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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Part 2 of my other incest story, What She Knows, is in the works, and will be ready for the Winter contest. For now, here is a new story for the Halloween contest. There's lots of exhibitionism and oral, too. Let me know if you'd like more of these kinds of stories, and be sure to vote if you like it!


If my head stopped spinning long enough to see the faces of everyone in the room, I would see that they were enjoying the view of my erect penis, still glistening no doubt from a polishing I'd just forgotten.

A moment before, I had been talking to the gorgeous daughter of Jed. Jed was throwing the party, but I'd never met Jed. My nakedness took a backseat, as I struggled to make sense of the new reality.

A girl was staring at my cock. I caught her staring. Her nose was colored black, and whiskers were painted on her face. Cat Lady was listening to Ringo Star prattle on in her ear from across the table. She leaned forward, arms crossed and resting on the table. Her breasts were exposed, and I stared at them too.

Maybe it was she that blew me. Maybe she still tastes me. Still smiling. Yeah, it was her. She spread her legs and showed me her pussy. Not wearing any panties either, apparently.

I didn't move. I didn't want it to be a dream. I watched her rubbing her pussy, almost spilling her cocktail in the process. Ringo could swear she was still listening, so he didn't skip a beat.

I was inside her, I could see it in her eyes. My eyes drifted down the hall behind Cat Lady to another girl standing, holding a red trident and wearing red leather boots and gloves that went up to her elbow. A white-hair man was on his knees licking her pussy. She turned and looked at me, and she looked at my cock, too.

Cat Lady came. A cool breeze touched my penis. This was nice.

A gentleman holding a scotch with one ice cube had his other hand placed over the crotch of a younger lady, who did not seem to mind his hand being there. They both wore masks and, like everyone at the party including me, seemed to be wearing only masks.

She was telling a story and laughing all the while as her new friend fondled her, and both acted like his preoccupation was nothing at all. She leaned in to put her lips to his drink and waited for him to tip the glass. He did not tip the glass, but judging from the quickness of her breath and the way her eyes fixed on his, he was having a go with his free hand. She tried to tip the glass herself by pressing her head down, lips still on the glass. She was not successful, but oh how she tried. All she wanted was just a taste of the Scotch. Just a taste. It was aged 18 years. I don't know how I knew that.

Then he tipped the glass, and she drank. Her face became serious as she looked up at him, and I could tell he paused his activity. I wish I could know what they were saying to each other, because the staring seemed to last forever. The next minute, she was sucking his dick.

And I was still hard. Hard and watching it all. And no one seemed to care.

I thought of stroking myself, but didn't. The agony of anticipation energized me. Made me focus. I could feel the whole room on my penis, and how I wanted the touch of it. The energy made me so hot, I didn't want to waste it by jacking off. And how low class would it have been not to jack of for someone. Or on someone.

This was not like me.

This was not like me at all. This was strange. It may have been the mask I wore, or the drugs I took which I could not name. Whatever it was that brought the little captain out into the open air for all to look at, it wasn't nothing.

All around me there were conversations happening over foreplay. Only, it didn't look like foreplay. It just looked like play.

Here there was a young brown-haired fairy tale girl with a red hoodie sitting down on a gentleman's lap at a table where all were playing cards. She granted him no signs that she knew him, but she began rubbing his penis. While she did so, the man straightened up in his chair, raised a bet and the whole table erupted with laughter. If saluting was in order, they'd've done so.

The man reached around his new friend and began to rub her pussy in kind, and she seemed to really like that very much.

I would have begun to masturbate, but I was always told that it was rude to masturbate with company, and was most off color to do so with someone on the couch.

And there was someone on the couch.

I turned to see who (as I'd completely forgotten), just as the young, dark-haired lady to my right leaned her head onto my shoulder to cuddle.

It didn't seem fair that she should caress my chest only, when the little guy was a foot away, ready. It didn't seem right that her touch was so... sweet. It was gentle and thoughtful. She was kind, I sensed. It made my penis ache terribly.

The party patrons were casually dirty-minded, and they wouldn't have minded me being a little dirty with this angel. But what about me? Would I mind?

