tagBDSMJimmy Gets a Girl

Jimmy Gets a Girl


Normally when Jim's alarm clock went off on a school day, he would moan and groan and turn in the covers, as though trying to fight off an assailant. But on this day, he was instantly awake. He practically vaulted out of bed, slapping off the alarm and throwing on an old t-shirt. He leapt down the stairs, two at a time, careening into the kitchen grinning from ear to ear.

His father looked up from his newspaper over the top of his glasses, a wry smile on his face.

"You seem happy today," He said teasingly. "What's the occasion?"

"Da-ad," Jim laughed. "You know."

"I'm afraid I don't," His father turned to the woman next to him. "Do you, Tiffany?"

As usual, Jim couldn't help but look all over Tiffany. She was short and thin, with a muscular and attractive body, and giant breasts that were each about the size of her head, yet were so firm they practically floated. Her face was sultry and cute, with pouting lips, dark eyes, framed by a sexy head of strawberry blonde hair. In Jim's entire life, Tiffany had never changed one bit. She was wearing her red bikini today, which showed off her tanned skin almost everywhere.

"No," She said innocently. "What could it be?"

"Hmm, its not Easter," Dad joked. "Or Christmas. What day is it?"

"C'mon, Dad. Ha ha," Jim shot back. "You guys are hilarious."

He made himself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table. He noticed as he was digging in that Tiffany had her hand resting on his Dad's crotch, as usual. Dad looked up from his paper as he turned the page.

"So, the big day!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Jim enthused.

"Eighteen today."


"Hmm," Dad looked over Tiffany, musing. "I can remember my eighteenth birthday. I don't know how I survived before it."

"You're so good, Arthur," Tiffany crooned. "You're too good to me."

Jim couldn't help but notice her hand squeeze Dad's crotch briefly. Even after all these years he could barely keep him eyes of Tiffany's tits. The red bikini was his favourite.

"You just wait, son. It will change your life for the better. I knw I've told you all this already, boring old Dad. But I'll say it again, choose well the first time and it can make you from the start."

"Sure." Jim grinned.

"When I first when into the 'Torium," Dad went on, on one of his favourite themes. "I didn't know what I wanted. White, black, Asian, what. I tried a few girls, looked around a lot. Then I saw Tiffany and I just knew it. I always was a sucker for a slutty blonde and this proves it."

Tiffany beamed at him, with perfect white teeth. Again the crotch squeeze.

"Damn, sorry son," Dad said. "But talking like this has got me going."

Dad moved Tiffany's hand and unbuttoned his shorts. His cock emerged erect, all six inches of it. Tiffany's smile broadened as he brought it out.

"Wow, Arthur, ready again?"

Dad didn't answer her, only got a handful of that perfect hair and pulled her down into his lap. Jim watched avidly as Tiffany's smiling mouth was impaled by his Dad's erection, those thick glossy lips sliding down over it until it reached the base. His Dad had a pretty hairy crotch and Tiffany's face was obscured by pubes.

"Oh, that's great," Dad groaned, closing his eyes for a moment. Then he looked at Jim again. "Now, where was I? Oh yes, making the choice. You see, I chose well, and I've never had to choose again."

"I know, Dad." Jim said. He was munching cereal as he watched his Dad roughly pushing and pulling Tiffany's head in his lap. She was making the slurping noises that Jim knew his Dad liked her to make.

"Lots of guys," Dad went on in his usual groove. "Get a whole bunch of girls. I know Seth I work with has ten. Can you imagine it? Ten!"

"Yeah, you told me." Jim answered. He was feeling pretty hot himself, now. He had so many wet dreams about Tiffany it was crazy, but she was totally off limits. She was Dad's and no-one else's.

"But I've only ever needed my Tiffany. Just a sec, honey," Dad pulled Tiffany off his lap. She was smiling broadly, her cheeks and chin shiny with spit. Dad stood up and grabbed her head with both hands, guiding his cock into her mouth. "Yeah, that's better."

Dad started roughly fucking Tiffany's face. Jim had seen it all before but was still mesmerized. He had to remember to finish his cereal.

"So Dad?" Jim asked.

"Yes son?" Dad was breathing pretty hard, working his hips. Jim moved his gaze between Tiffany's mouth and her bouncing giant tits.

"When can we go?"

The back door opened before he could answer and Jim's Mum came in, dressed in her gardening gloves and hat. She was a slim, attractive blonde woman, obviously not as hot as Tiffany, though.

"Morning, morning," She waved airily. She glanced at Tiffany getting face fucked. "You shuldn't be so rough, Arthur, you'll hurt her."

"Its alright, dear," Dad pulled out of Tiffany's mouth with a wet plop. "Isn't it, Tiffany?"

She smiled up at Mum with strings of saliva hanging off her chin onto her breasts. "Sure, Tania, its great. I like it like this."

"Okay, okay." Mum said, taking off her gloves. Dad pushed his cock back into Tiffany's mouth straight away and resumed pumping her.

"You better hurry up, Jimmy," Mum advised. "You can't gape at your father all day."

"I want to know when we're going to the 'Torium, but."

