tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoe's Science Experiment

Joe's Science Experiment


When I signed up, I had no idea it was going to be like this! I was reading the campus newspaper and came across an ad for a study which was being conducted by the Mass Media college. It simply said, "Study of sexual arousal being conducted. Apply in person." Well, being a grad student myself I always try to help out other researchers. But I couldn't help but wonder exactly what this study was about. I had a mental image of a professor in a lab coat asking a series of questions to bored students. Or perhaps there was a stripper and the professor had a ruler out and was measuring the size of subjects hard-on's! In any case, I was curious enough to go check it out, so after my next class I located the room in the Mass Comm building.

Upon entering the room, I knew right away that this was a serious study. It looked like a very expensive upscale office, with a stunning brunette seated behind a glass desk. She flashed a smile at me, and I knew that I was going to do anything that she asked me to do! Her hair cascaded down, framing her low cut blue dress nicely, giving just a glimpse of her well proportioned tits cupped in a push-up bra that just screamed for attention!

"Are you here for the study?" she asked.

"Yes, I am," I replied, trying to make eye contact, but after a second my gaze shifted to those fabulous tits!

"Okay, I just need you to fill out this pre-screen questionnaire, and we can evaluate you for the study," she said, noticing my not too subtle glancing at her breasts. But this girl was too cool to say anything about it, she just pulled out a clipboard and held it out to me. When she did this, her arms subtly pushed together those great cleavage, and she held the clipboard out in such a way as to invite even more attention!

"Thank you," I responded, trying not to be too obvious.

"You can just fill it out there," she said, gesturing to a chair along the wall. I took a seat and began answering a series of questions. The questions soon got my attention, as they moved from the usual benign demographic topics into some very personal issues. "Have you ever fantasized about having sex in public?" Yes. "Do you ever try to see down a woman's blouse?" Yes, I was just doing that in fact! "How often do you masturbate?" At least once per day.

As I answered the questions, I felt her eyes on me. I looked up to meet her frank stare, and she flashed another great smile at me. She seemed to be paying close attention to my progress on the form, and was not embarrassed in the least about the personal nature of the questions. When I finished, I took the clipboard back to her desk.

"All done," I announced.

"Terrific!" She replied, taking the form from me. She began to read my responses, which caused me to feel embarrassed. I had assumed she would read them when I was not in the room. Then she told me, "This is a study which would require nudity on your part. Are you okay with that?"

"Well, I guess it would depend on exactly what we are talking about," I replied, feeling uncomfortable.

She looked at me and said, "The experiment will measure the arousal level you experience while watching pornography. In order to get an accurate measurement we will place a penile cuff on you and take measurements of your tumescence."

My what? Her science talk was weird, but kinda hot!

"Um, is that painful?" I asked.

"No, not at all. It is similar to an elastic band that fits on the shaft of your penis, and it will wirelessly transmit the data to our computer," she said. Her frank discussion of my penis was beginning to turn me on, and then she slowly lowered her gaze down to my bulge, and said, "I'm sure you would do just fine. Would you like to do it?" she asked as she moved her eyes up to meet my gaze.

Her eyes had me locked, and I knew that I was blushing, but I boldly answered, "Yes, I would!"

"Fine, can you come back tomorrow?" she asked.

I agreed, and then I left, wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into!

I could not sleep that night....


As I entered the experiment lab, I saw that there were already some participants there before me. Three other guys were standing in the room, all in hospital gowns and looking rather uncomfortable. "Oh, good, you are here!" Announced the brunette from the interview. Today she was in a blue lab coat, with a white button down shirt trying to cover her impressive cleavage. I swear, this babe made the push-up bra really do a great job. Se could have been in a Victoria's Secret ad! "You can change into this gown," she told me, handing me a hospital gown.

I thanked her, and looked around for a place to change. In the corner was a set of hangers, with clothes draped on them. I assumed that was the place to change, but there was no screen or anything. Just hangers with what I could only assume were the other guys clothes on them. "Go ahead and hang your clothes up over there," she said with a gesture.

