Jim Goes to Boot Camp


"Alright James," said Doctor Cole as she approached me, "are you all cleaned out now?" I didn't answer her. She also put on a pair of exam gloves. Since I was spread wide for the world to see and they were putting on gloves, I figured that whatever they were about to do, it was going to be done below my waist!

"Alright then," said the doctor, "let's do a proper genital exam on you."

As she was speaking, she grabbed my flaccid penis with her right hand. She began by lifting it up and visually examining it from all sides. Her left hand now joined the party as she began to squeeze, stretch and palpate it. During this intimate exam, Nurse Smith was standing right next to the doctor watching.

"My, you do look much cleaner without all of that bushy hair," the doctor commented. I didn't respond to her comment, but I saw that the nurse grinned widely when she heard the comment.

For some reason she decided that right now, when she was examining my manhood -- this was the right time to carry on a casual conversation with me.

"Are you sexually active James?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, ah, I mean no," I answered.

"Well, which is it? Are you currently sexually active?" she asked.

"No" I answered.

"But, you have had sex before?" she asked.

"Yeah, a few times last year." I answered.

She continued her questioning: "Was that with a girl or a boy?"

"A girl, of course," I answered, "I'm not gay!"

"Don't get upset James. I'm not here to make any judgments. I'm merely trying to get your sexual history for our records." It was then that I noticed that Nurse Smith was busy making notes in my chart. "I'm sure that some percentage of the boys that we see are actually gay" she added.

As the doctor was talking she squeezed the head of my penis and took a look at the opening. That was apparently the cue for Nurse Smith to hand the doctor some type of swab on a long stick. It looked like an extra long Q-tip.

"You might feel a little discomfort James," said the doctor, "I just need to do a quick urethral swab."

Before I could let out a big "ouch", I felt her jamming the stick into my dick head, swirling it around and then removing it.

"There, that wasn't so bad," she said as she handed it to the nurse. Yeah, not bad for you, I thought to myself, you didn't just have someone shove a stick up your dick.

Satisfied that she had groped my penis enough, she turned her attention to my testicles. She began by grabbing both of them at the same time, one in each hand. She squeezed and rolled them between her fingers. But apparently my penis was in the way.

"Nurse, can you hold his penis out of the way?" she ordered. Nurse Smith quickly obeyed and held my penis up and away from my balls.

The doctor then began a similar examination on each testicle, this time using both hands to roll and squeeze a single testicle between her fingers. Throughout the exam, the doctor continued her inquiry into my sexual history.

"What kind of sexual activity did you engage in James?" she asked.

"I'm not sure I know what you mean," I answered.

"Did you have vaginal intercourse with this girl or was it something else?" she asked.

"Oh, I understand," I replied. "Yeah, we had intercourse a couple of times."

"What about oral sex?" she asked.

"Well yeah, that too, she also gave me some blow jobs," I answered.

After a few minutes, the doctor finished with my genital exam and Nurse Smith released my penis. But I got the feeling that they weren't quite done with me yet. Doctor Cole began to apply lubricant to the index finger of her right hand.

"Now just try to relax James," she said as she approached me.

I felt the pressure from her index finger on my ass hole before it slipped into me. I instinctively let out a gasp of air. She twisted her finger inside of me, just as Nurse Smith had done earlier. But Doctor Cole was much more forceful, pressing much harder and deeper into me. As she twisted her finger inside of me, I felt the beginnings of an erection once again. She decided to continue her conversation with me – this time while her finger was buried deep inside my ass.

"Have you ever engaged in anal sex James?" she asked.

"No way," I quickly answered, "I would never do that."

"I understand," she said, "but have you ever tried putting something up here?"

"Um, no, but my girlfriend did stick her fingers up my ass once while we were fooling around." I responded.

"I see," answered the doctor, "and did you enjoy that?"

"I guess so, I mean it made me harder," I answered.

The doctor continued: "Well James, one thing that you need to remember is that it's all just boys here at this facility. And while most of them are like you and they like girls, some of them may also feel the urge to do things with other boys." I wasn't sure why she was telling me all of this, other than to scare me.