Would I guide her head down my body until she gave it to me good, and swallowed every drop, only to feel bad for doing so? Every moment that I did nothing made my nerves dance like grease on a hot stove.

Ringo was on his knees, face buried between Cat Lady's thighs. She twirled her drink, but didn't come. Didn't even want to, it seemed like. She barely even seemed to notice his presence, like it was more for his benefit.

But then she looked up at me again. Her eyes were again drawn to my cock. Her eyes focused on it, and stared at it until she began to squint, then closed her eyes and gripped the side of the table. She came, and made Ringo very happy.

The thought seriously began to cross my mind that I was hallucinating everything. Well, everything except, perhaps, the naked girl to my right who's probably in love with me.

I would have thought she was tired, but then I realized she wasn't resting or even cuddling. She was smelling me. And she began to lick my ear. She slid her hand down my chest, running her fingernails along my skin. But just before her hand reached that place I so desperately wanted it to go, she slid past it and caressed my inner thigh.

She stopped, then sat up to look at me. She had on a tiger mask, and I could see her smiling as she continued stroking my leg. She had fairly large breasts and wide hips. She could see that I was trying to get a good look at her, so she stood up. She put her hands gingerly on each of my knees and let me look at her.

Her curves were impeccable, and I realized that her hair was very long. Some of it rested on her breasts.

She leaned in just enough to slide her hands up my legs, and I felt her first touch my balls and stroke them gently. But as she slid her hand slowly up the bottom of the shaft of my then-throbbing penis, I noticed something that made my heart jump into my throat. It was a birthmark on her left breast in the shape of a lotus flower.

The girl stroking my cock was my sister, Jasmine.

I froze. I thought I had to stop her, but so many thoughts ran through my head at once. Where did she come from? Why was she here? If I stopped her, then everyone would wonder why I stopped her, and they might figure out who was actually rubbing my cock.

Did she know that I've seen her birthmark before, because I've seen her naked before? Did she know that I've masturbated to her before, and didn't care how fucked up it probably was because it felt incredible?

Then I realized something else: I was wearing a baseball cap, not a mask. She knew whose dick she was rubbing. And my sister didn't stop.

How dirty would it have been if my sister had sought me out at a party like this, knowing that I would be here? My big sister, sneaking up on me like this for a chance to play with her little brother's cock.

But that probably means that everyone here knows who's rubbing my dick. Some of them are watching, and they all seem to be amused. Cat Lady is amused. Mr. and Ms. Scotch are amused. Even Devil Girl down the hall flashed me a wink as she got ready to climax for the older gentleman.

What if this was some ploy to get me to have sex with my sister? And would it be better to know that she was in on it, or worse? Should I have been upset to know that others put her up to this, and should I care if they had? Should I tell her that I know it's her, or go along with it and say I had no fucking idea, if they asked? Should I say something?


Don't let it stop. Here's your chance. You're going to get to have sex with your sister, and your dirty little secret better stay hidden. It better, or else you won't be getting her pussy at all.

Or maybe it isn't even that sweet. Maybe, just maybe, she wants to be bad. Maybe she knows how wrong it is, but it's making her wet anyways. Maybe she's in for a fling and thinks her little brother is just perverted enough to fuck her.

The way she got to her knees and brought her head down to the penis she was now stroking so affectionately was unflinching. There was no hesitation, and it was clear that the closer her lips came to my member, the wetter she became.

What a swell party this turned out to be.

I didn't stop her. I didn't care anymore who knew. Let them see my sister suck my dick, and let them watch her swallow my come. They won't know what they're missing. I was ready to throw everything away to get it.

I tried to make eye contact with her once more, and I did. She was looking me in the eyes when she put my head to her lips and I felt them open. I felt her tongue sliding gently and playfully.

What I felt most of all for my sister in that moment, for whatever reason, was gratitude. I loved her so much.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute. A whole film seemed to pass before my mind's eye. It was a film of me walking in on her at college, asleep and naked, and not leaving right away as a proper young gentleman aught to. I remembered wanting to touch her, but fearing that she would wake up and see me for the pervert I was.