Well, if I was here, I might as well go all the way, I figured. Feeling very self conscious I went over to the corner, and took off my shirt. I glanced back at the group, and saw that everyone was watching me undress. I started to turn around, but something made me stay facing the room as I unbuckled my belt, and dropped my jeans to the floor. One of the guys gave me a smile as if to cheer me on in my defiance of convention. That gave me the courage to kick off my pants and stand in only my briefs as I adjusted the gown. Most gowns are confusing, and this one was no exception! As I fiddled with the gown, the brunette came over, "I swear I think they make these things impossible to figure out!," she exclaimed helping me.

"There you go, just slide your arms in here," she told me holding the robe up like a jacket. It wasn't until that moment that I realized that this robe opened in the front, not the back! "And you'll need to take those off," she said, gesturing to my shorts with a smile.

It was truth-or-dare time! I began to push my briefs down, keenly aware that all eyes in the room were on me. Oh, what the hell, I thought as I pushed down the briefs -- which hung up on my erect cock. It took only a moment, but as I continued the downward motion my dick clung to the shorts causing a hold-up that had the effect of a Christmas tree. Finally, I worked the shorts past the tip of my head which was holding up the process. My cock sprang up like a greyhound at the track!

"Oh, my!" the brunette exclaimed as she looked at my penis fully erect. "We better get this on you to measure your levels!" She produced a device that looked like an elastic band with a small device on the side about the size of a quarter with a red light on it. "This will not hurt, it is simply to measure your tumescence." she said with a grin.

I could only assume that she was talking about how hard my cock was, so I just stood there with a full hard-on and watched as she slowly moved her device right over the tip of my cock! She then spread the elastic and moved it over my dick, lowering it to about halfway down my shaft. When it was in place she let it go with a snap! I shuddered as a thrill moved through my body! "There you go!" she said and then she moved one hand down to momentarily grab my balls! As she did this she looked into my eyes, and I was transfixed by her beauty as her one hand was on my scrotum and I was totally hers. She then pulled the front of the gown closed and smiled at me.

"We will need you to stand over here with the other subjects" she told me. I followed her shapely ass as she walked over to the other guys who were still standing in a row, with their gowns pulled closed in the front to cover their nakedness. We just stood there with casual glances cast at each other, all of us feeling very exposed, and awkward.

"Gentlemen, we will begin the experiment with a short instructional video," she told us. If you will follow me we will go into the lab."

As we entered the room I saw that it was a theater. However, it was completely unlike any theater I had ever seen. There were no chairs, rather there were four stations which were basically a padded rail in a U shape, with the opening facing the screen. Mounted to these rails were a variety of instruments and monitors. It was designed for someone to stand inside the rail, facing the screen. The instruments included a video camera mounted on an arm which was about waist-high, pointing back at the subject. No question what that was for! At the back each station was a series of monitors which faced away from the subject, so that the controllers could see what was going on behind the person facing the screen. Just as I began to wonder who would be controlling the instruments, the door on the opposite side of the room opened, and out came four girls in white lab coats.

The entrance of the girls made me both embarrassed and aroused at the same time. I glanced at our leader, and she simply smiled at me. "These ladies are our lab assistants, and will be individually monitoring your reactions," she said.

The girl who was assigned to me was a very attractive blonde, with smart looking glasses, and a white lab coat. I was confident that these assistants were chosen for their looks, because they all had that sexy-smart look, and seemed to be very professional.

The assistant positioned the camera mounted just to the side of the rail, and I saw her focus it on my waist. She switched it on and pointed it right at my gown, which was still pulled tightly shut. However I could feel my cock beginning to grow as she moved behind me to the screens on the back of the rail. I knew that one of the readouts gave her the reading which measured my hardness, and I felt that I was about to make that number climb!

