tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJoel Gets Caught by His Wife

Joel Gets Caught by His Wife


This is a fictional story written for a fan about their sex life. If anyone else has a story they'd like written for them about fact or fictional events feel free to message me. As always please leave comments or constructive criticism so I can make your pleasure better!


It was Monday afternoon. Joel had taken the day as an opportunity to work from home. Work had been stressful the past few weeks and he decided he deserved a day to relax at home. The morning started slow. His wife Stacey had gone to work so he crunched through a few emails and started thumbing through some porn online. It started slow like always. A few emails answered then he'd click over and watch some gorgeous chick get her ass pounded by a big thick cock. It was the cock's that got Joel in trouble. Unfortunately Joel had been endowed with a rather pathetic cock, 3 and half inches at best. His wife still loved him despite his situation and over the years Joel had turned into quite an acceptable pussy eater, but the jealousy he felt about not having one of those gut splitting, hot, hard, throbbing monsters to fuck his wife with killed him. And filled him with lust.

It started with the anal scenes, he loved anal because that was the only time he could slide into his wife and it feel tight for him, but as he watched those monsters pound into those tight slutty holes he'd go from anal scenes, to monster cock and gangbang porn, till he'd end up watching tranny and bisexual porn so he could see as much cock as possible. He loved watching a sexy shemale or hung guy getting fucked in the ass, two cocks just flailing around with a girl on the side cheering them on. As his desire grew stronger he got up and went to the bedroom, the sound of a shemale dressed in a tight plaid miniskirt with her black thong pulled to the side as a big cock pummeled her insides filled the house. If he couldn't have a big dick he wanted to be that tranny feeling that hard cock pump his insides, filling up every inch of him. He went to his wife's drawers and found a black thong like the one the shemale was wearing as she got fucked. He quickly stripped and put it on. His pitiful erection almost barely tenting the front of them. He found a skirt, not quite the plaid one the tranny had on but he needed a bigger one as his wife was a deal thinner then him. He slid it on and grabbed a bra, that didn't quite fit either.

He looked in the mirror. He was a mess, not even remotely as sexy as the shemale he'd gone wild over. However, when he turned around in the mirror and bent over so his skirt lifted so he could see that thong running up the crack of his ass he almost came in his panties as he imagined a big thick cock fucking that tight hole from behind.

"What the fuck are you doing!?"

"I ummm.... Uh..." Joel stammered as Stacey stood in the doorway, hands on her hips staring at her husband dressed up in her clothes. "I was just..."

"You were just being a sissy fagot." She exclaimed, "And what the fuck is that noise?"

Joel had somehow forgotten about the porn he left playing on his computer, but now the sound of that shemale in ecstasy seemed to echo throughout the house.

"Babe, don't go in..." but Stacey was already gone from the door way and Joel followed her nervously into the next room. She stood there stock still with her back to him as he entered.

"You want to be her, him, whatever. Don't you?" Joel stood there saying nothing. "Answer me! You want to be a filthy little slut taking big cock up your tight little ass pussy and swallowing load after load of cum don't you?" Joel was frozen, he'd never heard Stacey talk like that before and on one hand he was terrified but on the other he was incredibly turned on.

"Honey, I... look..." And then it all spilled out. He told her about how inferior he felt with his tiny cock and how the thought of a big cock fucking him made him feel more adequate in a weird way. How he loved her still that it was just a momentary phase, he would get over it. She stood there listening to all of it and when he finally finished she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him and walked out the door. Joel panicked. Where was she going, was she leaving him for good? He ran back and changed into his normal clothes and spent the next hour or so pacing around the house and frantically calling his wife's cellphone which had been turned off. Finally the front door opened and his wife walked into the house with a handful of bags.

"Honey, could you help me with... oh, you've changed?" Stacey said as she handed him a few bags. "Well that's alright, oh no peeking!" She said in an excited voice as she gave him a peck on the cheek. Joel was stunned, she acted as if nothing had happened. He turned and followed his wife into the bedroom and then into the master bath as she turned on the shower. She reached into one of the bags and pulled out a cream.

"Strip." She said as she began rubbing the cream over every inch of him from the neck down. Joel at this point didn't even question her, he knew he was on thin ice and didn't care to see it break.

Once the cream was on him and it started to tingle and burn a bit Stacey had him step in the shower. The water started washing any hair off him where the cream had been. As he stepped out and dried off she pulled a few articles of clothing out of another bag. The first was a black lace thong, just slightly different than the one he'd been wearing when she caught him. The second was a light blue and black verses the shemale's black and red and finally a bra that would fit him and a white collared shirt she had him tie in a knot to complete the ensemble. She stuffed his bra and then pulled out some long white socks and black 3 inch heels in his size. Once he was dressed she had him sit down. The feeling of the thong riding up his ass caused his cock to jump as she applied his makeup and a blond wig.

"Now there's a sexy slut! She said as she added the finishing touches and had him turn around to see himself."

"Wow... I... damn Stacey."

"My sweet little Joelle, go wait for me in the bedroom." The name she used caused his little cock to twitch again as he struggled to walk out of the bathroom in the heels.

He sat down on the side of the bed and nervously folded his skirt down. After a few moments Stacey came out of the bathroom wearing no make up with her hair pulled tight and back in a pony tale in a pair of baggy jeans and a cotton tee. Her tiny little 32a breasts couldn't even be seen under the baggie shirt.

"You're my little slut aren't you?" She said. Joel just nodded. "You want a big fat cock in you don't you? Gliding between your lips, fucking your tight ass. You need it don't you, you sissy bitch."