"Of course," Mum placed her hand on his head. "Happy birthday, by the way. All grown up already. Soon you'll both be getting spit all over my clean floor."

"I'll get Tiff to clean it up before I go, Tan." Dad said through his gasping.

"So when can we go?" Jim persisted.

"Not 'till after school, mister," Mum said, then raised a hand at his face. "No buts. We don't have to go today at all, you know. It's a normal school day. Now go get ready and I'll drop you off."

Jim decided not to argue. He knew Rod at school had got the day off when he turned eighteen, but he didn't want to push his luck today of all days.

"Okay." He said and took off for the stairs.

"It's no good, Tiff, I'll need your ass." He heard Dad say as he left, followed by her cheery assent and Mum saying she'd get the lube for him.

It was only when Jim was in school that he realized what a torture it was going to be.

First period science was alright because he had Mrs Pinter, also he was the oldest guy in the class. He still had to be pestered by Gav, his only mate in the class, constantly asking him about what he was going to do at the 'Torium. Gav was the youngest guy in the year and wouldn't turn eighteen until next year, after school was finished.

The real problem, which Jim could see coming from a mile off, was Mr Harvitz's history class. Harvitz was a real pain, a big fat balding guy who liked to pick on students and generally be an asshole. It was only made worse by the fact that he brought his girl Skye into every class. Skye was a statuesque brunette with a beautiful, haughty face and a perfect hourglass figure. Harvitz always had her dressed up in figure-hugging dresses, except for one amazing day where she came in tall black stiletto heels, a black g-string and two black things, like suction cups, one over each nipple. Harvitz had spent that class firing questions at boys and penalizing them for being distracted. Skye always laughed with Harvitz's bullying, which only made it worse.

Everyone piled into class and found their usual seats. Harvitz and Skye hadn't turned up yet. Jim always sat up the back with his friends Tony, Liam and Hapreet. None of them were eighteen yet and whilst they didn't go on like Gav had, it was obvious they were crazy with awe and jealousy.

Also in the class was Rod. He was the only guy in the class who was eighteen already and he pretty much always brought his girl to school. She was an athletic, doe eyed brunette called Renee, who Rod seemed to like to dress up in shorts and midriff tops that showed off her nice abdominal muscles. Rod was much more popular than Jim, so he didn't speak to him, but someone had told Jim that Rod's girlfriend said that Rod liked to cum by getting himself to the limit and sticking his dick in Renee's navel. Apparently Rod would fuck his girlfriend – a pretty girl called Lara – then pull out and fuck Renee's navel until he blew. Lara apparently didn't like it too much.

Jim thought he'd like to give it a try himself.

He was pulled from contemplating Renee's ab-cunt by the entrance of Mr Harvitz. He slouched through the door as usual, the bottom crescent of his gut visible from under the edge of his greasy polo shirt. He was grinning, which didn't bode well. Then Skye came in behind him.

A collective gasp came from the boys.

She was wearing black boots that looked like latex, that reached right up to her thigh. A black g-string, also of latex, then a bra that was also of black latex and seemed too small, so that her big firm tits bulged out around the stretchy material. Her skin was perfectly fair and smooth all over. Her eyebrows arched as she looked over the class, a superior half smile on her dark red lips. She stood next to the desk as Harvitz sat down. Jim wondered if he might come in his pants.

"Okay, Mr Jim," Harvitz announced, making Jim start. "I hear it's a big day today."

"Yes, sir." Jim managed.

"Not going straight to the 'Torium today, then?" He sneered.

"After school, sir."

"What a pity," Harvitz grinned. Skye laughed softly. "I think maybe you need some help today. Would you, Skye?"

Jim stared as Harvitz's girl stalked towards him, her boots loud on the carpet, flesh of her breasts wobbling around her latex top. His dick felt like it might explode out of his pants. He heard Liam swear under his breath.

Skye leant forward onto his desk, showing her amazing cleavage right in front of him. Her dark confident eyes looked into his face and she smiled at him haughtily. Looking over her shoulder, he could see the curve of her ass sticking up.

"Now any time you need a pen or something, Ms Skye will assist you, Jim." Harvitz said, giggling. Skye laughed quietly at him, her breath smelled like mint and honey.

The class was total torture. Not only was Skye's beautiful face and body totally distracting, but Harvitz was aiming almost all of his questions at Jim. Whenever he was posed a question, Skye would move slightly or breathe a bit heavily, throwing his mind off completely. Will a supreme effort of will he got control and managed to concentrate on Amenhotep III enough to spoil Harvitz's fun.

"Okay, Mr Jim," The teacher said about halfway through the period. "Let's have a bit of a pop quiz, since you seem such a master of this topic."

Harvitz roiled over to Jim's desk. Jim could only look on as Harvitz worked Skye's latex g-string down over her ass until it was level with the top of her boots. He saw now that Harvitz was moving his arm behind her. Skye's expression didn't change at all, still staring at him mockingly.

"Mmm, Ms Skye, you're so wet today," Harvitz mused quietly, then grinned at Jim. Jim realized the teacher was fingering her pussy. "Make sure you get a nice wet girl, Mr Jim."

"S-sure th-thing, sir." Jim managed. His face felt hot.

