tagIncest/TabooJoey's Healing

Joey's Healing


Joe was twenty six, a new bachelor. His ex-wife left him after four years. She took everything but his old rambled shack & the bed they'd shared. He wasn't in the mood for fun or partying, although he'd still go to the old tavern in town and drink til he couldn't keep his eyes open. Then he'd stumble home and pass out in the middle of the floor.

Callie was worried about Joe. He was her cousin, the son of her mother's sister. They lived three states away, but she talked to Joe every week on the phone and they texted here and there. She feared he was drinking heavily and she wanted to go see him.

She took two weeks off to fly to their home state of Kansas. They had grown up there and Callie's family had moved when she was thirteen. She hadn't seen Joe since she was seventeen and the family had been there at her grandparents funeral.

When she'd told Joe she would be at the airport Monday evening at six, he'd tried to stop her from coming. Knowing that he'd been arrested two weeks before, she knew his drinking was a problem. She was intent on checking on him. They'd been best friends and confidents when they were kids.

Stepping off the plain, she scanned the crowd for Joe. She didn't see the young scrawny kid with old cut offs. Scanning the crowd, she texted Joe to see what he was wearing.

Spinning around, she was shocked to see the man before her. Joe's old Iron Maiden t-shirt was tight over his broad chest. The muscles in his arms were rippled and he was nearly a foot taller than her.

When she approached Joe, he was stunned. She didn't look like the Callie he remembered. She was a short, pudgy blonde girl with pigtails, acne and very flat chested. This woman before him, she was tall and slim, her black hair was short and spiked up and her breasts were small, but perky.

"Hey Joe, Thanks for picking me up."

"No problem Callie, I didn't recognize you. You used to be a squirt!"

Laughing, Callie's face lit up, "You're one to talk, I was looking for the kid I used to beat at sports!"

They laughed the rest of the way to the car, enjoying the company of a cousin. Someone who understood.

Back at Joe's place, he gave Callie the bedroom. Sleeping in the single chair he had wouldn't be too bad. It was only two weeks.

After letting her get settled, he took her into town for dinner. No one recognized her, so everyone was whispering. They ate at the little diner before he talked her into heading over to the tavern for drinks and pool.

After the first game, Callie was whopping it up, having beaten him already. They played a couple in the bar next and beat them too. To celebrate, they did a shot of vodka and had their pitcher refilled. After clinking glasses together, theirs eyes met and both could see longing with the other.

Playing couple after couple and winning, they were pretty drunk on the way home. Callie had to hold onto Joe's arm to stand straight. When she'd gotten cold, he'd wrapped his arm around her shoulders. Stumbling, they'd laughed and giggled the entire way home.

Making it up the hill and into the front door had been hard enough. What happened next complicated everything. Joe pulled Callie inside, pushing the door shut behind them. Her back was to the door and Joe was close enough to smell her sweet scent.

He'd noticed all day how she looked and moved. This wasn't the girl he knew so many years ago. This girl was intriguing and sexy. Their eyes met and Joe leaned in closer. His lips met hers and a spark of elecricity ran between their lips. His tongue probed her lips apart and mingled with hers. His hand rested on her stomach.

She pushed him away and took off down the hall to the bedroom. Slamming the door behind her. He fell into the chair, unsure of what to do. He tossed and turned for hours, waiting for the sun to come up.

At six thirty, he changed clothes and left for work. He was distracted, unsure of what to do and how to handle what had happened. She was his cousin, but she was so different than the Callie he knew.

Back at his place, Callie had waited until she heard him leave for work before calling for a rental car. She had ran from Joe last night, not sure what to do or say now. She had felt the spark between then, his kiss had left her nipples like rocks and her pussy sopping wet.

She knew it was wrong, but she was attracted to Joe. She hadn't slept much, too worried he'd been creeped out by her.

Joe came home as soon as work was over, it was dark out. Probably going to storm or something. Meaning his power would be out and he'd be alone with Callie in the dark. That was if she didn't already bolt back to the airport and take the first available plane home.

Pulling into the drive, he saw a new car parked in front. Approaching the house, he saw Callie, wearing a jean skirt and a silky tank top. She was cooking something and he could hear the clacking of her boots on the tile. The black boots came to her knee, leaving just a glimpse of skin out.

She heard his truck, she grabbed plates and began to serve dinner. She'd made chicken and dumplings. It had been his favorite when they were growing up.