As the doctor was talking, Nurse Smith looked up at my face and discerned that the meaning of this conversation wasn't yet registering with me.

Nurse Smith tried to explain it to me: "Jim, what Doctor Cole is saying is that officially, there's no sexual contact allowed at this facility at all."

"Yeah, I figured that," I said.

"Yes," continued the nurse, "but we also realize that boys will be boys and that they sometimes need a sexual release." Suddenly, I was beginning to understand what they were trying to tell me. Nurse Smith continued: "That's especially true in an environment like this where the boys are living in close contact with each other, wearing minimal clothing, exercising together, showering together and so on." She continued: "So, while we don't condone it, we know that some sexual activity does occur between the boys." The nurse paused for just a moment and smiled as she looked at me. "Don't be surprised by it," she continued. "And most importantly, you should never feel like you're being forced to do something that you don't want to do."

As the nurse was talking, Doctor Cole finally removed her finger from my ass. It was now her turn to contribute to my lecture. "And James," she said, "the most important thing to remember is to always use a condom and plenty of lubricant, for you and your partner – that is, if you decide to do anything. A supply of them should be available from your counselor."

Doctor Cole removed her soiled gloves and immediately replaced them with a fresh pair. I was expecting one of them to wipe the lubricant off of my ass but neither of them did.

"You're almost done James," said the doctor, "the only thing we lack from you is a semen sample. Our insurance requires it in case you're injured during your stay with us." Thoughts of me jacking off in front of these two women flashed into my mind.

"No way. You can't make me do that in front of you," I protested.

"Oh my, no," answered the doctor, "we're not allowed to make you do that. We follow a very strict procedure for obtaining the sample."

As the doctor was talking, Nurse Smith handed her a sealed condom package. The doctor held it up while she continue talking: "You see, we're going to place this condom on your penis in order to catch the sample. And then we'll stimulate you until you ejaculate. We'll take care of everything, you just need to relax. Most of the boys actually seem to enjoy it." It sounded embarrassing enough, but hey, I had been naked and on display for the better part of the last hour, so I figured that if they wanted to give me a hand job, that was OK by me.

"What size dildo would you like me to prepare doctor?" asked the nurse.

Dildo? Did she say dildo? Doesn't that go up your ass, I thought to myself?

"Well, was he aroused at all when you were administering the enema?" the doctor asked.

"Yes," answered Nurse Smith, "he was semi-hard after I inserted the nozzle and then became fully erect as I was inserting the anal plug."

"And did you have any trouble inserting the plug all the way?" asked the doctor.

"Well, it was tight, but I was able to insert it completely. I used the medium size plug," answered Nurse Smith.

"Oh, then I think he can handle either the medium or large size dildo," said the doctor, "We want to make sure he receives enough stimulation. I don't think the small size would be enough for him."

As the nurse left to presumably retrieve the dildo, Doctor Cole opened the condom package and prepared to place it on my flaccid penis.

"We need to get you just a little bit hard to start off, otherwise the condom will just fall off," she said. As she was speaking, she grabbed the shaft of my penis and stretched if a few times. She then gave me a couple of good strokes with her hand. "There we go, that's much better," she said as she rolled the condom on my now semi-erect penis. As Doctor Cole was finishing with my penis, Nurse Smith arrived with the dildo.

"I decided to prepare the medium size," she said.

She had already placed a condom on it which covered almost its entire length. I don't know exactly how big it was, but it looked huge. It must have been at least 10 inches long and looked very thick. It was flesh colored and it looked like it was made of some kind of hard rubber. It wasn't just a smooth cylinder. It was somewhat anatomically correct and had a wider head at the top. It was definitely phallic in appearance.

When I saw it, I immediately protested: "I said I'm not gay and I don't want something that looks like some guys cock going into me!"

"I'm sorry you feel that way James," said the doctor, "but this is what we use because it seems to work best."

"That's right" said the nurse as she was applying lubricant to the dildo. "Previously we used a much more dignified looking medical instrument that wasn't as anatomically correct. But we found that most boys seem to receive much greater stimulation when we use something that is more realistic and feels like a real erect penis. And we get a much better sample when the boy is sufficiently stimulated."

