tagGroup SexJohn Billionaire Ch. 04

John Billionaire Ch. 04


PART 4: The Choice


I emerged from my bathroom feeling much refreshed, and yet my entire body ached from the exertion I'd just put it through. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I headed towards my closet to find a fresh set of pajamas. I'd also have to locate something for Taylor to wear.

I stalked over and pulled open the closet door. Immediately I heard a mousy shriek and then the light poured through the closet doorway to reveal Kaitlyn standing there, a little embarrassed at having been caught.

I jerked in surprise, but then calmed down enough to ask, "Kaitlyn?"

She just ignored me for a moment while looking around behind me to see if I was alone. And then with her gaze towards the bathroom where she could still hear the shower running, she whispered almost reverently, "She's sooo much prettier in person."

I turned my own head to follow Kaitlyn's line of sight, and I thought of Taylor in there still taking a shower. We'd finished our cleaning and I wanted to get out while Taylor just wanted to sit down on the shower bench and let the hot water massage away some of her sore muscles. I couldn't argue as I was the reason she was in so much pain.

"Yeah, she is very pretty." I admitted. Then my brain caught up to me and I added, "But you're quite the hottie yourself."

Kaitlyn blushed at the compliment. But her eyes were still on the bathroom. "Maybe..."

"How long were you spying on us?"

"I was NOT spying on you!"

"Keep your voice down!" I hissed.

"I wasn't spying. I came up for... you know. But then I saw you were already banging her. And oh, my lord. I didn't know you could be that rough. I mean, I like pain. But that was just insane! You two were incredible!" Then she turned and looked at me with a panicked expression. "But how can I compete with that? She's so much prettier than me. And she even fucks better than me."

I sighed, already annoyed with her teenaged immaturity. Kaitlyn's emotions could turn on a dime. "Kaitlyn, it's not a beauty competition. I'm not a prize. And maybe you should go back down the ladder before she comes out and finds you've been spying on us."

"But..." she whined.

"I'll call you in the morning," I interrupted. "I promise."

Kaitlyn just bit her lip and then obeyed. Once she was gone, I found my pajamas and got a smaller set of clothes for Taylor. They would be rather baggy on her thin frame, but at least they weren't shredded. I'd find some outdoor clothes for her tomorrow.



I woke up holding a sweet smelling woman. There are few pleasures in this world nicer than that. Her short, dark hair was splayed out on the pillow before me, her fair skin an angelic white in the morning light. She was wearing one of my muscle-T-shirts, the baggy armholes having shifted in the night to give me tantalizing glimpses of her large breasts from the side.

The bedcovers had been pushed away during the abnormally warm night, and I let my gaze travel along the slight, but noticeable, musculature of her toned arms all the way down towards her dainty fingers.

But then I saw the ugly purple splotching her wrist. And then the memory of last night came rushing at me like a battering ram.

I jerked and gasped and the motion was enough to wake Taylor up. She sensed my momentary panic and got up much more quickly than I could ever manage. "What's wrong?" she asked as she sat up and turned around to face me.

I was holding her hand, dismayed by the bruising on her wrist. And as she turned the other side of her face came into view, a matching purplish splotch on her cheek marring her otherwise perfect face. "Oh, dammit, Taylor. I'm so sorry," I whimpered as I reached up to touch her.

Despite my gentleness, she registered pain when my fingers contacted her cheek and she jerked away reflexively. This only served to make my mood even worse.

"No, no, Johnny, it's alright," she tried to soothe me. "It's nothing a little makeup can't fix."

I wanted to believe her. But I just grimaced seeing the damage I'd caused. A low whine bubbled up in the back of my throat. I both looked and sounded quite pathetic.

Her eyes rolled and then Taylor did something patently 'Taylor-ish'. She reached up and slapped me, hard.

My jaw felt like it dislocated with the impact. I couldn't even say 'oww' it hurt so much. I just cowered down for a moment and held my cheek.

Taylor cocked her head to the side and glowered at me. "There, we're even. Now cowboy up and act like a man!" she ordered. Her eyes rolled again and she slid out of bed gingerly, heading into the bathroom to freshen up for the morning.


When the two of us emerged, Taylor was still in my sleeveless shirt and lounge pants. One of my plush bathrobes hung from her shoulders and seemed to swallow up her thin body in the thick padding. I was similarly clad in my usual around-the-house casual attire.

