tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoanie's Journal of Exhibition Ch. 03

Joanie's Journal of Exhibition Ch. 03


I hope you enjoyed parts 1 and 2 of my journal. If you haven't read parts 1 and 2, I suggest you read them first as reading part 3 will makes no sense if you haven't read the first two parts of my journal. If you have read both parts one and two, thanks you very much for reading them and still wanting to continue reading the third part of my three part journal.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I told Adam last night I wanted to go to the beach this weekend if possible. He said that it sounded like a good idea, especially if I wore my tiny blue bikini. I was definitely planning on wearing it and showing off as much as I could in it. But I told him, "If I wear it, but I want you to wear those tight solid black boxer-briefs we got last week. I think you will look sexy in them on the beach instead of those baggy old board-shorts you like to wear." He agreed to wear them. I didn't tell him that when I got home yesterday afternoon, I completely removed the lining from inside the little blue bikini. I don't know how much it will show through when it gets wet but I'm definitely going to find out and I hope it will be a lot.

Right now I'm wearing my little short top and my naughty cut-offs as cover-ups again and I'm planning on having fun it them too today. I had a thought early this morning of how my short top would hold up if I wore it instead of my bikini top as I swam in the ocean. I bet it wouldn't stay down and my tits would be exposed a lot. I can't wait to find that out either. My pussy is already tingling thinking of all the exposure I have planned for this afternoon. I can't wait for Adam to discover my new unlined bikini. I purposely haven't told him about my adjustments just so I can see his reaction to it.

Its late Saturday night now, Adam and I have already showered and eaten. He's on his computer now looking at porn and reading stories at 'Literotica' and I'm going to write down about all the fun I had today!

First thing I did when leaving the house was to remove my short top and bikini top. I wanted to ride topless again. Adam just smiled and said, "Good idea" as he reached over and squeezed a tit. I definitely had a couple people see them when we stopped at some traffic lights as we passed thought the town of 'Palatka'. I didn't put my top back on again until just before we passed thought the toll gate on the on ramp to the beach. We drove a good mile or so until we found a spot on the beach where the crowd was mostly college age or close to our age. We don't care for young kids running all around us or old people that might complain about our choice of beach wear.

We tried something this time new too. We brought an old air mattress and put it in back of the pick-up. Adam said that the sides and tailgate would give us a little privacy if we decided we wanted to have a little sex while on the beach. I told him I liked his idea and that I just might take him upon that idea. Putting the mattress in back of the truck also helped keep the sand from getting all over us when the wind blew. After get set up Adam and I walked down to the water and he was wearing those tight black boxer-briefs as a pair or swim trucks as I asked and he did look sexy in them. The water felt cool but we still went in. It didn't take Adam long to notice my nipples showing thought material of my tiny top. He said, "I don't remember being able to see your nipples thought that top the last time you wore it."

I then told him, "You probably couldn't then but yesterday I removed the lining from it. I figured it would make it more see-thru when wet. I just didn't know how much. Do you think it is too much? I asked.

"I think it's perfect!" he proclaimed. "I don't know what other people may say but I like it and but I say 'Screw them if they don't like it!' and I can't wait to see the bottom now."

We enjoyed the surf a few minutes more and walked back to the truck. Adam said he could easily make out the crack of my ass but not much else so he thought it was respectable enough to wear in public. His wet black briefs molded to his package and made him look real good but I don't think he even noticed his exposure because he was checking me out. When I climbed up into the back of the truck, my suit came off. One of my fantasies was fulfilled; I was now naked on a public beach, even though I was partially hidden by the walls of the truck bed.

Later on I was getting hot in the bed and wanted to cool off again. I asked Adam to get me my top from inside the truck. I had tied my bottoms back on by the time handed me my top. He gave me a questioning look when I slipped it on without the bikini top. I said to him, "You said a few weeks ago, you wondered how my top would look wet. Well, I think now would be a good time to find out, plus I want to see how it will respond to the waves of the ocean. I think my tits will keep coming out of it and that would be fun." Well, that is exactly what happened. There was no way that top would stay down, so I just gave up trying. My tits were uncovered the most of the time I was in the water. A lot of guys near me got a good look at my titties. It was a lot of fun! I was able to pull the wet material down over my breast for the walk back to the truck but took it all off again once back in the truck. I wore the top back into the water twice more before we left for home.

