tagLoving WivesJim and Joan Entertain Friends

Jim and Joan Entertain Friends


Jim and Joan were entertaining their friends, Kathy and Kenny, with a back yard cookout. Kathy and Kenny had moved in the house across the street from them a couple of months ago. They had become very good friends in a short period of time. They were about the same age and their children had grown up and left home. They had so many other things in common, too.

Recently, the two couples had been getting together at each others house nearly every weekend. On this particular Friday evening, they were sitting on the back yard deck enjoying idle conversation.

Kathy said, “Joan, you and Jim seem to be so much in love. Do you mind if I ask if there is still a lot of romance in your life?”

“I don’t mind telling you. Jim is so attentive to me in our bedroom and we have a wonderful relationship.”

“I assume you mean your sex life?”

“Yes, I didn’t want to come right out and say it, but our sex life is excellent.”

Jim proudly spoke up, “We do it nearly every night now that the kids don’t bother us anymore.”

Every one laughed while Joan looked a little embarrassed.

Jim continued, “How often do you do it?”

There was silence. Jim then realized he had spoken out of turn.

Kenny then commented, “We have a problem. A few years ago, Kathy had cancer in her vagina. Actually, her vagina was removed. We don’t have much of a sex life.”

Jim sorrowfully responded, “Sorry, I didn’t know.” Then quickly changed the subject.

That night after their friends had gone home, Joan told Jim that she and Kathy had a private conversation before they left. She was first diagnosed with cancer in the vagina. The cancer was miraculously removed after two surgeries. She could not have an orgasm because her vagina and clit had been removed. She could still give Jim a blow job to give him some type of sex life. Their love for each other was strong enough to keep them together even though she had no chance to enjoy sex. In fact, she didn’t even miss it. She knew Kenny wanted sex and felt sorry for him. She told him he could visit a prostitute, but he refused.

Jim and Joan took showers and went to bed. They started making love.

Jim softly spoke, “Too bad Kenny and Kathy can’t enjoy what we’re doing right now. I know we both would miss sex if we had the same problem.”

Joan responded, “Yes, that’s too bad, but there isn’t anything we can do about it. I think they were embarrassed to talk about it tonight.”

While Jim was doing odd jobs around the house and yard on Saturday, he kept thinking about Kathy and Kenny’s problem. They are such good friends. He asked himself, “My wife is a very sexy girl. What if she let Kenny fuck her once. That is probably out of the question. I might as well forget it. Anyway, I don’t know if I would approve, and I doubt if Joan would agree.”

That evening while Jim was facing Joan across the dinner table, he was wondering what it would be like for her to have sex with Kenny. He tried to dismiss those thoughts from his mind, but when he saw her naked in the bedroom, he again wondered about Kenny seducing his wife. He doubted she would agree.

Soon they were in bed. Jim had his cock in Joan as they were leisurely enjoying sex.

He said, “I’ve been thinking about our friends. Wish there was something we could do to help them.”

“Yes, but I guess it is their problem.”

Jim hesitated, then said, “Wouldn’t it be friendly of us to let Kenny poke his cock in your pussy?”

“What did you say? Me and Kenny?”

They laid still without moving and there was silence for a little while. Evidently both were thinking.

Jim then said, “Well, it’s just a random and wild thought.”

She responded, “It is a thought. Do you think you would be jealous?”

“No, I don’t think so. I know you are not in love with him. He is just a good friend.”

“He is a handsome guy and has a nice personality. I like him and Kathy a lot, too. I think he is a very good person because he won’t go to a prostitute. I’m surprised Kathy would suggest a very degrading thing like that. She must be desperate to give him a full sex life. She can give him a blow job to help out, but that’s only part of a happy sex life. I guess I could help them both if I would give him sex. We have to think about it some more before we decided.”

Sunday morning at the breakfast table, Jim was wondering if Joan had thought anymore about helping Kenny with his problem. Then when they took their coffee into the living room to relax in the comfortable chairs, Jim asked.

“Had you thought anymore about Kathy and Kenny’s sex problem?”

“Yes, I was awake much of the night thinking about it. If you agree for me to do it, then I will.”

“It’s alright with me. When do you want to tell them?”

“I’ll call Kathy right now.”