"Gentlemen, we are ready to begin," announced the leader. "We will show you a series of images, and will ask you to do some things which will help us to measure the level of arousal you feel during the viewing. It's important that you are comfortable with the entire session. At no time will you be identifiable in the video recordings, it is only to measure your arousal. You will be completely anonymous the whole time. We will not ask you to do anything you do not want to do, and you are free to quit anytime you feel uncomfortable. Still, each of you was selected by your profiles because you are adventurous, and risk takers! We want to see exactly what makes you aroused, and that will help us as we study human sexuality."

I was beginning to look forward to whatever we had in store, and I figured that there might be more to this study than I had originally imagined! As the lights in the room dimmed to individual pools of light I felt the excitement level in the room increase! As my eyes adjusted, I realized that the pools of light were from four small spot lights which were shining on the center of our bodies, illuminating our crotch area while keeping our faces in the dark.

When the TV came on, my attention was immediately drawn to it, as it showed a huge pair of tits bouncing up and down. Next the scene changed to a full body redhead who was pouring water on her wet t shirt. Then, a tongue licking another pair of tits, and so on. The various porn images were having the desired effect on my cock, as I felt myself getting hard.

Then a voice began speaking to us on the video, "Thank you for participating in today's experiment. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but we ask that you do whatever feels natural for you. Please, don't be embarrassed by your natural physical arousal, it is an expected reaction to the stimuli you are receiving. We will monitor your arousal for the duration of the experiment, and your confidentiality is assured," the voice said.

The entire time the video was getting more steamy, with hot girls in various stages of undress on the screen. I knew I was hard as nails and I tugged on my gown to keep it closed. A motion to my left caught my eye, and I saw one of my co-subjects reaching inside his gown to move his cock to the side so it would not poke out of the front of the robe. It seemed that he took a moment longer than necessary to reposition himself, as his hands stayed under his gown longer than expected. Finally, he pulled out his hands, and clasped the gown in the front. I noticed his lab assistant make a note in her computer, and she watched him as he stared at the screen.

At this point, the video switched to a black screen, which caught my attention. Slowly from the right of the screen a nipple came into view, as a close-up of a great set of tits slowly began to fill the screen. Then it faded to black again. The next time the nipples came from the left side, as the camera panned across perky tits with red nipples. Again, the screen went dark, and the shot switched to a slow pan over the tip of a penis. The cock slowly filled the screen, moving left to right, with my eyes going over the veiny member as it filled the screen. Then, a bright red tongue entered the side opposite the cock, and slowly began moving towards it.

I saw the guy on my right slowly move his hips forward as if to meet that tongue with his cock. His robe slipped open in front and his dick slowly slid out towards the screen. He was totally transfixed by the video, with no apparent awareness that he was exposing himself to the group.

I glanced at the other guys, and noticed that they too appeared to be completely focused on the screen. The guy on my left who had been clasping his robe closed before was slowly spreading it open to reveal his cock with the elastic band nestled on it like a garter.

They are hypnotized, I realized! I saw the lab assistants as they studied the cocks of the three guys and typed notes on the computers. I glanced back at my blonde assistant, but she did not meet my eyes. She just continued to monitor the screen readouts and make occasional notes on her keypad.

I continued to watch as the two guys on my left and the one on my right stared at the screen, transfixed. "Everything is perfectly normal about the level of arousal you are feeling," intoned the voice on the video. "Let your inhibitions down, and release your feelings," it said to the willing subjects.

The guy on the far left was immediately obedient to the suggestion, opening his robe all the way to expose his hard cock, then pushing his robe off his shoulders to fall to the floor. As he stood there I could see his rock hard erection standing out. His smooth dick was protruding at a slight curve to his cut abs, making a very nice image with his shaved body.

As the images on screen began to increase in pace and in graphicness, the other two guys peeled back their robes to expose their cock as well. At this point the voice said, "You are very comfortable right now, and you can remove your robe."