During our last swim together, Adam spent a lot of time playing with my tits while we played in the water and a lot of people watched him do it. It was making me horny be watched, so when we went back to the truck that last time, I told Adam to close the tailgate and fuck me. He did, what a wonderful feeling it was to be fucking outside and hearing people nearby. I just don't know if anybody seen or not. Well at least I had another fantasy fulfilled, sex outside in public. Now I want to be watched one day having sex by a crowd of people.

After our sex, I put my bottoms and top back on and told Adam to get ready to go. I told him I was going to walk down to the surf myself and clean-up in the water a bit. But that when I came out, I was going to be carrying my clothing. I didn't tell him why. I was going to fulfill yet another fantasy of mine. I wanted to walk across the beach in front of many people, NAKED!

I did it and it was exhilarating! I swear, everybody was looking at me strutting across the sand naked. I don't think I could ever get use to the rush that caused. I knew I wanted to do that again and often. I climbed into Adams' truck naked and he drove off.

Adam wanted to get a beer for the trip home, so I put my clothes back on to go into the convenient store with him. I was wearing just my wet top and wet bikini bottoms. The cool air of the convenient store made my nipple nice and hard for everyone's viewing pleasure. I got naked for the ride home. I have found I enjoy riding around in public naked. I even let Adam watch me masturbate for him on our way home; I was still worked up from my naked walk on the beach. Then I turned around and pulled his underwear/swimsuit all the way off him and got him completely naked too as he drove and I sucked him off with my bare ass in the air for anyone to see. After I swallowed his load, I laid down across the seat, staying naked, with the back of my head on his naked lap. I was facing the passenger window face and tits up. Adam kept his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on one of my uncovered tits. I kept looking out the window hoping to catch somebody looking inside at me.

Just before we got home, Adam decided he wanted to pick-up a case of beer for the house and a couple steaks to put on the grill tomorrow. He had worn some other shorts over his black briefs for the trip over to carry his keys and wallet in but all I had left dry was my naughty shorts. I figured I could still wear my damp short-shirt with them and get away with it so I said OK. So I started getting my shorts back on when I heard a rip, one of the side seam spit a couple inches up the side, no biggy. Then I noticed Adam was pulling into the grocery store I checked out last week while I wore only my white T-shirt dress. Good, I get to check out the cute guys again but barely dressed this time. I told Adam that my shorts had ripped a little while I put them back on. He said to let him see them so I gave them to him when he stopped driving. He seen where it had ripped a couple inches up one side so the ripped the other side to match but he ripped it about four inches, so the turned and ripped the other side a couple more. I slipped them on and they actually fit better now, not as tight. I slipped on the little top and noticed it was still damp. This could be interesting I thought, my shirt still damp and the cold air of a super market were a perfect combination to get my nipples nice and hard. I felt I was going to enjoy this shopping trip more than I normally did and I had a feeling Adam would not pass up the chance to get a quick feel of my tits if given the chance.

Well it happened, when we were at the meat cooler and I was bent over a little looking though the steaks, Adam rubbed his crotch against my ass and then reached around under my shirt and got two good hands full. I looked up and the man behind the counter was looking right at me. I just smiled at him, not moving until Adam let go of my tits and back away. I was kind of hoping Adam would have lifted the front of my shirt and let the man see my tits but he didn't.

On our way back to the truck after cashing out, I said to Adam, "When you grabbed my tits as I was bent over the meat cooler, for a second there, I thought you were going to lift my top and flash the butcher my tits. That is why I didn't move; I was even a little disappointed you didn't do it. I think I might have liked having you do that." He said that if he ever gets a chance to do it again, he'll do it for me.

