tagNovels and NovellasJim and Sharon Ch. 02

Jim and Sharon Ch. 02


Jim and I had been married young. I was a virgin when we crossed the threshold on our wedding night. I had been raised to be a 'good' girl...what ever that meant. My mother, whom I am still very close to had always drilled into my mind just what a good girl would or wouldn't do in all matters.

Our first mother daughter talk had been her pretty much telling me that I would wait for marriage to have sex of any kind. That there were forms of sex that were good between a husband and wife and other types and ways that would surely lead to the demise of the marriage.

Good girls and wives didn't enjoy sex too much. If you did your husband would lose respect for you, thinking that you were a slut or whore. Good girls didn't touch a man's penis unless it was absolutely necessary. "Sex is best enjoyed in what they call the missionary position" Momma would say. "Never stray from that and you will do fine all your married life."

So you see, I was pretty much brainwashed into a very straightlaced and of course boring sexual partner for my husband. In spite of that, we had fallen in love and had two great kids who were now out on their own in college.

Over the years I had discovered that I had urges to do things sexually but with the repression my mother had drilled into me, I never could go very far. There had been times that I wanted nothing more than to take Jim's penis between my lips and swallow his whole shaft as far as I could. To taste his juice as it shot out of the end and even have him shoot it all over my body.

I could tell that it was hot when it came out, and from time to time when I would lick him down there, I could get a little taste of his sperm. I had found that I really liked that taste. But, with the 'training' my mother had put me through, I could never bring myself to go very far at all orally or for that matter, any other way.

Once, Jim had almost shot off in my mouth when I had been licking him. I had actually put the head of his penis just inside my lips when it happened. I feigned anger and got out of bed to go to the bathroom and gargle and brush my teeth. In reality, I stood in the bathroom with the door closed and savored his taste.

I was so fearful that Jim would lose respect for me and leave me that I pretty much became the stereotypical next to frigid wife. I would have sex with him on his demand...only because my mother had told me that was what was expected of a wife.

Deep down, I would have initiated sex quite a bit more than Jim had I had the nerve and strength to push for it. On a few nights when I would be really hot and into the moment I had let Jim do me doggie style. It was a rush for me and afterwards I noticed that my husband hadn't seemed to have lost any respect for me at all.

Anyway, to shorten this story up a bit. The kids were gone and Jim had gotten this middle-aged crazy thing going on. He had started to work out at the gym and after a few months I began to see such a change in his body and attitude I was a bit astonished.

He was looking good. His stomach had gotten flat again and even toned enough to start to show his 'six-pac'. His energy had gone up too. Then, one night I began to notice things. His discussion would center on his workout partner, whom I assumed was a man.

I found out a few months later that his workout partner was a young woman almost our daughters age. June and Bob, some friends of ours saw Jim, my husband, leaving a young girls apartment one night. She kissed him at the door as he left the building. They said she wasn't wearing much if anything.

Jim hadn't seemed to have changed a bit towards me, but when June told me, even though I refused to believe her, I began to get suspicious. I thought that it was a case of mistaken identity. That a simple explanation would surface for it if it had been Jim there that night.

Then, one night I followed him to the gym. He went in and a few minutes later, left with her on his arm. They got in her car and drove to that apartment that Bob and June had told me they saw Jim leaving.

After two hours, Jim and that little home wrecker drove back to the gym where they both went in and worked out for a half an hour more. I drove home devastated and shocked. My husband was cheating on me with a young girl...a little tramp that was our daughters age.

I kept my composure until late that night after Jim came home. While he slept, I sat in the kitchen and cried for a long time. I was afraid that I was going to lose my husband. That he didn't want me or love me any more. I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that if I were Jim I wouldn't want me either.

My breasts were sagging, I had gained too much weight, my stomach stuck way out over my waist. I looked like a large overripe pear. Ugly and fat is what I was. The only good thing was that I had no stretch marks to speak of. Jim had faithfully massaged oils and creams on my tummy every night for most of my two pregnancy's and that had helped to keep them to a minimal condition.