I'd intercommed Dorothy to prepare ahead of time and the 4-person square breakfast table was set for us. Like a gentleman, I helped Taylor into her chair and she immediately reached out to grab a croissant and the glass of orange juice waiting for her.

I made no further comment on Taylor's minor injuries, and the long-sleeved robe obscured most of the bruises. Still, I couldn't help but watch like a hawk as Taylor stretched out her arms to pick up various food items with her purple-splotched wrists exposed. And I half-glared at Dorothy, almost daring her to say something about the discoloration on Taylor's cheek.

In fact, I was so absorbed with quietly observing Taylor that I failed to notice there was a third place setting. And two minutes into the breakfast Cassandra came down the hallway, from the office I presume.

"Good morning, sir. Good morning, Taylor."

"Cassandra!" Taylor gushed. "I haven't seen you in such a long time! How are you?"

"I'm doing well," Cassandra replied as she took her seat next to me and directly across from Taylor. Her eyes flickered for just a moment to the shiner on Taylor's cheek, but she smothered any reaction. "It's good to see you again."

"Oh, wow. You know, I never did thank you for that wonderful evening you put together for me and Johnny, in Paris." Taylor reached her hand out and squeezed my forearm. "That was maybe the most romantic night of my life."

Cassandra smiled and glanced down at her plate for a moment. Then she looked over at the perky brunette. "You're very welcome. It's always great to get feedback on my arrangements. SOMEONE here doesn't always thank me for the wonderful job I'm doing." She got in a little dig at me.

"I know it! This guy here," Taylor cocked a thumb in my direction, "may be the greatest guy in the world. But sometimes he just doesn't understand how to make a woman feel appreciated."

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "Don't talk about me like I'm not here."

Taylor just ignored me and kept going. "Anyways, I know you're doing a great job. I just look around here and look at all the things going on in his life. He'd be lost without you."

"Hey! What'd I just say?" I protested half-heartedly. "Keep this up and I'll forbid you from coming by here anymore."

"Like I'm not used to being shut out," Taylor retorted.

"Oh, ignore him," Cassandra advised. "I'm in charge here anyways. And you are welcome here anytime."

"Thank you." Then Taylor's voice dropped to a sultry husk, "And you, my delicious blonde bombshell, are welcome in my bedroom anytime."

Cassandra grinned. "With him? Or without him?"

"Both!" Taylor's tongue slipped out and trailed along her upper lip. "I only got you for half of the Paris trip, so we've got a lot of catching up to do."

I just sat back and ate my breakfast. The conversation continued on just fine without me.

We were just finishing up our plates when I heard the doorbell ring. A minute later, Edward came around the corner. "Miss Reynolds and friend here to see you, sir."

I glanced at both Taylor and Cassandra. Kaitlyn? Here? Now? I nodded to my butler, not having much of a choice. I had no issues with Cassandra seeing Kaitlyn. After all, I'd watched them licking each other's pussies once, the day Cassandra came back from her vacation.

But I wasn't sure how Taylor might react. And having three beautiful lovers all together at once could either be very good, or very, very bad for me.

Oops, make that four beautiful lovers. Kaitlyn turned the corner and Lindsay was right behind her. Cassandra reacted faster than my dumb male brain could engage itself. "Good morning, girls!" she said brightly.

"Good morning, Cassandra." "Morning!" The two replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry, are we interrupting your breakfast?" Kaitlyn pouted.

"No, not at all," Taylor answered first. "Please, join us."

At first, Lindsay looked around for a fifth chair at the four-person table. But Cassandra immediately stood up and offered her seat. "Please," the blonde gestured to her chair.

"Oh, no! I don't meant to put you out," the redhead apologized.

"Don't worry about it. I've got a lot of work to get back to anyways. Somebody's gotta keep this man rich and able to dote on you young ladies." Cassandra flashed a brilliant smile and then took her leave.

"So, Johnny?" Taylor finally said. "Are you going to introduce me or what?"

I almost choked on my coffee, mentally fumbling for a neutral-sounding introduction. "Oh, so sorry. Where are my manners? Taylor, this is Kaitlyn and Lindsay." I gestured towards each girl in turn. "Both girls live here in the building and Kaitlyn's parents were the first to welcome me here."

And then it was Taylor's turn. I caught a piercingly interested look from her, as if she were wondering how I would introduce her. I continued to play it safe. "Girls, this is Taylor. We've been good friends since college."

Kaitlyn snorted. "Good friend, my ass. All the news channels and magazines say she's your girlfriend."