When we got home, I was still dressed and Danny was outside watering his flowers again. He stopped me and asked if I would be willing to come by tomorrow evening for some barbecue with him and his wife. I said I would love to but needed to ask Adam first. I asked Adam and he agreed to it. I went right back and told Danny that we would be happy to come by. He then said to wear my new bikini because I could use their pool if I wanted.

I said, "You have a pool? Where? He pointed between the corner of his house and garden shed and there in their back yard was a 15 to 20 foot oval in-ground pool. I said, "I never knew you had one."

He said, "Valerie, my wife, had it put back in the corner behind the house and hedges so she could swim nude whenever she wanted in peace." Then he said, "I told her about your new bikini and she said that you should wear it and if you didn't mind she would wear hers' too."

I said, "I bet Adam would love that, plus it would give me a chance to surprise him with mine. He hasn't seen them yet. Do you think I should wear the black one or the yellow one?" He said he had seen the black one on me so he said to wear the yellow one over. I said, "Yellow it will be you dirty middle-aged man." He laughed because I didn't say he was a dirty old man this time.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yesterday was a lot of fun and I have a feeling that today will be too. I get to wear one of my new 'Wicked Weasel' bikinis in front of people and Adam will be seeing two women wearing them. I'm not sure how Valerie will look in hers but the few times I've seen her, she seems to be I pretty good shape and if Danny was telling me the truth that she used to be an exhibitionist, I have a feeling we are going to hit it off real good. I want to hear some of her stories.

Valerie is an amazing lady. I asked her to tell me some of her adventures. I can tell you, I have a lot to learn for this lady. After we had eaten, Valerie and I when inside to make some margaritas. As we made them, I told her some of few things that I have done so far and she laughed and said it looks like I was going to be an excellent exhibitionist. She said that someday we needed to go out together and have some fun. I agreed with her and then I think I surprised her when I said that if she was up to it we could start right now and get rid of these little suits and really give the guys something to look at. She said she loved the idea. So we delivered the drinks to our men in our birthday suits. Adam looked a bit shocked at seeing Valerie naked and looked at Danny and was told it was OK to look and to enjoy the view of our lovely ladies. Before long thought Valerie asked me if I minded if her husband joined us in the all-natural. I told her it sounded like a good idea. He stood up and dropped his shorts just like that. Now that man had one nice size dick! Valerie saw me looking and drooling and told me he really knew how to use that wonderful ten-inch manhood of his. Now that was the biggest cock I had ever seen and I told her she was one lucky lady to have a man hung like that. She said she knew that but that there were bigger ones out there and that she had enjoyed a couple of them with her husband's blessing.

My mouth dropped open when she said that. "Did you just say that he knew and let you have sex with other men?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, "He knows that I love him and would always love him but that have sex with those men was just that, sex and sex only. No love involved, just the enjoyment of sex."

I had heard about people like this but never really thought they existed.

Then she continued, "But, I have only had sex with three other men besides my loving husband. The sex was fun but I've always gotten my biggest pleasures from being naked where I shouldn't be naked. Like the time I got stripped naked at a rock concert. There were thousands of people around when my clothing just seemed to magically disappear. My hubby and I had planned on doing this and had carefully remove most of the sewing from seams on my top and skirt and when the crowds got dancing around to the music and bouncing into each other, the seams just seemed to pop apart from the pressure and fall to the ground and got lost in the crowd. Of course I was wearing no bra or panties which made it easier to get naked.

I looked over at Adam and I guess Danny had told him it was OK to get naked too because, there were he was sitting naked next to Danny and they were closely listening to Valerie tell her story of getting stripped naked and both of them had hard-ons.

Valerie continued with her tale of being touched and groped for most of the night until they decide to leave. They didn't want to leave just because she was naked; they had planned it that way. Valerie said it was her idea to be stripped naked in a large crowd of people. Her husband was next to her all the time just in case she got into trouble. He had a couple cans of mace in his pocket if needed. Valerie said she had never had so many hands on her body in one night in her life. She said she came three times that night in the crowd and each time she had some stranger's fingers in her pussy while she had her arms around her husbands' arms as they moved their way around in the crowd.