I remembered trying to forget the unfortunate desire I had for her. A desire I knew should not exist, but did. And what's done was now done. Now she was about to make her brother come.

But she stopped.

She looked up and smiled, and then she stood up and walked away.

Thirty seconds longer and I would have come into her mouth, and every fiber of my being was ready for it. Now she was gone, and I had the desire to go after her. But what would I say? If she changed her mind, that was it. There went my chance.

The lady with the Scotch now held the glass triumphantly while her new friend fucked her from behind. She shot me a smirk that said, "Are you not having fun?"

I imagined myself as this lady's friend, and I imagined a very happy sister of mine in her place. My sister, smiling, panting, spilling her cocktail just the same. It could have been me.

There was no mistaking it: I wanted to fuck my sister. Whether I would or should (or could, at this point) was beyond the point.

I stood up, determined to find her. Only, when I did, the room seemed to tilt on an axis like a dish on a plate spinner's finger. People shifted in and out of view, until at last it settled again.

For a moment, the masks seemed to change, and I started to wonder if I really was hallucinating. The girl at the card table was now standing behind another card player, leaning over him and down, and was rubbing his dick. He was sitting back to let her, and he was rubbing her pussy behind him.

And I had the thought that her hair color changed. It was now auburn, and long. I could have sworn it was blonde before. And for a moment, none of the other people in the room looked familiar either.

Cat Lady, too, had hair that looked a good deal more orange than before. I was stuck on the thought that I was dreaming when, from my right, a hand gently grabbed my penis.

I turned to see that familiar Tiger mask with a smile beneath it, and without letting go of my penis, she guided me into the kitchen. A few guests were gathered about in groups of two or three. Some were fucking, but most just watched.

My sister presented me to another young girl. She had had pale, milk-colored skin, and she was wearing a light blue velvet mask.

And she had orange hair.

Right away, she struck me as familiar. She was short, and she had one arm crossed, with the other bent up. She stood biting a nail, and I felt arms from behind me wrap around my abdomen. I heard a very familiar voice in my ear say, "I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. She's new."

There was no mistaking that voice, it was definitely Jasmine.

I became overwhelmed by how graceful the girl before me looked, how elegant and beautiful. I'd never seen a more perfect naked woman before.

My eyes stayed on her nipples for some time, because they looked like the best nipples I'd ever seen in my life. In all the years I'd watched porn, and through all the women I'd seen naked over the years, her soft, pink nubs were the best I'd ever seen. I wanted to suck on them as soon as I saw them. She was grinning, and seemed to suggest that she wouldn't have minded if I had.

And the small curl of her lips, with her dimples and pearly white smile, cut through my thinking. Then it hit me. I suddenly knew the identity of this very perfect young lady. The girl with the perfect breasts and the perfect nipples, with the cute, thin bush above her smooth, clean pussy -- it was Christine. My younger sister.

This was strange.

Whenever I had dirty thoughts about fucking my sister, it was always Jasmine, not Christine. But I realized that this was only because I'd never seen Christine naked before now. She's in college, and old enough to drink, even. Just like Jasmine was the night I saw her naked for the first time. The first time she ever made me hard.

I'd never even considered having sex with Christine before today.

But she has.

I can see that clearly enough in her eyes, the way she was looking at me. She was presenting herself to me. She wanted to know what her big brother thought of her when she took off all her clothes. She was only too gleeful to let me check her out. She looked nervous, but proud.

I found it hard to look away from her body. It's all I wanted to do was to look at her. And I couldn't believe she was so happy to be naked in front of me, and to see me naked. It suddenly felt like a dream come true. I wanted to show my sister all the things I've learned. I wanted to make my little sister scream, to know what it felt like.

But maybe she never has.

Maybe she's never had an orgasm. And maybe, just maybe, she's never been with a guy at all.

It was a big idea to consider. I knew she was not the dating type. She had her head in the books for the most part, and she was pretty shy. She was also smart enough to realize that most of the guys her age were still pretty immature. So it would make sense if she'd never slept with anyone before. So much sense that my heart began racing.