"But, you can't use that on me, it's just not right!" I protested again.

"Sorry James," said the doctor, "but for the next 90 days, we determine what's right and wrong. You really don't have a say in the matter. Now just relax so we can get on with the procedure." As the doctor was speaking, the nurse looked at me and smiled. When the dildo was fully lubricated, the nurse handed it to the doctor.

"You'll feel some pressure and stretching at first James," said the doctor, "but then it should start to feel good – otherwise we'll never get our sample."

As she spoke, I felt the tip of the dildo pressing against my ass hole. It felt cold and very slippery from all of the lubricant that the nurse applied. I felt more pressure as it started to enter me, stretching my anal sphincter wider as it was pushed deeper into me. The doctor went very slowly, pushing it into me with a methodical and steady pace.

"There, all the way in," she said, "are you OK James?"

I nodded in agreement. I wasn't in any pain, but it didn't exactly feel good. But I was still semi-hard and getting harder with each passing moment.

"Alright then," said the doctor, "just relax and try to enjoy this James."

As she spoke, she pulled the dildo out of me, not all the way out but almost. Then she pushed it back in, more rapidly than before. She repeated this motion several more times, steadily increasing the speed with each stroke.

"Now Jim, try not to ejaculate immediately," said the nurse, "we need you to build up a bit before you let go, so we get a good sample."

As she spoke, I felt the nurses hand on my balls. She was holding them and began to squeeze and fondle them. I guess she was trying to increase the stimulation. And it was working. The doctor continued to pump the dildo in and out of me, steadily increasing the speed and intensity of each thrust. All of the stimulation was directed at my ass hole and my balls, which were now being held and fondled by the nurse. I was just aching to grab my hard cock and stroke it, but I couldn't. My hands were still tightly strapped to the table. I was suddenly aware of the sounds that I was making. I heard myself moaning in pleasure and also gasping for air as the doctor continued to thrust the dildo into me. The nurse was still fondling my balls, she was now pulling her finger between them, separating them. It felt really, really good. But now I felt her other hand grab the base of my cock, wrapping her fingers tightly around it. Finally, this is what I've been aching for. She was wearing a glove and I could feel that it was lightly lubricated. She didn't stroke me, she just kept her fingers tightly wrapped around me.

I closed my eyes. I was getting close, very close. My balls started to tighten and pull up closer to my body. My cock felt like it was as hard as I had ever been.

"He's almost there doctor," I heard the nurse say.

"Very good," answered the doctor, "go ahead and ejaculate James, whenever you're ready."

The nurse now began to stroke me. Her strokes were synchronized with the thrusts from the dildo. Just a few more strokes and I couldn't take much more. I arched my back, I close my eyes, I let out a rebel yell, and I let loose and finally came. Wave upon wave was shot into the waiting condom. The doctor picked up the pace and intensity even more, thrusting the dildo even further into me than before. The nurse squeezed my balls with much more force as she switched to a slow and deliberate stroking motion. Her strokes started at the base of my cock and slowly made their way up my entire shaft. She was milking me and she wanted to get every last drop of my cum.

I felt the nurse release her grip on my cock and balls as the doctor slid the dildo out from my ass. Quickly, before I lost my erection, the nurse removed the condom, bending my penis downward slightly to avoid spilling the contents. She took the full condom to the counter behind the exam table to presumably save my sample. At the same time, the doctor was removing the condom from the dildo and placing it on the counter, presumably to be cleaned before it was used again on the next boy.

"I'll finish processing his sample while you get him cleaned up," said the doctor.

"Sure thing," answered the nurse.

The nurse approached me with a container of moistened wipes and began to clean the excess lubricant from my ass. Once she was satisfied that I was clean, she retrieved a fresh wipe and turned her attention to my penis. She gently grabbed my shaft with her left hand and proceeded to clean it with her right. She wiped the excess cum from my penis and also cleaned the entire area around my balls and lower abdomen.

"Alright Jim," said the nurse, "that should just about do it for you."