For a few weeks after my discovery I just moped around, waiting for Jim to drop the bombshell and tell me he was leaving me for that...that...bitch. Depressed, I started to stay home more and more, never going out. Jim noticed that I wasn't feeling well and commented several times but I brushed him off.

I worked to hide the fact that I knew he was cheating on me, even having sex on demand when he wanted it. Then came the night of our fight. I had a long and tiring day at home cleaning and doing laundry. Several big jobs had needed done and tackling them, I over did it quite a bit.

Jim came home all worked up and hot to trot. He pressed for sex and I got mad, knowing that he had already had sex probably and now wanted more. I thought that he was trying to hide the fact that he had been fucking already that day to throw me off.

We fought and he slept on the couch. I will say that he looked and probably felt guilty that night for sure. I could see it on his face for the first time as I handed him the pillow and blankets. He almost said something then, but I shoved him out the door of our bedroom and slammed it tight, locking it.

The next day I got angry at him. Angry as I ever had been. Then I knew what I had to do. If he was going to divorce me, then by God I was going to make it the hardest thing for him to do. I was going to change my body just like he had done his and then I was going to get a lover and in front of Jim fuck that lover's eyeballs out.

Then, I was going to do things with that lover that we had never done as a man and wife. Why, I might even try anal sex just to show Jim what he was going to lose. Deep down I still loved Jim as much as I ever had. He had pushed me too far now though. I was going to have my revenge, and if he left me afterwards...then so be it. Bastard!

I had a time convincing Jim that I had to work out alone. At first he wanted me to go to his gym to workout. Like I would have wanted to be around his slut while showing my ugly body so she could compare mine with her young and tight one.

I started to work out at a different gym, one closer to home. I got a trainer, a large strong and very well built young man who was also nice. Even though I felt ugly and fat, he was able to talk to me directly about my body and show me what I could do to change myself for the better. Without making me feel ugly or fat.

He worked with me for several months every day. I worked out seven days a week for the first three months and then backed off to about every other day. It paid off in my dropping more weight than even my trainer thought I would. I still saw a saggy chested old fat woman in the mirror though.

My trainer tried his best to convince me that I was looking real good but I just couldn't see it. I felt inside like a fat ugly old woman. After all, my husband had been cheating on me probably because of the way I looked hadn't he?

I continued to work out with a vengeance, even though less than at first. I was working out at home on my off days and taking a run in the afternoons before Jim would get home. I couldn't see what everyone else was seeing at all.

One day I found myself surrounded by men at the gym during my workout. They were all hitting on me, and serious about it too. I was stunned, then a quite a bit pleased. I looked in the mirror after they had given up on me and went off onto their own workouts. What I saw was still the same woman, maybe a tad bit thinner and a little bit more tone than a few months ago.

The truth was I was in the best shape I had ever been in. I was looking even better than I had in high school, if that was possible. Pretty soon I noticed men checking me out constantly. At the gym, in the grocery store, on my runs, going here and there. Always men looking, commenting, even whistling time to time.

Even though I didn't feel beautiful the looks and comments and being hit on began to have an effect. Even Jim had begun to comment on how beautiful I was looking. I knew that we hadn't had sex for a long time, since that night of our fight as a matter of fact. But I also knew that he hadn't missed any sex either.

One day at the grocery store a guy hit on me. I decided to play along and see where it lead. Before I knew it, I had given him my phone number and name. He knew I was a married lady, yet he still tried to get me to go with him for lunch and a drink. When we parted in front of the store, he kissed my hand French style and gave me a look that sent a chill of sexual wantonness coursing through my body.

I got home and had to change my panties because I had literally soaked them through and through. I had his number and the next day, after quite a bit of hesitation, I finally called him and made a date to have coffee.

That coffee date we talked about everything under the sun. Later, after our second hour together, we were even talking about Jim and how he was cheating on me. He couldn't believe that Jim would cheat on me since I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen before.

