tagGroup SexJim and Sally's MMF Adventure

Jim and Sally's MMF Adventure


I woke up to the feeling of Sally removing my underwear. I tried to move but soon realized my hands were tied to the bedposts. Everything was dark. I had been blindfolded.

Not long after lifting my hips for her to completely remove the boxers did I feel her warm, wet mouth on my morning wood. Her hands were on either of my thighs, caressing slowly but intensely as her head bobbed up and down. She then treated it like a popsicle, swirling her tongue around the head, licking it up and down, even deep-throating a bit. I shamelessly moaned. Obviously, I did not last long. Soon enough the intensity of her sucking increased and it felt like she was trying to swallow my cock. I came down her throat.

Lying there, catching my breath, I felt her head on my shoulder. She leaned a bit and kissed my nipple as she put her arm around me ... suddenly I felt something that caught me off-guard. My partner sensed my realization. Taking off the eye-mask, he revealed my suspicion to be true. It wasn't Sally, it was Jim! It was his erection I had felt pressed up against me.

On the previous night, Jim was generous enough to share his beloved wife with me. Him and I were worked together and became friendly over the past two years. We became a bit closer when I borrowed his laptop before he had a chance to clear his browsing history. It seemed we both had an interest in swinging and were both bi-curious. I called him out on it and admitted my fantasies to him. It was a turn on to be able to confess them out loud. Not even my girlfriend of five years had known of these. Jim on the other hand had admitted it to his wife and though they never indulged another partner, began roleplaying about some of his fetishes.

At some point, Jim told his wife about our shared interests and convinced her to actually try a threesome. I couldn't believe he had pulled off.

I made up an excuse to my girlfriend about having to help Jim with a project and drove to his house the night before with a pounding heart, and cock. Ahead of time, he had told me the ground-rules. Sally was still a bit shy so she wasn't ready for anything too fancy, such as DP or anal. Her pussy belonged only to her husband's cock. I was allowed to go down on her and her on me. Besides that, she was pretty open and I was permitted to enjoy her entire body.

When I arrived at the house, she answered the door in a pink silk robe that reached just above her knees. I was surprised by how much her toned legs turned me on. Though I wouldn't say I have a foot fetish, even her feet made my cock twitch.

Sally's hair is bleached blonde, her body is toned as she's a yoga instructor and her breasts are a firm 34B. She stands about 5'4" with kind, brown eyes and a genuine smile. I'm sure all men who met her end up crushing on her.

"Hey! How was the drive?" She asked sincerely, as if we weren't there for a fuck party.

"It was fine," I mumbled nervously. She laughed, grabbed my hand and lead me in.

Jim was in the kitchen, mixing some drinks with a wicked grin. As Sally let go of my hand and walked closer to her husband, I wondered whether she had anything on under her nightgown. Jim had told me before that wife wasn't too keen on lingerie, thinking that clothes comes off pretty quickly anyway. Although I was initially disappointed when I heard this, seeing her now with such a perfect body, I just wanted that robe off.

In the kitchen we enjoyed the drinks Jim mixed. They weren't too strong, just enough to get us a bit loose. We chatted about everything except sex.

About half an hour later it was Sally who brought us back to our mission. With raised eyebrows she looked from me to Jim and simply asked, "Ready?"

Jim's devious grin came back and lead the way to the bedroom. My heart was pounding. I couldn't believe any of this was real.

Sally put both of us to sit down on the bed next to each other. She turned her back to us and slipped off the robe. All she had on under was a tiny, pink thong. When she turned around I finally got to see the chest I had been coveting since I met her. Her breasts did not disappoint. They jiggled slightly as she moved. Her delicate, hard nipples matched her thong in color. I could already see that her pussy had been freshly waxed.

I looked her up and down in awe. She smiled with confidently.

"Fuck yes!" I heard Jim exclaim. She laughed and moved closer to us then sat sideways on my left thigh, facing her husband who was next to me. I put my hand on her soft back and gently rubbed up and down. She oozed sensuality.

With both hands, she held her husband's face and kissed up deeply. I put my hands on her hips to hold her straight and enjoyed the show. Jim got so into it he stood up with her, pushed her up against the wall and continued to kiss her as if I wasn't even there which left me unsure about how to react. My cock, however, was much more certain than me. He was bursting out of my pants. I was tempted to unzip and really enjoy the view but didn't want to rush the party. Before long, though, the decision was made for me.

Sally broke away from Jim and pulled me up. She kissed my lips, cheek, chin and moved to my neck. Gently sucking and biting. Her hand searched up my shirt and started caressing my chest. She pressed in closer to me and allowed my erection to push up against her tummy. She then reached for my belt, unbuckled and unzipped me before yanking my pants and boxers off. I stepped out of them remaining naked from the bottom half.

Sally continued the sensual kissing on my cock. I was surprised at how fast everything was moving but wasn't going to complain. I felt Sally's tongue on my balls. She held my cock in her hand and swirled circles around my balls. The sensation drove my crazy. It was so hot see her angelic face at my crotch, balls in her mouth and cock in her hand. The sensation of her hand delicately massaging my cock caused some pre-cum to leak out.

I almost forgot Jim was there until he walked up to us, and kneeled down next to his wife. He kissed her passionately, inches away from my hard cock. Sally broke the kiss with a chuckle and went back to her licking. Jim took the cue and wasted no time in putting his mouth on my cock.