Joel just nodded nervously as he crossed his legs like a frightened teen girl.

"Answer me slut!" Stacey yelled.

"Yes I want that." Joel answered meekly.

"Get on your knees then." Joel obliged her and sank to his knees. She walked forward till her crotch was almost in line with his face. He knew what she wanted and started unbuttoning her jeans before she even asked.

"There's an eager little slut. You can't wait to have a nice cock in your mouth can you?"

As he unbuttoned the jeans a 6" life like rubber cock sprang from their confines and slapped him in the face. Stacey chuckled and grabbed it's shaft slapping him several more times on each side.

"Swallow it bitch." Joelle leaned forward tentatively taking the tip into his mouth. Stacey wasn't in the mood for slow however and grabbed the back of his head forcing him down her hard cock and causing him to gag. Joel panicked and pulled back but she forced his head back down.

"Learn to love it slut." She said as her cock passed his tonsils. She began to roughly face fuck him and after a few minutes Joelle relaxed and grew accustomed to it. He was even moaning around it and jerking it into his mouth while his tongue ran the length of it every thrust. The shaft was getting coated with his spit and he was audibly moaning around his oral invader.

"Ohh fuck, you do love cock don't you sissy?" Stacey was starting to get worked up as her strap-on had another side that was viciously rubbing her g-spot as she fucked Joelle's mouth. "Look at you moaning and loving it! You can almost take every fucking inch. Have you done this before you sissy bitch? You're a fucking natural."

Joelle just moaned her approval as he continued to get face fucked like a porn star.

"Stand up slut." Stacey finally commanded as she pulled her spit covered phallus from Joelle's hungry lips, a long string of spit hung from the tip to her bottom lip. "I think it's time you got fucked like the slut you are."

Stacey then grabbed Joelle by the wig and threw her over the bed her, perky little ass pointing up invitingly as her nervous eyes stared back. Stacey felt amazing, she had decided to play along with Joelle's fantasy to be a good wife but she was starting to love this, the power, the domination. She was lost in her lust. She pulled a tube of lube from her back pocket and poured a generous helping over her fingers before sliding Joelle's thong aside and roughly forcing two fingers into her little puckered ass pussy. Joelle, squirmed and squealed in a moment of pain.

"Just relax and you will love it. Every sissy bitch loves her ass pussy fucked."

Joelle took a deep breath and relaxed the grip on the fingers in his ass. Stacey went just a bit slower this time and started working them in and out. As her ass began to loosen Joelle began to moan, every time Stacey's fingers hit her prostate her little clity would ooze precum into those nice lace panties. After several minutes Stacey wasn't even moving her hand Joelle had begun to frenziedly fuck back and forth on them.

"Ohh more, more, fuuuuccccckkkkk...." Joelle moaned into the bed.

"Damn you are a filthy slut aren't you Joelle? You can't wait to feel this cock inside you."

"Ohh fuck yes, please fuck my little ass pussy."

Stacey turned Joelle around again and put his back on the bed climbing up beside him. She coated her cock with lube and aimed it at his puckered little hole. She pressed forward and the head popped in right away. Joelle moaned, completely lost in pleasure now, as she began to slowly slide it all the way in. When her balls rested on her ass cheeks she took a second to allow her little slut to get used to having that big thick pole in her tight little ass. However, she waited too long and soon Joelle was rocking back and forth on her own trying to fuck herself.

"You just can't wait can you bitch? You have to have this dick right fucking now don't you?"

"Yes, yes FUCK ME, FUCK ME NOW!"

With that Stacey pulled all the way out and slammed back in. Joelle moaned, a mixture of pain and pleasure as Stacey began to pound into her tight hole.

"Yes, yesssss YESSS. I love it, I need that cock. Fuck me with your big thick cock." Joelle moaned and screamed.

"You're a nasty little sissy bitch. You love that cock don't ya bitch? Yeah you're going to cum from getting fucked in the ass and you love it you filthy little cum whore. You're my fucking bitch aren't you? My filthy little slut to fuck as I please."

"Yes, ohh fuck yes I am!"

Stacey grabbed Joelle's little clitty between her thumb and index finger and squeezed. In moments the little clit was oozing stream after stream of hot thick cum. Seeing her little bitch cum from getting fucked in the ass pushed her over the edge and she began to frantically fuck his asshole, driving the dildo inside her ever deeper. Joelle leaned up while his little clit was dribbling jets of warm jizz and pinched Stacey's nipples through her shirt. Her breasts may be small but her nipples were super sensitive and in seconds both were shuddering as their orgasms rocked through them. Joelle was in heaven that thick cock in his ass felt better then he had ever imagined and Stacey was in love with dominating her sissy cock loving husband. As they started coming down from their orgasms Stacey pulled the cock from Joelle's ass with a soft POP and pulled his cum covered panties off him wiping up any stray drop of cum before pressing them against his lips.

"There's only one thing left to make you a real cum slut she said" as he began sucking his cum from the crumpled lace. "That's my sexy bitch" she said as she watched him relish the taste of his spunk as it slid down his throat. "Things are about to change around here my filthy slut" and with that she kissed him on the cheek and laid down beside him.

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My My My

My wife loves fucking my ass. She has a big 8"x2" diameter strap on cock she uses on. She has fucked me so hard as she gets excited, that I had to go to the hospital for bleeding . Dr.asked what happened.more...

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thank you i would love that to have been me being fucked

i love it my wife use
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Just what this sissy slut loves! You hit all my buttons Down!

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very hot

my wife and i do this often it did not take long before she brought men home for me i love it look forward to more

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