His words and compliments caused me to tremble as I found a desire grow inside. I wanted this man badly. I wanted him to take me and fuck me like I had never been fucked before. I was at that point ready to do anything he wanted. I would have, had he tried. I would have let him fuck me anywhere and everywhere he wanted.

Our 'date' ended with him dropping me at home. I felt like a school girl just after a first date that had gone exceptionally well. I went in the house singing and had to change panties due to the fact that I had soaked the ones I had on.

Over the course of the next five days I found my prospective lover to be charming, intelligent and quite knowing in the ways of women. He listened to me, not pretending, but actually listening. He made me feel special inside and also quite hot too. Mark knew just what to say to a woman to get her attention and attentions pointed in the direction he wanted.

I told him about my wanting to get even with Jim, but also how I still loved my husband too. How I wanted to get even one time, then never cheat on him again, and hopefully he would never cheat on me again either.

He helped me to come up with a plan. One that had I thought about it a bit more than I did, I would have known it was a bit too much for Jim to handle. I was still angry and hurt though and Mark's plan seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

By the time my plan was in motion, Jim had broken off with his little tramp. She had gone on to another married man within a week too. I made Jim suffer with no sex for a bit longer until the night I was ready to put my final part of the plan in action. He was almost begging for it by the night Mark was due to come over.

That night when Jim walked into the house he was in for the longest night of his life. I had the weekend planned to the minute and was fully prepared to get even. I shocked Jim at the door and he never had a chance after that.

He hadn't seen my flat tummy at all since I had lost the weight and gained the toned body. I had been always turned away, dressed in long flannel granny nightgowns or baggy clothes when he was around. Not much touching going on either. I had everything ready to go just before Jim got home. I called Mark and told him I was ready and he said he'd be right over.

Up to this point all Mark and I had ever done is talked and once or twice, kissed. He had coped a few feels of my breasts and once in a while my ass, but we had not gone past that point. His patience was about to pay off huge. Just as Jim was about to pay the piper huge too.

Mark had talked me into shaving my pussy and also into getting some 'toys' too. He even took me down to the adult bookstore to get them. I had never been to one of 'those' places and was embarrassed to death. I still went in and bravely purchased the items Mark picked out for me. The guy behind the counter leered at me as I paid for my items. I was wearing a tube top and miniskirt, mostly because Mark had dared me to. I found that showing off my body like this was a very liberating experience. Even though the guy behind the counter was a bit...well...fat and not all that clean looking, I felt my nipples harden and pussy begin to drip at his bold stare.

I found that the toys, while not as good as the real thing, did get me off quite well. Mark had talked me into getting a couple of different sized vibrators and dildos, an anal probe, and some videos. I got carried away while in the store and even got a few magazines.

By the time the big night had arrived, I was fast becoming addicted to the porno's and magazines I had bought. I had used all of my new toys and even had pushed one of the smaller dildos up my rear while masturbating with a larger one in my pussy.

Mark had told me to practice sucking on the biggest dildo's and figure out how to take all of them fully into my mouth and down my throat. He had told me that act alone would drive Jim nuts, especially when he wasn't the first man to get to have my new skills tried out.

Mark was so persuasive that he had gotten around to talking to me about every aspect of what to expect and what I would be doing when he came over and we had sex. I had been masturbating and imagining Mark and I together for three weeks by the time the big night arrived. I was so ready to fuck Mark it wasn't funny.

A few days before the event, I shaved, oh so carefully, my rather large bush. I finished up having a nice short trimmed strip running from the top of my pussy lips up about three inches. I had trimmed it down to a nice inch and a half width. I could see my pussy lips clearly for the first time in my life and after shaving I spent about an hour with a mirror just looking at the shape of a place I had not ever paid much attention to before.

I found that I liked the look of how my pussy was and if I could have, I think I would have tried to kiss those tender lips. I felt a change developing inside me that scared yet excited me at the same time. I was beginning to see my body as others did, though not fully what it was yet.

When Jim walked through the door the night of his punishment he was not ready for the sight of me. I had the lights down low, soft music playing, candles lit all over the living room and hallway. Our bed, made with fresh sheets, no blankets, some pillows not for sleeping but for fucking, and a chair at the foot of our bed. His fancy office desk chair that he had paid a bundle for.