Jim could hear a one sided conversation while Joan was on the phone, but he got the impression Kathy was willing for it to happen. Then he overheard Kathy extending an invitation to have a cookout in their back yard later that day.

Once Joan hung up the phone, she looked at Jim, “She was very appreciative of our offer. She hasn’t told Kenny as yet, but she knew he would be more than willing.”

Joan dressed in shorts with a halter on top. Jim noticed the halter accentuated her heavy breasts that seemed to push against the thin material. Her long shapely legs went up from her ankles to disappear in her shorts very close to her crotch. Jim’s cock reacted as he looked at his very sexy wife. Now she was going to expose all her beauty to Kenny later that day.

Kathy and Kenny greeted them when they arrived. Jim noticed Kenny often looked at Joan in a much different way than he had seen before. Kenny seemed to be very attentive to Joan to refresh her drink and to see that she was seated comfortably.

Kathy said, “It’s going to be another hour or so before we’re ready to eat and I don’t really need your help, Joan.” Kathy went back into the kitchen.

Joan had assumed she and Kenny would go to the bedroom later in the evening after dinner, but she thought Kathy was hinting to go now. Should she ask Kenny or wait until Kenny ask her? They all knew why they were getting together again, so Joan decided to take the initiative.

Joan looked at Kenny, “Come on Kenny, lets go down the hall.”

Jim watched as Kenny followed Joan down the hall to disappear into a bedroom. Jim then went into the kitchen to ask Kathy if he could help.

“Go outside and get the fire prepared to start. Then you can help me here in the kitchen.”

Jim and Kathy had some time to sit and make idle conversation to get their thoughts off of what was going on in the bedroom. Jim would find out all the details after they were home in their own bed that very night. He could hardly wait.

About an hour later, Joan and Kenny came out of the bedroom to join the other two out on the deck. Jim noticed Joan’s hair was messed up some and she looked as if she had just applied fresh lipstick. He also noticed Kenny had a small trace of lipstick on his face. However, they were all smiles as they greeted each other.

Jim spoke, “Hope you two had a good time.”

Both Joan and Kenny spoke about the same time, “Yes, we did.”

Dinner was served on the deck. Then it was time to sit around for idle conversation. After awhile, Joan said to Kenny, “Are you ready?”

Kenny nodded yes and got up. “If you two will excuse us again, we’ll be back in a little bit.”

Kenny took Joan by the hand as they walked in the house.

Both Jim and Kathy were surprised for them to go back in the bedroom again. They had agreed to this, so let it happen.

Kathy said, “Come on Jim, help me clean up the kitchen.”

About a half hour later, Joan and Kenny come out on the deck to meet their spouses.

Kathy spoke first, “Well, was the second time better than the first?”

Every one laughed. Then Joan spoke, “I just wanted to get this guy well satisfied.”

Kenny just smiled, “Joan is really wonderful. It has been an exceptional good evening for me, and I hope for Joan too.”

Kenny moved by his wife to hug and kiss her. “I love you very much, Kathy.”

Joan sat by Jim as he hugged and kissed her.

Jim then commented, “They must have had a good time because look at Joan’s hair how much it is messed up this second time.”

Everyone laughed again.

Jim suggested it was time for them to go home.

Once Jim and Joan were in their house, Jim said, “Tell me all about what happened.”

“Let’s get in bed first, then I’ll tell you.”

They stripped off and got in bed. They hugged and kissed and spoke of their love for each other.

Then Joan told her story.

“I was a little nervous as Kenny followed me to the bed room. That was our first trip. I know Kenny was very anxious and excited and I thought he was a little nervous too. Later he told me he was nervous because he was wondering if he could perform to my satisfaction.”

“We stood and I put my arms around his neck to face him for a kiss. He kissed me very sexily with our tongues dancing. Then we removed our clothes. I was on the bed first. I suggested he turn out the light, but he said he wanted the table lamp to stay on so he could see me. Once on the bed he held me as we shared a few more sexy kisses while his hand was roaming my body. He then kissed my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I thought he would be interested in entering his cock in me right away, but he wanted to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. He told me that Kathy didn’t have a pussy and he wanted to love mine for awhile.”