Taylor smiled and looked down at her empty plate for a minute. Kaitlyn and Lindsay arched their eyebrows at me. It was clear no one was going to speak until I responded.

"Well, let me just admit that I'm not completely sure of our status right now." I looked over at Taylor, who flashed her eyes at me. Rather than being upset, she actually looked amused to see me squirming a bit.

Lindsay cut in. "So let me get this straight. As of now, she's not your girlfriend?"

"I'm not using that term at the moment."

Kaitlyn interjected, "But you ARE fucking her, right?"

Taylor actually started laughing. "I LIKE you two."

Exasperated, I sighed. Kaitlyn clearly already knew I was fucking Taylor. She'd watched us last night. Right before I sent her down the ladder. In fact... "Kaitlyn, what are you guys doing here anyways?"

"You were supposed to call me. When you didn't, I came looking for you."

At the front door? I glared at Kaitlyn and her obvious lie. "I did promise I'd call you. LATER."

"You said 'in the morning'."

"It's ten o'clock. It IS morning. And there's still two more hours of morning."

Kaitlyn ignored me and looked to Taylor. "Is he always this grumpy in the morning?"

Taylor was laughing so hard by now that tears were actually rolling down her cheeks. "I wouldn't know, actually. I don't usually stick around overnight." She looked over at me and started patting the back of my head condescendingly while I glowered at the teenagers across the table. "Then again, the few times I did stay over, I usually had his cock in my mouth. That's a pretty good cure for male grumpiness."

Kaitlyn smirked, almost a challenging grin on her face as she fished out a carrot and slowly popped it through her red lips. "I'll let you in on a little secret... I know that cure works very well on him. Lindsay and I have been fucking John for weeks."

I do believe my jaw not only hit the floor, it crashed through the floor and downstairs into the Reynolds' apartment.

"Really?" Taylor arched an eyebrow at me. "Well, I'm happy he's had you to keep him company."

Kaitlyn kept sucking on her carrot, and despite my embarrassment I couldn't help but become a little aroused watching her play sex kitten. "It doesn't bother you? I mean, I know you're not officially his girlfriend, but still."

"Oh, not at all," Taylor insisted. "I have a very open mind about sex, in all forms and combinations. It is there for pleasure, not mistrust. I've had my other boyfriends and even my other girlfriends, too." Taylor's smile then became rather predatory. "And to be honest, looking at two pretty young ladies like you, I can't blame him."

Lindsay was the first to respond. "You flatter us Miss Brynn."

"Call me 'Taylor'."

Lindsay smiled. "Taylor..." She sounded in love with the name. "Anyways, I know we turned heads around school but you are simply gorgeous. For at least, like, two years, we both wanted to be just like you."

Taylor's eyes sparkled.

"Actually, you can probably help me with something," Kaitlyn cut in. "I'm really rather new to blowjobs. Just hadn't had much practice until the last week or so. And I'd really like to get better. How do you get him to cum harder? I mean, the little boys I tried first would just pop off if I frigged them really hard and really fast. But a man like John? Didn't work. Does he have any particular tastes?"

"Johnny? Oh, of course." Taylor leaned forward and held out her hands, miming like she would be stroking an erect penis. "Well, every man is different. You learn to pick up on signals. Like with Johnny, you can always tell when he's about to come because there's this big vein that runs across the top of his dick. It kind of starts on the right side near the crown and cuts diagonally left about halfway down the shaft. And when he's getting close and ready for you to start pumping harder, that vein gets-"

"Okay! Okay!" I stood up. "I'll leave you ladies to discuss the finer points of my anatomy. But for me, I've had enough of girls talking about me like I'm not here."

Taylor just grinned and Kaitlyn and Lindsay didn't look about to budge from their seats. I just sighed and stalked away down the hall while I heard Taylor start up her lesson once again.


Two steps down the hall, I changed my mind and headed towards the office instead of my private quarters. I knocked and after hearing Cassandra say, "enter", I stepped inside.

She was comfortably reclining in the plush desk chair, her laptop open and her all-business glasses perched on her nose.

When she saw me and I closed the door, she took off her glasses and stepped out from around the desk. I took three more steps forward to approach her, but she closed the rest of the distance, wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a firm kiss on me.

My lips parted to allow her tongue to snake inside, and she was moaning happily as we both felt the rush of pleasing endorphins run their way down our spines. I wrapped up her body in mine, and we were hugging tenderly while our tongues played with each other.