As if she was reading my mind, Jasmine whispered into my ear, "She doesn't want to wait anymore. And she wants you to be her first." Christine's eyes confirmed it.

It couldn't be real, I thought. It just couldn't be.

It was still possible that these were two very real women who were not my sisters, and that I was making up the rest in my head. Very convincingly.

Yeah, that's probably it, I thought. It could very well have been the case that I could not have gotten my dick so hard thinking about anything but the thought of Jasmine's hand, now stroking my cock, or my young sister, now up on the counter and spreading her legs for me.

All I knew is if they weren't my sisters, I had one very vivid, very sick imagination. And I ran with it.

I was nudged toward her until Christine reached out and grabbed my hand. She guided it to her breast as she leaned in. With her other hand, she took me by the back of the neck gently and brought me to within inches of her lips. I could smell her breath and perfume as we looked into each other's eyes.

In her gaze was a mixture of nervous anticipation. But before I could think too long on it, she kissed me.

It was a hell of a kiss, too. I wanted to keep kissing her, so I did. She took the hand on her breast and slid it down until I felt the wet warmth of her pussy. She moaned sweetly, joyful to have me finally touching her there. The passion in her kiss grew, and mine as well.

I felt warmth around my own penis suddenly as Jasmine began to go down on me under the counter.

I pulled back for a moment to see her body again, now with my fingers inside her. It was then that I wanted her to know who was inside her.

Not because it felt right, but because it felt wrong.

"I know you," I blurted out. She kept moving her body with my hand and moaning in-kind, but smiled with her eyes closed. It was as if she was preparing to come, now that I said it. She was so thrilled that I'd said it.

Then my older sister stopped and re-emerged from below. She leaned next to the counter, just as my younger sister was about to climax. Then, watching her little sister with glee, she said, "We know you too, Brother."

My sister's moans reached to a cry, and after opening her eyes to look at me, she came. It was now certain: my little sister wanted to lose her virginity to me.

"Well now you've done it," Jasmine continued. "You've gone and made our little sister come."

I could hardly believe my ears. In panic, I looked around to see if anyone had heard what she said, and she began laughing.

I suddenly had another possibly-drug-inspired theory that this all was some elaborate role play to draw out my deepest perversions. Maybe I set this up. Maybe someone came up to me -- a friend, perhaps -- who knew of a drug that could coax out of anyone their deepest desires, and that they could be acted out like transference. Only, I forgot I was on a drug.

Or maybe that was the point. To forget that the horny little girl before me was not actually Christine, waiting for me to fuck her for the first time.

This couldn't be real. I couldn't be looking at my dripping-wet, naked little sister on this countertop, spread eagle. And this couldn't be my older sister egging it on.

I became surprisingly suggestible, which could have also been helped by the drug.

She joined her sister on the counter and spread her legs as well. Those legs I've seen a thousand time before, now with nothing covering them.

"Relax," she said. "Nobody knows but us." Then she leaned back onto her arms and said, with a grin, "Well, not yet anyway..."

As she said this, she spread her legs further, and my very mature older sister gave me a very mature choice. It may have been blackmail, but I don't think she was actually serious. She was teasing my cock, and it was working. It made me want her more.

I sank to my feet and moved to within inches of her waist.

Then I began to taste Jasmine.

Something strange came over me in those few minutes as I went down on my sister. The fact that she was my sister meant I couldn't let her down. It would be bad enough if on-lookers saw it, but she was my own flesh and blood. Now was my chance to prove how much she meant to me.

And so every movement was perfect. My tongue touched one spot and she moaned. I touched it again. And again. I found another, and she cried out. I touched all her spots, and found a rhythm.

She was stunned. She lost control, and I could tell she wasn't used to that. She wasn't expecting me to be this good.

In no time at all she was coming, and I drank it up.

I stood and looked at them both. Jasmine catching her breath, and Christine looking at her in awe. She did not expect me to be that good either. She looked so happy for her sister.

Watching Christine look on with curiosity and amazement in her eyes, the impulse to finally bring my cock to her lips and begin fucking her became irresistible. I'd waited too long. Jasmine had stopped twice already, just prior to my coming both times.

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