“He kept loving my pussy for quite a while until I was approaching an orgasm. I told him to move on up my body to enter his cock. He moved on up and used his elbows to keep most of his weight off of me. I could feel his cock probing for my hole but it wasn’t finding the opening. I took my hand to grasp his erection to aim it. My pussy was very juicy which allowed the head to easily spread my pussy lips to enter. He pushed to penetrate me fully with his first stroke. We laid still and he told me he liked the feeling of his body pressed to mine while being fully in me. I responded by pulsating on his cock. He started pulling back and then driving deep into me again. He started fucking me as I humped up in rhythm to his thrusts. He told me he was so overcome with emotions to be with me and knew he would cum soon.”

“He had gone so long without sex like this that he soon moaned and groaned as he body shuddered. I could feel his cock jerk and knew with each jerk he was shooting more cum in me. I was responding by having an orgasm of my own.”

“He soon rolled off of me and lay beside me gasping for breath. I fondled his satisfied cock. Once his breathing became regular, he kissed me several times. He told me how wonderful it was to be here with me. It made me want to satisfy him even more when he told me that. I moved down to take his very limp cock in my mouth.”

“I told him I needed to go to the bathroom to clean up. I had used tissues to hold his cum in me until I could get to the commode. I suggested he relax until I came back. He watched me walk to the bathroom as if he couldn’t get enough of looking at my nakedness. As I sat on the commode, I thought of you and Kathy waiting for us. Then I wiped myself and got up. His eyes were on me as I walked back in the bedroom.”

“He said he liked the shape of my breasts and the way they bounced when I walked. I asked if he was ready to get dressed and go join you and Kathy in the backyard. He held out his hand to indicate he wanted me on the bed so that he could fuck me again. I was already undressed and decided I might as well stay a little longer to satisfy him.”

“He complemented me some more on my sexiness. I told him he was a very good lover. Then he said he could be a good lover to his wife if she still had a vagina. Now he wanted to see mine and kiss it some more. I spread my legs wide to give him plenty of room. He kissed up the inside of my thighs before kissing my pussy. I told him I was rather messy, but he ignored my words and covered my pussy with his mouth. I could feel his tongue up and down my slit, going in my hole, and sucking my clit.”

“I assumed he wanted to fuck me one more time. I asked him what position would he wanted this time. He wanted to do it doggie style. I got up on my knees as he positioned himself behind me. I was so juicy that his cock slid right in. This time he was not as rushed and wanted to make it last. He told me he wanted his cock to be in me for a long time. He used long, slow deep thrusts to savor the sex I was giving him. He told me I had a beautiful body and complemented me on how sexy I was. He repeatedly told me he was so thrilled to be with me and hoped we could do this again, soon.”

“I was beginning to get a little tired of being on my knees, but I didn’t want to say anything. He started banging harder against my bottom and I knew he had decided to cum. He started moaning and said he was going to fill me with cum. He was loudly groaning now as he was fucking me very fast and hard. Then his body strained as he said he was cumming. We fell forward with his body resting on my back. When his breathing became normal, I told him to hold some tissues under his cock as he pulled out or the sheets would be very wet.”

“Once he got off of me, he held the tissues until I could turn around for me to hold them myself. Then I waddled into the bathroom again. When I got up from the commode, he was in the bathroom to hold and kiss me. He told me he was having a wonderful time and didn’t want it to end. I said I enjoyed it too, but we had been gone over an hour and should get back with our spouses for dinner. He reluctantly agreed, but suggested we come back to the bedroom once more before I went home. I agreed.”

“Then you remember when we left again after dinner for the bedroom. This time we stripped off and tried a different position, one that you like very well. He laid on his back while I got up on top of him to ride his cock. He cupped my breasts to keep them from bouncing so much and complemented me on them. He thought they were so very shapely and beautiful.”

“He said he didn’t want to rush, so I made small movements and often squeezed on his cock. He wanted me to raise up high enough so that he could watch his cock go in and out of my pussy. I looked down, but couldn’t see it as good as he could. He seemed to like watching his cock fuck me. I thought it was too bad his wife doesn’t have a functional vagina. As long as she doesn’t, I guess he can fuck mine, that is if you and Kathy don’t mind.”

Jim responded, “I don’t mind as long as you tell me about it.”

She continued, “He is a good lover, and I enjoyed it, too. As long as it doesn’t affect our love and sex life, I’ll do it. Now let me continue with what happened. After what seemed like a long time, I speeded up my movements to let him cum again. He was humping up to me and soon shot another load of cum in me.”