With contented sighs, we eventually let each other go. But then her eyes opened and it was back to business-Cassandra. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Oh, Taylor started giving the girls tips on how to blow me, starting with a detailed description of my anatomy. All I could do was flee in terror."

Cassandra chuckled at that. "Well, you should get back to them. All three of them are your guests. It wouldn't be proper to leave them for long."

I cinched my grip tighter around the blonde's thin waist. "Oh, I think they'll manage. I already feel bad about neglecting you for so long. I haven't given you an orgasm in days."

"I'm fine, really. I have many pleasant memories of us to keep me company. But you should go out there and use this big boy," she squeezed my half-hard cock, "on Taylor."

I pulled back and looked at her a little funny. "You serious?"

"Jonathan," she soothed. "We talked about this. I will always be here for you, later. And I think Taylor is really good for you. You've got history, she understands the lifestyle, and she would make a wonderful companion for you. I rather say she'd make an excellent wife for you."

"You're actually telling me to leave and go fuck Taylor."

"Yes!" she grinned, turning me around and then spanking my ass as she pushed me towards the office door. "If you're lucky, I may even come join you."


I returned to the breakfast table to find it empty. The girls were all gone. For a moment, I stood alone. With seven people presently in the apartment, you'd think it would be difficult to find oneself alone in a communal area, but here I was.

Shaking my head, I did what I always do. I headed into my private quarters.

At first, I had a mind to turn on the TV and settle in for some time killing. But once in my lounge, I heard a girlish moan float through the open doorway to my bedroom. Three steps later, I stopped in my tracks, riveted by the sight before me.

Taylor's bathrobe was gone and she sat half-naked on my bed, reclining against the plush pillows. She wore only my muscle-T-shirt while Kaitlyn knelt next to her, holding Taylor's face as she softly kissed my friend like only a woman knows how to do. Meanwhile, Lindsay was facedown between Taylor's naked thighs such that all I could see was the back of her head bobbing and wriggling in Taylor's crotch.

Taylor was the first to see me, and she moaned at Lindsay's ministrations before snapping her eyes open and beaming at me. "Hey! Uh, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your playthings." Kaitlyn just shifted her head and began kissing at Taylor's ear and down towards her neck.

"Not at all. Mind if I jump in?"

"Be my guest." And then she turned to recapture Kaitlyn's lips with her own while Kaitlyn moved to lift off the T-shirt and gain access to Taylor's incredible breasts.

"That's a funny thing to say to the man who actually owns this place. So I will invite all three of you to please, make yourselves at home."

Kaitlyn just rolled her eyes at me and then ducked her head to take an engorged nipple into her mouth while Taylor held Kaitlyn's head in her hands and moaned.

Meanwhile, I slid up behind Lindsay and began unfastening the clasp of her jeans. They were so tight they looked spray-painted on her. The effect gave me a wonderful view of her clothed ass, but it was a pain trying to get them off of her legs. And she seemed intent on continuing her tasting of her feminine idol's pussy.

But after thirty seconds, Lindsay just rolled over and smirked at me. "Even older men can't figure out how to properly undress a girl." And with that she began lifting up her shirt.

I was able to easily disrobe from my lounge pants and shirt. And once I was done I leaned down to help finish off Lindsay's jeans and panties. Once I got the eighteen-year-old redhead fully nude, she opened her arms to welcome me as I climbed atop her. "Hiya, John."

"Hiya back." And I dipped my head to kiss her.

Meanwhile, the couple next to us on the bed was making a lot more noise. Taylor and Kaitlyn were devouring each other's faces and slobbering all over the place, feminine softness long forgotten. The pure lust radiated heat all around them. "Gawd, you are so beautiful," Kaitlyn moaned in between liplocks. And then she squealed as Taylor's fingers found their way into her dripping wet snatch.

They rolled around the bed together for a minute, playfully tugging and groping and teasing. They laughed constantly, except for one moment when Taylor yelped in pain and then exclaimed, "Watch the wrists! They still hurt!"

Eventually, Taylor was on top, nipping at the young blonde's jaw line and neck while she plunged two fingers in and out of her little friend. The teen nymph went limp and started gasping as the pleasure raced around her brain.

But while I watched the other women, Lindsay's lips were nipping at my ear as she rotated her hips around until she could get me lined up. I looked down at her sweet face as I got to my elbows and knees, and then slowly pressed the head of my cock in between her folds.

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