"So, Mr Jim, what do you think was Amenhotep III's greatest achievement?"

Jim swallowed thickly. Skye's tits were jiggling, so that he could tell when Harvitz's fingers were pushing as deep as they could go. She smiled at his difficulty.

"Um, well, I'd say it was, uh, keeping the Empire, like, going as well as when he, ah, started?"

"Oh, you could do better than that, Mr Jim. Mmm, two fingers, yeah. Anyway, do you agree then that Amenhotep III was basically a caretaker pharaoh, Mr Jim?"

The slurping of Skye's pussy was clearly audible now. Jim had no idea what to say and basically started saying a bunch of um's and ah's. Harvitz had done stuff with Skye in class before, but never right up in his face like this. It seemed like the teacher wasn't even listening to him, instead watching his fingers working her pussy. In the rows in front of Jim, the other students were all staring at Skye's pussy with rapture.

Jim had been staring at Skye's tits while he babbled and was surprised when he looked up to see Harvitz had his dick out. Jim had seen it before, a big thick dick that looked gnarled and gross, like a big lump of gristle. As he finger-fucked his girl Harvitz was slapping her ass cheek with his growing erection. Jim clearly saw what he took to be dandruff falling from Harvitz's scraggy pubes.

"That's really not a good answer, Mr Jim," He admonished cheerily. "How about this: how do you think Amenhotep III's reign compared to that of Ramses II?"

As Jim continued babbling, the fat teacher moved behind his stunning girl. He couldn't see Harvitz's hands but could tell that he was guiding his cock into her pussy. The hands reappeared and grasped her firm buttocks as he started to pump her, doggy style, on Jim desk, which creaked loudly. Her face was only about twenty centimeters from Jim's and her mocking smile didn't change one bit.

Harvitz was obviously enjoying himself and laughed freely. His greasy gut could be seen sliding on her ass cheeks as pushed in and out. He looked around at the class who were all gaping at him.

"Can't believe I haven't done this before." Jim heard him whisper to himself.

Jim himself didn't want to move. He felt he might come if he did. All he could think of was that soon he would be able to do this himself, anytime he wanted, with his first girl who he was sure would be even hotter and even wetter than Skye. All he could think of was a girl so hot he couldn't even imagine her properly, with a pussy gripping his dick like a fist.

"Sir?" He said dreamily.

"Yes – uh, Jesus – Mr Jim?"

"Is um, Skye..."

"You can ask me about her, Jim." Harvitz said greedily. Ordinarily it was not good form to ask about a teacher's girl.

"Is she, uh, tight?"

Skye laughed softly. Harvitz started jamming her even harder, rattling Jim's pens.

"Like a glove, Mr Jim, like a glove." He was really riding her, slamming his fat body against her ass. Her expression didn't change at all. She wasn't even breathing hard.

"Holy shit!" Liam said suddenly and sprang out of his chair, running from the classroom holding his crotch. Some of the class tittered as Mr Harvitz laughed.

"Poor boy, can't take the heat," The teacher said to himself, then called out "Mr Rodney, glad to see you've joined the fun."

The class all looked around. Rod had his pants down and Renee's face jammed down into his lap as he watched Harvitz fucking Skye. He gave the teacher a cocky thumbs up. Jim could hear Renee's gagging on dick and watched as he moved his hand back to holding her down.

"Now, Mr Jim, you didn't answer my question."

"Uh, sir?"

"Amenhotep III. God. Ramses II. Compare them."

"Well, they, uh, hum."

"This is likely to be in the test, Mr Jim. I'm disappointed."

Harvitz pulled out of Skye with a thick sucking sound. He pulled the girl around, taking her face away from Jim. Jim saw Harvitz's dick, which was so wet with pussy juices that they were dripping off him onto the floor. His dick was very red, which made it look even worse. He almost flinched as Harvitz pushed his horrible member into Skye's pretty face, at first slapping her on the cheeks and lips. Shiny splatters of juice were left all over her, as his cock even slapped her forehead. Then he shoved his dick in her mouth.

"God, already." Harvitz breathed and started spasming. Jim saw Skye's long pretty throat working as she swallowed. He couldn't believe how she managed as Harvitz had his big dick almost completely in her face. Some come ran out around his shaft, mixed with bubbly saliva, and dripped onto her tits and latex bra. Harvitz was moaning loudly as he held her head around his cock.

"Damn," Finally Harvitz released her, but she still kept sucking him, bobbing her head up and down his gross cock. "Hot damn."

"Clean me up, Ms Skye." He ordered. She reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a crusty handerchief which she proceeded to wipe down his flagging dick with. Then she kissed the tip, taking just the head in her mouth and sucking so hard her cheeks were pulled in. She wiped him again and put his dick away in his pants.

"You see, Mr Jim, get a wet girl," Harvitz said. Jim found himself actually admiring the teacher for the first time. "But you need to work more on Amenhotep. Chapter Three for homework." He finished to the class, who were all still getting over the show.

Beyond Ms Skye's sperm splattered face, Jim saw Rod stiffen heard Renee spluttering on his load before the bell rang.

Crap, Jim thought, its only recess.

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