The guys immediately slid down the robes which were already opened in the front and let them drop off their bodies. I felt my robe land at my feet and suddenly I was aware that I had taken off my robe as well! This was a huge surprise to me, since I had done this with no conscious thought on my part. I did not remember taking off the robe, only that I was aware that the other guys were taking off their robes! How the hell did that happen?

I pondered it for a moment and had to conclude that I was under some level of hypnosis. It was probably different for me than it was for the other guys, since I could see that they kept staring at the screen, while I was free to look around the room. Of course, my attention was not too far from the hot scenes which were playing on the video in front of me.

So, there we were. Four guys standing in a room with four hot girls who were taking close up video of our dicks as we watched porn! This was definitely not your normal experiment, and it was really turning me on! My cock was rock hard at this point, and I began to feel the excitement in the room grow as the screen showed a close up view of a hot redhead giving a slow sensual blowjob on a huge cock!

I noticed the leader as she paced behind the group pause and whisper something to one of the hot attendants. The girl broke into a big grin, and nodded as the leader moved to whisper in the next girls ear. I'm not sure what they were getting out of this, but I'm confident that we were putting on a show for them!

I noticed movement behind me, and the blonde came around to the front of me with what looked like a glass tube. I glanced at her to see what she was going to do, but I found my attention being drawn irresistibly to the vision on the screen of the redhead giving the blowjob to the cock! I'm sure I heard the voice say something about being comfortable, but I'm not exactly sure what it was. I guess at this point I had to admit that I was under hypnosis, but it did not feel like it. I'm not sure what it was supposed to feel like, but I just was very aware of everything going on around me, but felt totally safe.

So when the assistant positioned the tube over my cock, I politely moved forward so she could get a good fit on it. She lowered the tube over my penis, and I noticed a red laser as it moved over my cock, like the scanner at the supermarket. I felt the tip of my penis hit the end of the tube before she could lower it all the way, which caused her to ponder the size of my dick up close. Evidently I was larger than the measuring device, so she motioned for the leader to come over.

The leader looked at my dick as it was encased in the glass tube, and then whispered something to the assistant. The girl took off the tube, and then went to the back of the area for a moment and returned with a tape measure. She knelt down by my cock, and then the leader lightly grasped the shaft of my penis while the girl unrolled the tape laying it directly on my sensitive skin. "Oh," I gasped as a twinge of pleasure shot through my body. My cock twitched out of the hand of the leader and became wrapped in the vinyl measuring tape.

"Oops," said the assistant with a guilty glance at the leader. I smiled down at her as she slid the tape back off my penis, which caused another twinge of excitement. The leader whispered something to her and then gripped my shaft with a little more force than the first time.

By now, all three of the other assistants were watching as the two measured my dick. I saw them whisper to each other as they watched. Evidently, my dick was larger than the average man, which I guess I never knew. It's not like I go around asking guys how big their package is!

Finally, the assistant had measured me, and moved back to her station. The leader stood up and whispered in my ear, "That is a great big dick you have there!"

I don't think I said anything, but I know I broke into a huge grin as I stood there naked in front of her! She just smiled and moved back to the other side of the room.

Now, I'm not sure how this happened, but I remember the voice telling us that we needed to grasp our cocks, but to be careful not to remove the cuff. I immediately complied, with my right hand coming to a familiar position on my pole. At the bottom of the screen a line appeared like a heart monitor with an occasional beat. I don't remember being told to do so, but every time that line jumped so did my hand. I was stroking to the beat of the video, and when it moved faster so did I. When it would pause or slow, my hand obeyed and did the same.

A glance to the side told me that the other three subjects were doing the exact same thing, all of us jacking off at the same time! We were being totally controlled by the video, and the girls behind us were recording it!

The video began to show two guys as they were double teaming this brunette who was alternating blowjobs from left to right. The guys were stroking as she munched on their cocks. We stroked in time as we watched the scene.

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