I wasn't sure how to react. We had chatted dirty many times online about mutual masturbation and oral but it was the first time a guy's mouth was on my cock. I gave in and just enjoyed it. His sucking was intense which mixed nicely with her more delicate licks. She eventually switched to gently suckling my balls, one at a time. They were both moaning and the vibration drove me crazy.

Just when I felt I would cum in both of their faces, they broke it off and stood up. Sally pushed me onto the bed to lie on my back. She then lay down on top of me, her back against my front. As I put my arms around her to hold her, and sucked her neck, Jim took her panties off.

He then leaned down to lick up and down her pussy. Because of Sally's position on top of me, my cock was blocking her pussy. As such, with every lick, he was also licking me. My cock oozed more pre-cum.

After making her pussy dripping wet, Jim stood up and put his hands on her hips securing her position on top of me. Thus I was able to move my hands to her chest and massage her supple tits. I felt Jim's cock rub against mine as he very slowly pushed it up against his wife's opening. She moaned as he entered her. When he was fully inside, I felt his balls pressed up against mine.

As he continued to thrust into her, I enjoyed both the sensation of his cock rubbing up against mine as well as her soft warm body pressed up against me. With the gradual increase in intensity, I pinched her nipples harder and harder. Jim started to grind his pelvic bone against her clit which felt great for my cock which was in the middle. All three of us began to moan.

To my surprise, Sally was the first to cum. I was relieved because it would have been embarrassing to be the first to cum and then be stuck there with a useless, soft cock. As she shuddered to an orgasm, I felt her body warm up and become tender with a few beads of sweat. Her scent made me want to kiss her all over. I could smell her pussy as well, I wanted to taste it so badly.

While I was lying there thinking all this, I heard Jim grunt as he filled his wife's pussy. He did a final deep thrust before withdrawing his wet, soft cock which left some sticky semen on my own, still-hard dick.

Jim moved toward the side of the bed and lay down next to us, catching his breath. I held onto Sally and enjoyed the feel of her. As her orgasm subsided, she reached a hand down to my cock. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to taste her pussy.

I shifted positions and she rolled off of me. I then climbed off the bed and moved to between her legs. She opened wide for me. When I put my face against her pussy, she wrapped those toned legs around my head and held me tight. I enjoyed the taste of her pussy mixed with her husband's cum. It was the first time I was tasting another man's cum. The fact that it made her pussy so wet was probably the biggest turn on for me. I had never felt a pussy so sloppy before. She was pretty well-stretched after Jim's thick cock.

I stuck two fingers in to stimulate her G-spot as I continued to lick her clit. He moans grew louder so I maintained the pace. It felt like forever and my hand was killing me, but she finally began to buck and shuddered her way to a second orgasm. I again enjoyed the taste of her pussy and in the process probably ate all of Jim's cum.

With my own cock still rock hard, I climbed onto Sally, straddling her midsection. I put my cock onto her chest and squeezed her tits against it on either side. I heard Jim moan as he watched the view. While I tit fucked her, Sally tilted her head so the tip would go into her mouth. She sucked as I moved back and forth, pressing those tits together as hard as I could.

When I finally came, I collapsed onto the bed, on the opposite side of Sally. I heard her swallow my cum which almost gave me a second erection instantly.

By this time, however, Jim was ready again. I was impressed. His wife saw his hard cock and climbed onto him hungrily. I never thought she'd be someone with such a strong sexual appetite. They proceeded to make out like teenagers and rode each other to a simultaneous completion.

When she collapsed next to me, it was clear we were all done for the night.


Sally was no where in sight. It was just Jim and I.

"Did you enjoy that baby?" He said to me. I was always a bit unnerved when Jim spoke like that to me. He was much more bi than I was. But somehow in this strange situation I didn't mind it. Thinking of us being so dirty in the same bed where he sleeps with his wife was a turn on.

My hands were still tied up so there was little I could do when Jim climbed onto me and straddled my chest. His hard, glistening cock was in my face. It touched my chin and rose up as it twitched. He looked down at me with his usual mischievous eyes. I hesitated at first but then took the tip in my mouth. As I started sucking, he cooed and grinded onto my chest. My cock started to come back to life.

Jim grew rougher and more wanton. He pushed his cock down my throat, making me gag, fucking my mouth harder. His cooing turned into harder moans. Just when I felt I couldn't breathe, he pulled it out and came all over my face. I was surprised by how much cum he had left after the previous night.

When he rolled off, Sally came back into the room. Her robe was back on and her hair tied into a ponytail. He had a cup of coffee in her.

"I heard you boys stirring. You look like you had some fun without me," she giggled. "Mmm and your face looks so yummy!" She said before coming next to me and cleaning up her husband's cum. It felt so dirty to be covered in the remnants of his cum and her saliva. She then sat down next to me on the bed and jerked my second erection of the morning off for me while sipping her coffee. All the while I was still tied up.

Thus began a strange relationship between the three of us...

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by Ometeotl05/27/19

❤ ❤ ❤

Great read! Please do a Part 2 one of these days.

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by LarryInSeattle05/04/19

I loved it too

I gave it 5*s. It's just the thing I like, loving a man and a woman. However, you do need an editor. See my feedback.

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by goducks109/13/18

loved this story

5 stars. i hope you write chapter 2. great read

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by Anonymous09/13/18

Great Story

What a great fucking story. I am not bi but, I could be if we were in the same position MMF. Damn, if mt wife and I had that situation back in the day, we would have eagerly accepted this situation. Imore...

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