“I went to the bathroom to clean up, then told him we had to go back to our spouses. There would be another night, another time for more. Now you know what happened.”

Jim said, “That was very sexy. Now I have a raging hard on, let’s have some fun ourselves.”

During the week, both couples were very busy on their jobs, coming home tired and preparing for the next day’s activities. Jim and Joan always took time for sex before going to sleep at night. Joan talked to Kathy on the phone a couple of times. Kathy told Joan how wonderful she was to let her husband satisfy his sexual needs. She also said that Kenny wanted to meet with her again this coming weekend. Joan then invited Kathy and Kenny over for drinks after dinner on Friday. Friday evening at eight o’clock, Kathy and Kenny rang Jim and Joan’s door bell. Hello’s were said and everyone went out on the deck while it was still daylight. Jim could see Kenny looking at Joan as if he couldn’t wait. Since Jim had sex with Joan every evening this week, he was well satisfied. Now he was willing to let Kenny taste Joan’s caresses.

Joan noticed Kenny’s drink was gone, so she picked up his glass to get a refill in the kitchen.

“I’ll help you”, Kenny said as she took his glass.

Jim and Kathy continued with small talk while the other two went to the kitchen. Ten minutes had gone by and the couple had not returned.

Jim commented, “Kathy, I think they have gone down the hall already. We’ll just wait.”

“Yes, my husband told me he really enjoyed last Sunday night with Joan. Long ago I suggested he could visit a prostitute occasionally, but he refused. I love my husband and think he is a good honorable man. I didn’t really want him to find a prostitute, but I wanted to make him happy. I’m so glad your wife is cooperative. He is much happier now.”

An hour later Joan and Kenny returned to join their spouses on the deck. Kathy said they had to go home. She invited Joan and Jim over to their house Saturday evening for a cookout. They accepted. Jim knew what would happen again tomorrow evening.

Jim and Joan went to bed for sex. Again, she told what had happened. He had cum in her pussy twice and she had one orgasm. Kenny repeatedly told her how sexy she was and how much he liked his cock buried in her. He thought she was wonderful.

Saturday the couples were together again. Soon after dinner was over and the dishes cleaned up, Kenny boldly got up and asked Joan if she was ready. He had always seemed shy before this and let her make the first move. Now he was taking the initiative for sex. He led her down the hall to the bedroom leaving their spouses sitting in the living room.

Now that they were alone, Jim and Kathy were making small talk as usual.

Kathy looked at Jim and said, “Do you think I look sexy?”

“Well, yes, but I know you can’t have sex.”

“I know I can’t and I don’t really have the urge either. I’m glad I don’t have the urge because I would be very frustrated. But what about you? You’re sitting calmly here while your wife is being fucked in the other room. Does that bother you or turn you on?”

“I guess it turns me on. When we get home and Joan tells me all the details, then I really enjoy sex with her.”

“You are so patient waiting here. I could do something for you. Would you like to kiss me and feel my breasts?”

Jim thought she was pretty, but once he found out she didn’t have a functional vagina, he had no desire for her.

“Jim, come over here and sit on the couch with me.”

Jim sat beside her. Then she turned to him for a kiss. He thought her kisses were sexy and he started getting an erection. She had commented about feeling her breasts, so he took the liberty to remove her blouse and bra to kiss her shapely breasts.

She said, “That’s as far as you are allowed to undress me.”

Kathy then felt of his erection though his pants. She unzipped him and pulled out his hard one.

She continued, “I can’t have sex, but I can and do give my husband blow jobs. I can do that for you, too. Why don’t you slip your pants and shorts down so you will be more comfortable.”

After Jim was undressed, she took his cock in her mouth. He could tell she had lots of experience doing this as he was thoroughly enjoying the erotic movements she was making. She cupped his balls and played with them as she continued working on his cock. Jim could feel an orgasm starting deep in his body. Kathy sensed it and started vigorously working on his cock. Jim started shooting spurt after spurt as she consumed it all.

They both dressed, then she said, “There! I can do something for you while our loved ones are having a good time in the bedroom. Don’t forget that I am a female. I can’t fuck, but I can give you other thrills.”

Kenny and Joan soon returned to the living room to join their spouses. Idle conversations were continued until it was time to go home.

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