your father." Still nothing.

I tried another tack. “What would your mother think?” Still no response. Finally, not deliberate any more I practically yelled at her, “Gillian Linda Foster, you untie me right now!” She just smiled at me softly, giving me the “Oh Daddy, you’re such a goofball but I love you anyway” look she had taken to using when she was about 13.

Jilly brushed her hair out of her eyes again, looked at my eyes to make sure that I was watching, and then stepped away from the bed. She turned around so that her back was to me, watching me over her shoulder. My voice left me as she bent over slowly, pushing her sweatpants and her panties down her long legs. My dick got even harder as I saw for the first time my daughter’s naked legs all the way up to her firm ass. Staying bent over at the waist, Jilly stepped slowly out of her clothes, clearly relishing my eyes caressing her nakedness.

Now my wife Maggie was far from a virgin when I had first met her, and I had always kind of wondered how much fun it would have been if I was her first. Much as I loved her now, how much sweeter would she have been at 18? To have tasted her lips when she was still a teenager, to have caressed her long lanky legs while they were still tight and young and fresh. I love the taste of her pussy, but how much sweeter would she have been when she was a still an inexperienced lanky 18 year old?

When I saw Jilly’s naked ass, which was so taut that I could easily see both her pink puckered asshole and her swollen pussy lips peeking out even from behind, I suddenly realized that I was being given an opportunity to experience just what I had always dreamed about – my Maggie as a teenager. I think my mouth started watering with the realization that I might get to taste the delicious teenage pussy of a girl I dearly loved. And in essence, it would be my wife.

Jilly, naked but for her white tank top and pink socks, walked back to stand right next to the bed. She smiled and put her stockinged foot up on the edge of the bed, and I saw her pussy up close for the first time. It was petite and pink. There was very little hair, and what there was was blond and fine. I know that from a couple of feet farther away it would have looked as if it was shaven clean. I was staring at those gorgeous legs and blond pussy, drinking in the sight, when I realized that she seemed to be waiting for something. I finally dragged my gaze from her pink lips and long thighs and looked up at her face. Jilly was smiling a dear sweet smile at me.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time, Daddy, and you get to be the first, so just lay there and enjoy it.” She smiled once more, looking deep into my eyes and making sure that I got the message that this was truly all right. I couldn’t bring myself to speak, but I could see something click in her eyes, and I almost watched her come to the decision to go ahead with her plan.

Jilly lifted her tank top out of the way with her left hand and bent over, looking at her own pussy, her blond hair falling over her face. I followed her gaze down, and we both saw that the cum was actually leaking out from her pussy, dripping down her long leg almost to her knees. I’ve never seen a woman so excited in my life. The heady aroma of her cum reached me, and I drank it in, trying to imprint it on my memory, overlaid with thoughts of my Maggie.

Jilly put her free hand between her legs and used the palm of her hand and her fingertips to gather the dripping cum from her pussy and thigh. She shuddered as her fingers brushed her clit, and I could almost swear that I saw a squirt of her cum shoot onto her fingers. Then she reached over and spread her wetness all over my dick, covering me and making me all slippery.

Jilly climbed up on the bed and straddled me. Her tank top slid off her shoulder, and for the first time I saw my daughter’s nipple erect with sexual energy. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were very firm. I remember thinking that this was what Maggie’s tits had looked like when she was a teenager. Jilly bent over to watch between her legs as she reached down with one hand and held up my soaking dick. All I could see of her was the blond hair on the top of her head and her gorgeous thighs stretched out to either side as she lowered herself to me.

I hadn’t seen my dick so swollen in years. I was about to have a world class orgasm just from the feel of her wet hand and the thought of sex with my suddenly very sexy daughter. Jilly lined me up with her pussy lips, and I couldn’t help myself. I thrust towards her as I started shooting off a load of hot cum the moment I touched her wet slit. The first spurt went all over her hand and naked pussy, splashing her thin wrist and fingers. Jilly moaned and moved her hands up to hold me tightly, her right hand wet with my cum splash. As she impaled herself deliberately, Jilly came. I sank slowly into her, spurting over and over as my little girl had her first dick induced orgasm. She softly moaned over and over as I held still and my cock slid gradually inside. Her orgasm was long, slow, and intense as she softly shuddered and mewled like a kitten. I looked down and I could see the top of her chest and the tips of her tits turn a bright crimson with her orgasm. She held me as if she’d never let go, her hair brushing my chest. Finally I was inside my daughter as deeply as I could be. Jilly paused for a moment, holding her breath. Then she started sliding her pussy languidly up and down my shaft, churning my sperm and her cum together for what seemed like a lifetime, as the aftershocks of her orgasm delicately shook her body. With a final low moan, Jilly spread her long legs as far apart as she could, relishing the feel being filled with her first dick.

A few minutes later, after we both regained our breath, my little girl looked at me from under her bangs, smiled at me and said, “Now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

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