I had made up some velcro strips of cloth to bind Jim up with. I was confident that he wouldn't be able to free himself once I had him tied up in his fancy chair. That chair that had moveable arms, backrest, legs, and everything else under the sun. It leant itself to the nights festivities.

Jim opened the door to see the candles and then his eyes caught sight of me. I had gotten a real sexy camisole/panty set. It was almost see-through, and it fit me very well. Mark had almost swallowed his tongue when I had picked it out in the store. I held it up to my body and spread it out and several men in the vicinity had stopped to gawk at me.

I had also gotten my hair done at the salon that morning. I had it up in a nice curled style with ringlets cascading around my face. It made me look years younger, even in broad daylight. My hairdresser had really done a great job on me.

Jim was shocked, then flat at a loss for words when he stepped inside. I smiled at him, as if there wasn't a problem in the world between us. I opened my arms to him and took him in a large tight hug. I rubbed my body against his, feeling his shaft swelling and getting hard.

"Sharon...wow! You look...beautiful. I have never seen you...wow! You look fabulous. God, you are so beautiful. What's going on? Um...not that I'm complaining or anything..."

"I've felt bad Jim. We haven't had sex in so long...and you've been working so hard. We need a break. I am really, really horny...did I say that out loud? I did didn't I?"

"You? You're horny Sharon? I've never heard you say that before."

"Yeah? Well I've never been this horny before either. I want to try something tonight. I want to get...um...kinky. Real kinky. You won't think I'm a slut or anything will you Jim?"

"Uh...no! What did you have in mind?"

Jim was about ready to cum in his pants as I rubbed against his body. I could tell I had him way off guard and upset too. He didn't know if he was coming or going. He even looked around like he had come home to the wrong house or something.

Then, I saw a guilty look cross his face. I could tell he was about to tell me about that little bitch and I couldn't let him ruin my plans. I pressed my lips to his and then began to tongue his mouth intensely, not giving him a chance to talk. As I kissed him, I undid the buttons on his shirt and then his pants, tugging his clothes off as I crawled all over him. Pretty soon he was in just his socks and shorts. I grabbed his hand and leading him down the hall I began to tell him of the kinky thing I wanted to do.

"Jim, don't think I'm losing it or anything, but I want to try something I read about the other day. It really got me going when I read it. Promise you won't laugh at me?'

"Uh...yeah, but first there's something I need to tell you Sharon...I've..."

"It can wait Jim. First, sit down in your chair right there. I want to...well...I want to tie you up kind of like you're my prisoner. Then I want to tease you to get your secrets out of you. I am going to use every trick in the book to get you to tell the secrets of the country you work as a spy for."

"What? You want to play act?"

"Yeah. It's supposed to be great fun, for both parties Jim. Come on...try it...you'll like it."

"Oh man...Sharon...there's just something I got to tell you first. I..."

"Here. Let me put these on your legs first. There...not too tight are they?"


"Allrighty then... now put your arms here like so...there...now I'm putting these around your arms to tie you like so...how's that? Not too tight are they?"

"No...look Sharon...there's something that's been on my mind and I need to tell you...mmmph...whuuu..."

"I'm putting this in your mouth like a gag. It's part of the game Jim. There...now...the fun begins."

Jim couldn't say or do anything now. I had tied him up and then gagged him. I kept up the pretense of the 'game' while I was waiting for Mark to show up. I began to lick and kiss Jim's chest, moving down slowly towards his now throbbing cock.

He struggled a bit, then getting into my 'game' he relaxed and went with the flow. Just what I wanted him to do. I kept kissing and licking and pretty soon I was just above his crotch. He was still wearing his shorts, so I got the shears off the dresser and cut his shorts along each side, allowing me to remove the fronts of them with out undoing his ties. He shivered as the cold steel of the shears moved near his most precious of bodily parts. For an instant I wanted to miss a bit and snip his penis right off...but I held my temptation at bay and kept up the game.

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