As she was speaking, she loosened the restraints holding my legs, then the ones around my arms and chest. She walked back to the end of the table to lift my legs out of the leg supports and place my feet flat on the table. Next, she lowered the metal leg supports, placing them back into their hiding place at the end of the table.

"Here, let me help you sit up, Jim," she said as she held out her hand.

I was now sitting on the edge of the exam table, still totally nude, but at least I was free of the restraints. And it seemed that they were finally done with my examination.

"I'll ring his DI to let them know that he'll be there in a few minutes," said the doctor. I watched as she walked over to the desk and picked up the phone.

"I'll be escorting you to your drill instructor next, Jim," said the nurse. "Before we go, do you need to use the bathroom at all? You might not get another chance for awhile."

"No, I'm OK," I replied.

"Good, then let's get you something to wear," she said. "Come over here with me."

I got up from the exam table and followed the nurse to the far side of the room where they had another counter and several closed cabinets. The nurse had the folder with my medical records in her hand.

"Let's see what size you need," she said as she checked the measurements that she had earlier recorded on my chart. "Looks like you're a medium," she said as she opened one of the cabinets. "Here you go, put this on," she said as she handed me a clean white jockstrap, size medium.

"But, it's just a jockstrap," I said, stating the obvious.

"Yes, that's right," she answered, "I'm afraid this is the only type of underwear that you'll be wearing throughout your stay here. It's what all of the boys are required to wear."

"You've got to be kidding," I protested.

"Well, just remember that this is a boot camp and they will be working you pretty hard. So you may not like it, but it actually makes a little bit of sense," she answered.

"But it's not much good as underwear. It doesn't even cover you in back," I complained.

"Yes, but it does provide the support that you boys need," she continued. "You need to go ahead and put it on now."

I reluctantly bent over to step into the legs of the jockstrap. While doing so, I noticed that the doctor was finished with her phone call and was now approaching us. She had another folder of papers in her hand. The doctor and the nurse were both now standing just a few feet away from me, watching my every move as I put on the jockstrap. I reached down to pull the jock up to my waist, covering my penis and balls with the clingy mesh pouch. As I pulled the jockstrap up snugly, I felt the rear straps snap against my bare ass. Once everything was pulled up to my waist, I reached into the front of the pouch and adjusted myself, pointing my penis downward as I always did when I wore a jockstrap. The doctor and nurse both nodded in approval as they looked at me.

"That seems to fit you well," said the nurse, "It's the right size and looks very masculine on you. You have a good looking body, Jim and you shouldn't be ashamed to show it off."

"Your drill instructor is waiting for you, Jim," said the doctor as she exchanged folders with the nurse.

"You can escort him when you're ready," she said to the nurse.

"We're ready now doctor," she answered.

"Good," said the doctor turning to address me, "I hope you have a safe stay with us James. Please take care of yourself."

"Thank you ma'am," I politely replied.

"Alright then, let's go Jim, your DI is waiting," said the nurse as she walked toward the door.

"Hey, aren't you forgetting something," I said, "I've got underwear, but I'm not finished dressing yet."

"Actually you are Jim," answered the nurse. "You see, that's all you're allowed to wear for now, just the jockstrap. Additional clothing is something that can be earned for good behavior, but for now, this is it."

"No way," I protested, "this is all I'm allowed to wear?"

"For now, yes," she answered. "All the boys start this way. Most quickly earn additional clothing, but a few stubborn boys never do."

"So I really have to walk around like this, with everyone seeing my bare ass?" I asked.

"That's right," she answered. "And I can assure you that you'll be doing a lot more than just walking around in your jockstrap. So I suggest that you just accept the situation, because you really have no choice in the matter. And let me give you just a word of advice Jim. I know you're upset and I really don't mind you questioning me like this. But I suggest that you mind your manners with your DI. They won't stand for any back talk from you. And there are punishments for things like that. Do you understood what I'm saying?"

"Yes, I understand," I answered.

With that, Nurse Smith unlocked the door and opened it, motioning for me to enter the hallway.

"Oh, don't forget your shoes Jim," she said pointing to my shoes that were placed by the door earlier. "You will need those."

"What about socks?" I asked.

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