My pussy was wet by the time she finished tell her tale. I stood and grabbed Adam's hand and lead him to the pool and took care of another fantasy of mine, having sex in a pool! I was surprised when I looked over and Valerie was having sex in the pool too! I think Valerie and I are going to become good friends.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Valerie came over last night and said Danny's mother wasn't doing too good and they were going away for a week or two and where catching a flight out in a couple hours and wondered if we would collect their mail for them and that we could also use their pool anytime we wanted while they were gone. I told her no problem and wished them luck.

That night, Adam and I had a very good swim and relaxing sex in the pool before bed and are planning a swim every night, weather permitting. That is, no lighting and thunder, which is very common here in Florida in the summertime. I told Adam that since today was his birthday, I wanted to try something new and different. I said I didn't know if I could do it but I really want to try. He looked puzzled and asked what it was, so I took a deep breath and went under water and took his dick in my mouth and started giving him a blow-job underwater. It was difficult but I was able to do it after coming up for air a dozen times or so. It was a weird awesome feeling having him cum in my mouth while I was underwater. I don't think I will ever do it again but I just had to see if I could do it.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tom invited Adam to go fishing again this morning. I told him he could go and that maybe Tom could join us in the pool tonight if they caught enough fish. Adam said that he was sure Tom would enjoy that to. I said, "What? Swimming in the pool or seeing me naked again."

Adam said, "The pool silly. He has already seen you very naked!"

I punched his arm, "Wrong answer asshole! Are you trying to stay home now?" He just laughed and gave me a kiss and a slap on my bare ass.

I'm feeling wild and daring this morning for some reason and ready to explore my exhibition a little further. I think I will wear one of my shortest sundresses to the new grocery store with nothing on underneath today. I have this little white sundress I haven't worn since college and I don't think Adam has even seen me in it yet. I remember it being thin enough that a person could make out the bra and panties I wore under it. This will be my most daring adventure alone yet. But I'm itching to give it a try. Who knows, maybe I might try flashing a bagboy or two.

I had almost forgotten the dress had little buttons in front, so I was able to unbutton a couple on top to give a little flash of cleavage and I left the bottom button undone also. I looked in the mirror at home after putting it on and could make out the brown circles of my nipples even with my tan but I didn't think it was too bad so I decide to go. The dress was about mid-thigh length. I turn my back to the mirror and bent over, yep, I had to be careful doing that. Some poor boy just might see my ass and pussy if I bent over.

Just back from the store and I had more fun than I had planned. I went to the store I check out before, the same one Adam stopped at for steaks last week. The first interesting thing that happen was when I walked in, the sudden coolness of the store hit me as I pasted though the door. The fan curtain blew a cool gust of air under my dress teasing my already hot pussy. I had been toying with it a little on the drive over and it was still a bit wet. I carefully maneuvered around the store being careful of how I bent over when I had to. About ¾ of the way around the store if found a young man sitting on the floor cleaning and rearranging things on a bottom shelf. Of course, what I wanted was on the top shelf right above him. I smiled knowing that I was about to make this young man's day. I walked up to him as cool as possible and said excuse me to him as I reached over him while keeping an eye on him as I got what I wanted. My body couldn't have been more than a foot from him as I reached over him causing my dress raise a little but I saw his eyes widen when they looked beneath the hem of the dress. Yes! He was looking right at my pussy probably no more than a foot from his face. I told him thanks as I put my small jar of olives in my buggy. I then seen something else I needed about ten feet down the aisle on the bottom shelf. I thought to myself that today was this boy's lucky day. I glanced back at the young guy and he was still watching me so I bent down, straight-legged and grabbed hold of a small bag of charcoal. I twisted a little and looked back at the boy as I was still bent over. His eyes were as big as silver dollars. I don't think he even saw me turn and look at him, as his eyes were riveted on my ass and pussy winking at him. I stood and placed my charcoal in the buggy while bending over the handle and I'm sure showing him my ass again. I gave him a little wave and a smile as I walked away.

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