Just then, a crack of lightening and a loud boom of thunder before the lights flickered and went out. Joe grabbed candles from a drawer and lit them on the small table he'd bought. They sat down and enjoyed the meal, barely speaking.

She stood to clear the table after their meal. The candle light over her face made her look even sexier, more mystique. He cleared his throat, then spoke to her, "Look Callie, I'm sorry about last night."

Sh turned to leave the room, before she could, he stood and stepped in front of her. She pressed her lips to his. The electricity flew through them again, she rested her arms on his shoulders, clasping her fingers around his neck. She was faint and her body pressed to him.

He pulled away to whisper, "Are you sure this is what you want?"

Her breath was uneven, the heat from her body was searing into his. "Yes, I shouldn't have ran last night, I wanted you so badly."

"Then let's get to it," he said.

He lifted her to the counter, pushing her skirt up over her hips. She wasn't wearing anything under that skirt. Her pussy was freshly shaved and he rubbed her clit bringing her to life. She groaned, "Please lick me, please."

He couldn't have stopped if he'd wanted to. He used his hands to spread her open, dropping his mouth to her moist sweetness. He suckled her clit, teasing it with his tongue. Nibbling her tender spots, sucking off her juices. She was groaning and wiggling. Clearly enjoying it.

He reached on hand up and pushed her tank top up. He lifted his head to see her breasts for the first time. Her perfect pair bounced as they fell free of her top. In the dim light of the candles, he could see the flames flickering off her silver bars. Her tits were pierced!

His tongue ran along each nipple, using the bars to tease her. She moaned aloud, "Oh Joey, feels so nice!"

He teased her a moment longer before she pulled at his pants. Unclasping the button, she let them fall to the floor. His cock was hard, pressing against the tight cotton material of his underwear.

Sliding off the counter, forcing him to back up, Callie dropped to her knees. She tugged at the restriction preventing her from giving him a nice surprise. His cock bounded out, hard and long. She gasped. They'd bathed together, but it hadn't even begun to mature.

Well, it was mature now. All nine inches of solid male tool. She licked the length of his cock, rubbing softly against the ridges on the outer side. Sliding to the tip, massaging his head with her tongue. Wrapping it gently in her warmth, before a quick release and moving to the hardness of his balls.

They wanted to cum, she wanted his cum, he wanted her to have it. She bobbed along his cock, his hand finding the nape of her neck. Pressing down, forcing her throat to hold all of him. She gagged slightly before allowing the saliva to coat his cock and give him more room inside her.

While his cock banged against her throat, she used her hands on him. One hand cupped and massaged his tight ball sack while the other found it's way to his asshole. It was puckered, so she teased the edges with her finger. Pressing on his love hole, running her fingernail along the ridges. He moaned, then got louder.

He pulled her up to him, pushing her skirt down. He stepped closer to her, his cock rested along her flat stomach. She leaned against his chest, teasing his nipple.

Before they both exploded, he lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waist. His cock found her pussy, soaking wet and plunged in. He pressed her back to the wall, she searched for a place to anchor herself.

There wasn't any, she was riding him. He had her against the wall, squirming and bouncing on his hard member. Screaming out his name, "Joey, fuck yeah, Joey baby, fuck me! Harder, harder, yeah."

He pounded harder and harder, his hands guiding her shoulders, practically slamming her up and down his cock. "You want me to fill you with my cum Callie? Tell me baby, tell me where you want me to cum!"

She chose that moment to have her first orgasm. Her body shook, she gripped his shoulders and waves of ecstasy overcame her.

When she finished, she almost collapsed in his arms. Her head resting on his shoulder, she whispered, "Why don't you sit back in the chair and let me finish you off!"

He was eager to please, so he carried her to the chair. Sinking back into it, his cock came alive inside Callie. She rocked and bounced, sinking deeper over him time after time.

His face was red, exhaustion mixed with pleasure. She arched her back, leaning over to rest her hands behind her. She gripped his thighs, still rapidly riding his hardness.

His grip tightened on her waist, plunging into her. Lifting his hips to meet her. She gripped him with her pussy, tightening the muscles and her grasp on him. He screamed out, "Oh yeah Callie, you want my cum inside you?"

She let loose her second orgasm, he could feel her soaked pussy drenching him. "Oh yeah, Joey, fill me! fuck me, then fill me!"

He exploded, filling her tight little hole up with his load of cum. She relaxed against him, "Hope you don't think that's all Joey, I'm planning on doing this for a long time!"

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